HIGHLIGHTS | Spurs 1-0 Everton

Highlights from our 1-0 win against Everton in the Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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star 1:
Is Son Heung-min a wing-back?
Let's leave Tottenham Son Heung-min
Come to Liverpool
Let's find another team...Son !! There is a rasist...
onefive one
onefive one:
Why son? why on the ground?
What is real captain?
Time to leave, Sonny! They don't appreciate all your hard work. Hugo, you didn't choose a right person to confront and you seem that you don't have the courage to say things to the players who didn't do their roles well enough. Also, I recommend Hugo to see today's match video thoroughly and you should be ready to apologize Sonny and all other SPURS.
Mourinho : To dare, to defense, Sonny!! Run to defense!!!!!! 😃

Lloris : I don’t care how defenders play, but Sonny, do defense like a fullback!! if not, I’ll yell and push to you in the pitch👿

Sonny : 🤔😖it’s time to move to other team to play as a WINGER😡🤬

Other clubs : WELCOME!! Sonny 😍
Whenever i need to sleep i put on this match
stonecold Steve Austin
stonecold Steve Austin:
I wish Son move to other teams that he can win the champion trophy like Liverpool or Real Madrid or Munich or Paris.

I am not talking about today fight.

Tottenham is basically kane's team.
Son play just as role of Kane's supporter
I want to see Son as main character of game.

