HIGHLIGHTS: Southampton 1-0 Manchester City | Premier League

Full highlights from the Premier League meeting between Southampton and Manchester City, at St Mary's Stadium, on Sunday 5th July 2020.

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51 comentarios:

Incredible Team Performance!
Liam Tesch
Liam Tesch:
So proud with all of them after that 9-0 defeat I thought that was the premier League was over for the saints but is not have we turned it around so proud to be a Southampton supporter ❤
lukaku lukaka
lukaku lukaka:
This kind of goal could be replayed million times in one year for 1000 years if it was scored by David Beckham.
anil sarode
anil sarode:
As a united fan, I am very happy to see the tension without a crowd .
Ruben Hall
Ruben Hall:
Unreal every player gave 100 percent
bukan ahmadd
bukan ahmadd:
Beating Southampton isn’t for everyone... it’s ok man city 😂
Southampton manager run to the pitch as Jurgen klopp
cow minecart
cow minecart:
what a game
Daniel Cobb
Daniel Cobb:
Fantastic win, Manchester City are a good team but the saints will not let that stop them fantastic performance!

:PS Sorry for putting the instead of that. I was a pit droopy then and today 😅😅 Oh my god.. you guys just made my dream. I never actually thought that I would get that many likes may god bless you now and forever!!!
Tom Frankham
Tom Frankham:
Beating city isn’t for everyone... it’s ok Liverpool 😂
Goalkeeper is the winner
Korede Ayegbo
Korede Ayegbo:
Southampton's goalkeeper is Jesus Christ on the side of the home team. Kudos guys! it's not easy to beat the best team in England.
Kam kho
Kam kho:
southampton keeper is really great
Nobin Dani
Nobin Dani:
"OuR sEaSoN sTaRtEd ToDay"
mccarthy was unbelievable
yoga pangestu
yoga pangestu:
Ghost Writer
Ghost Writer:
yeah great goal, congratulation. 00:31 this guy in the background celebrates for all southampton fans :-)))
Hunter__254 Wakanda
Hunter__254 Wakanda:
If city play like this in UCL and FA I don't see them getting any silverware at the end of this season😂😫
morning star
morning star:
Same way united scored ederson lmao
Tomm Ningthoujam
Tomm Ningthoujam:
Defence are the reason they win today, great play by city
You were brilliant Saints 😇
Curtis Lyrics 254
Curtis Lyrics 254:
well played boys ...
Amin Amine
Amin Amine:
Thank you Gordiola. Thank you, City players, for the selfishness you gained against your player, Riyad Mahrez
Jorgeyy Boyy
Jorgeyy Boyy:
The best team won
Surya Lesmana
Surya Lesmana:
thx zinchenko 🤣
Wonder Why
Wonder Why:
Why no smile from Adams?
Jay Smith
Jay Smith:
lol next season already started raheem, , , , that tattoo just shot ya down
Jignesh Solanki
Jignesh Solanki:
Mccarthy vs Arsenal:- Karius
McCarthy vs City :- Neuer
Kalle Taskinen
Kalle Taskinen:
Fantastic result
German Porietis
German Porietis:
Adam blackmore is a cool guy
Kavish Chandra
Kavish Chandra:
Ederson thooght that not throwing the ball to an opponent would solve the orob😂😂😂
Saint 194
Saint 194:
What a fantastic strike from afar! Congratulations!💛💜
Hydr0 clan
Hydr0 clan:
We love the saints
Never been more proud to be a saints fan tana this season, sod the promotions, the euros, the cups, this team turning this season around as well as they have brings so much joy!
Ashton Holloway
Ashton Holloway:
Very good win for us
Dinesh Moonan
Dinesh Moonan:
Saints goalie is a king!
Guebre Aziz
Guebre Aziz:
So MCcarthy right
SKYWalkers SG
SKYWalkers SG:
I said before the season started, #WatchCheatehCrumble
Triyono Triyono
Triyono Triyono:
I like it
one indicators
one indicators:
The manager of Southampton is from Germany who tries to bring Jurgen Klopp's aura as the winning team.
Ruddy Romero
Ruddy Romero:
Congratulations from a LFC fan!
Yoas Tambunan
Yoas Tambunan:
where is hojbjerg?
Nick williams
Nick williams:
Awesome result! 👍😇
Sugeng Yunianto
Sugeng Yunianto:
In indonesia... City meremehkan the saint awalnya
wily thio agusto
wily thio agusto:
Utomo Ditho 0206
Utomo Ditho 0206:
I love man city
Henry Hayward
Henry Hayward:
Why is Dave Merrington still commentating for us. He hasn't got a clue what he is talking about half of the time and it was the same when he managed us. He is infuriating at times to listen to, please guys, get rid of him and get someone else in.
Adi Pardita
Adi Pardita:
City was so arrogant.. thinking they were invincible after trashing Liverpool. Look at how Ederson and his defence mockingly passes the ball arround in the back as if they were facing kids. Thank you Saints! oh, and screw you Man City.