HIGHLIGHTS: Southampton 1-0 Liverpool | Premier League

Watch extended action from St Mary's Stadium, where Southampton stunned reigning Premier League champions Liverpool courtesy of Danny Ings' sensational strike.

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92 comentarios:

James B. Rox
James B. Rox:
Beating a team that constantly raids us is the sweetest feeling ever.
Finlay Mitchell
Finlay Mitchell:
I’ve watched this so many times
Jack Maidment
Jack Maidment:
i like ralph, he’s a cool dude
esan grahito
esan grahito:
WHAT A WIN against the Champions!!! Hasenhuttl will not forget this game
Ings proves his talent in Southampton.
Quiet Englishman
Quiet Englishman:
Ralph's reaction at the end: does anyone doubt his passion for the club? (Wish we'd kept hold of Mane. What a danger he poses every time he gets the ball.)
Bryan Kubanji
Bryan Kubanji:
Liverpool buys from south, evry player played their hearts out.. this was an auction 😅😅😅
Marcus Raffetseder
Marcus Raffetseder:
If southampton can keep on to their best players, a manager with a vision in the longrun and a management to back it up they could really become a top 5 team. I feel like they are going that way finally
Absolute scenes! Ralph's reaction is all there is. What a lad.
That tella chance. Me and all my family thought that went in for a moment. So close what a goal that would've been
I came here for the coach's reaction...priceless
Saint Paris
Saint Paris:
What a great night ! We march into 2021 🔴⚪🔴⚪
Obongofon Peter
Obongofon Peter:
What a win, the emotions at the end says it all.
I seriously seriously seriously seriously can’t believe we won this game. I FUCKING LOVE THIS TEAM AND THIS BEAUTIFUL MANAGER 🔴⚪️ COYS!
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson:
The announcer is really used to radio broadcasting giving blow by blow details what a lively =)
Genuinely impressed with that Ings finish. Congratulations, you lot really deserve this result and to be where you are in the league. Would be cool to see you make top 6! From a Spurs fan
what a beautiful and light goal ... like a feather
Atho Malik
Atho Malik:
I've screamed when i watched hiw D Ings score from his first touch
Saurabh Mishra
Saurabh Mishra:
Southampton is a such a well managed club. Producing great talents and managers year on year. All the best wishes.
Stewart Roberts
Stewart Roberts:
Magnificent performance up the bloody Saints!
Andrew Montgomery
Andrew Montgomery:
"Hallelujah! The Saints are marching in!" Nice work, guys!
Eliud S.O.
Eliud S.O.:
1:14 now that's a cool celebration
Eko Hisyam hirzha Wahyudi
Eko Hisyam hirzha Wahyudi:
As a big fans of MU..huge thanks for soton.. amazing job soton👍👌
Brilliant lads
Anti Fanboy
Anti Fanboy:
Thanks for the long highlight Southampton!
Mookel Miers
Mookel Miers:
Liverpool fan here, you deserved the win, we are so inconsistent sometimes but I’m not going to make up excuses for terrible gameplan by the gaffer, hope you do well throughout the season
Maelle Ramlee
Maelle Ramlee:
Thank you Southampton
Satiadi Yoga Nandiko
Satiadi Yoga Nandiko:
thanks danny ings -Man United fans
I didn't think this could happen, so I didn't watch the match live, but WOW! Seeing Tella miss out on a goal and Valery not sealing it and then Hassenhutl so emotional... and oh yeah also the nice goal from Ings. So proud supporting this club!
Erick kiragu
Erick kiragu:
We need to go for Emiliano Buendia!! Walcott?
😂😂I love Mane, but that fall😂😂
Great victory for the saints
Anmol Thapa
Anmol Thapa:
Sweet goal
Duncan K.
Duncan K.:
Congrats Southampton,you really deserved this win
Christopher R.
Christopher R.:
Fantastic win 👏👏
Up the Saints!
Erick kiragu
Erick kiragu:
This team has matured defensively.
Huge congratulations 👏 to Southampton #SOULIV
Mesaka Putea
Mesaka Putea:
Luckiest winning of the games!
l keaisixu
l keaisixu:
Hadiyono Subrata
Hadiyono Subrata:
JWP is brilliant class 😱
RENDI Ansyah
RENDI Ansyah:
Mantap hebat mantapp gober cuya
mr 7
mr 7:
Ings most underrated
Stepanus Saputra
Stepanus Saputra:
so emotional
Prabesh Bhattarai
Prabesh Bhattarai:
Erick Javier Ramírez Aguilar
Erick Javier Ramírez Aguilar:
Ralf es un DT tremendo, es un resultado espectacular el que obtuvo ayer en Anfield
Jimmy Bullard
Jimmy Bullard:
why is it so emotional for a Southampton head coach?
Agung Setiawan
Agung Setiawan:
Reza putra Herdiansah
Reza putra Herdiansah:
Danny Ings is better than the others
Mohammad Rafael
Mohammad Rafael:
Emotional game for Austrian coach
Pompey fans must be extremely jealous and envious of us, for having a bigger club with great players and competing with the best in the Premier league.
ikem alex
ikem alex:
Mane should represent his country for diving competition
Elias Luis
Elias Luis:
They all miss putting adson stoper, he need for half
A really great win
Mansa Mussa
Mansa Mussa:
Not a fan but a great game to watch was a REAL war zone
Furkan Adanalı
Furkan Adanalı:
penaltıyı yemiş
fa ham
fa ham:
[email protected] Pakcik usop partey(Liverpool fC)kerana bagi kurma [email protected] mintak wangi nanti Md.Noor bayar rm10.kepada penjual mintak wangi tersebut.manutd menang [email protected] lwn Manchester [email protected] layak kefinal piala liga [email protected] carabao cup bertemu Tottenham [email protected](2021).
Andy Kenny
Andy Kenny:
It’s results like this that have made being a Southampton supporter so worth it over the years. We don’t win things, we don’t spend crazy amounts of money, but what a spirit this club has.
Players like Ings and Walcott do well with us, because there are no ridiculous expectations here, just a love of the game.
Well done boys. Really proud of you.
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli:

