How America Bungled the Plague | NYT Opinion

A year ago, the United States was regarded as the country best prepared for a pandemic. Our government had spent nearly two decades strategizing for a doomsday scenario. So what went wrong?

How is it that America, which wrote the global playbook for pandemic response, accounts for just 4 percent of the world’s population yet more than 20 percent of the world’s coronavirus deaths?

One of the most important functions of journalism is to provide accountability, so in the video above, Johnny Harris dives deep into an exploration of what went wrong and when, and who’s to blame and why.

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This is Tech Today
This is Tech Today:
Johnny Harris is phenomenal. A great benefit to anyone that works with him!
This video just got nominated for an Emmy! Congrats Johnny Harris!!
The kingdom of Norway
The kingdom of Norway:
Congrats in regards to the Emmy award.
Dylan Mason
Dylan Mason:
Here after this got nominated for an Emmy!!
Cee Koutsos nz
Cee Koutsos nz:
Watching this now is possibly even more heartbreaking than it was at the time 🥺
Elena Taber
Elena Taber:
A Johnny Harris & NYT collab?! Today is a good day
The Northlander
The Northlander:
Whatever political side you stand on, you have to agree that the handling of the Coronavirus (and not just in the US, I would argue here in Sweden as well alongside countries like Brazil) has been incompetent.
Dylan O'Donnell
Dylan O'Donnell:
This deserves an Emmy.
Máire Daly
Máire Daly:
I cannot imagine how Bush, who set out to prepare his country, must have felt watching all this unfold....
MoonLight Blue
MoonLight Blue:
I am not from the US but this made my heart sank. All these people had to suffer because of the poor (and frankly horrible) actions of the leaders. And its still going with 3000 deaths per day...
Mark Reviews
Mark Reviews:
It turns out I'm not actually just a fan of Vox, or The New York Times...I'm a fan of Johnny Harris! I'll watch him anywhere.
Good move picking him up, NYTimes.
Karin Novela
Karin Novela:
I’m crying. Man…. This could have been so different
I can’t begin to describe how angry this makes me
Danielle Hurrell
Danielle Hurrell:
I'm surprised I'm saying this, but I'd venture to say that the U.S. would have fared much better with Bush in this situation. It seems he actually took it seriously.
Filbert Shi
Filbert Shi:
We all need to wake up from the right vs left brainwashing and save our country!
Robin Price
Robin Price:
The NYT was smart to work with Johnny Harris. He is brilliant and his level of curiosity is a wonderful asset
The Lethargian
The Lethargian:
my god im so scared for when this happens again, there is now a large subset of people who are so trenched in "anti masking" that it could turn out so much worse for the us
I'm literally 1 minute 43 seco ds in, but wow these editing choices feel INCREDIBLY compelling. Oh my god, the graphics and use of sounds is very very satisfying. Thumbs up, everybody.
Alexander Supertramp
Alexander Supertramp:
Idk how things took until basically April to realize the virus was even real. I remember being aware of it in mid January and knowing exactly what was coming then.
6:40 "End of January, the president reads his briefing..."
Yes. Imagine how different things would have been with a president who read his briefings.
Alexandros Tsakiroglou
Alexandros Tsakiroglou:
NYT won't regret having Johhny on board, excellent choice
This got an EMMY nomination....... way to go guys
What a remarkable journalism. My respect.
Chelsea Older
Chelsea Older:
Also, I wanna see an update with this epidemiologist to find out what he thinks now and of what is happening in India. It was terrifying to see those makeshift morgues in NYC but the apocalypse is happening in India. :(
Beverley Lumb
Beverley Lumb:
OMG I can't stop looking at that shelf behind him wondering if it will last till the end of the programme I have never seen a shelf bent as much as that one
I like how the NYT allows him to keep his style.
Daniele the better
Daniele the better:
"How does the richest and best country to handle a pandemic ends up with such a graph?"

My brain: "trump?"
I love how easily Trump could’ve been re-elected had he just listened to science and urged others to do so
Maya Papaya !
Maya Papaya !:
“And you wonder what happened”
Well masks became political in this country so you can kinda under why
Christina Cascadilla
Christina Cascadilla:
This was from September. Needs to be updated with “we are rounding the corner” and maskless rallies. Yeah, 5,000 deaths on February 4.
Vyl Bird
Vyl Bird:
All was lost the moment face masks took on a political meaning.
Looking back on the past year, now, in 2021, I just feel overwhelmed with rage and with sadness. I truly can't believe that all of this was allowed to happen. Politics be damned, we all live in the same reality whether you like it or not- the pain, suffering, death, and all the related consequences, and all of this in spite of having plans already prepared and laid out.

