Highlights: Watford 3-0 Liverpool | Reds suffer first Premier League defeat

Watch key highlights from Vicarage Road, where Liverpool were beaten in the league for the first time this season, going down 3-0 to Watford.

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100+ comentarios:

Never underestimate a team fighting against relegation.
Mr Cyduck
Mr Cyduck:
Happiest man in the world right now :

Belgian Football
Belgian Football:
"The world's best swordfighter doesnt fear the second best, he fears the worst, for the worst is the least predictable"
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed:
Liverpool: We're going invincible
Sarr: Ah,so you have chosen death
Ae Ka
Ae Ka:
Van Dijk: responsible for 2 Watford's goals

Lfc fans: *Lovren should play golf*
100% Watford will not forget about this Victory!!
Mø Ali saad
Mø Ali saad:
When you see yourself No. 1,The weakest thing comes to you and teachs you unforgettable lesson 👏👌👏👏👌👌👌👌
Martin Zamora
Martin Zamora:

Deeney and Sarr: hold my goals.
Mostafa Ashraf Haider
Mostafa Ashraf Haider:
I watch this whenever I'm depressed.
Mostafa Ashraf Haider
Mostafa Ashraf Haider:
As a United fan, this was one of the most satisfying matches I've watch in my entire life.
abdala botan
abdala botan:
May be this game was prank 😂😂
Ammar Daniel
Ammar Daniel:
i'm a liverpool fan but mad respect to Sarr, would be a great player in the future.....wish him nothing but the best for his career
warlord One
warlord One:
Anime logic here: the greatest evil guy who have been training for 1000 years gets beaten by a guy who trained for like 3 days noice its not everyday you see that
Liverpool: We’re going to have an unbeaten season. Watford: *hold my ticket to the championship*
RollsRoyceIsCool 85
RollsRoyceIsCool 85:
I dont get why everyone is blaming Lovren. Everyone in the team played poor. It was not lovren's fault
Sah Roji
Sah Roji:
W for win
L for lose
Haha loser
Shreeyash Dhungana
Shreeyash Dhungana:
Man u: hahahahhahhaha
alfhead abazizo
alfhead abazizo:
Liverpool : it’s unbeatable season 💪🏼
Sarr : hello 👋🏼
The_Blinding Nova
The_Blinding Nova:
Liverpool: wins against Barcelona when no one expected them to
Also liverpool: lost against Watford when everyone expected them to win
Bad Boy Tc
Bad Boy Tc:
*_Nesse Jogo, O Liverpool, Jogou Como Um Time Pequeno!_*
rossi miom3
rossi miom3:
sesuai huruf depan WATFORD >> w : win
Liverpool >> L : Lost
Faiz Ali
Faiz Ali:
Plotwist: Karius was wearing a mask for Liverpool’s goalkeeper so he could still play for the team.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre:
Well at least they can take their loss and upload it on their own channel
karekezi Etienne
karekezi Etienne:
Liverpoool lost their virginity to watford in EPL.
Martin Treize
Martin Treize:
Liverpool would have won if their supporters had sung Visca Kwesta's song : I Wanna Marry You
Dimas Furqon
Dimas Furqon:
they had us in the second half, not gonna lie..
Facts and Reason
Facts and Reason:
Y'all already know who's gonna be the butt of my joke
Raymond Tenda
Raymond Tenda:
In many ways, football replicates Life so much that, I sometimes loose words to describe the level of accuracy it does it.
krishen t selvan
krishen t selvan:
Commentator about alisson: it takes something to beat the best in the business.
Sarr: This isn't even my final form.
Welcome to EPL!
Love Liverpool and you will win the PL title but im from Watford and this was a rare moment im gonna enjoy for a while.
Wahyu Setyardi
Wahyu Setyardi:
Tetap semangat liverpool❤
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt:
Allison the “bESt In THe BuSInEsS” haha teach right. overrated
Kevin Salas
Kevin Salas:
Finally now I can't see arsenal scared about it.
Yohan Joseph_ 2510
Yohan Joseph_ 2510:
U know who's the happiest right now?

Like Zlatan
Like Zlatan:
Thank you very much Watford from the bottom of my heart.
Mathias Langeland
Mathias Langeland:
49, 49 undefeated!
mo mo
mo mo:
mo will come to real Madrid ♥♥♥ I'm waiting for this event ♥♥♥
habib habib
habib habib:
*ismaila sarr* ♨♨♨
Lovers of Game
Lovers of Game:
OMG. I watched first half of the match and quit. The second half was a thrilling, what a miss. Watford dominated the game and results are there.
A A:
It's good to loose sometimes. It makes you humble, and remind you that you are only human.
Luki Sanmado 23
Luki Sanmado 23:
The best for club 💯❤
Randy Jaja
Randy Jaja:
This lost is gratefull, teach Liverpool for keep down to earth and keep moving forward
Thank you Watford!! 🙏🏽
kk kk
kk kk:
It's only rock n roll and I like it!
Huy Duong Thai
Huy Duong Thai:
Liverpool: we're going unbeaten this season
Sarr: allow me to introduce myself
Liverpool haters showed up for the first time since like August lmaaao 😂😂😂😂😂
Secure One
Secure One:
Something happened to Liverpool after losing to atletco
Fxcts Elimz
Fxcts Elimz:
Leeds: say we are going up say we are going up
Liverpool : mbappe + Sancho + champo + prem league
Shota Edukasi
Shota Edukasi:
congratulation watford, i love liverpool
W - atford
L - iverpool

