Watch highlights from Tottenham Hotspur's Premier League defeat against Everton.

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Gonna be a long season lads
Spurs need someone who can create and dictate the game. This was horrible to watch. They can't keep or get the ball.
Morgan Watkinsonsonson
Morgan Watkinsonsonson:
Now I hope everyone realises how underrated Lo Celso and Ndombele are. Without them, no creativity. Toothless...
Apil Sapkota
Apil Sapkota:
Everyone talking about James. Pickford is in god mode rn.
Neem Carry
Neem Carry:
Tottenham are missing a player like Eriksen. They are relying on Son for everything such as attacking, playmaking, corners, free kicks and sometimes defending
Harry Kane looks exhausted, Dele Ali looks like he's already reached max out potential while Son looks like he's had enough of this team.
This is the problem when your midfield cannot pass the ball.
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Kindly help me to reach 1K subs with No Video:
i pray anyone who reads this be successful in life.
Spurs needs someone who can pass the ball like James Rodriguez
Rishot Nongkhlaw
Rishot Nongkhlaw:
0:12 selfish play, he could have passed the ball to his teammate
ATN Football
ATN Football:
0:14 even the Tottenham defender was disappointed at Richardson's miss😂😂
Petros Fernandes
Petros Fernandes:
what a poor opening game ... such a boring day for us
43 3
43 3:
Spurs need playmaker. Bring Eriksen back
Tel Talks
Tel Talks:
Literally no highlights after the Everton goal says it all....NO FIGHT IN THIS TEAM!!!
Everyone needs to stop being negative it’s the first game, we can’t base the entire season on this game. We picked it up last season we can do it again, have some faith and quit being plastic.
Pranav Jha
Pranav Jha:
Another trophyless season incoming...
george jones
george jones:
Can we pls just play
GK- Lloris
LWB - Sessengon / possibly Bergwijn
CB -Tanganga
CB - Alderwiereld
CB - Sanchez
RWB - Doherty
CDM - Hojberg
CM - Lo Celso
CM - Ndombele
ST - Kane
ST - Son
Francesco Leks
Francesco Leks:
Haha James playing for Everton is a sight to behold
**Everton scores**
**Sandstorm by Darude plays**
The Punchable Face
The Punchable Face:
The AI crowd is pretty advanced. I could hear random yawns and the sound of feet on concrete as it simulated the Tottenham fans leaving in the 76th minute.
Peaceful Guide 평화로운가이드
Peaceful Guide 평화로운가이드:
Feel depressed for the performance, but we need to head up again. We will have our Europa League 2nd round qualifier this Thursday. Hope this will help to reintroduce confidence to everyone.
Lautaro Quintana
Lautaro Quintana:
Ryan Sessegnon had a good preseason, they need to give him more playing time, he can help us stop being so flat
엔드The end
엔드The end:
Mourinho's tactic dont work now
redsnow angel
redsnow angel:
Mourinho's tactical mistake. I removed Bergwijn, who was doing well, and appointed Kane as a starting lineup. Other players couldn't understand the tactics, and they got sick. Wacky tactics are good, but it's confusing when it's different from the pre-season. You can't trust Kane to get into the TOP4. amateur. I miss Osimhen.
its interesting how spurs is looking like man utd two years ago
Congratulations to whoever made this for finding highlights from this shocking game ...We are disgraceful
Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page:
So this is what we get after Mourinho's had a full pre season with the club?
Well that's frightening
Indomie Panggang
Indomie Panggang:
Dont worry lads, mourinho also lose once when he won the title in 2005. On to the next game
I think Tot needs Erikssen style player.
Daniel Sammut
Daniel Sammut:
As a Liverpool fan spurs are lucky to even only lose 1-0 richarlison bottled it
Why even post this you absolute mongs
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟
الله سمانا المسلمين ،من أنتم يا سنة وشيعة ؟:
You were lucky that dufus richarlisson was selfish and couldn't finish other wise it would have been 3/0 easy
Pigeroo 3000
Pigeroo 3000:
I didn’t know there was any highlights to this game!!!!
