Highlights | West Ham 1-1 Aston Villa

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Malcolm Zunidza
Malcolm Zunidza:
I respect Pepe Reina, he showed so much love for the club even though he was on Loan.He was really committed to the club. Well done Reina
mthokozisi ndebele
mthokozisi ndebele:
Villa played well in their last four games, wish ey had this confidence through out the season. Well done Villa hope next season we ain't fighting for any relegation All the Luv from Zim.
Dee Costa
Dee Costa:
I'm a Chelsea fan. Congrats to Aston Villa for staying up
Private Artyom
Private Artyom:
Congrats from a liverpool fan..always had a soft spot for villa
Lee Kiplagat
Lee Kiplagat:
When they celebrated I almost cried 😭
B Rabbit
B Rabbit:
Congratulations Villa, big club, great history, should be in the Premiership-
Although, some of that shooting was woeful
Bayarsaikhan Bayaraa
Bayarsaikhan Bayaraa:
That was the longest hour and half of my life. Great job lads! Villa fan here from MONGOLIA!!!
Venkataramanan Govindarajan
Venkataramanan Govindarajan:
As an arsenal fan and even tho Aston beat us I’m still happy that you guys are still in the league😀😀
Matthew Watts
Matthew Watts:
Love it! And bless their keeper having a shocker on Jack's shot!
Dead #47
Dead #47:
Torço para o West Ham , porém estava torcendo para o Villa permanecer ... Meus parabéns ! 👏👏👏👏
Joseph Venus
Joseph Venus:
Congratulations to all players of Aston villa and Samata to fight to remain in premier league next season. 🇹🇿🇹🇿
The Sun State
The Sun State:
I was a believer in Dean when he brought us up but to steer us through a season like this is a magnificent achievement!
David Reyes
David Reyes:
Vamoooos, lo celebre como un villano mas desde España. ❤️💙
Bizcochito 14
Bizcochito 14:
Vamos villanos bien !!! Saludos desde Uruguay 🇺🇾
Monalysa Sousa
Monalysa Sousa:
Esse número 10 do Aston villa .joga mto mereceu o time n cair,ele joga mto
Konstantinos Kellaris
Konstantinos Kellaris:
Well done boys... Relief at the end of a heartbreaking season 👍
Skwisgaar Skwigelf
Skwisgaar Skwigelf:
Congrats Aston Villa! Another historic club survived!
Diomar Gremista
Diomar Gremista:
Boa Aston Villa escapamos 👏👏👏 tomara que Grealish fique para próxima temporada precisamos dele , ele muito bom 👏 👏👏
Juned Hussain
Juned Hussain:
Well done boys. I'm so proud of you and let's hope we play better next season. UTV!!!!
Marc Sousa
Marc Sousa:
Tava torcendo por vocês Aston Villa is a big club 👏👏👏
Gabriel Fe
Gabriel Fe:
Boa Aston Vila 🇧🇷
Tan S
Tan S:
I am Liverpool fans, also root for Aston Villa. I followed AVFC results since Season restart.
We showed real bottle when it mattered. Wasn't pretty by any means but the lads heart and fight came through and we dug in and dug ourselves out of it. End of season school report: Must do better! UTV
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
Vamoooos, lo celebre como un villano mas desde España. ❤️💙
Lufefe Ngilana
Lufefe Ngilana:
And now they're having a brilliant season.
Seta S
Seta S:
I'm a Blackburn fan...so happy to see a big club like Villa stayed up...congrats
Come on Villa💜

Ps: Thankyou Jack, good luck in the future
Matheus Ramos
Matheus Ramos:
Up the Villa!!!!! O Rio de Janeiro te ama 🇧🇷
Anand prakash
Anand prakash:
Congratulations Aston Villa from Chelsea Fan 💙
what the hell
what the hell:
Well done villans...you don't deserve relegation ♥️🇩🇿
James Hayes
James Hayes:
I'm following villa almost 30 years an I really taught we would be relegated with 4 games to go, what a turnaround,come on the villa onwards an upwards👍👍
David Gadea
David Gadea:
Equal to both !!! I'm Happy for the Hammers and For The Vila Team Too !!! Cheers to All !!! Come On You Irons !!! Aúpa Pucela !!! Up The Hammers !!! Salud y Vida Pa'lante !!! Cheers and Life On !!!
mario bermúdez
mario bermúdez:
congratulations from a chelsea's fan, i hope this club can play a cup in europe some day like years ago.
Sum Boi
Sum Boi:
Congrats to Villa from a Hammer. Watford have been a farce this season so they fully deserved to go down
Il Calcio
Il Calcio:
Así se hace mierda
Un grande como el aston villa no debía bajar y lo demostro en estas últimas jornadas
Felicitaciones desde Chile 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱
Alberto Ugas
Alberto Ugas:
Felicidades villanos desde Venezuela 🇻🇪✌️ soy seguidor del liverpool por con mucho aprecio al villa por black sabbath
Secret Shadow Knight
Secret Shadow Knight:
CONGRATULATIONS! lads, you deserve it. From Newcastle United :D
Aymen Nadal
Aymen Nadal:
i'm a Manchester United fan congratulation warriors💪💪💪
Abdullah Rafiq
Abdullah Rafiq:
Big congrats to villa supporters .. now we are never gonna get Grealish this season
Movement of happiness for villa
Mauricio Salas Mosquera
Mauricio Salas Mosquera:
Deseo que en la próxima temporada estén mucho mejor en la tabla. Recuerdo los goles de Juan Pablo Ángel. Congratulations Aston Villa. Desde Colombia. 😊👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Vailima49 Aston
Vailima49 Aston:
It’s destiny it’s where VILLA belong
Claudio Zavala
Claudio Zavala:
Great Villa!!!! 🥳🥳🥳
carlos david
carlos david:
Vamos aston villa🙌💪
Muy bien💙👏
cory Fulton
cory Fulton:
As a Liverpool fan you fully deserved to stay up now we wait until September the 12th of the new 2020-21 premier league season
Bonnie Tin
Bonnie Tin:
Congrats Aston Villa !
