How Grealish & Barkley make Aston Villa more dangerous

How Grealish & Barkley make Aston Villa more dangerous
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Aston Villa have taken their momentum from surviving relegation last season, added some key talent, and carried on their form into this campaign.

As this video goes out Villa are 3 points from the top with a game in hand.

Martinez and Watkins are just two of the signings that have hit the ground running, but it is the acquisition of Ross Barkley that has enabled Grealish to grab the headlines.

So how are Barkley and Grealish combining? Alex Stewart explains.

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100+ comentarios:

Bokamoso Mogotlane
Bokamoso Mogotlane:
Why does grealish look like Gattuso
Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis:
Barkley looks like he hasn’t slept for 2 days
Atharva Khaire
Atharva Khaire:
Video title: How does Barkley make Aston Villa dangerous
Tito: let’s make Barkley look dangerous in the video too
Hasade O
Hasade O:
I hope they do something tangible before this team peaks. Impressive what they have done against top teams
Ran ONL:
Nice to see the thumbnail acknowledging Barkleys Nigerian heritage
Tom 4444
Tom 4444:
Just a note, at 3:14 I genuinely struggle to see a difference between the two colours. Trying to give constructive criticism, good video
Barkley and Watkins were the key to unlocking Villa's attack. With two other really good attackers, Grealish has really shown how good he is. Very good work from them👏👏👏
The Warlock
The Warlock:
Why do they look Latin American👀
Matty Cash is a top signing from what I've seen I've been really impressed. And my God he loves a slide tackle, that guy is always on the ground😆😆
Elam 99
Elam 99:
Barkley always been a class player for a long time, he just struggles with decision making and consistency during his time at Chelsea. An on form Barkley is so dangerous and that's why Lampard still plays him more last season even when he's not consistent...
Imstupid 000111
Imstupid 000111:
All thanks to Watford board for sacking nigel Pearson, cuz i didn't see them in premier league this season with out that.
Aashir Neupane
Aashir Neupane:
Mom can we have Barkley?
We have Barkley at home.
Barkley at home:
This guy's voice is so soothing that sometimes when i'm trying to sleep i'll just wear my earphones and click a tifo video. It gets me to sleep.
Ross Barkley doing it for all the Nigerians out there
Marc Wikina
Marc Wikina:
Barkleys always had quality, he just needs consistent playing time and staying focused
It just makes me sadder because Chelsea won’t want to sell him for a reasonable price anymore
Man that Villa Arsenal match was so entertaining! These Villains are going to be entertaining all season! Barkley & Grealish pair well.
Ved Iyer
Ved Iyer:
I remember when people were convinced that Grealish was overrated, when it was clear the team around him wasn't good enough. Now that Villa not only have got themselves some great players for a bargain, but also started to use a more coherent system, we're starting to see Grealish at his very best.
Advay Khanvilkar
Advay Khanvilkar:
Why is Barkley looking like Mr Robot
Бигги Смолс
Бигги Смолс:
I hope now some people will see how good Barkley is. Fantastic talent.
Jose Tobon
Jose Tobon:
Why does Barkley look like he's on something 👁👁
Telling all my mates 2 years ago that Grealish is a baller and will be a top PL player actually made me feel proud😂😂
I must say it's refreshing to watch an attacking and creative villa side. In my opinion, viewing them over the last 5 years or more they were quite stale and boring and predictable. Great to see them evolve and with quality players too.
AJ MIAMI 305ers
AJ MIAMI 305ers:
They went to a tanning bed before the thumbnail 😂
Emiliano martinez made aston villa unstoppable ❤️💥
Ibrahim Alvi
Ibrahim Alvi:
last time i was this early I thought Villa were going down
Dipthong thathongthongthong
Dipthong thathongthongthong:
Smith looking like Arsene Wegner and Roy Hogson's love child.
monis sardar
monis sardar:
3:19 bad move grealish is offside
Broken Dreams
Broken Dreams:
We know what we doing go on loan get some experience gg
Aomine Daiki
Aomine Daiki:
The upload rate is insane
Ben Sanderson
Ben Sanderson:
It's actually so underappreciated how fantastic Matt Targett is. Without him, Grealish wouldn't have half the sting. The way he assists in passing and in play behind Grealish, allows JG to be a talisman. So overlooked but an excellent player.
suk may kok
suk may kok:
Its diriliş "ertuğrul" 😂
Props to Grealish for staying with Villa throughout his prime instead of signing elsewhere
Rimas Ciksaj
Rimas Ciksaj:
Chelsea FC 💙
harry david green
harry david green:
3:24 may have drawn too many dots :p
You understimate Watkins hold up play, he absolutely biased several CBs with physicality this season!
Hats off to Grealish for staying at his youth club so long. Especially when I'm sure he's been ofeered far better deals from a handful of superior teams.
pranjal kumar
pranjal kumar:
Did anyone notice that the last words of this video and last video (Zaha) were same "Even more dangerous".
Ben Harrington
Ben Harrington:
Drawing of Mcginn is very good 👏
EM 93
EM 93:
Do a video about the italian national team :)
Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington:
Another good video again guys. Great music, great football club lol, well done
Nick Dawson
Nick Dawson:
What happened to your graphics?😭
Wow the drawings look nothing like the players/smith
Jon Jon
Jon Jon:
That’s grealish in the thumbnail ?? Haha
Steve N
Steve N:
The hidden value of Chelsea's loan policy
Ryan Evans
Ryan Evans:
Ross Barkley looks like he’s dropped an acid
Lizwe Wadi
Lizwe Wadi:
Always thought Barkley going to Chelsea in a summer they bought so many midfielders was a mistake
I like them but they lost to Brighton tho👀
Shreyash Mestri 16
Shreyash Mestri 16:
@Tifo Football MATTY CASH???? The picture is of DANIEL JAMES
Great vid as always, the fact that barkley looks petrified makes it better
Milee Jain
Milee Jain:
Where did you guys manage to give them that tan? Seriously incredible job😂
Richard Crewe
Richard Crewe:
Pls can you do a video trying to explain why grealish is able to draw so many fouls in comparison to the rest of the league
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne:
Why are they all so tanned 😂
David Cripps
David Cripps:
Brighton :-)
Ka Chun Eugene Mak
Ka Chun Eugene Mak:
Jack Grealish is old af in this video lol
Peter Cruz
Peter Cruz:
Is that supposed to be a drawing of grealish?? 😂
azerabear bear
azerabear bear:
Hahaha how tanned do you want to make them
Harish Narayan R
Harish Narayan R:
Didn't know that he was actually Grealish until you told so
Shock Horror
Shock Horror:
This is just making me sad that we’re gonna lose him:(
S M:
Grealish looks like middle Eastern dictator
Good vid, but Grealish looks more like Mahrez than Grealish in this.
Martinez and Watkins are the acquisitions of the season so far
Nab by
Nab by:
Bruh it’s more if their counterattack system
Adel Ghamdi
Adel Ghamdi:
They don’t look like grelish or barkely at all 😂
green rain
green rain:
Barkley is so underated
Salis Salman
Salis Salman:
No wonder they missed him today after he got injured. Even though Traore played good after coming on, they lost a major threat in attack.
The font of all garbage
The font of all garbage:
Both have been hailed as the new Gazza.
caspar benjamin
caspar benjamin:
is it just me or do the goals look tiny on that diagram
Moncef Ecw
Moncef Ecw:
Nice video bro
Our owner are looking to add more quality to the side, this will make villa even more dangerous.
Not a good colour combo for the markers representing players, but otherwise great vid as always 👍
Jordan William
Jordan William:
Honestly wish they when for milner
I noticed you said Watkins is a more off the shoulder striker now that may be true but from what I saw against Arsenal he can play with his back to goal. He stuck his bum into Gabriel, held him off and controlled that long ball with one touch and laid it off for the midfield. I was really impressed with that it shows he might become really complete.
Home lander
Home lander:
They look borderline black 😂
Peter Savage
Peter Savage:
You’ve drawn Barkley as an absolute psycho
Cian Cronin
Cian Cronin:
The curse of Tifo strikes again!
Rahul Kashyap
Rahul Kashyap:
Well...well... Well....
Nobody counted on him being injured just 2 min into the game.
Looks like a serious hamstring issue.
MP Scrapz
MP Scrapz:
Barkley really showing off his Nigerian heritage in that thumbnail
Wetuesa Zauana
Wetuesa Zauana:
Tifo football make a video on "Player's ages and why they play longer in 2020 than than 10 -15 years ago.
Hlumelo Lamfiti
Hlumelo Lamfiti:
I think form wise Grealish is the best best in the pl right now
Seán Finnan
Seán Finnan:
The Tifo curse continues.....
The pictures are so creepy man
Casual Focus
Casual Focus:
Who are the two black players in the thumbnail?
Let's not forget Barkley's 50 trillion shots a half from 40 yards in.
Jakob Delacruz
Jakob Delacruz:
Barkley looks like if ole gunnar solskjaer and rami malek had a child.
you should start uploading at like 4 oclock because thats when most of your audience watch youtube
Emi Martinez image looks more Columbian than Argentine
Explosive ReactionsTV
Explosive ReactionsTV:
Ross Barkley made a mistake in signing for Chelsea but he still has time to come good
Why do they look middle eastern/ south Asian in the thumbnail
Archisman Chakraborty
Archisman Chakraborty:
Ross should stay at Villa
Why does Tifo have to jynx everything pls stop
John McGinn is their unsung hero tho.
Trueno AE86
Trueno AE86:
Prime FPL material
Liverpool taking notes
Gavin Grant
Gavin Grant:
as an arsenal fan i’m not watching this
mapalo zimba
mapalo zimba:
Why are they brown in the thumbnail
Glad to see these old prospects of English football really starting to show their worth and past hype, remember seeing these 2 in the midfield for those 'predicting England's World Cup 2018 squad' articles alongside Will Hughes and Rodwell 😂
Sean Fraser
Sean Fraser:
Why is Ross barley and grealish brown