HIGHLIGHTS | WOLVES 1-3 MAN CITY | De Bruyne, Foden, Jiménez, Jesus

Goals from Kevin De Bruyne and Phil Foden put a dominant City two goals up at the break.

But Wolves rallied after half-time and City had to weather a ferocious storm, especially for the first 20 minutes or so, before Gabriel Jesus wrapped up the points with the last kick of the game.

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Owen Stew
Owen Stew:
Disappointing result for Portugal
Key Epic Pranks
Key Epic Pranks:
De bruyne is the greatest midfielder
Auto play 1080p
De bruyne is the greatest midfielder
Ryan Dcosta
Ryan Dcosta:
When did Tottenham sign all man city players 😂
Shravan Dikshith
Shravan Dikshith:
De bruyne was involved in almost everything in this highlight reel. Damn
Hermann Rodríguez García
Hermann Rodríguez García:
Los mexicanos venimos por Raulito, no? ahuevoo!!!
*"only one person who likes will one day be a billionaire "Good Luck!"🍀.*
Michael Peng
Michael Peng:
For the City fans in this comment section, ignore all those hate comments, just wait for another ten years and we will be accepted by the new generations
Lander Daniel Solano Rosas
Lander Daniel Solano Rosas:
Nobody talks about it, great goal from Jimenez “the Mexican sensation”
Jersson Suescum
Jersson Suescum:
As you can see that De Bruyne is already the leader in City, for me he should be the captain.
Let’s go city. The team was a beast that game
Dick Tucker - Easily Aroused Secret Agent
Dick Tucker - Easily Aroused Secret Agent:
My Portugal B team lost.
It's alright.They will bounce back.
mwesigwa eria
mwesigwa eria:
Good start, let's go Man City
Kojo Assan
Kojo Assan:
Wolves are bound to sign Ronaldo sooner or later
They even have a Portuguese kit
Isaiah Sperry
Isaiah Sperry:
Ake should play at left back and if City can get Kounde or Gimenez , that defense is a wall...
Rahim Saaioud
Rahim Saaioud:
WooW Sterling can make an assist 🤔 ! I didn't know that 😁
Patrick Long
Patrick Long:
Podence is a solid player that was a phenomenal play
NJISONG James mbang
NJISONG James mbang:
Mendy is so bad in defence.
Almost all the crosses Wolves made came from his side.
Mendy is not reliable
Jiménez 🔥
Amazing Nature
Amazing Nature:
"I Pray Whoever Reads This Become Successful And Achieve Everything"❤️❤️
Home TV
Home TV:
The Title Is Wrong The Title Should Be:
Portugal B Vs Mancity
Joan Vives
Joan Vives:
Kevin is absolutely the best player in the prem
fortune auche
fortune auche:
Imagine if Messi was here.
Nano Rizki Pratama
Nano Rizki Pratama:
Tottenham or City ? 🤣 I think wrong costum lol
Makwe Nkoana
Makwe Nkoana:
Best team in England!!!💙💙💙 (my preference don’t want to fight anybody)
Eric L Colín
Eric L Colín:
1:26 what a nutmeg
youcef mohamed
youcef mohamed:
mahrez Leave the team There are many teams who want your services
Yashraj Zaware
Yashraj Zaware:
*Why There Jersey Is Of Spurs?*
*Are They Players Been Signed?*
*:) Score 3 (:*
It was good to see that Stones was talking to Ake on field
Like a Spung Mind absorbing,learning,coordinating
Maybe signs of improvement
But Stones still Rabbit in Headlights,just stood there and watched Jiminez knock in an open header instead of trying to get in his way,does not take initiative,not proactive like Ake.
Playing beside English speaking CB let's see if he rediscovers his game.
Craigts Siziba
Craigts Siziba:
We're not really here 💪
kameri amaya
kameri amaya:
wow man city tottally proved they are worthy of taking the cup 🏆
7.8 Ardra W
7.8 Ardra W:
This guy comentate as if he is a fan of both teams lets appreciate him
Malique Rasya
Malique Rasya:
De Bruyne 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Edit : I Like Manchester City Third Kit
Davidson Vincent
Davidson Vincent:
I was very happy for Man City! What a good way to start the season.
Aayush Mishra
Aayush Mishra:
1:27 KDB got owned there
Nice assist from sterling his tired of missing open goals
Sinanas GMLY
Sinanas GMLY:
i love manchester city ever ❤️❤️
Plz help me reach 10k subscribers with 1 video
Plz help me reach 10k subscribers with 1 video:
I wish for everyone to succeed this year. Thanks for the support.
Charlie Sandilands
Charlie Sandilands:
C’mon City
Legend has it jean pierre papin is still celebrating his team marseille’s ucl trophy in 1973 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sergio Huaylla
Sergio Huaylla:
Vs Lyon

I have anxiety dx...
xxx bbb
xxx bbb:
i missed this match. it play at 2.15 am in my country
Surya Putra
Surya Putra:
sad to see that ferran played for like 10/15 mins only
Dinesh Moonan
Dinesh Moonan:
That De Bruyne free kick 🤩. And G Jesus goal 🤩🤩
butti fdft
butti fdft:
🎵 Blue moon you saw me standing alone without the dream in my heart, without the love of my own🎵 let's go city get all the trophies. 💙 Cityzens.
Baze 10
Baze 10:
That dude just sent KDB for a Belgium waffle 😂😂😂
John Stones and Ake, really solid. just need 1 new right footed CB and give 1 young academy a chance to prepare for carabao. let Garcia and Otamendi leave as soon as possible
Cure ForTech
Cure ForTech:
How i wish united played like city.
Nick Karapas
Nick Karapas:
Watching podence leave from my fav team olympiacos was sad but now i'm happy cause i can see he is going to be a big problem in the prem !
miko foin
miko foin:
"I Pray Whoever Reads This Become Successful And Achieve Everything"❤️❤️
Every single thing comes from KDB. His quality is completely unmatched by anyone in the premier league.
Ultimate Jack
Ultimate Jack:
Man City gonna win everything this season
大曼城萬歲! 藍月亮加油⛽! 💙KDB 💙MC!!!
LG Dude
LG Dude:
Our left side(especially Mendy) needs to wake up, we can't have Rodrigo carrying our left side when it comes to defense. Mendy was basically non existent in the second half and might as well have gone home and played fortnite whilst City play with 10 men
Ernesto Fernández
Ernesto Fernández:
Perfect Match for me ! A City win and a Jimenez got to score haha
Pritam Pes
Pritam Pes:
Wolves 💔
Human Beings R Eternal Beings
Human Beings R Eternal Beings:
Sterling - misses wide open goal
Sterling - days later partying up with Usain Bolt
Sterling - throws attitude on being subbed off
Smart Mindset,ill Mindset?
Willy C.
Willy C.:
One of the toughest matches and we played so well. Congrats guys, KDB and Foden on fire🔥🔥🔥
Rushane Clarke
Rushane Clarke:
De Bruyne🔥🙌🏽
Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb:
Not the greatest second half but last year when we were up 2 and they scored we crumbled this time we got all three points that’s all that matters. CMON CITYYY💙
stunning performance lets keep it going 💙💙
Mohammad Ilham Arifin
Mohammad Ilham Arifin:
I am from Indonesia, i love man city 💙🇮🇩
prince yadav
prince yadav:
Podence beats debryune ♥️
Francesco Leks
Francesco Leks:
The day Portugal lost to Man City
benamara youcef
benamara youcef:
Mahrez go to Real Madrid ,men do not waste your time 😥
Joe Seaver
Joe Seaver:
Great way to start the season. Only a clean sheet could've made that better!
Juan Gaytan
Juan Gaytan:
La realidad del tronco Jiménez ser goleado por equipos grandes entre comillas este City
ꜱᴜᴘᴇʀ ᴀᴠᴀᴋɪɴ
ꜱᴜᴘᴇʀ ᴀᴠᴀᴋɪɴ:
good football••brilliant••what a wonderful goal
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour:
When the word De bruyne is said , every epl midfielder must bow
Rj Junior
Rj Junior:
Good to see pep backing foden💙💙
Zambro GAMING:
Great start from city🤩
Their kit was looking like Tottenham's
Human Beings R Eternal Beings
Human Beings R Eternal Beings:
If you dont trust Peps transfer targets
Why hire him as Manager?
The team play on that Foden goal was outrageous. Love watching this team ⚽️💙

EDIT: gonna do a cheeky plug, i have videos about my experience as an NCAA footballer in the USA if any of you might be interested 🤙🏼
Ra6uf Music Ω
Ra6uf Music Ω:
خاوتي عمري 19 ، جزائري 💜 نغني بالانجليزية كيما xxxtentacion 🎸, ادخلوا لقناتي تسمعوا ، كون جيت كيما مخنثين تاع التيكتوك اني مشهور دوكا!!!🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🎤🎶🎸😞
1:27 oh my goodness 😂😂😂😭
Aymen Boukarma
Aymen Boukarma:
Come on city 😍😍🦈💙
please don't reveal the score of the game in the video title!! funner to watch highlights without knowing
Hari Leo
Hari Leo:
C'mon city🔥
Vivek Pradhan
Vivek Pradhan:
Man City looked like Tottenham Hotspurs
Saya Bukan Anda
Saya Bukan Anda:
Wolves vs Spurs
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee:
KDB 17 🔥🔥🔥
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide:
WooW Sterling can make an assist 🤔 ! I didn't know that 😁
Imaad Adams
Imaad Adams:
THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ricky Ho
Ricky Ho:
Give him the number 8 already
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
WooW Sterling can make an assist 🤔 ! I didn't know that 😁
Mazz Maxx
Mazz Maxx:
1:37 This is why you need a defender like kalidou koulibaly...
Hippopotamus VEVO
Hippopotamus VEVO:
*I was looking for Ronaldo in Wolves team.*
kendy williams
kendy williams:
missing jota already
Anonym Hacker
Anonym Hacker:
Wolves we have do the best comeback on man city....man city be like we gonna win this game and bruh
Martin Kroupa
Martin Kroupa:
Man City looks like Tottenham?
Tactical Barça
Tactical Barça:
Hmm, Yellow looks a lil sus
bodoy euir
bodoy euir:
Nobody talks about it, great goal from Jimenez “the Mexican sensation”
anzar kareem
anzar kareem:
In this kit city look like more Tottenham than Tottenham in their new kit
Thabiso Chokoza
Thabiso Chokoza:
Iiterally one of my friends blocked me because City won😂😂 the Salty United fans🤣
Rafv 'z
Rafv 'z:
Indonesia fans will suport mancity forever🇲🇨💙