Владимир Петров
Владимир Петров:
Yes yes yes we are still in EPL! Congratulations from russian Villa fan)
Joao Batista Zonta
Joao Batista Zonta:
It was amazing Man.
JWA Miki
JWA Miki:
Glad villa stayed up. Great football club. Congratulations to tge fans
Tz Channel
Tz Channel:
Congratulations villa 👏👏👏
Jhon Raza
Jhon Raza:
My club 💜💙
Abdvllah Rajagnaruk
Abdvllah Rajagnaruk:
Congrarts to aston villa 🔥🔥
From LFC fan ♥️
César Díaz
César Díaz:
Ahora toca hacer las cosas bien la siguiente temporada, desde que veo fútbol el Villa estuvo en Premier y así debe seguir siendo, saludos desde Perú 🇵🇪
Selvy werder
Selvy werder:
Congrats villa family!
tyc oon
tyc oon:
Am officially Villa fan,,, much love from Tanzania
Milan Sedlák
Milan Sedlák:
I love how not even Chelsea or ManU teams celebrated as much as Villa.
Well done villans! Please, keep Mings, McGinn and Grealish, and bring a new manager. Next season we have to fight for better things.
fahri muhammad
fahri muhammad:
Aston villa feels like a champion
abdur rahman
abdur rahman:
Never give up villa❤❤😍
Ben Fostahhh
Ben Fostahhh:
Comgratulations from Kazakhstan Aston Villa 🇰🇿🥳😍
Bayu Purdantono
Bayu Purdantono:
Hello Aston Villa, your fans from Indonesia...
They always say why The Villans...
I always answer, with or without trophy, a true fans always stand for the club...
I hope next year we will see better performance...
Miracle at last of the season...
Sufrí muchísimo con este partido:-( Up Villa 😔🔫
erai corner
erai corner:
Good job, congratulatoin! 👍
Simon Baker
Simon Baker:
I'm a safc fan but so pleased for villa it's not nice going down, well done Jack
you can tell the 1 dislike is either a bournemouth or watford fan LOL
Muhiyadin Abdullahi Mohamud
Muhiyadin Abdullahi Mohamud:
i am man united fan and i love villa to stay premier league so bad....
Bluenose Deeney scores to put Watford 1-0 up in front of the Mighty Holte and taunts us. We are inspired to go on to win with the deciding goal coming deep into injury time. Deeney goes off at the end to "Deeney Deeney What's the score?" Without that late goal Watford would have stayed up and we would have been relegated today. Let this be a lesson to all Bluenoses ....nuff said !
Resi MX
Resi MX:
That was really emotional
david evans
david evans:
Speechless.i love you VILLA.utv
Tony Wahib
Tony Wahib:
I'm happy that trezguet will spend another season at the pl #Liverpool fan #egyptian
سلام سلام
سلام سلام:
Always sparkle for you. We in Egypt care about you a lot. I hope to shine in the coming season
gives you Aston Villa Brazilian greetings congratulations on staying .
congratulations!!!!!!!!! they deserve be a premier league team, jack grealish is awesome.
Anderton Chigoneka
Anderton Chigoneka:
Aston Villa well done on surviving in first season back but my god you got away with it.
I remember against Sheffield United ball clearly went over the line and somehow wasn’t given.
Bournemouth also had four goals not given.
Villa got away with murder
King Dylan
King Dylan:
What a goal
Fredrick Makala
Fredrick Makala:
Samatta, I know that y'r a good player. Show them what you hv, 4 our respect and y'rs.
nazim douma
nazim douma:
i am so happy villa still in PL
Jonathan Sandoval
Jonathan Sandoval:
Muy bien felicidades aston villa
Retro Fury
Retro Fury:
Congrats on staying up 🙌🏽
Now give us Grealish #ggmu
Robert Peter White
Robert Peter White:
YES....yes we done it well done lads played good brilliant. The only way now is forward from now on, Let's get up..up the table next season, Give every game 100%
Fantasy history for Villa
Jamal Jimmy
Jamal Jimmy:
I hope Samatta will remain a villa player next season
Ashraf Hashish
Ashraf Hashish:
Trezeguet 🇪🇬🇪🇬❤️❤️
Matty Mojo
Matty Mojo:
I haven't looked at the table in last week, but I'm guessing from that last few seconds we stayed up...lovely, lovely stuff.
joseph makram
joseph makram:
Congratulations Trezeguet and Mohamady from Egypt.
Sazali Md Noor
Sazali Md Noor:
Viva Aston Villa.. from Liverpool fan Penang, Malaysia...
Hassan Elkhafagi
Hassan Elkhafagi:
What a day ! Proud of you UTV
Hicham Bella
Hicham Bella:
Love as ton villz❤️💜
Grealish is the best!!!
Hoang Tuan
Hoang Tuan:
I love villa
Tibo Declercq
Tibo Declercq:
Hey I am a Club bruges fan, from Belgium.
Hopefully you can let Wesley play next season.
ryan matheus
ryan matheus:
Aq é villans caralh9 sou fã do Aston vila ! Respeita quem tem Champions porraaaa
They are more happier than Liverpool 😂
well done boys
Still can't believe it what a day UTV
Bewket Sisay
Bewket Sisay:
Big credit for Arsenal.
Hicham Bella
Hicham Bella: