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Despite dominating the game City lose to goals from Son Heung-Min and Giovani Lo Celso.



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100+ comentarios:

Abubakar Noor
Abubakar Noor:
City played good but it was a Jose Mourinho defensive masterclass.... defence was soo solid ( not a city or a spurs fan)
Michael Santoso
Michael Santoso:
Sonaldinho strikes again
Eliot Finnigan
Eliot Finnigan:
Ederson needs to learn he can’t just keep rushing off his line like that. Tries to smother too often and regularly makes the attackers mind up for them.
Nirzs xtry
Nirzs xtry:
city was probably pressing too high that allowed Tottenham to easily pass our defense
walid lakouas
walid lakouas:
Gurediola has become a well-known calligrapher. Close it. There is a quick counterattack strike. These are City's weaknesses.
Retro Pad
Retro Pad:
Really disappointed but I still have full faith in you guys 💙💙
CK_ Lim
CK_ Lim:
At this point I’m just hoping we finish in a UCL position
Gold 999
Gold 999:
Kane: Goalscorer? yes. Assist creator? well, he's one now.
0:01 look at that guardiola's vacant face. he looking son's sprint with surprise.
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor:
Son Goal and Kane's Assist on Second goal. Truly Great Duo
Mohnish Krupale
Mohnish Krupale:
I am spurs fan and I can say Pep has a hard time. Don't worry cityzens every darkday is ruled out by shiny sun.
Visca Barcelona
Visca Barcelona:
Pep:Take the ball,Pass the ball
Mourinho:Take the ball,Score the goal
This game just reminds me of the 2-0 loss to Arsenal in fa cup....
Shaquan Romain
Shaquan Romain:
City fan I am a little disappointed 😔 but Totthenam played good and deserved the win
Notorious Arry
Notorious Arry:
City's high defensive line not gonna bring them the pl title, Pep doesn't have to be adamant about his poor attacking philosophy
i love to see a biased commentators side losing 😂
Amitabh Shrivastava
Amitabh Shrivastava:
I think we can all see City's future this season
Younes Ten
Younes Ten:
Manchester City always changes the line-up in every game, which is what makes Manchester City easily lose in easy matches🤔👍
Aidan Lawrence
Aidan Lawrence:
City are playing a very risky game pushing all the players up and when the opponents go on the counterattack they are left open
Shyam Krishna Bhandari
Shyam Krishna Bhandari:
Our defence always goes upward as in midfield area and when we lose the ball we suddenly get counter attacks we have to improve more on defences
Moffat 666
Moffat 666:
Ederson always out of poles... Even when defenders are there!
Stay in and save shots!!!!!!!
Mohd Farouk Faisal Kit
Mohd Farouk Faisal Kit:
Just another game, another day that we would not want lose. Obviously this Spur team had been haunting ManCity for the pass two seasons. A loss is a loss, we just have to look forward the next game and back on winning ways. All the best Pep and Co. Period
Bolaji Aiyegboyin
Bolaji Aiyegboyin:
Ederson seems not to learn each time.guys, let's go.lets begins to be winning matches.we have no excuse again.
Nan Dad
Nan Dad:
Imagine Spurs winning the league
Allan Billington
Allan Billington:
If Foden is the only one who can thread a pass through a defence....why does he only get a few minutes ?
Duman Turdaly
Duman Turdaly:
City played well, but Mourinho s defence was too good
Dedsec DedSec
Dedsec DedSec:
I dont know what to say City Is Out.
Ukash 2020
Ukash 2020:
Man city must get Son. Very importat
Farah Hassan
Farah Hassan:
We're was the real man city that I know? I have seen better performance from u guys I am very disappointed at you, FIX THE DEfence
Yunus K
Yunus K:
Against the Top 6 Our Midfield keeps getting Overrun and Exposed.
- All the Top 6 Teams Play with Legs/Energy in Midfield: Liverpool with Winaldum Hendo, Spurs with Hojberg Sissoko, Chelsea Kante Kovacic.
- We have NO Legs/Energy In Our Central Midfield.
- The Solution Against the Top 6 Teams is to Play CANCELO with Rodri in The Central Midfield 3.
- CANCELO has more Legs, Energy and Pace then Gundogan. Cancelo is Very Good on the Ball and his Energy Pace will Help Rodri Better Protect our Defence on Transition Against the Top 6.
Example Soon Against Man United Play 4-3-1-2:
Sterling Jesus
Cancelo Rodri Bernado
Ake Laporte Dias Walker
Nufail Vhora
Nufail Vhora:
Call mw when city reaches UCL semi-final with Pep in charge and without Messi
Commentator had money on man city to win, how bias did he sound!
He had a 'money down the drain' moan after Lo Celso scored the 2nd.
Yeh ederson really didn’t need to push either of those I’ll give him the first one but the second one he never should have
Lellib Ikuos
Lellib Ikuos:
what a cursed club for Mahrez, he broke his career
Spurs Flying High
Spurs Flying High:
Fraudiola exposed again. He needs to spend another 100m this Jan. Hopefully he can beat Lyon and Monaco now, oh and spurs...
Guardiola, put your mind in your head, it's the Premier League, you killed it
Kyle Meyer
Kyle Meyer:
Pep needs to change something soon or he should leave. All these shots and no goals, all these passes with no outcome. Pain.
No one:
Not even Man City:
Bots:Be honest who else is a TRUE fan of Man City for over a month now
Lellib Ikuos
Lellib Ikuos:
the days when you would acquire a football culture and sense of honest criticism far from rasism, the day when you would be convinced that Pep without Messi, Xavier, Eniesta and the other stars of FC Barcelona, is less than an amateur coach, this day can be that the man city will be among the big clubs of Europe
Siddharth Sai G
Siddharth Sai G:
Nobody's talking about how biased the commentator was?
SonHeungMin destroyed man city
The same game, the same tactics and the same result. Every premier League team knows how guardiola plays
Faosal Memeq
Faosal Memeq:
M Ferdiansyah
M Ferdiansyah:
Sonaldo 🐐
Elton Lim
Elton Lim:
I'm actually getting flared up by the defensive line😠
mark Park
mark Park:
Son, pretty good.
Icosiom AL
Icosiom AL:
Pep, has shown his limits with city. After 5 years with about a billion dollar spent. It s a total failure. Time to have a change, things will get worst with this coach.
LFC Game
LFC Game:
Losing Sane and David Silva might affect Manchester City's game. what do you think
mwesigwa eria
mwesigwa eria:
So bad, but still let's keep going City,
Shank Mit
Shank Mit:
Ill earned Oil money losing to a football team.
Liam Ipek
Liam Ipek:
We need Kompany and David Silva and Aguéro😔
Aguaro missed this mach. He is goalden player...❤️❤️❤️
Real Flames
Real Flames:
Pep took the bait from Jose and didn't start Sterling 😔 Pep must get up out of his feelings and start using the right players
Guuh Lino
Guuh Lino:
Let"s go City