09Malik _
09Malik _:
I promise that you didn't have to upload this...
Harry Kane doesn't connect? You're not fighting a defender?
You just want to score a goal?
If you're not going to do anything on the front line until your guys feed you, get out of the ground
Is Tottenham all doing individual training?
M Oa
M Oa:
0:04 in this scene hugo never shout to player
Why? Hahaha
Eric Dier and Toby Alderweireld didnt even try to stop the Everton striker from scoring that goal. Really really poor defending!
zosimus_ jh
zosimus_ jh:
I'm depressed.. our highlight is too short..😭
The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart. José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix will be back.🐐.
Solid performance, Davies was poor, Hoijberg and Doherty were good. Everton was a tough opponent. Let's batter them on Thursday.
Gaming for life
Gaming for life:
2nd to comment
Basil Fawlty
Basil Fawlty:
Mourinho is an awful manager, when he hasn't got hundreds of millions to spend.
Mourinho/Spurs is probably the least suitable combination in the Prem.
Bottom half of the table club now.
M P:
There was no press no ball possession nothing. What on earth they were trying to do?
Jon North
Jon North:
Jose is going to kill this team.
wellington Paurosi
wellington Paurosi:
It's a shame that many people can't simply admit that Mourinho is history, finished, period!
Knight Templar
Knight Templar:
When “The Special One” becomes “The Clueless One” lol 😂😂😂😂
josue carbajal
josue carbajal:
Por favor Tottenham a reaccionar pero ya están muy flojos despierten queremos ver al TOTTENHAM DE ANTES que remontaba y llego a la final de champions a ese equipo que salía adelante pero ustedes lo pueden lograr pero eso depende del director técnico y de ustedes los jugadores por favor salven al equipo que esta en este momento casi último a sacar fuerzas con todo su alma y corazón 👍👍👍👍
Justin Mcnamee
Justin Mcnamee:
We have to just come to live with the fact that Everton have overtaken us, and by a long way. Hopefully we can strive for top 6 though
Baba BA
Baba BA:
Kane & son! Let's leave!
Viet Nga Thai
Viet Nga Thai:
I think Spurs is playing safe because they have to play 9 matches in 22 days and they definitely don't want any injuries
Vander Wulf
Vander Wulf:
So thats what you get when you mix in a washed up squad with a washed up manager eh, i sink there will be trouble soon
🤣🤣🤣 good luck for the europa league qualifier spuds, hopefully there is no injury to son or kane otherwise you might join west ham in a relegation battle 🤣🤣🤣
Brad Benfield
Brad Benfield:
Should be titled “lowlights”. Not good enough boys🤦🏻‍♂️
Maximo Santiago Roldan Abiakel
Maximo Santiago Roldan Abiakel:
Why Dont played lo Celso? Por qué no jugó lo Celso?
?. ᆞ
?. ᆞ:
0:12 He is Sterling.
Lmao 😂 At this rate Mourinho is gonna be sacked soon, then he’ll be parking his bus in the Hyundai A-League.
1000 subscribers with only a Rose?
1000 subscribers with only a Rose?:
At this moments I hope spurs will go under 15th and sonny will leave Tottenham
MadLad Oye
MadLad Oye:
Cant work this out, i new the result from sunday but was talking to someone who said how impressed with Everton. I was suprised and said to
him it is earlie and everton cant defend same same old. So watching the highlights it was Spurs with 5 chances and Everton with a freekick and
a goal. I never saw Everton attacking?
Buy "Fernando Llorente"
Peace Zone
Peace Zone:
I saw Leeds united played yesterday against Liverpool and they were awesome. i think Spurs need to do alot better than today to be in top 4. Comon guys👏👏
Viju Joseph
Viju Joseph:
Poor quality Tottenham
Harry Onay
Harry Onay:
If Dele Ali passed the ball to Kane we would’ve drawn with Everton and at least get one point.
Ťêâm Ťěmpěšt
Ťêâm Ťěmpěšt:

Same Old S***.
Vivek Maru
Vivek Maru:
I expect Spurs to bounce back up in the coming matches. They have a squad full of international level players and talent isn't an issue here - just improve match fitness and overall form. Good luck Spurs!
