How Does The Bundesliga Health & Safety Concept Work? 2019/20 Season Restart Explained

Find out about the Bundesliga's Health and Safety Concept for the 2019/20 season restart:
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The 2019/20 Bundesliga season will restart behind closed doors on 16 May, with strict pre- and post-match protocols in place in and around the stadiums to minimise the risk of Covid-19 contagion. Prof. Dr Tim Meyer, head of the league's 'Sports Medicine/Special Match Operations' task force, tells us more about the specifics of the health and safety concept drawn up by the DFL for these exceptional times. Where are you going to watch the matches? Let us know in the comments?

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100+ comentarios:

Champions 67
Champions 67:
The ever efficient Germans saving us from our lockdown boredom. Let's hope it all goes smoothly, this weekend and beyond.
T M:
Geramny is the most efficient country in Europe by far
Rijo Sam
Rijo Sam:
Damn there's no other league that manages their social media accounts like Bundesliga. I really liked this video, I appreciate the fact that you provided information about the measures in some detail to the fans who are curious about this.
Hopefully players and staffs will stay safe and healthy so we can finish this season ! 🙏🏻
Darth Revan
Darth Revan:
I’m so excited for the league to start again Reus, Werner and Kimmich!!!
Ram T.
Ram T.:
If you thought it was hard to tackle Haaland normally, imagine trying from six feet away 👀
Lil Football Pros
Lil Football Pros:
Bundesliga is number 1 just like the first league back
justin prenger
justin prenger:
I’m going for dortmund this season! 💛💛💛
Mr. GameOk
Mr. GameOk:
This may be a problem for a defender no marking
Electronic Ear
Electronic Ear:
End of the day players will still come in close contact with each other.
Shayan Mazhar
Shayan Mazhar:
Tbh I'm just grateful Lewa has to get away from his phone
Austin Mburia
Austin Mburia:
I dont understand the point in all theses measures for the players if once the whistle goes they shall play in contact with each other, which cant really be changed
We will fight
Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz
Mirza Muhtasim Faiyaz:
Players seeing each other in Zoom

