Houston Rockets vs Los Angeles Lakers | September 8, 2020

Led by LeBron James’ 36 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 blocks, the Lakers defeated the Rockets, 112-102, in Game 3. Additionally for the Lakers, Anthony Davis added in 26 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists in the victory, while James Harden (33 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists) and Russell Westbrook (30 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists) combined for 63 points for the Rockets in the losing effort. The Lakers lead this best-of-seven series, 2-1. Game 4 will take place on Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 p.m. ET

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Josh 432
Josh 432:
That commentator just sitting bored at home commentating these games like talking to his homies
Riccardo Marsala
Riccardo Marsala:
The commentator 🤦🏻‍♂️
This commentator sounds like it's 3AM and he's trying to not wake his mom and dad cause they'd woop his ass.
Finn Livingstone
Finn Livingstone:
Commentator 😭
Joe Sugden
Joe Sugden:
Lets just appreciate the change Rondo has made to the Lakers. Easy to lose sight of his input behind names like Bron and AD, but he's been crucial in the last 2 wins. Play off Rondo LETS GO!
Jeroen Slijpen
Jeroen Slijpen:
Sam Martin - Peak Performance
Sam Martin - Peak Performance:
Lebron's block party 😂
Matsya Roshan
Matsya Roshan:
1:26 "I'm the highest in the room.." 😂🚬
Watch this on mute
No Name
No Name:
Commentar,: Harden, I am the highest in the room 🤣
Domenic Debellis
Domenic Debellis:
Playoff LeBron is There!!
What the hell this dude taking about
Ernesto Mozeralez
Ernesto Mozeralez:
Here before lbj's fourth championship
Derrocar X
Derrocar X:
"Playoff Rondo is a real thing"
hyper hitter
hyper hitter:
I hope stephen curry will join the Lakers. :)
Mikey G
Mikey G:
Hahaha this guy made me want to listen to N.W.A
yorkell g
yorkell g:
Playoff rondo is real yal when him and LeBron is on the court the same time they are great two floor general
spappå dkdkkl
spappå dkdkkl:
Danuel House and Covngton are MASSIVELY important in this small ball system, on both ends of the floor. 😢
What a game. Love the lakers
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov:
Your prediction failed Skip Bayless can't wait for the excuses tonight.
Aldair Navas
Aldair Navas:
lebron is the best 👏👏💪
Feels damn weird without gsw in playoffs
Washington Gardner
Washington Gardner:
Lol I caught that Freeway reference