To You Strength.
Syaiful Bahri
Syaiful Bahri:
Mourinho Masterclass 🔥
Mark mycro
Mark mycro:
If guardiola gets this;ask him to tell ederson to stop rushing out like that.
Let Love Lead
Let Love Lead:
1. what at all is the problem with this City team that 'ALL THEY KNOW IS TO KEEP POSSESSION OF THE BALL';but finds it extremely difficult to find the back of the nets. so Pep doesn't have a plan B tactic?
2.Ederson is gradually becoming a manhole; most goals pass through his legs and imao Pep must start playing Zack Stefan.
3. I have not seen any big team as erratic as this current Man City team. They always flatter to deceive everyone including themselves on the pitch.
4. who also saw Regulion pocketing Marhrez all day?😂
5. Am beginning to suspect a sabotage or conspiracy from within the club because this can not be the result for all the investments made so far.
6. The purposeless SQUARE PASSES is awful lot. Looks as if City at the moment lack real commanding leaders on the pitch.
7. Pep is messing up this season too after another expensive defensive reinforcements.
8. If players don't do the right things on the field; who trains and select them? imao Pep should be solely blamed for everything happening on the pitch.
Aymen azb
Aymen azb:
We played a good game but we only needed someone to score
City with possession can't even defend well.....people who all are trolling spurs for possession. U hv to be smarter than hardworker. 4 shot 2 goals rather than 22 shots no goal.
Jehu Khomola
Jehu Khomola:
In both occasions I thought Edison didn't have to leave his goal posts
Sharkiston _
Sharkiston _:
From an attacking position turning into a goal on you, tells how much work needs to be done on the midfield and the defence.
大曼城萬歲✌️! 藍月亮加油⛽!!!
💙9 💙17 💙MC!!!
Kelon Harry
Kelon Harry:
😂 bro c'mon city love from Trinidad🇹🇹
Dominic Nassif
Dominic Nassif:
I’m done with great reffing like wtf
Mustiirem Gltkn
Mustiirem Gltkn:
halal shows you even when defeated
Here he is again
Here he is again:
A very messy performance. So sign Messi
Haider Sultan
Haider Sultan:
amir udin
amir udin:
We win in poss ball only.. OMG 😂😂
We need play efective like Pelegrini era 😂
Robin Son
Robin Son:
0:56 I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
I thought city would dominate this period of matches with empty stadiums because now everybody has no fans to cheer them on. Strange.
The Purge
The Purge:
Problem lies with the manager more than the players . A cut-and-paste tactic by Pep -pa pig . What a joke . Even a 3 yr old knows how to cut and paste instructions and thats easy money .
Toxic Rhome
Toxic Rhome:
Terlalu bnyak passing , kurng kreatif strategi , Dan terlalu bnyak memasang pemaen di depan bola
LeMare 001D
LeMare 001D:
That city player got hit on the bollocks
ayan b
ayan b:
0:39 I have no more stress with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Sogek Ing
Sogek Ing:
Vamos muchachos la putamadre! Con paciencia todo llega!
Arzhy Manan
Arzhy Manan:
City : Possession Ball and Good Attacking
Tottenham : Good Defense and Counter Attack
Its not "one of those days" - it was a master class in Mourinho as a tactician - and the team carrying it out to the nth degree.

