Highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's 1-0 defeat against Chelsea in the Premier League.

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100+ comentarios:

Ara Akreyi
Ara Akreyi:
Defensive mistakes in every match.
Shivam Sarswat
Shivam Sarswat:
Lloris had saved them from a great shame by saving such great shots
Vasilije Pavlovic
Vasilije Pavlovic:
Better rename the video as lowlights, cuz our game last 2 games was absolute garbage.
I fall asleep watching Spurs play lately, ABSOLUTE ZERO CREATIVITY, BORING football.
SON Day:
We lack creativity and chemistry among players.... only Kane can pass to Son and nobody else can pass.... for example, Son was wide open at the beginning of the game where Vini could of passed to him, but he didn't. We need better build-up plays as well. We aren't offensive at all.
Last time when Lamela scored: 29th September 2020!
Last time when Bergwijn scored: 29th August 2020!
Last time Bale scored: 4 goals in last 2 months even he missed 70% of matches because of injury or because he was on the bench, and he’s the only spurs player who scored in all 4 competitions and he’s still the one who’s called finished and washed even he has better stats than Bergwijn and Lamela combined..
boring game, terrible result, youth level teamwork
It's like a disaster
Our performance is darker than Covid
It doesn’t matter that we lost, as long as we “played a good second half.” Terrible mindset for the team. Holy shit
nahdi abbas
nahdi abbas:
another brainfart by Dier, what was he thinking ? Oh Carlos, Carlos so close. Great work by Hugo and Aurier to keep the score down #COYS
Gainam Pamei
Gainam Pamei:
I feel like spur isnt palying as a team anymore. They wana score their own goal.
I can take 0 - 1 against Chelsea with a 4-3-3. What I can't take is playing 3 centre backs against weaker teams and losing. Makes no sense.
1) Boring play, no creativity.
2) Same old tactics.
3) No strong attacks, only defenses.
4) Unnecessary change of subs.

That says all.
We the fans have to open our eyes, the rest of the players do not want to attend Son, they seem to be envious that Sonny has been the shining star of the team;
What can one think of a team that has its first scorer injured and does not give a single goal pass to its second best scorer, in more than 180 minutes???
Chevie X Cipriani Raffaelli
Chevie X Cipriani Raffaelli:
No idea what Mourhino is doing. Im a fan of him but this makes no sence. It feels like he is fighting a battle with himself and also with the team, end result: losing.
Lone Tree
Lone Tree:
The only reason I would give Jose a pass, is if he had something going on in his personal life that was distracting him. I mean we are in a pandemic and the world has turned to shit. So it’s possible there’s something more important going on outside of football. If not, please understand, that what you are doing now isn’t working .
Pride comes before destruction and a haughty spirit before the fall.
Poch was all about ATTACK, AGRESSIVE ATTACK, sure we conceded some goals to counter attacks, nevertheless, exciting football to watch, Mourinho turned Spurs players into SISSY'S.
Evan Khoo
Evan Khoo:
I think Moirinho need to have a format like Son Vinícius and Bergwijn or lucas and bale combinations
Adem Leadbetter
Adem Leadbetter:
What is going on? We can't string any passes together. If a team presses us we hoof it long and hope for the best. We have some really talented players who look lost out there. Today, I don't think we strung 3 passes together unless it was to go back to Lloris who would kick it long. Mourinho needs to stop persisting with this tactic of containment. What happened to the team that put 5 against Southampton and 6 against United? We are regressing and I really don't expect us to finish in the top 6 if things don't change drastically.
Septian Siregar
Septian Siregar:
Never Give up Jose Mourinho and i hope Spurs will win next match...
Come on you Spurs
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly:
0:03 Mermaid Dier
Brick Studio TV
Brick Studio TV:
Mourinho's position has been compromised by his defeat in this game.
isu jung
isu jung:
흥미니힘내 화이팅
when i saw Highlights I had to laugh,maybe the board and manager want to show us the highlights?
Aurav S. Tomar
Aurav S. Tomar:
Wtf happened to spurs. They're on a losing streak. I thought they'd do well this season.
D1 G
D1 G:
Erik Dier's awesome windmill🔥🔥🔥
Ad_ z
Ad_ z:
Pass the ball to don when you see him making a run and watch the goals come through it’s pretty simple we need Harry Kane back he knows what son can do
Big Brain
Big Brain:
Dear mr levy,

After this season ends may you show Jose the door and sign nagelsmann as our new project manager.