Eric Baily smiles.
News and Talks
News and Talks:
Hey i was wondering if one you could maybe give me some advice how i can improve my content? :)
Paul Walmsley
Paul Walmsley:
A sweeeet night.
Saurabh Gupta
Saurabh Gupta:
Why are they calling Southampton as Saints
Andi Afandi
Andi Afandi:
ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน
ปฏิภาญ บัวเผื่อน:
The best
Josue David Cutire
Josue David Cutire:
brutal bien jugado
binh nguyen
binh nguyen:
I am a Chelsea fan and I don’t know why I feel very emotional about this game. Wish you guys all the best Southampton. I admire your spirit 👏🏻
I hate when good player dive Shame on you mane
Jaś Stefanowicz
Jaś Stefanowicz:
Jan Bednarek🇵🇱
Glenda Judith
Glenda Judith:
Buen partido y una gran derrota que deja claro que el fútbol no sólo se trata de dinero, que también depende de ganas , esfuerzo y que todo lo que parece muy difícil en este hermoso deporte lo difícil sólo es cuestión de creer.👏
MJ Gaming
MJ Gaming:
I'm Manchester United Fans and very Happy for this result

Ayush Jain
Ayush Jain:
This game will go down as one of the bravest performance against a side nearly perfect in football. Hats off to my Saints. Love always ❤️
T h e S u l t a n
T h e S u l t a n:
Look what beating liverpool mean to Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhutti
Okky Sutanto
Okky Sutanto:
Mu champions
I am not Southampton fans, but that goal should be nominated for Puskas award. It's beautiful
G S:
Can't believe
Abdullahi Bello
Abdullahi Bello:
Who's here after the united trashing?
I'm a Manchester United fan. I wanna say thank you so much. Danny Ing for your score 🤗🤭🤗🤭
I'm so happy like you 🤣🤭😊
ings is a god hes better than Penaldo
Praise Empire
Praise Empire:
David vs goliath
soton gotcha.
Billy Cole
Billy Cole:
How Liverpool didn’t get two penalties I will never know handball and mane clearly fouled they didn’t even check it
M Ahsan Maulana
M Ahsan Maulana:
Southampton cool
Петър Димитров
Петър Димитров:
I like Ralph
Neyo Reid
Neyo Reid:
The ref tief bad
Saya setuju,
Saya setuju,:
Why did he crying
unik case
unik case:
We've been robbed by referee. We will beat u at anfield 5-0. #ynwa
Nice Denny ings
Manivasagan Miniandi
Manivasagan Miniandi:
Referee Bias
0 point
Anti Fanboy
Anti Fanboy:
Southampton Manager is like Unboxing Therapy youtuber
omar samir
omar samir:
poor liver
Rushill Beeharry
Rushill Beeharry:
Any United fans here to see a comedy show ?