Idiots should not be allowed to be leaders at times of crisis. I don't care if it's what the people want. If this is even a possible outcome, our government has failed utterly. We need to fix it, and soon.
Congratulations on the Emmy award, well deserved.
It's incredibly interesting to see how this went from worse to devastating after this video was posted and how that, right now as I type this, COVID cases are once again spiking drastically and are higher than the summer spike in July/August that THIS SEGMENT talks about exactly one year later. All of this due to the fact that a significant portion of this country has now tied their culture and political identity to the anti-vax/anti-lockdown sentiment exacerbated by the previous administration.
Piyush Yadav
Piyush Yadav:
Congratulation for the nomination bro ...

I'd be glad if you've also covered the exponential rise in cases after the BLM protests too and how media and politicians completely ignored Covid during that time.
Dorian Smith
Dorian Smith:
*Vox drops Johnny*
NYT: it’s free real estate
Nathan Dai
Nathan Dai:
This video is so well-made
Johnny Harris + NYT = Best Anime Crossover of All Times
Daniel Pellegrini
Daniel Pellegrini:
At the end of the day this was all about the gross incompetence of our elected leadership
Laurie Smith
Laurie Smith:
Thank You for reminding us What has been swept away under the Rugs in Our Country by Our Republican Government Leaders ‼️ We cannot forgive or forget what They All did With Trump‼️
Congratulations for the Emmy nomination 🥳💐
Kevin The Tech Ninja
Kevin The Tech Ninja:
Johnny Harris!
Nick B
Nick B:
He’s about to get more famous after he wins that Emmy 🏆🔥
The explanation is very easy: US citizen are living that much in fear of Socialism, that they dont allow themselves to act very social. Specially in the age of Trump, the big divider. But thats what fighting a pandemic comes down to: care for the people around you and dont act egotistical.
Joan Andreano Weyland
Joan Andreano Weyland:
The answer, in a single word: Idiocracy. Or Trump. It's just the same.
Maureen Strachan
Maureen Strachan:
When this was put together we didn't even have vaccinations. We have them now but people are refusing to have them so cases are Sky high again. When will we ever learn,.,
The idea of "Corona did not affect me, so it must be a hoax" is a complete lack of empathy
Pale Zombie
Pale Zombie:
When Donny Doofus said “it’s gonna be just fine”
Everyone: RED FLAGS

