How Good Is Everton's New Signing Ben Godfrey?

How Good Is Ben Godfrey?

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Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel
Toffee TV : Everton Fan Channel:
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Thanks so much for having me on gents, take care of Ben Godfrey, he's a real star
Steve Hall-Morgan
Steve Hall-Morgan:
Jack is a great lad. Lots of knowledge, really well spoken, it was a pleasure to hear his insights on Ben Godfrey. Great video.
Never thought I'd ever hear a "raaarsper" on Toffee TV 😂. Top guest tho, great to hear his views.
Nick Efc Mort 1981
Nick Efc Mort 1981:
He's going to be partnering Keane in England senior team within a year...
With this late signing i think that the title of the premier league this year is for the Everton beautiful team.
Chris Byrne
Chris Byrne:
Awesome to see you guys with other fan channels, hopefully we'll see it more often!
Andrew Short
Andrew Short:
So basically he’s Holgate before he figured out positioning
I'd play him right back against that lot after the break if seamus isn't back in time
Such a great signing! Godfrey must be buzzing see how the teams performing and knowing Carlo wants him in to help
Blue Nose
Blue Nose:
Godfrey and Holgate can play CM and RB
everton yuma
everton yuma:
love our squad now
axm music
axm music:
What a great guest. So informative 👍
Jayanta kumar Sahoo
Jayanta kumar Sahoo:
Godfrey and Holgate CB partnership for next decade
paul taylor
paul taylor:
Great vid. I think with Don Carlo’s coaching he will become a special player 💙
Alan Millea
Alan Millea:
It sounds like we’ve bought potential and not the finished article so good look to him and let’s hope he can develop into a decent player for us
Peter Lloyd
Peter Lloyd:
Thanks Jack very good understanding of BG and extremely professional with his comments.
Geoff Morris
Geoff Morris:
So looking forward to seeing him in blue, looks a decent signing for us. Hope he's patient
Kid Charlemagne
Kid Charlemagne:
Q What's the time?
A 7 past Adrian
Jonathan Haddock
Jonathan Haddock:
Branthwaite will need to go out on loan and Norwich would be a really good club to get the experience he needs. I hope this happens.
He's a great age, has had PL experience, has great physicality and pace. And looks like a really good personality and character. Adds to the homegrown allocation too. Quite versatile and all for a reasonable fee
Therecanbe Only one
Therecanbe Only one:
Top guy to get on for the chat. Let's hope it all works out.
A loan deal for Branthwaite would be a great opportunity for him at a very decent club.
Norwich need to toughen up their play and he would be a fine addition for them.
The English Panda
The English Panda:
Great signing, just curious who’s going to play when they’re all fit. Is Godfrey 4th choice?
Reactor Haz
Reactor Haz:
Quick defender , very good player with bright future , excellent addition to the club .
jonathon cheney
jonathon cheney:
Thanks for the insight jack all the best to Norwich this season 👍
No 👎 7 2 must be killing them Everton are top of the league
Maurice Roberts Photography
Maurice Roberts Photography:
Forza Ancelotti 💙
Gerard Wood
Gerard Wood:
Last time signed a Norwich centre half we won the league :-)
Morta TV
Morta TV:
Squad player. Bonus is that he is quick, that is something we need 👍
Tony C
Tony C:
Sounds like Holgates brother from another mother.
JoEYEleven *
JoEYEleven *:
if Norwich come back up they could have a big piggy bank!
William billy
William billy:
Can he play in goal
Considering our winning start to the season. Would you actually throw him into the derby? If he was midfielder or forward absolutely, but defence is such a sensitive area, that said we have only one clean sheet, although that is largely down to Pickford.
Great video.
Thanks for all the info Jack. Norwich fans have been fantastic with information on Godfrey so massive respect to them for that. Hopefully we could benefit form what seems like a good club relationship by loaning and buying played from each club in the future.
Best of luck to Norwich this season.
Toffee BlueNose
Toffee BlueNose:
Ben's fifa card should be high PAC CB starter card?so my son says.
Alexander Rossi
Alexander Rossi:
So no goalkeeper? :(
The similarities to Mason Holgate are staggering, on top of the playing roles height and speed they're are both from Yorkshire and they have the same agent. Do you reckon we can get him to change his name to Jason Holgate? He looks a bargain COYB
JoEYEleven *
JoEYEleven *:
My great grandad played for Norwich haha :)
Tom Gibbons
Tom Gibbons:
Do you think Godfrey will be first choice over Mina or Keane
True Blue
True Blue:
Zaha insta story him in back of taxi going to airport 🇨🇴
dave heee
dave heee:
Good interview ...but you MUST ease back on the using the word "obviously"'s sticks out like a sore thumb.
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn:
Starting to think Brands has to go.
We had Gabriel in the bag till he tried to renogotiate and screwed the deal up now we are paying more for a guy who isn't as good (he hasn't a clue defensively) .. He relies on pace to recover from mistakes but as he showed last season... You don't get to recover much in the top flight. Hopefully he proves me wrong but i doubt it.
Then we sign a promising striker from juventus for big money and then loan him to the richest club on the planet leaving us short up front.
A couple of injuries and we will be playing sandro.
He brought in delph... A sicknote who is crap even when he's fit (which isn't often).
Now we are signing romas 3rd choice keeper who is so bad he will actually make shitford look great.
Trust me lossl is 20x better than this roma keeper.
Very disappointed in brands hopefully carlo is too and he can get the owner to sack Brands (sooner the better for me because if he is a transfer guru my arse is a cream bun)
Funny how Norwich got relegated with 3 "World class" at least in value... Defenders.
Welcome to Everton Ben i hope you prove me wrong but I think you will be off to Sheffield Wednesday on loan soon.