How did Marion Ramsey die? ‘Police Academy’ Star Marion Ramsey dies at age 73

How did Marion Ramsey die? ‘Police Academy’ Star Marion Ramsey dies at age 73.
Marion Ramsey, an actress and singer who appeared in the 1978 hit Broadway show Eubie! but is best known for her portrayal of the sweet, squeaky-voiced Officer Laverne Hooks in the Police Academy franchise, died today in her Los Angeles home. She was 73. Born in Philadelphia, Ramsey began her show business career on the stage, appearing in both the original Broadway and subsequent touring productions of Hello, Dolly! In 1974, she starred opposite Bette Davis in the legendary flop musical Miss Moffat, an adaption of Davis’ classic 1945 film The Corn Is Green. Directed by Josh Logan, the Broadway-bound musical closed during out-of-town tryouts. Ramsey’s stage career rebounded four years later with Eubie!, the lauded biographical musical about jazz pianist Eubie Blake starring Gregory and Maurice Hines. By the time Eubie! opened, Ramsey had started what would be a long career in TV and film, beginning with a 1976 guest appearance on sitcom The Jeffersons. That same year she became a regular on the Bill Cosby-hosted sketch comedy series Cos. Her signature role came in 1984 with Police Academy, the comedy film starring Steve Guttenberg. As the mild-mannered Officer Laverne Hooks, Ramsey made good use of her high-pitched, whispery voice, a vocal delivery that contrasted with the character’s occasional high-volume outbursts.

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Bradley Peters
Bradley Peters:
We will miss you ... Officer hook's 😔😭
Kate Electric
Kate Electric:
Lt Harris: You have done a great job entertaining us miss hooks! We will miss you greatly
Charles Crump
Charles Crump:
Ms. Marion Ramsey

May 10, 1947-January 7, 2021




Irene S.
Irene S.:
And still you don't answer "how"" she died !!! 😠
20 20
20 20:
RIP 🪦 😔
San Bruno
San Bruno:
J O N A H:
Click bait