HIGHLIGHTS | WEST HAM 2-3 SPURS | Mourinho era starts with a win!

Watch all the goals from Tottenham Hotspur's 3-2 win over West Ham United at the London Stadium thanks to goals from Heung-min Son, Lucas Moura and Harry Kane!

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Air Cooler
Air Cooler:
Call me what you want, I support whatever team Mourinho coaches
Meng II
Meng II:
Sonny ( nice one)
1st goal in new stadium
1st CL goal in new stadium
Last goal for Mauricio pochenttino
1st goal for Jose Mourinho

The legend of spur 😍
"Son heung min, the man who scored the last goal of the previous era and scores the first goal of the new one"
나이스 원 쏘니
Théophile C.
Théophile C.:
Dele pass was unreal
Mourinho made Dele look like prime Kaka 😍
Jackson P
Jackson P:
Dele + son always make some difference. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Bayu Asri Novianto
Bayu Asri Novianto:
I'm not Tottenham fans, but i'm Jose's Fans 😋😋😋
Aimee Anne Duffy
Aimee Anne Duffy:
Son Heung Min.. This Korean contributed to Mourinho's first win.
Dele and Son are always good companions.
Matthew MacMahon
Matthew MacMahon:
Sonny did a very good job! So excited to see sonny under jose
Football Heritage
Football Heritage:
Mourinho shouting “THATS YOU DELE” is the content I didn’t know I needed till now. Just inject it in my veins
Deleted Account
Deleted Account:
1:25 that face from Mourinho looks soo nice 😊😊😊😊
And he made Serge Aurier today look like Kyle Walker!
What a manager!!
J J:
Son again!!! So glad to see Dele is back on form. If he keeps on playing like this, we won't have to think about that Dane anymore.
Andhika Ramadhan
Andhika Ramadhan:
1:25 "The Smile One" is back. I think i never saw his smile like that at Manchester United
All right, heel flick! Dele and Son look like school mates afterwards. So lovely!
Mandeep Dhesi
Mandeep Dhesi:
Dele and Mourinho utter shithouse... utter brilliance.
Datu Entertainment
Datu Entertainment:
Awesome mou
Jose looked so happy, I can tell, he definitely got the right job at Tottenham and he deserves it.
un e
un e:
Sonny & jose 🤙
donnie vincent
donnie vincent:
had no interest in spurs before, that has changed thanks to jose, that said, spurs has a real good team if they can get it goiing right under jose can do great things
Spurs are officially my favorite team in the premier league now. Thank you Jose.
David Webb
David Webb:
The West Ham fans cheering when Dele fell over 😂😂😂
brand new son of Jose ‘Heung-min Son’!
Congrats Jose!!!
Tottenham's first away league win since January... great achievement for the Boss...
Queen Gee
Queen Gee:
I dont know why , i love when mourinho smile , huge smile ...
S3perate _myself
S3perate _myself:
Who would’ve thought I didn’t have a team to support Now am a Spurs fan 😂
Tech Shogun
Tech Shogun:
I am a Real Madrid fan but I respect Jose a lot and I remember all the good stuff that he did for Madrid. So I really want to see Tottenham at the top of the league. Good luck guys.
Rilian Pratama
Rilian Pratama:
Mourinho, where ever he is, people like to follow. Sensational, the special one.
X. O.
X. O.:
Mourinho sees what Lucas Moura really is!
English premier league is going to be more exciting and more interesting because of Jose Mourinho. haters will not agree
Eric Shin
Eric Shin:
1:45 Do u see how angry sonny was when conceded 2nd goal? His passion <33
Fire Up
Fire Up:
0:11 Son comes back to haunt that West Ham fan who abused him in his car.
J.Y Lee
J.Y Lee:
God’s son.
I’m just excited to see him on 442oons every premier league manager reacts again
Dwi Widayat
Dwi Widayat:
Wherever you go Mou, I back you so. From Porto to Chelsea to Inter to Madrid to back to Chelsea to MU and now Spurs!!
Ssen Krad
Ssen Krad:
0:29 is beautiful
Spot Tube Indonesia
Spot Tube Indonesia:
Welcome back to epl mourinho. United fans still miss you.. makes the spurs powerfull and strong.😍😍😍
Arifin Skansal
Arifin Skansal:
0:31 pro dele ali
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez:
Son is so underrated
What a player
Fun fact: before this match,mourihno asked alli if he was alli or alii’s brother and when he said he was Dele Alli,mourihno told him to start playing like it.
Beha Yakubdjanov
Beha Yakubdjanov:
Special one!
CJ of games
CJ of games:
Yay Tottenham won Mourinho must have trained them hard
SPURS! 👍 Fighting!
Syaifa_ asniloh
Syaifa_ asniloh:
When Mr Jose came I think That team will be play defence like a previous team , but today I saw the team like Inter Milan team in 2010 ,, hope some trophy come for Jose in this season 🙏
Joseph Patrick Balo
Joseph Patrick Balo:
With these performance by spurs, I can't wait for the showdown on dec. 4 between spurs and united. Im rooting for the spurs to win though. But still a liverpool fan for life.
Ghassan Nurizha
Ghassan Nurizha:
Still need a lot of works on that defence.
Dean Alfonzo
Dean Alfonzo:
Absolute brilliant performance and great selection put out by Mourinho, lets keep this going for the rest of the season! COYS
Come on you Spurs!!
Maxx Chuaungo
Maxx Chuaungo:
Now Totenham is my second choice in EPL... GO GO Mou
4 K
4 K:
The Nice One and the Special One. What a combo
Mr king
Mr king:
The best player Son,Dele 🔥🔥
Jin _
Jin _:
For the first time, i am watching just for tottenham game, full match . And i celebration when they scored. I never did it before. Lol
heaven d a
heaven d a:
Best performance I’ve seen from Dele. U don’t see it here, but I loved the look of disappointment from our defenders walking off at the end!! It’s going to get better!
Iam Matrix
Iam Matrix:
Tottenham will win Chamions League