He is 28 years old tomorrow, definitely last chance to move

Bayern Munich will be the best team for him playing with Sane.
Son is a good sprinter. Stop using him like an WINGBACK. You are wasting the key point.
Dongho Kim
Dongho Kim:
0:58 this is what lloris was going after Son for. What did he do wrong?? just picked on the seemingly easy guy only to ruin the team sprit with that captain band. shame on you. is Son a superman? why should he have tracked back at that particular moment? was someone going after you when you slipped the easy ball and conceded a goal? Pochetino embraced your mistake when you were intercepted with pathetic footskills and conceded another goal. Poche said that he forced you to build up from the behind and it is his fault that you conceded a goal. you are a captain.
son: Is this how you can transfer?
Hugo: yes. trust me
hugo getting mad at son for not defending well.
why dont u do that to the other defenders lol
they settled everything down during the half but their face expression didnt seem like it
tomorrow is Sonny's birthday!!! OMG Happy birthday Son Heung-Min
Poch's spurs were so much better, we were at that time a team everyone feared...and everyone enjoyed watching 😔
Son, please leave this useless no silverware club. You seriously deserve better than that
Prizen Gurung
Prizen Gurung:
Son and kane needs to go like eriksen goes
I feel really sad for them
David Cho
David Cho:
Iloris probably wanted to say that the whole team but chose to say to Son because he's the nicest person in the team.
Land 360
Land 360:
Spurs defense was actually solid for a change
hydra Cesc fabregas
hydra Cesc fabregas:
Well done lo celso, son, toby!!
Torres Son
Torres Son:
Sonny's birthday event. Surprise. LoL~ (feat. Hugo)
Julian Draxler
Julian Draxler:
Tottenham is Joke klub under Jose Mourinho,,, miss pochettino
Aiden Kang
Aiden Kang:
Dear Sonny, Please leave Spurs. Sick & tired seeing you more involved in defending under freaking Jose's tact. You definetely deserve getting more chances to score. FURTHERMORE. FREAKING CURRENT CAPTAIN HUGO! PUT yourself together lad!! Look at things on the pitch in the right way!!!!!
J.F Vali
J.F Vali:
When you score a goal in most of premier league stadiums : "Song 2 by Blur"
When you score in the Tottenham stadium : 0:20
Abdul-Karim Razzaq
Abdul-Karim Razzaq:
Good result but it was like the most boring game
Football HQ
Football HQ:
Lloris wanted to ruin Son's birthday I think 😂😂😂
234 1
234 1:
He must have chosen the wrong target because he drank.😂
son (28.DF)
whoever did this highlight video needs a raise, this game was so boring, happy we got the 3 point though, COYS
in live
in live:
흥민아 나가자. 이딴 대우 받으면서 있을 곳이 아니다
Hey Mourinho......you're not mistaking him for a defender, are you?
dae seung
dae seung:
I knew of yesterday expecting to win Spurs.
But I'm worried, but forget the anxiety actually heard the plus side, he made the victory.
2 sang
2 sang:
Hugo : Why didn' t you defend Everton as a wingback😡
Pandurang Gireesh
Pandurang Gireesh:
Why didn’t they show the son and lloris fight, like that was the most interesting aspect of the match
Aaron Kim (STG)
Aaron Kim (STG):
Great 3 points lads, although our form is looking shaky and was a rather boring match. But got a clean sheet. Very sad seeing temper flared with Son and Hugo, glad they got over with it after half time and must be more consistent in our upcoming matches COYS
Even though son coudn't score he was really trying his best and really threatened everton
Rhys o
Rhys o:
You know its bad when the highlights are under 2 minutes
zaidan esem
zaidan esem:
when I have sleeping problems I watch this
Andy S
Andy S:
This video didn’t show the full picture. There are other videos that show from 30 seconds before Lloris went crazy. Right before Lloris lose his mind. Son was activity defending. Actually it was his effort made Everton player had to pass out the ball with certain power and then the next Everton player lost the ball under pressure. He just did his part of defense. The next moment When Lucas passed the ball Son was already on the run. He cannot constantly defending. He’s not a full back. So Kane stepped up and ran back. That was fair distribution of defense work among forwards. Loris just saw part of it and went crazy.
They forgot to include the best part
eirini ッ
eirini ッ:
kind of sad, this would’ve been lo celso’s first prem goal, but either way great win
손흥민이 그렇게 만만하디? 지 짜증을 그렇게 특정인 한테 풀다는게 놀랬다. 그것도 공개적인 장소에서 팀 최고의 선수한테.. 그 순간 손흥민은 슈퍼맨이 아니다 어떡해 날라와서 수비를 하냐고...
kocho c
kocho c:
there were no "highlights", just highlight, and the only reason the video should be longer than a minute
is if it's showing the Son and Lloris altercation at half time.
La rouge
La rouge:
Son's continuous role assignment
= Inverted wingback (Support)
윙백으로 쓸거면 손흥민 그냥 딴 팀으로 보내라
The Realist
The Realist:
You know the game was dead when the video highlights doesn't even reach 2 minutes.
We miss poch's soccer so much..
Onz Shin
Onz Shin:
hey! son.. let`s leave...
Isaac Shim
Isaac Shim:
Nice one Sonny Nice one Son nice on sonny lets have another one We've got Alli Dele Alli I just don't think you understand he's only cost 5 mil he's better than ozil we've got dele alli
I think son's gonna leave this team.
So sad
Umair Hassan
Umair Hassan:
Watching spurs play from syria it hurts as much as those bombs falling from planes. Mourinho worse choice manager
Sonny!! It’s the time to move on to other team. Enough is enough. You are wasting your career in TOT
Steven Wong
Steven Wong:
0:56 is that the moment where Lloris got mad of Son?
werty _
werty _:
Mourinho out
Fitra Fadilana
Fitra Fadilana:
can mourinho's team streaks 4 goals in a match?
Lalmuansanga khawlhring
Lalmuansanga khawlhring:
Sonny.. Come to United.. 90 million transfer and we will give you Lingaard as well...
Dark Bear19
Dark Bear19:
The finished one ☝️
Dele Alli
Dele Alli:
Happy birthday sonny
forget about shits
‘It’s a big act’: Hugo Lloris’ attack on Heung-Min Son was ‘premeditated’, claims Tim Sherwood
Yoris is declining. In the last game, He couldn't stop three goals in the last game.. so the position on the team is unstable. So, there is also a news about going to another team, and Yoris wants to be recognized by Mourinho and wants to re-sign. The target was taken by an Asian Son Heung-min. Yoris did not appeal to Mourinho with his skills, but appealed by criticizing his fellow players. Although Yoris has achieved some results, Son Heung-min was hurt by his heart.
When humans are in crisis, the ugly side is revealed. Yoris's act wasn't for the team, but for himself. So it is wrong for Mourinho to call this incident a beautiful thing. It is also wrong to say that the teammates said there was no problem.
Mourinho must listen to Ferguson's words. .Ferguson said in an interview with Daily Star on the 9th that “Roy Keen was a player with great influence over Manchester United, so his release was a very difficult decision.” he made the point clear.
Still, he said, "It's definitely wrong to blame a teammate directly."
Mourinho should not be said to be beautiful.
Players should encourage Son Heung-min. Yoris's actions are not to be commended.