Enough said.
Kawish Jalimsing
Kawish Jalimsing:
Deeney is A Living Legend of Watford
Bernardinho 50
Bernardinho 50:
Liverpool got embarrassed, smashed, demolished, humiliated and battered by Watford.
Danial Jafri
Danial Jafri:
Alisson legend when he cut his hair
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid:
Liverpool: We're gonna win the league!
Watford: Ok guys, let's drug the Liverpool team in their sleep!
The Professor
The Professor:
Liverpool: Plays leisurely for 3 points

Watford: TF imma be relegated .. Plays for dear life.
Rully Cahyo
Rully Cahyo:
what happen like that, my favorite Liverool club, so imposible..
Muhammad Saeed
Muhammad Saeed:
Liverpool's invincible run ending: I am inevitable
adreta ryder
adreta ryder:
been a long time coming this one
Foxy Attacker
Foxy Attacker:
Liverpool: we are the best we will never be beaten. Watford: Geez hold my fricken beer Liverpool.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Pandu Atisar Rahman
Pandu Atisar Rahman:
This' why I love football, it's unpredictable
mal'ak emeth
mal'ak emeth:
The day Watford played like Pool, and Pool played like Watford!
Who is here after Chelsea liverpool 2-0
Arslan Javed
Arslan Javed:
Tge best in the buisness😂😂😂
Daffa SM
Daffa SM:
Who need VAR when we have SAAR .
Sergio Massimo
Sergio Massimo:
Love how liverpool uploads matches where they lose
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni:
Omg!! U look amazing!!!?
Mohd Faiz
Mohd Faiz:
Q : What is the same thing among the following teams? (Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Liverpool, Man Utd,
A: They never win forever

A+ ✔️✍️ 💯
Utep Drismawan
Utep Drismawan:
W,,, win --watford
L,,,, lost -- liverpool
Flacko 7
Flacko 7:
LIVERPOOL: we are going to go unbeaten

WATFORD: WHAT? Hold my relegation place
Lukey Luke
Lukey Luke:
Thank you Watford
Liverpool is middle rank perfect!!
Ehh, the epic moment in football world has end.. but, you'll never walk alone!
phil coutinho
phil coutinho:
Ceep going lads🔴🔴
The Grand Appreciation
The Grand Appreciation:
Plenty of life lessons here:
One is that nothing is impossible, so never give up before you start a battle!
This is so peaceful
Been waiting for this to happen but didnt expect against watford lmao.
Yori Nazfih
Yori Nazfih:
This day only comes once every 4 years , 29th february
Ola Williams
Ola Williams:
Loads of jeering and mocking off...So nice to finally see the faces of those who hate us. Noting all y'all faces. You gonna cry very soon...
Neikesonuo Rio
Neikesonuo Rio:
Liverpool : Arsenal! We're coming!
Watford :wait a minute bruh
Rashid Osoumanou
Rashid Osoumanou:
Realize that this team lost 8-0 to City
anthoneo neo
anthoneo neo:
Never give up .. Keep strong liverpool
Bruddah Smith
Bruddah Smith:
The second goal the ball went off
Kul lik
Kul lik:
And how the hell is Lovren guilty for Liverpools defeat
Liverpool: easy win boys

Saar: let me introduce myself
Ian Jacob
Ian Jacob:
Thank you Watford 😂
Bush Pangsatabam
Bush Pangsatabam:
WE WILL COME BACK Stronger than before YNWA
Bima Sylvio
Bima Sylvio:
Thank you Watford
Fatima Ahmed
Fatima Ahmed:
We can't break every record 😊
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez:
😂i love how this team beat Liverpool out of nowhere, football is so unpredictable these days🤩😂
Courage Liverpool et Sadio🇸🇳✊🏾
Félicitations à Ismaïla Sarr 🦁🇸🇳👏🏾
Clayton Toit
Clayton Toit:
Liverpool's youtube video picture quality is the best in the league, Sarrs goals looks better on your channel, great work guys keep it up. From a Man Utd fan
Abdul Azeem Javaid
Abdul Azeem Javaid:
Start of the season(liv vs napoli UCL):van dijk gives them a free goal
Mid season(liv vs wat PL):trent gives them a free goal
Soon robertson and joe gomez to giv free goals
zalak raja opi
zalak raja opi:
It's call happiness!
Mangireesh Potnis
Mangireesh Potnis:
Klopp: allison couldnt see the ball because of his hair
Mushfiq Choudhury
Mushfiq Choudhury:
Thanks didn’t need to see this again ffs
Max Ukas
Max Ukas:
Like from Gary Neville 🤣🤣🤣🤣
ceerw buty
ceerw buty:
Liverpool: We’re going to have an unbeaten season. Watford: hold my ticket to the championship