Sincerely the spurs fan base
Terry Wilkinson
Terry Wilkinson:
Into perspective, offday for sonny ,had we of had a reguillon even a fit fired ali or lo celsco let alone kane it'd likely be different.We lost to Liverpool....so did Brighton.Thing I hate is joses rigidly defensive counter attacking style, its best suited against technically inferior sides ,it demands pure focus ,and luck its for blaggers.Each to their own to me it suggests that he doesn't really have confidence in the squad .It can't be that hard to switch in phases either to make us less predictable.You look at leicester that season with that squad proper drilled.A few weeks back I was pro jose but now not sure ,personally I respect and like the bloke but believe we need a largely defensive focused rebuild pre season ie for one skriniar.We're in the cups with a final it isn't doom and gloom.No champs league spot or Cup next year then cut him off.Personally with his knowledge, experience and contacts also with living in London believe jose best suited for DOF.Aint over yet coys
Ryan Perfect
Ryan Perfect:
If I keep watching this video over and over then maybe we will sign someone in the summer
Iffat Batool
Iffat Batool:
Nor Abdulahi
Nor Abdulahi:
Our HeroUs Good Job❤❤
london is blue
london is blue:
Zeddy Walskie
Zeddy Walskie:
this team should just seize to exist
Beshoy Khairy
Beshoy Khairy:
حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل 🙂💔
When you refuse to attack you can't win
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee:
Rather have Danny Rose over Davies at LB.
Ryan Kr
Ryan Kr:
I'm guessing Jose can't connect very well with players
Wonsuk Jung
Wonsuk Jung:
LEVY OUT. It’s as simple as that
Shawn Lee
Shawn Lee:
It's been so hard to watch Spurs game these days. painful truly painful.
how the hell are we set up to defend and cant defend how does that make sense please explain
Syaf Marwin
Syaf Marwin:
Good bye premier league trophy 🏆
Deus para Todos
Deus para Todos:
Qual é o problema do Spurs???
Começa bem e depois despenca!
원영포터 Wonyoung Potter
원영포터 Wonyoung Potter:
Let's win next game pls 🙏
Parallax Trần Anh Khoa
Parallax Trần Anh Khoa:
What did i just tell you ? Still here since the infamous promo 😔
Wishva krish
Wishva krish:
Dear Tottenham
Wish you had a great dinner and good morning have a nice english breakfast.
Have a good meal always. Be fit and healthy. Enjoy ur millions.
D Macarthur
D Macarthur:
I had such hopes for this season....
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington:
01:13 how it would be he opened the left zone
Ken Lim
Ken Lim:
Another game, another loss for Tottenham Hotspur 😂 😂
Jws the wrestler
Jws the wrestler:
We need Jan rn
محمد بكري
محمد بكري:
Ultra Kuma
Ultra Kuma:
I thought Mourinho is the specialist of second season 🙈
felix stanley
felix stanley:
Yes we are closer to arsenal
오늘자 무리뉴