No Stop
No Stop:
Watching this team gives me depression
Kv Kp
Kv Kp:
Imagine joe Hart on goal it would be like 4-0
Kevin Ko
Kevin Ko:
this was the worst game ive seen for spurs in 4 years ive watched them.. even worse than the 7-2 loss against bayern.. it looked hopeless. only good thing is lo celso will come in and he is probably the most important player
Lucas Jones
Lucas Jones:
Somehow made these highlights make it look like yous had any effect on the game
forza juventus
forza juventus:
0:25 you can clearly see he lost his balance... Why the trolling??
Gesa Nalapunda
Gesa Nalapunda:
Oh, Doherty, nearly.
Rango D
Rango D:
Calvert Lewin looks more black this season...😂
hiker Frantz
hiker Frantz:
Joe Lewis and Levy go to Pochettino, Llorente and Eriksen, kneel down and ask for forgiveness, and then re-sign them on condition of a weekly pay raise. That's the only way.
Francesco Leks
Francesco Leks:
This video hurts my eyes tf are these frames💀
Agung Widi
Agung Widi:
London is red 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yehezkiel Sandy Budjamin
Yehezkiel Sandy Budjamin:
The failed one..
Mark Armage
Mark Armage:
0:50, that's perfect counter attack opportunity. Needs more practice.
The chances are there.
Tiago Vilela
Tiago Vilela:
its just heartbreaking seing spurs and jose still losing.... fantastic coatch with lazy players...
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel:
Go James 🔥💪🏻
Eric Dier on CB 😭...another lost
1:07 spurs need to use doherty's movement more...
And need quick come back of Lo celso
Oliver Heaviside
Oliver Heaviside:
Losing the first game will lead to recruiting striker 'Bale',
As a result, the first defeat is a good medicine!
I look forward to this season's treble
Leslie September
Leslie September:
Spurs is the laughing stock of the premier league. Just there to make up the numbers and for entertainment...

Won't win anything again this season.
Christian Alexis
Christian Alexis:
After watching the full game yesterday, I can really see that Everton had performed better than us. It really pisses me off when Spurs losses the ball all the time. It was really depressing since it was the opening game of the season. We need someone who can pass the ball to the front so that we can create more chances. Hope we'll do better this Thursday. 🙂
Bill William
Bill William:
That was foolish from Richalison (pardon my spelling)
00:13 what an utter lack of composure, these things shouldn't happen at this level. The keeper is beat, any world class player would have got the ball under control and then take a proper shot or look and see your teamate in acres of space.
0:10 richarlison :(
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu:
Congratulations to whoever made this for finding highlights from this shocking game ...We are disgraceful
Meyo Comedy
Meyo Comedy:
Mourinho don't have patterns in football, he need to learn more🤣🤣🤣
jorre gritter
jorre gritter:
Play Stevie Bergwijn!!
Brave even bothering to upload this to be honest.
Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin Taylor:
Respect for putting the highlights on your channel 👏
sonny kurniawan
sonny kurniawan:
proud of your hard work mourinho this is a lessons for you to carry spurs winning at next match
Stephen Vincent
Stephen Vincent:
Don’t you mean “lowlights”
Mas ito
Mas ito:
I love pochetino
Modestus Gabriel
Modestus Gabriel:
0:12 Richarlison is from planet Pluto,no doubt
Jangkrik Raksasa
Jangkrik Raksasa:
so everton was ready for the title
pskt Sp
pskt Sp:
There are no creative passes in the midfield area, and the defenders have no speed. In modern football, Tottenham has a lot of slow defenders who need speed to mark the👥 opponent's fast attacker.
Or, even if he lacks speed🚀, he is a tall airball master... and lacks a creative midfield to dominate the middle with a momentary pass.⚽️
highlights? its more like a LOWLIGHTS oh please FFS
I feel bad for you, Doherty. We can't stop laughing at you.
Where is the collective press? It didnt look like a team.
Jürgen G.
Jürgen G.:
Este highlight es xd