"We keep the 9s tucked, chop dimes up, laugh about it". 😂😂😂
Thenuk Devendra
Thenuk Devendra:
I Love this commentary xD
mark simon
mark simon:
The commentator reciting rap bars like it was mandatory lol
Lakers gonna be Champs 2020
Jason Fernandez
Jason Fernandez:
GOAT like performance LBJ
Sergio Osma munera
Sergio Osma munera:
LeBron James
Bruh this commentator be high af 😂😂😂
perparim korcari
perparim korcari:
Never broke again
beat itnoww
beat itnoww:
Loved the commentary keep gonig
Mebeti Dosso
Mebeti Dosso:
Yes! Keep it up Lakers!!!
Dayum, dat fade away from Bron was pretty af!
Koketso Modise
Koketso Modise:
Playoff LeBron 🔥
Edward Herrera
Edward Herrera:
Rondo playoff mode...
Chukwudi Nwachukwu
Chukwudi Nwachukwu:
The commentary 😂. The part he shouted it's lit 😂😂
Tole Knez
Tole Knez:
I am scared about Davis and Covington.
Gergely B
Gergely B:
The GOATmentator!!
Westbrook. Selling the bag. As usual.
yorkell g
yorkell g:
This year it every for kobe honoring his last 2 rings 2009 win his 4th ring in Orlando, 2010 win him 5th ring against celtics trust Lakers vs celtics in the finals LA in 5
Leon Pan
Leon Pan:
What the hell when the comentator said it's lit?(1:54)
Xray Banana
Xray Banana:
Berzan İmre
Berzan İmre:
King James 👑👑👑
LeBron Show <3
Akande Abiodun
Akande Abiodun:
The commentator is lit. 😂
The Protagonist
The Protagonist:
LeKing James
Nana Yaw Akuamoah Danquah
Nana Yaw Akuamoah Danquah:
Travis Scott !, we know you have a new job.
Thano s onahT
Thano s onahT:
"LJ 162" 👍
R I:
💪💪 where's LeBron haters?
HipHop LuVeRZ
HipHop LuVeRZ:
Can anybody name and list all the songs the commentator mentioned? lol
NBA should replace those highlights by some smoove move
Dominik Michalczyk
Dominik Michalczyk:
Where are those guys from game 1 saying Houston will 4-0 LAL? Hmmm...
shave the beard duuuuuude :D
Rodrigo Mariano
Rodrigo Mariano:
Darth LeBron Vader no mercy omg
Mark Angelo Alarcon
Mark Angelo Alarcon:
This is just like what happen to portland.
Marcelo Miranda
Marcelo Miranda:
lakers in 5
Ahmed Zohair
Ahmed Zohair:
He's a travis Scott fan oc
Freeway lyrics at 2:28 aren't even correct 🤦‍♂️. If you're going to randomly quote murder and drugs to celebrate rondo's 1,000th assist, at least get the unnecessary lyrics right 😒
Marlon Noveandre
Marlon Noveandre:
Lebron jamess💪💪
Berlin Games
Berlin Games:
King james va nous ramener la victoire finale 👏👏 Go lakers go 💛💜
Pankz Flyheight
Pankz Flyheight:
hope its gonna be another laker vs celtics in the finals but the clippers will be the one in the finals
The MC commentator is back in the building!
Jorge luis Pulido uribe
Jorge luis Pulido uribe:
Lebron James MVP
Daryll Beloy
Daryll Beloy:
I miss the old lebron in miami heat
leJuls B
leJuls B:
can you avoid to put the player of the winning team always in the left part of the thumbnail?
Mehmet Emin Mumcuoğlu
Mehmet Emin Mumcuoğlu:
I m here only because smoove hasn't uploaded yet
Lucky Cereal
Lucky Cereal:
Go los Angeles Lakers
Barex Daniel Guilley-Toyogon
Barex Daniel Guilley-Toyogon:
Ahem 4-1 vibes
Ismael FF
Ismael FF:
Bedsi Amine
Bedsi Amine:
it's the commentator for me 🤦‍♂️
Give me some! Lol i find the comentator funny
nicholas gakuu
nicholas gakuu:
Leblock james.
Luidi Cabido
Luidi Cabido:
Papai tá on
Jessica Macorol
Jessica Macorol:
LBJ I am 💪 babes 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ayyub DT
Ayyub DT:
4-1 exactly
Meliza Zamora
Meliza Zamora:
Thought this is from the official NBA site. Copied the wallpaper of the Official for a trap.
K A:
Go Lakers!
Dennis Kuizon
Dennis Kuizon:
Most number of playoff game wins? MJ: Well, I only got 6 chips. I didn't need more games to win.
Miran Toplak
Miran Toplak:
Stoned comentator
wu tang forever
wu tang forever:
win the champ, lose the hair
Bayzeed Kakar
Bayzeed Kakar:
Weird commentary
M H:
Is this guy giving us a sneak preview of his NBA Mixtape? What’s going on here? 😑
King Higgins
King Higgins:
Lakers nation love from 🇯🇲 17 title 18th Nineteen 20 title
Arturo Guzman Jr
Arturo Guzman Jr:
*Text* test it
perparim korcari
perparim korcari:
Se se dim cil levizje t kujt kan marre kto
perparim korcari
perparim korcari:
Po nba
Kk 13
Kk 13:
so cringy 🥶
Arturo Guzman Jr
Arturo Guzman Jr:
Arturo Guzman Jr
Arturo Guzman Jr:
Arturo Guzman Jr
Arturo Guzman Jr:
the FLIP
the FLIP:
cringementator back at it again
Çaylak Chopper
Çaylak Chopper:
Lebron not blocking He is slaping people's face
White Ghost
White Ghost:
covid is a hoax
ClipClap Vid
ClipClap Vid:
Commentator piss me off 😵😵
Mico Pico
Mico Pico:
the commentator needs to rewire his dopamin receptors. sounds like he smoking melatonin...
perparim korcari
perparim korcari:
Po se faji im esht
Magnus Königsson
Magnus Königsson:
Kacey Jackson
Kacey Jackson:
Need to work on that commentary mad cheesy 😕
Steven A
Steven A:
Commentator loves himself a little too much. LeBron though, wow. How can anyone hate?