How ‘Da 5 Bloods’ Takes a Fresh View of Black History | Anatomy of a Scene

The assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a tipping point for African-American Vietnam War soldiers in this scene from Spike Lee’s latest film, “Da 5 Bloods” (streaming on Netflix). Following a group of veterans who travel back to Vietnam in search of a fallen soldier’s remains (and possibly buried treasure), the movie has a lot on its mind.

This sequence flashes back to a moment during the war when the Bloods learned from a radio broadcast of King’s death. The scene is intercut with archival footage of King’s funeral and the uprisings that ensued in multiple American cities. Narrating the sequence, Lee discusses basing it on stories he heard about the vehement response black soldiers in Vietnam had to the news and about how retaliation was considered. He also notes the parallels between that period and the current moment of protest over the killing of George Floyd.

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Classy Lady
Classy Lady:
This was an amazing movie. I have not always been a fan of Spike Lee’s but always admired the work he has done. There wasn’t a moment that I was not engaged. The history of the way Black veterans were and still are treated in this country is worth a discussion. Worth watching for sure. #1 on Netflix.
When Delroy is speaking to the camera, is amazing!
Sid Walker
Sid Walker:
Appreciate you staying focused Spike.
That was one of the most powerful movie statements about Vietnam I have ever seen. Forget all the bombing and guns and violence, Hanoi Hannah laying it out like that must have been very demoralizing to ... Black American Soldiers. Such a sad and informative movie ... definitely worth watching, very good.
Danni Tao
Danni Tao:
Amazing and educating movie!
3:00 pump action m-16.... i'll still watch this though looks good
GG Tube
GG Tube:
Lets be youtube friends 2T49
Fiaz Rahman
Fiaz Rahman:
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez:
Great film!
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fuzzy Wuzzy:
Miracle on St Anne's similar movie
Valarie Staff
Valarie Staff:
I loved this scene, it showed that the Vietnamese government and media was using psychological warfare to try to get them to fight amongst themselves. It's too bad that now our media and country is using it as well and the sheep shall follow.
Guillermo Flores
Guillermo Flores:
Were out here.
NIKA - I very love s*x
NIKA - I very love s*x:
👻 👵 ❗
AXE Boozo
AXE Boozo:
Lars Chue
Lars Chue:
Hanoi Hannah is right. Why do POCs toil there lives in their fields hoping to get in their own house stolen from them. Then when they get in the house they shut their own peeps down. At the same time they hope to share the house with said thief through some perverted thought of equality and freedom?
Debbie Marquis
Debbie Marquis:
We need to be loyal to the continent
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Donald Westerhazy
Donald Westerhazy:
It's often said that movies have "plot holes." In this case the whole movie is a hole.
Jared CS
Jared CS:
Good video, but should not have had the radio talking in the background
3:17 We are descendants of African Kings and African Queens, not slaves. I'm surprised at Spike.
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fuzzy Wuzzy:
I like the movie I just thought they went comical when some of the characters died
D D music
D D music:
nice movie
Lisa Rosenkoetter
Lisa Rosenkoetter:
The artistry of Spike Lee is beyond words. Phenomenal! Love his movies.
Dean Forbes
Dean Forbes:
Take out the gratuitous gore and much of the violence and you have a good movie. Unfortunately, the core of the story is drowned in unnecessary blood.
Both Korea and Vietnam were shameful parts of US history ... BUT, the other side is that what would Asia look like today if Korea, and ironically Vietnam were not connected to the West? Would China have gobbled up the whole of East Asia as it is trying to do with Tibet, Outer Mongolia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the South China Sea. I guess there is another side to this, but it is ugly, both sides are ugly. Humanity ought to be able to do better than all this war and hate.
isaac ninan
isaac ninan:
Honestly I liked Do The Right Thing but this movie is all over the place. The editing is terrible, the acting from some side characters are really bad (Tien and Jean Reno's character) and the pacing is so inconsistent. The movie still has many amazing moments and the leads are all amazing but I'm super disappointed, especially since most critics are raving about it
Don’t lie who’s been a NEW YORK TIMES fan before June🌈?"

(ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴡ/ɴᴏᴛɪs)🥨
Gannicus -Colección de Leyendas-
Gannicus -Colección de Leyendas-:
This movie is a mess, they should have stick to a more realistic story on black soldiers during Vietnam war. This gold treasure/getting back Norm remains/landmines/Vietnamese gangs plot was whole messy and confusing. Acting was on point though, and use of real footage was ok
tommi luomala
tommi luomala:
Spike lee has lost touch. I uset to love hes 90s movies but this like others recent movies were just boring Not even average level.What has happen to him?
Wesley Delaney
Wesley Delaney:
He should of hired Robert Downey jr for the part he would of done a better job ☻😂😂
Joe Frisco
Joe Frisco:
This movie was kinda bad very choppy
Michelle G
Michelle G:
this film was terrible. I mean, Spike could have done amazing things with this subject, but he really missed the mark.
samuel eto
samuel eto:
1 view and 11 likes, what a bizarre world we live in eh
Bens Life
Bens Life:
This was such a garbage movie. I had to turn it off at the part where they used the same actors playing to play old & young versions of the characters in the flashback scenes alongside Chadwick Boseman...I mean at the very least CGI the faces. The old actors could barely run in a scene that was meant to be filled with action!!! Horrible execution of a potentially great source material. 2/10.
Please include stories of other races and ethnicities please and not just black
Затворник Шестипалый
Затворник Шестипалый:
Take responsibility for your own life, finish high school, learn a trade, wait until marriage to have babies. That is all it takes - country works, just take example from any non-white immigrant community - they start off way worse - no English, often no papers, and yet they get way ahead in one, two generations tops, because their lives matter to them!
ENOUGH with the virtue signaling NYT. We get are all woke heroes! 🤮🤮🤮
A H:
I will repeat what someone already said - "This movie is a mess, they should have stuck to a more realistic story on black soldiers during the Vietnam war". ADOS deserves better Spike Lee, many ADOS Vietnam Vets are still alive and the shout out to BLM has NO PLACE in this movie.
Ms Dawnga
Ms Dawnga:
The New York times are now so funny 😂😂😂😂 the hate Trump so they make such vedio so Trump will not get any vote from black....From my view Trump is the best leader among all the president of USA..The New York times is now corrupted my China and aluminate...
The fact that Spike Lee made his career off of half truths and out right lies, let alone becoming a multi millionaire, shows that systemic racism is Gargantuan LIE!
Boring. Play real news