Highlights: Wolves 0-1 Liverpool | Divock Origi wins it at the death

Watch key highlights as Divock Origi steps off the bench to win the game late in the day for Jürgen Klopp's Reds at Molineux.

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Khaled Khiat
Khaled Khiat:
He never complains about his playing time, no drama, he gives everything when he is on the pitch.
Origi deserves all the respect ❤️
مطبخ صحة وعافية sehaweafia kitchen
مطبخ صحة وعافية sehaweafia kitchen:
Origi ..always the password in most of Liverpool’s tough games ..thanks Origi for the 3 points and thanks Salah for the perfect assist 👍
Stanford Butty
Stanford Butty:
I love Origi's professionalism. Doesnt complaining at all when he's not playing. When given his chance, he always rescue his team.
When you think where origi was in his first couple of years at Liverpool its incredible. I wasn't sad when he left but hoped he would do well so when he came back I don't think anyone would've guessed it would be like this. He has an excellent mentality and will to win. He's a Liverpool legend now. Please Divock go and help us win the league and champions league once more. We love you.
Sarah Brian
Sarah Brian:
Mo Salah’s Assists are never in doubt! He reads the game as if it was previously explained in a manual! Incredible assist and incredible goal from Origi, great performance from the reds! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤️❤️❤️
Shahid HD
Shahid HD:
Divock Origi The Man of Difficult Missions💪 Virgil van Dijk Pass
And Salah established with Origi's goal the best thing in the match👌
Score 7i
Score 7i:
*Passing is an art & Vargil Van Dijk is an absolute artist.*
Austin Reise
Austin Reise:
The man for crucial moments. He won us the UCL too. Delivers when it matters.
jacques fois
jacques fois:
The long sublime perfect pass to Salah, Salah's first touch, his speed at catching the ball and moving passed his man and creating a last dash chance for Origi. At the moment Origi scores there were 8 Wolves players including the keeper inside the 18yd box.
Superb attacking football. The expression on Salah's face in congratulating & celebrating with Origi is pure joy. Well done Liverpool.
Pes is Awesome
Pes is Awesome:
Divock Origi, long live the legend ❤️❤️🙌
Ray Songz
Ray Songz:
this guy has to be a Liverpool Legend, he deserves it.
Divock Origi The Man of Difficult Missions💪 Virgil van Dijk Pass
And Salah established with Origi's goal the best thing in the match
This game reminds me of last season when nothing was working out for us at the front. I’m glad we’re getting some of our clutch back. These are the types of games that you need to win if you’re gonna content for titles.
Ed Lewis
Ed Lewis:
That first touch from Mo 😍!, great goal for Divock. We found a way in the end!
ramadhana Putra
ramadhana Putra:
Give origi a new contract to appreciate him.. he is always on the bench and never complain.. what a player, always give us important goal
"When the world needed him most... he appeared."
Divock has always shown up in the biggest occasions. Absolute legend
Kayode Olowu
Kayode Olowu:
Origi is a very wonderful player. He sits on the bench most of the time, but gives his best when need be
Caadi iskadhig
Caadi iskadhig:
Fantastic ball from Virgil great control by Salah and what a finish by Origi. He put a smile on the faces of millions of LFC fans around the world. Good time to be a Liverpool fan.
YouTube R.
YouTube R.:
I can't stop replaying just to see that touch from Salah. Beauty. 👌🌟✨
Meme empire
Meme empire:
What a game what a performance!
Origi man of the hard moments 😘
David Mackeown
David Mackeown:
That first touch from Salah is just pure world class. Now let's all sing " Saturday night and I love the way you move Divok Origi" . YNWA.
Sanaa Mustafa
Sanaa Mustafa:
Mo Salah’s Assists are never in doubt! He reads the game as if it was previously explained in a manual! Incredible assist and incredible goal from Origi, great performance from the reds! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻❤️❤️❤️
Kris mac
Kris mac:
Divock smiling throughout after the final whistle for the first time. Pure joy 💖
Cara Bucharee
Cara Bucharee:
Amazing touch, amazing assist..
Nas Fal
Nas Fal:
What a precise pass by VVD and a what a first touch control by Salah Wow!! He controlled, passed the defender and crated a space in one touch what a decisive control that Liverpool was really in need of. thanks Origi for the finish you are suburb.
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
Lads Origi is no myth, always the man for the occasion..... Jota relieved man on earth
Origi the legend. Loved by hes team aswell i see.
Ciasny Wiesiek
Ciasny Wiesiek:
Virgil, Salah, Origi ! What a pass, what a touch and run and what a shot and goal!