Hi - 355,000+ Americans have died at this point.
American Mapping!
American Mapping!:
I just feel so sad, all these people could’ve stayed alive. So many people.
Taichou Levi
Taichou Levi:
Lesson learned ✅ Don't have a narcissist TV President who is obsessed with ratings be in charge when there is global pandemic. So Dope 45, did it go away yet?
Imagine if Trump told everyone there's going to be a terrible pandemic when he spoke at the World Economic Forum 😂
Scientists: "Flatten the curve"
America: "vertically?"
michelle thomas
michelle thomas:
I feel this happened because people feel obligated to be able to fight for rights as far as not following the rules
axnxg ntz
axnxg ntz:
All Johnny Harris videos for me desrrve an award. His work is amazing.
Aisha Almadani
Aisha Almadani:
Congratulations on your Emmy nomination
Congratulations Johnny and NYT for having this video nominated for the Emmy's.
This is a good documentary but I find it extraordinary that Europe is held up as the "good example" when so many Asian countries have been doing way better from the very start and have continued to keep COVID numbers low.
Mubarak Faarax
Mubarak Faarax:
They should be brought to trial, these so called leaders
Really interested to see the updated version of this video with graphs and events up to now. I feel like the lock down that came after this video was the hard one.
Samantha Garcia
Samantha Garcia:
watching this in july of 2021 made me feel the same anxiety i had felt toward the beginning of the pandemic. are we gonna have another wave? idk
Would love to see an update to this now, almost 1 year later. So much has happened. And so much has not changed too.
Ευτύχης Μπλέτσας
Ευτύχης Μπλέτσας:
I am with the Johnny Harris squad! Amazing video maker!
MoonLight Blue
MoonLight Blue:
On another note, the writing, graphics, editing and music in this video is amazing!
Beckster vanC
Beckster vanC:
“How did this pandemic happen here” one simple response T-R-U-M-P
Abhinav Jha
Abhinav Jha:
Congratulations Johnny for being nominated for emmy Awards.... Kudos ans lots of good luck to you
Armando HX
Armando HX:
Great video, very informative as to how we could’ve prevented deaths by being more prepared at first hand. Great video and amazing point of view.
Simon Drexler
Simon Drexler:
As someone who lived in the US for several years, "learning from other countries" seems to be a fundamentally un-American philosophy.
Superbrawl Cellstars
Superbrawl Cellstars:
Merkel: this is Science, Take it seriously
Trump: Trump does Trump things as always
Maxasaurus Collvinus
Maxasaurus Collvinus:
This is hard to watch, and I lived through it -so mad I could spit.
Alexis Anttila
Alexis Anttila:
Thank you for the work you put into this. As someone who was infected with COVID-19 in May 2020 and has suffered from long-term symptoms since, I wish to thank you for putting out this message. Hopefully, my father— who is in his 60s and has fallen victim to the propaganda of the right wing anti-science message— will eventually understand the devastating effects of this pandemic. The sheer number of lives unnecessarily lost to the disease is sickening. Stay safe everyone.
I thought it's Johnny Harris channel. To see NYT it blew my mind. To NYT- Johnny's a awesome captivating guy.
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas
Question Everything — Thought Provoking Ideas:
“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that 'my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
― Issac Asimov
Kashish Arora
Kashish Arora:
Kudos for the emmy nomination man, you deserve that award and even more. Keep doing what you do, you're the best.
16:24 weird how Mexico shutting down more effectively unlike their rich neighbor USA
Impressive work as always, Johnny. Congrats on the nomination!
jobe israel
jobe israel:
I wonder how people would feel when they find out all of this was on purpose.
Ryan Ng Films
Ryan Ng Films:
Johnny Harris was open for the market and NYT jump on that so fast LOL. Amazing piece of work.
Hazel Wood
Hazel Wood:
Congradulations for the nomination of the Emmy! This was amazing and really showed insight to everything that has happened up until 9 months ago. This has been a hearbreaking last 20 months, and its beginning to rise back up again with the new Delta Variant. It makes me sad to think that this could have been stopped months before school was closed. But we cant go back, sadly.
The US is the least prepared for a pandemic, who criticize China for the unpreparedness before everything happened, because of how the US is unprepared after receiving the information after 2 months.
RNR tube
RNR tube:
I love these COVID documentaries
People are really unsanitary still though, at school people just throw soap on their hands and wash it off. And then proceed to pump to paper towel dispenser with their hands. Like the virus can be defeated but if people aren’t willing to stay clean the virus is gonna stay.
this man is so well-read his bookshelf is literally sagging
Akanksha Gupta
Akanksha Gupta:
Here for Johnny! Congrats on the Emmy nomination dude 🎉 The quality of your work is amazing!!
I really like how the expert uses inclusive language like "we". It sets the right tone that he is not an outsider looking in but is a part of the failed system that caused this to happen (continue to happen). It says everyone is responsible to holding each other accountable.
Johny Joy
Johny Joy:
Good old days when harris used to do well, thoroughly researched videos
Congrats on the Emmy award nominee
Nimish Khokhar
Nimish Khokhar:
Yay Johnny Harris, nyt was wise to use your talent
Abhinav Choudhary
Abhinav Choudhary:
Johnny Harris, an inspiration. Great work as always.
Satsang Patel
Satsang Patel:
500k deaths god bless all who lost their lives
This is amazing. Thank you.
Stay safe out there!
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie:
I can't believe I'm saying this but George W Bush was really smart to prepare for this
Congrats on the Emmy nomination!! Completely well deserved.
Lucas Felipe de Sousa
Lucas Felipe de Sousa:
Hopefully this video gets the Emmy ❤
faizal somani
faizal somani:
He deserves an Emmy!
Would love to see you make a video about this same issue with all the current information, maybe try a center view instead of a heavy left view
t r i s
t r i s:
11:39 this part is just... i have no words
moink 101
moink 101:
"The CDC has finally acknowledged that the coronavirus can be airborne" Oct 20, 2020.
CDC kept this played down because a specific origin country told them it wasn't an issue.
ben west
ben west:
Congratulations on the Emmy nomination
shannon heraty
shannon heraty:
This just makes me feel like that Obama administration and Bush administration were smart when it comes to health working
m o r e _ l i n a
m o r e _ l i n a:
I lost my father due to covid and this documentary literally gave me chills and tears. This documentary is definitely otherworldly.