Me- *Seeing a teacher's face for 24 hrs in Zoom*
Hussain Qureshi Waish
Hussain Qureshi Waish:
This is what you call professionalism not like the Premier league where players, managers alike are looking at their own agenda's and trying to get an extra season in the league. 👏👏👏👌👌👌
Sports Genius
Sports Genius:
I'm going for Bayern leverkusin for baily and palacios!
Darragh Corrigan
Darragh Corrigan:
Love from Ireland 🇮🇪
Wait, everybody talking about distance between players and etc, but when taking a corner kick, safe distance??? Come on..
Sim Stander
Sim Stander:
Well done Germany. you did it, you have impressed me once again. 👏
nathaniel Rainier
nathaniel Rainier:
What is the point of socially distancing all the time then sweating and touching each other for 90 minutes seems absurd
Let’s talk Football!
Let’s talk Football!:
C’mon Frankfurt get in the top 6
Tepid Water
Tepid Water:
I can't wait for all the social distancing goal celebrations.
Betty Hernandez
Betty Hernandez:
I’m really excited that the league is coming back. I just hope everyone stays safe and healthy
This is why Germany has so few cases and deaths, everything is planned out to the minute detail and done so efficiently.
Forza Juventus
Forza Juventus:
I’m so happy football is back ❤️ ⚽️
John Blessed
John Blessed:
Thank you Bundesliga for returning the beautiful game to us, I hope everything goes well and everyone keeps safe 😃⚽🏃🏆👏👏👏
walid abbassi
walid abbassi:
The measures are just insane,,,
Without fans it's gonna look like training and really, its gonna be difficult to watch without that vibrant atmosphere. Needs must
Vanessa Brito
Vanessa Brito:
We miss football but all this social distancing measures just to get players on the pitch where social distancing goes out of the window ..
Daniel L
Daniel L:
So you're encouraging the players to socially distance themselves from each other before and after the game, what about during? Are tackling and challenging for balls in the air still allowed?
GG 11 Best
GG 11 Best:
Supersport does not have Gemen football by the way I am 11 years old so spelling 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔
Leory Werner
Leory Werner:
Stream the live match in you tube......
Thank you! Can’t wait
Mohamed Abdullahi
Mohamed Abdullahi:
How are the players going to defend 😂😂
miller chassis
miller chassis:
Thanks china
CaKh Ng
CaKh Ng:
Vietnam gearing up as well 🇻🇳 woohoo
Tired But bored
Tired But bored:
I’m excited for the Bayern squad!!!
reuben patel
reuben patel:
Masks are as usefull as a catching mosquitoes in a wire fence
what time is it starting pls reply i wanna watch it
its back bois its the day PRAY FOR THE BUNDESLIGA hope it goes well and everyone is well :)
Finally some football!!!!!!!!
Shahab Qureshi
Shahab Qureshi:
Let’s hope it works out 🙏🏽
Eric Roth
Eric Roth:
The Bundesliga is back!!!
Charbel Zoghbi
Charbel Zoghbi:
When champions league will be back i am soooo glad football is back !
Jackson Villa
Jackson Villa:
Have the players sit in the stands lmao
Syed Azeen
Syed Azeen:
It's great to have football back, but be safe and take precautions, players and staffs
Bob Mcboberly
Bob Mcboberly:
How can a contact sport follow social distances
who is here after 4-0
Claudiu Kulcsar
Claudiu Kulcsar:
thank you Bundesliga
Really hope this works
Rick Lau
Rick Lau:
British confirmed that the Premier League can be rematched, and will discuss the details next Monday, hoping to implement the renewed fighting on June 12.
Bob Jeffery Gunners
Bob Jeffery Gunners:
Does EVERYTHING by the Health Restrictions @ Social Distancing & yet let players have contact for 90minutes doesn't make any sense..
Amirul Anas
Amirul Anas:
Greetings from Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
M Fit
M Fit:
Nice! 😀
Max Logan
Max Logan:
I really like how the bundesliga are taking insative and are setting an example for other countries and leagues
This is very futuristic. I wonder what would happen if somehow football games and VR were combined for a more immersive experience, and if you can have holograms of people in the stands with their audio. I can only imagine attending a game from across the world. I wonder if that could ever be a reality if more pandemics keep occurring.
The Broken Man
The Broken Man:
Well done Bundesliga. Welcome back!
Rick Lau
Rick Lau:
Thanks to the epidemic prevention work in Germany, the game of 22 people chasing the ball was once again staged in German.
Haha wonderful
Danny Cash
Danny Cash:
players will keep sd also on the pitch ?
अस्मिता प्रमोद
अस्मिता प्रमोद:
No Handshake liga.. Fun already.. 😂
Cyrus Kadam
Cyrus Kadam:
Best league in the world!!! I love bundesliga!!!!!
Lakki Marwat Football
Lakki Marwat Football:
I love football
Zayn Nasir
Zayn Nasir:
How does the 2m rule work if they touch each other during the game?
Just askin are the players gonna wear Mask While playing??
If they do it looks Not only cool but Also i could be a safety measure?
monia Hassan
monia Hassan:
Nice 😍
Debora Bira
Debora Bira:
Lewandowski traído
Adam Brink
Adam Brink:
It is great that Bundesliga is back but are you allowed to tackle in the game?
Gary morgan LFC YNWA
Gary morgan LFC YNWA:
Well done Germany the UK has to take a leaf Out from your book
Andrew Vodinh-Ho
Andrew Vodinh-Ho:
I’m a Liverpool fan, but I’m supporting Werder Bremen. Looking forward to an exciting relegation battle!
Very nice it is inspiring to many other sports like cricket. We want ipl in this manner.
Tamas Hadaszy
Tamas Hadaszy:
WAKE UP YOU FOOLS! This is a PLANDEMIC! We are being conditioned to be obedient slaves. This virus is on par with the seasonal flu.
Love Forever
Love Forever:
Overrated EPL should learn from Bundesliga how to be perfect example.
Leatherfart `
Leatherfart `:
Hahaha look at lewys lock down hair
The dynamic Man
The dynamic Man:
Footballers must put gloves so there will be less chance of spreading covid 19
Iban vazquez
Iban vazquez:
Reality has really changed huh.
The Anonymous 3
The Anonymous 3:
Who else remembers thought gifs you could send of Robert lewandowski and serge gnabry 🤧? And gnabry doing the dab while sneezing 🤧
Catterick Trading Cards 😎
Catterick Trading Cards 😎:
What about the 3. Liga
sharmake diriye
sharmake diriye:
Waanku faraxsanahy mar un inaan daawado kubada cagta😍😍
Nsubuga Patrick
Nsubuga Patrick:
It will make for a nice match should the players maintain social distancing during the match 😁.
Ryan Spurs10
Ryan Spurs10:
Finally Football is back and my favourite Bundesliga team is Dortmund and favourite player for Dortmund is definitely Halland
Suncom Kinoo
Suncom Kinoo:
What about goal celebrations
Sujithra George
Sujithra George:
Adminho can u play all the matches in the channel plszzzz!
Because we cannot go to the stadium and watch the beautiful game
Cant wait
Aaron Ekka
Aaron Ekka:
And to think Premier League will be able to apply these hygiene measures in England
Catterick Trading Cards 😎
Catterick Trading Cards 😎:
Yo Bundesliga what can I watch the rivière derby on
Football Is Baaaack!!!!!!
Sasha Birman
Sasha Birman:
Nikko Nacho
Nikko Nacho:
Alwande Percock
Alwande Percock:
Dortmund fans were you at
👇 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤
Pl loading.............
Abdul-Azeez Abu
Abdul-Azeez Abu:
Are they supposed to play without contact?
Tony Chukwunwike
Tony Chukwunwike:
Good luck
Karun Giresh
Karun Giresh:
Bicycle Repairman
Bicycle Repairman:
Will there be testing both before and after matches
Where do we watch the bundesliga?
Pad'y Dan
Pad'y Dan:
Please stream the Revierderby
Andrew Demchyshyn
Andrew Demchyshyn:
Belurasian championship is about to loose some fan base;)