Abdullah Chottani
Abdullah Chottani:
Origi doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He always clutches for Liverpool and is always there whenever we need him most. 🐐
Jim David
Jim David:
Divock is a legend, no “iffs” no “buts”..
BISVIZ Studio:
I don't care what people said about him. He's simply a legend in my eyes just for winning us the Champions League. And he always proves he has something for the club. Clutch man.
Anjar Prayogi
Anjar Prayogi:
I don't see Origi as a sub-player,, I see him as an ACE!
Ronald Chavez
Ronald Chavez:
!Que emoción! Salté de alegría, lo grité con fuerza,gooooooooooool.
Excelente pase de VanDijk, mejor recepción y autopase de Mo Salah, excelente definición de Origi, que suspenso. Vamos por más mi querido Liverpool ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Janet Gwyther
Janet Gwyther:
Great result and Divock scores, what a brilliant guy he is,so positive and unselfish,we are lucky to have him.
Abdu Omar
Abdu Omar:
Virgil's crosses are really amazing, Mo Salah got an amazing first touch and Origi is a super sub
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz:
Origi is Liverpool legend, always score crucial goals.
Rudy Lopez
Rudy Lopez:
Origi is a super sub hero for LFC. Klopp need no keep to keep him at all cost! Origi saved LFC on many occasions. Suprisingly, not many fans appreciated his hard work & dedication.
I am so happy we could win a frustrating game where the opponent just want to defend like this, we needed it 😩👏🏽
Raihan Rahmatullah
Raihan Rahmatullah:
no one hate origi, he's always there when we need to score
lap tong
lap tong:
Everything classic:
1. Van’s long ball
2. Salah’s running down the wing
3. Origi’s fantastic last minute goal
Bartek Jasinski
Bartek Jasinski:
Unbelievable game so many chances to score what a clever move by Klopp to put Origi on what a great pass by Salah and last minute well deserved win great football and once again well done to whole team for not giving up and being consistent till last minute well done lads YNWA
Page Turnr
Page Turnr:
It's always a hard battle when we head to the Molineux. Wolves' defence fought bravely to the very end, until Klopp unleashed his super-sub, and boy did he snatch victory the only way: THE ORIGI WAY!!
Thiago was exceptional yesterday, he proved why he is one of the best creative player.
Don Promise
Don Promise:
Yesterday we suffered but yet still we won 🔥🔥💪💪💪
Congratulations to you guys 🤝🤝🔥
Alejandro del Paso
Alejandro del Paso:
This team is a family. I really enjoy watching them celebrate all as one.
I always think the world should be like this Liverpool team. People from different ethnicity, religious beliefs, countries, backgrounds, etc... with one common goal and working together with love and respect.
troll vibes
troll vibes:
that touch by salah at the end is just a masterpiece
box FIGHT:
Divock it's like HERO Come later....
Always has to be him...
Always when we are at our most desperate...he rises above all for some reason and always delivers
Eric Kannemeyer
Eric Kannemeyer:
When we win the title , I’ll always remember divock goal as the most important, love the man❤️❤️😭
Aless G
Aless G:
Incredible about Origi, he is not a scorer but he always appears in important moments, a total legend.
Saad Elrahmany MD.
Saad Elrahmany MD.:
That first touch from Salah, we didn’t see that a lot.
I feel like it's 18/19 all over with the Origi goal and moment.
Emma Dictator
Emma Dictator:
When Jota failed to score from six-yard, I got a feeling it was going to be one of those days where nothing went right. Like the time when we drew against 10-men Chelsea. Thank God Origi proved my instinct wrong. Well done to Salah too, for laying down the assist
mllop aeet
mllop aeet:
Amazing touch, amazing assist..
Stevie Dore
Stevie Dore:
Salah`s fantastic control, Origi`s super strike, but what about that superb pass by Van Dyke !
One-Colored Rainbow
One-Colored Rainbow:
amazing assist, amazing goal
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
Divock is a legend, no “iffs” no “buts”..
Arunoday Ray
Arunoday Ray:
We scored 3 to 4 goals in every game of this season more or less but this game was the absolutely most satisfying and best single goal game I watched
Firman Anugrah
Firman Anugrah:
Amazing win incredible goal, massive win reds
The Origi's super finishing was awesome 🔥❤️
How many times has this man saved us from losing 3 points or getting 1 point?🔥🔥🔥He's the hero we need when we are desperate but not for every match 😂.
This man always produces when we need him the most. He did the same thing against dortmund in europa league, Barcelona, everton, against spurs in the cl final and now this. TAKE A BOW MATE!!