I hope Son Heung-min will become a momentum to become stronger mentally.
Jose has parked bus once again👍.Thanks for entertaining Jose😊
Edith Diver
Edith Diver:
I think bringing toby and winks was the right decision, hopefully we can win more games from now on. COYS 💙⚽️💪 #THFC
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan:
0:21 What Is That Song?
js95 sj95
js95 sj95:
I don't understand Hugo's behavior today.
Is he mad that Son didn't play defense?
So does it make sense for a captain to do that in the middle of a stadium, not in a locker room?
Son is never a player to be treated like this.
In the same situation, did Hugo do the same to Kane?
I don't think so.
I 'm 100% sure
He'll never do that to Kane
I used to want sonny to move to a big club that can lift the trophy, but not anymore.
I like any team except Tottenham.
Tottenham fans are dual. They only cheer for Sonny when he just scored,
They don't even criticize Mourinho for turning Son into a defender.
They criticizes Sonny for not considering his situation at all.
like Hugo...
Son is not a defender.
On the other hand, they're always generous to Kane.
Son played until he collapsed on the ground for Tottenham and fans.
But that Fans seem to have already forgotten the game in which Sonny scored goals in more than 50 minutes with a broken arm.
Sonny needs to move to a team that can maximize his strengths. He will be 29 years old next year. It's a very important time.
He shouldn't waste his time playing defense on a team like this.
And he need to go to a team with fans who appreciate his worth.
Think of last year. Without Son , Tottenham wouldn't have been close to the final.
But what did Kane do for the team they praise?
I used to love Tottenham,
but now I'm disillusioned with this team.
This fucking team and the fans don't deserve Sonny.
요리스 ~ 니가한번 뛰어보지 그러니?
공격수도 했다가 ,수비도 했다가,~ 쏘니가 척척해내니까 아주 쉬워보이지?
Nahuel Juarez
Nahuel Juarez:
Under Rate*
Under Rate*:
#COYs🐓👏💙💜🧡😍🙏Great Job Done! We Need Better in Next Match vs #Bournemouth⚽⚽⚽😉🤔🤫💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
Nazareno Rodríguez
Nazareno Rodríguez:
0:20 what the hell is that song🤢
Change it for ggth or something else
TmZ Pasang
TmZ Pasang:
Even highlights is dull think about the match.
I woke up in Son and Hugo fight and again go for nap.
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
theres highlight? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😴😴😴
h h
h h:
팀에 못하는애들 넘치는데 걔네한테는 소리안치고...
제일만만한게 son인가... 이거도 어찌보면 인종차별일수도....
Came here to see the fight
Dissapointed. .
Matheus Matos
Matheus Matos:
cant believe you actually could get 2 mins of highlights
Abdul Kalam
Abdul Kalam:
They skipped the fight incident I was looking forward to that
Oli Hopkins
Oli Hopkins:
Happy birthday son
Sonny~~!! From the next game you're on the defensive. Don't attack
드림 월드Dream World
드림 월드Dream World:
Wow We won by scoring a goal. Good job Giovanni Lo Celso!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just win 5 more games!!!!!!!
Tyn's Never Sus
Tyn's Never Sus:
Lovely long ball from Toby.
Christopher B
Christopher B:
Ayanda Booi
Ayanda Booi:
what on earth is that music after the goal? 😭
Alexander Hilton
Alexander Hilton:
probably spurs fc channel fasts highlights
letho nxele
letho nxele:
We really should put ndombele in the set up.. That guys killer passes will solve our problems with creativity..🔥... COYS!
Daniel Gutierrez
Daniel Gutierrez:
1961 really totenham?
Vì vì Sao thế
Vì vì Sao thế:
Love Tottenham and mou
it happens bcz son is asian. i dnt think hugo can do that to kane or other players. insult him in front of world.
This game would have been a disaster if the early score did not happen. Great to see Sonny shooting again. Lo Celso was class. The defense was really solid for a change! Having Alderweirald at the back was the difference IMO. Dier was great as well. Honestly, it wasn't that boring as others suggest. It was good, at least for me, because the changes worked!
Ravindran Nair
Ravindran Nair:
my entire life changed thanks to, *e a s y l a p t o p l i f e .c o m*
son need transfer
Jose OUT! Levi, bring back Pochettino
Heungmin, why are you attacking while being criticized ? It's just defense 😣😣😣
Francisco Gómez
Francisco Gómez:
💥Where is the fight between Son and Lloris⁉
2 minutes of highlights seems about right
WL 7
WL 7:
Why is lloris so mad???
eric jun
eric jun:
Don’t forget broken his arm for Team....sorry Sonny
0:49 is that Eric Dier taking the free kick...?
Ara Akreyi
Ara Akreyi:
I hope Spears will win the next five games 💙
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Jordan:
What a Good Win! #COYS
Shaun Pinto
Shaun Pinto:
Hey where is the Son vs Lloris clash
Mourinho is a bomb.Tottenham have a bomb.
Amiral Erlangga
Amiral Erlangga:
60 fps
SVN Aviation
SVN Aviation:
We can actually see the half time fight(sort of) between Son and Lloris as a positive because having leaders in the locker room is important for a team to be successful