I have spoken
Me,Myself and Aspergers
Me,Myself and Aspergers:
We have finally won away. After months of disappointment. COME ON SPURS! Let's keep this up. Also Spurs fans. Let's celebrate this great time.
Absolutely stunning goal from Son
Come back "DELE"
Ulises Alcazar
Ulises Alcazar:
I’m starting see some silverware coming to Spurs wat now

Mourino will bring this team to the top
Simon Forrest
Simon Forrest:
That piece of skill by Dele was absolute quality
Literally the biggest game of west ham's calendar.
Miguel Castillo
Miguel Castillo:
Deli Ali busting Ronaldo moves from Man-U days ? That heel back roll over 👏🏼
Haven’t seen kane celebrate with that passion to the away fans in a while 🥰
Fearless One
Fearless One:
Suraj and his 100 accounts are gonna raid. Cuz them jealous Lol
Tirumala Venkatesh Akula
Tirumala Venkatesh Akula:
I sink I really sink that spurs will win a title in 2020
Apm Da Costa
Apm Da Costa:
“It’s all about winning” Jose Mourinho
Jeswanth Jeeva
Jeswanth Jeeva:
Just because of Mourinho i started to watch spurs match
tamir adnani
tamir adnani:
The best coach in the world sir Mourinho special one.
Back to their form.
Need to improve back four though.
Still weird to see Jose as Tottenham manager ngl
Raja Javed
Raja Javed:
I expect good from JM. The Special one is planning for something really really special.
Miguel Baptista
Miguel Baptista:
Tottenham won one more supporter here.
Credit to Ponchetino, he made an amazing job in the last 5 years, although I haven't been following closely.
Wahid P
Wahid P:
Though this is the first game, RESPECT!!!✌
korean BC
korean BC:
asian hero 😍
my hero 🥰

Son Heung-Min 🧡💚💜💛💙🖤
Whatever team Jose is, I will always support him EPL need Jose,
Karma Wangchuk
Karma Wangchuk:
I love Jose and I am with him where he manages the team
Honsson Echols
Honsson Echols:
Sergent-chef Aurier is back!!!
Thank you Mourinho👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾.
James Grey
James Grey:
West Ham need another goalie he's let in alot of goals since he's been there
The Critique
The Critique:
Tottenham is now my second Premier League club - something tells me the Jose-Tototo combo is going to be fire
Go Spurs 👏👏
Mariano Freyre
Mariano Freyre:
Finally Moura, Song and Kane at the same time.
James Quinn
James Quinn:
Kane and son are world class 🔥 Jose must be happy to have them 2 players also dele played very well!
Our goalkeeper is so late, my god 😂😂
Best 70 minutes of away football this year
Sae code
Sae code:
I always love finishing from harry kane. Briliant!
Ricardo Rocha
Ricardo Rocha:
The special One effect ♥️
Vijaya Babu
Vijaya Babu:
PL become interesting with JM in.. Im liverpool fan n fan of JM too 😅
Sadhanabrata Roy
Sadhanabrata Roy:
Mourinho do has a great brand value from the moment he joined spurs... I am too much recommendations for spurs and honestly i don't want it but I also can't ignore it.
Finally i found my favourite team on EPL 👏👏
Real Muskey Vibs
Real Muskey Vibs:
This is just the beginning of great things to happen 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Real Muskey Vibs
Real Muskey Vibs:
This is just the beginning of great things to happen 🤗🤗🤗🤗
Anthony Messi
Anthony Messi:
This is why Son is my favourite player
totenham needs better defence and clearing the ball away .....thats when they"ll be the best
Say what you want, as long as nobody act like pogba Mourinho will succeed.
evander Kane
evander Kane:
The start of the New Empire
Иисус Мануэль
Иисус Мануэль:
Mou effect 🔥
Khalid Abdi rahman
Khalid Abdi rahman:
Mourinho is the best coach in this season ♥️
Prabin Budhathoki
Prabin Budhathoki:
1:26 fro long time, i see jose laughing for scoring, thing changed
What a game that was yesterday. I am loving the Jose Era. #COYS #THFC
Aatham Azhiqi
Aatham Azhiqi:
Well, this is how it starts with Maureen.
arham adyan
arham adyan:
0:16 Jose is in a good mod