Ronny Nielsen
Ronny Nielsen:
I'm pretty sure we'll see Origi back on the pitch against AC Milan 😁
agus 3146
agus 3146:
What a tough match 🔥
Brilliant touch from Salah ❣️❣️
Great goal really. The Van Dijk pass, the Salah touch and the Origi finish on the turn.
St. James Hawke
St. James Hawke:
When Jota failed to score from six-yard, I got a feeling it was going to be one of those days where nothing went right. Like the time when we drew against 10-men Chelsea. Thank God Origi proved my instinct wrong. Well done to Salah too, for laying down the assist.
Что называется боролись до конца! Ох ребята, как вы заставили понервничать и держали в напряжении... Спасибо Боссу. Гений! Знал кого выпускать
γιαννης πανταζης
γιαννης πανταζης:
A very important win!!! In my opinion the most difficult march for this month...
Shalom Kyalo
Shalom Kyalo:
The myth, the legend... the boggie man,Origi Divock!
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great performance by Liverpool🖤🖤🖤. Origi and Salah played phenomenal Football in winning cause👍👍👍.
brad styles
brad styles:
Mo Salah 19 goals and 9 assists so far.. What a LEGEND 👌❤️🔥
Raji Laskar
Raji Laskar:
Origi always scores important goals for Liverpool!! 👏👏👏
Doctors' theory
Doctors' theory:
Origi has been crucial player in all important matches. We all should give him the respect he deserves.
John Cambridge
John Cambridge:
Salad’s passing is so underrated. That one two to mane was beautiful. And his passing always world class
The Balanced View Life
The Balanced View Life:
The point where everybody else gives up.. Origi puts his start line.
When Origi came on, I had a feeling he would prove decisive towards the end. Never in doubt, he did just that! About 3 years from the date when he reintroduced himself to Liverpool fans with that Everton goal!
Hard fought win. Great job done lads
Harry Prabowo
Harry Prabowo:
Oh my, that goal was a heartbreaking for wolves
When Liverpool in pressure we are upset just call origi.. This guy will Back your smile.... love liverpool Liverpool is emotion... Love from Bangladesh
Gilberto Hernandez
Gilberto Hernandez:
Muy bien excelente por Liverpool un gran equipo con buenos jugadores.
El otro equipo muy malo con jugadores chafas.
Saludos desde minatitlan Veracruz México
marcus lam
marcus lam:
Let us appreciate Origi . He was the one who sent us to CL final in 2019 . If not for him , we would not have 6 CL trophies.
Mohamad Khazal
Mohamad Khazal:
Beautiful goal from Origi . Such a relief after long 94 minutes. YNWA
Your Name
Your Name:
That first touch from origi 😵‍💫
Marshall Wallace
Marshall Wallace:
How many times has Origi done this for us love that man!
Mr | Angler
Mr | Angler:
What an assist and a goal !
mortal kab
mortal kab:
Salah sprint was out of this world, Origi is a master finisher. Wolves were really tough.
Fan Liverpool
Fan Liverpool:
what a pass from virgil..world class touch from mo…another level finishing from origi..late win for the reds🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan:
Making it happen! ❤🔥
Me alegra tanto el gol de Origi. Un delantero que acepta la suplencia y aún así aparece para salvar a Liverpool en varias ocasiones.
"Divock Origi, at the death for Liverpool!!!!".......is one of those iconic lines like....

"Ill be Back!"
"Frankly my dear,.....I don't give a damn!"
".....and I........am.......Iron Man!"
"go out and be Divock Origi", Klopp's last words before sending him on at Molineux. Job done

Origi Legend <3
sean lowe
sean lowe:
The amount of times Origi has come on late, pinched a goal and clinched the game. He has saved so many games for the reds, very dangerous near the goal.
Zahari Tajul
Zahari Tajul:
was frustrated with all the missing chances we got. but suddenly that last minute goal I can't believe it. thanks origi.
Moisés Tavares
Moisés Tavares:
Origi always in the right position at the right time
Omar Abdullah
Omar Abdullah:
Tears came out while shouting GOOOOOOOOOOL
ilyas Bentaleb Barrett
ilyas Bentaleb Barrett:
If there was a hall of fame at Liverpool, Divock should be part of it, he truly represents the spirit of Liverpool, no big ego, no arrogance, only love for the club and dedication, and it's been so since he joined
What A Man
• Abę Brosiczki •
• Abę Brosiczki •:
This must be the most stressful Liverpool match I've watched in a while... Wow! 👍👍🔴🔴🔴👏