기자:오늘 왜 베일을 쓰지 않았나요?
무리뉴: 좋은 질문이다 하지만 넌 답변받을 자격이 없다
Charles Martell
Charles Martell:
We miss kane and reguillon.
An Nguyen
An Nguyen:
GOOD MATCH from Lloris and Aurier
Jeffrey Velasco
Jeffrey Velasco:
Go Spurs Go!
Anto Gus
Anto Gus:
Mou bring fear to the team, like he did in utd
Sam Yim
Sam Yim:
team chemistry down jealous of Son, stealing his chances.
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy:
Very frustrating to watch even as Mourinho fan. Sometimes some things just doesn't make sense, this team can't defend, keeps giving away ball stupidly easy. Maybe after Kane is gone Mou should have tried with different tactics this clearly doesn't work for all players. I am looking for next match how things will change.( or not)
Cant believe, 3 loses in a raw...
alaa mezain
alaa mezain:
if I were Mourinho, I will put eric dier on the bench for a couple of matches and played Tanganga instead
viet le
viet le:
We need Kane
We need Tottenham comeback
Daya komax
Daya komax:
I would literally unsubscribe if we lose our next four matches...(can they please pass to son)
Will take another season for JM to rebuilt THS.
Drsoumen Biswas
Drsoumen Biswas:
3 games 3 losses.
Alfie B
Alfie B:
We just need a whole new defence at this point, how did anyone at the club really think dier was the solution 🤣😡
Matt t
Matt t:
The only highlight we need is Levy showing Mourinho the door!
memduh kahraman
memduh kahraman:
Time to win for Jose and her students we must support our team💪💪💪
red gavin
red gavin:
really miss gio and kane..
peter wanyama
peter wanyama:
Missing Lo celso magic and tempo in the midfield
beefy 1893
beefy 1893:
Looks like mourinho has brought anti football to spurs so so negative everytime i watch them
izaki musdaf
izaki musdaf:
Since 2012 spurs never lost 3 consecutive matches if you are waiting good results and trophies from jose you in delusional state ,jose killed the talents and skills of players by giving them defensive role ,in footbal there should be a striker in striking position midfielder in mid & etc ,jose parks the bus ,concedes goals and he never came from behind if he concedes first 1 minute that is it ,he park the bus and that is it let this guy leave
Sasana Wira
Sasana Wira:
Mou is special “loss” one 😇
Jitul Roy
Jitul Roy:
Drop serge aurier his in consistency is costing us we should make a clear good squad and stick to it
Natalia Delgado
Natalia Delgado:
One day I would like to see them create a game without a ball.
The other 9 useless (Lloris is not included) in the field have been more than 180 minutes, without giving a single goal pass to Son, that is the reality, and Mourinho did not make any claim on the subject, in any of the 2 matches
Kevin S
Kevin S:
'No Kane no gain'
Jong Lee
Jong Lee:
lose any more like this i would be dreaming in thinking we will even make champions league COYS
We need someone like Kane that is not jealous of Son’s goals
Come on You Spurs....Win against West Brom,please 💪🏻
Baan Joe
Baan Joe:
I really miss my super Jan...
Zelfi Lês Parisiéns
Zelfi Lês Parisiéns:
with the remaining matches we are lucky to enter the big four zone
We had a good chance in the beginning of the game. Vinicus could of passed Son, but no. Vinicus is a selfish player
Darrell Gregory
Darrell Gregory:
Spurs lucky to get 'nil' in the last two games.
Dier just keeps on clowning around on the pitch
Dill Carver
Dill Carver:
And yet, two months ago Spurs were top of the league and Mourinho was top man. Good old Tottenham, every season the promise of a new dawn that always ends in mediocre.
George Ramirez
George Ramirez:
Sack season coming early for Jose I guess. No saving this side.
Can't believe that Auriel is back I thought Mou would never use him again lol
Riff Ariff
Riff Ariff:
Parking bus

Morinho nob
Dru LLoring
Dru LLoring:
Man it's tough be a spurs supporter sometime...also wish we kept poch and still can't believe they though Jose was gonna be the answer
Anoop Mathen
Anoop Mathen:
Aurore made some difference
Jason Lieu
Jason Lieu:
We ARE capable of playing attacking football, we hammered Chelsea in the last 10 minutes. For 90 minutes, we HAVE to play like we’re 1-0 DOWN in the dying minutes. Whether it’s the players or the manager, you can’t play the entire match like this and expect to win everytime.
Goodbye Mourinho👋👋
Ronel Koti
Ronel Koti:
Come on you spurs
We need to step up our game and win again West Brom, otherwise we’re finished