City just didn't have an answer. Plan A - possession football, plan B - what plan B? Sometimes the better side are outsmarted rather than outplayed... this one was down to Pep...
Dren Zen
Dren Zen:
What a start for Pep's new contract!
Harry John
Harry John:
0:48 I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
tim boussardon
tim boussardon:
Jesus can change yr life bro <3
C T:
Next, I have to make a sad face before watching football.☹😩😭
Larger than Life
Larger than Life:
We neee to improve our finishing. 22 shots with no goals, also 10 corners, we lack the goal scoring part everything else is alright. Also I believe pep should change his tactics, all managers know what he will do. Why not try counterattacking football.
Well I can say mahrez was playing alone in the attack he was shooting creating chances and give crooses
thomas jana
thomas jana:
Just give up this season focus on ucl..this season focus on top 3
Ginja Ninja
Ginja Ninja:
I am a Tottenham fan but you can clearly see that it does hit his arm because of the two bounces from the ball and it is a difficult one but I think it still was the right decision to make
Loleka Romain 85
Loleka Romain 85:
Spécial one is back
Nick Krase
Nick Krase:
Let's gggggggggooooooooooooooo COYS
wonderful playing city player 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
I think we made a big mistake by extending Guardiola's contract instead we should have bought a new manager at the end of the season because Guardiola's tactics have expired and it no longer works.
Pep & Mahrez out plzzz
Danjo Manjo
Danjo Manjo:
1:10 "If this is gonna be ruled out, it's harsh"

G.Jesus literally stopps the ball with his upper arm 😂😂😂
Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes:
Too adventurous goalkeeping😌
SmartBoy Gamer
SmartBoy Gamer:
Kung Fu Kenny
Kung Fu Kenny:
Keep your possession stats, we will keep the points COYS
Feliks Tans
Feliks Tans:
Be happy, no worries when Son and Kane are there.
gagie green
gagie green:
Sonaldo! you smile beautifully....
Kaswin faiz
Kaswin faiz:
Erling Haaland for m city..
Felisyah Andaresta
Felisyah Andaresta:
Mourinho parking bus tactic. City always to be lovely.
Commentator clearly a city fan 😂
Mark Thuo
Mark Thuo:
City needs a similar player like Fernandinho for the CDM position. Rodri simply isn't it. He is not positionally astute nor has the dynamism of Fernandinho. In this match, Rodri was often caught out of position when Tottenham had possession. He always joined in to press instead of protecting the backline, so often, Kane would drop deep to the space vacated by Rodri and receive the ball. It is how the 1st goal from Son happened. Rodri was caught up high up the pitch and Kane would occupy that space. This mistake by Rodri has happened before as well, a couple of times. This is not just about City's defense or a david silva replacement, but the cdm position is what Guardiola needs to sort out asap. Especially for Pep's style of play, the Cdm position requires a highly intelligent and mobile player.
MahmouDZ 86
MahmouDZ 86:
The players controls Guardiola ( Agüero, Sterling, De Bruyne... ), The Club matches becomes boring, I hope Mahrez leave soon, I missed the days where he played in LCFC