HOW IT ENDS Trailer (2021) Olivia Wilde, Cailee Spaeny, Comedy Movie

HOW IT ENDS Trailer (2021) Olivia Wilde, Cailee Spaeny, Comedy Movie
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Bazatron Murphy
Bazatron Murphy:
I love quirky comedies with a 1000 crazy characters, no jokes and endless pointless dialogue about nothing. I live for these.
The AverageNerd
The AverageNerd:
Holy Crap Colin sounds just like his dad now.
Timothy Ritchey
Timothy Ritchey:
Ah yes, a high concept talking-head movie where the entire budget was spent on cameo guest stars.
Pee Body
Pee Body:
I guess Olivia was telling us “How It Ends”
This movie looks like it belongs somewhere in 2008 with the Shins lining up for some tracks and Patrick Fugit playing a key role.
nice to see a mini "life in pieces" reunion
Matthew Hopkins
Matthew Hopkins:
This cast is crazy. Some of my favs like Howerton, Day, Marshall Green, Nick Kroll.
This reminds me a bit of Last Night...a reference that will be lost on everyone except fans of 90s independent cinema from Canada.
I wish life in pieces Had one more season just to end in a good note.
Dave Munsie
Dave Munsie:
And we end with Tom Hank's younger self as well.
I really enjoyed the movie with the same plot from a few years ago, "Seeking a Friend for the End of the World". It worked even for people who don't happen to be affluent and live in L.A.
The 4th season of Life in Pieces took an interesting turn.
Alissa Papillon
Alissa Papillon:
Would have been fun if the movie had come out on June 30th (International Asteroid Day) rather than June 20th. Looks great though!
Gaia Barone
Gaia Barone:
This looks good!
Stephanie Varanay
Stephanie Varanay:
Wow! What a great cast!!
Fuqin,Hill, Harry,Ass!
Fuqin,Hill, Harry,Ass!:
I was not ready for life in pieces to end.
Fricken covid!
So yea I want to see this.
Lauren Kelly
Lauren Kelly:
Is this kind of like “Seeking a Friend at the End of the World”?
Anak2 Keramat
Anak2 Keramat:
0:13 Those fountain grass are insanely gorgeous. How does one obtain them? and maintain them? I need them.
Hape Mokenela
Hape Mokenela:
Comparisons with "Seeking a Friend at the end of the world" seems inevitable.
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee:
At this moment (I know it'll pass) I'm wishing for a quick end to what seems to be extended human and planetary suffering. Maybe we're past the point of ecological redemption (not talking God here) and it would be best to move on to whatever comes next.
Ilona Smolders
Ilona Smolders:
there's so many great actors in this trailer! Why do I feel this movie is going to be 6/10? :-/
Fear not! "The Golden God" will avert calamity at the last moment.
Olivia Wilde get's top billing for a 1 day shoot. Amazing.
akshit gupta
akshit gupta:
I'm here for the slept king
Saw this via SXSW streaming in March was horrible. But fun seeing fred armisen and whoever played lister's father...forgot who it was unfortunately. Hope you all like it more than I did.
I am just excited that "as long as we're together" from the lemon twigs is in the trailer
ADec aka Ship
ADec aka Ship :
We can actually see god himself showing up in this trailer... The Golden God! How dare they just mention that peasant rat killer and not the almighty Golden God himself.. I am untethered and my rage knows no bounds!
I love how bobby lee was in the trailer but not in the credits
Bob Minelli
Bob Minelli:
Olivia Wilde is THE SHIT! Can't wait to see this movie man.....LOVE it!
Clint Sharp
Clint Sharp:
And then Rick and Summer Show up, she blows up the asteroid, and everyone has to go to work the next day.
Sill watch almost everything with Olivia Wilde in it.
mia amiera
mia amiera:
Fawn and Winston in another universe
Ares Langer
Ares Langer:
Put Glenn Howertons name on the cast list in the trailer, he’s earned it. Idiots
Lynn Denault
Lynn Denault:
Bradley Whitford is everywhere!
Skylar Sartre
Skylar Sartre:
Colin Hanks! It’s like looking at and listening to Tom Hanks, incredible
it seems like a spiritual existential movie
Ankur Shah
Ankur Shah:
The truth always comes out in the last hour.
So does everyone blow up in the end or does it end up being a huge false alarm
Hail the Slept King
delighton ailende
delighton ailende:
Isolation would be the last thing I would ever worry about....
Tri Nguyen
Tri Nguyen:
It’s hilarious that they mentioned Tom Hanks in a Castaway/Forest Gump mix up. Only to have his son appear at the end of the trailer…
Paula Shore??? I’m onboard. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Viviana Mora
Viviana Mora:
I love all these comedians
sweaq wseaq
sweaq wseaq:
The few fierce home essentially spoil because beat acceptably curl apropos a wandering wax. charming, modern sack
The "younger self" angle ruins it.
Uchiha Hikaku
Uchiha Hikaku:
Olivia's still a babe 👌🔥
Carolyn Foster
Carolyn Foster:
Let's get one thing straight: if the world is going to end, I ain't going to be in LA to see it happen. So help me God!
Snowcone Guy
Snowcone Guy:
Thirteen <3
Fausto Aguiar
Fausto Aguiar:
d on the trailer's complete lack of production value, I'd venture a guess that this movie is being released just to fulfill some kind of contract
Positive Negative Ten
Positive Negative Ten:
Lmg looks good with that hair
Ron Smit
Ron Smit:
I have stopped watching a film because it was bad less than 20 times in my life, this is one of them. For so many funny people in it and no real jokes throughout.
Mister MJ
Mister MJ:
Let's get a ton of funny people together and somehow make an unfunny movie.
Granny Sage
Granny Sage:
Dlci thinks she's still 30, so her children grandchildren have to be really young or
The only part of that trailer that I liked was when Pauly Shore said he should have been dead a long time ago.
Erika Santiago
Erika Santiago:
We already have seeking a friend for the end of the world…
UGH Can't wait to miss it
Don Mynack
Don Mynack:
It's just so QUIRKY!
J. Adam Moore
J. Adam Moore:
I cannot wait to never see this.
Anna Ilona Stadler
Anna Ilona Stadler:
I'm sorry... did we just miss that Olivia Wilde is in this and then... 0:54 OMGGG
Craig Gibson
Craig Gibson:
Ooooo, it's quirky. It's a comedy. It's a quirkedy. Like, the 800 other quirkedies just like it. I think I'll hit myself in the balls with a tire iron. That's quirky.
So, Melancholia, except you'll pray that the fucking Sweet Meteor of Death (SMOD) hits earth for real while you are watching, instead of just praying for the characters to die in the movie.
Lil Tay
Lil Tay:
slept king we came for you
Lane Crescent
Lane Crescent:
What the....?? They're all so chill lol I'd be fucken PANICKING if the world was about to end!!!
Dial 0 for Operator
Dial 0 for Operator:
Too bad Fred Armisen is in it. He tends to ruin shots with his mellodrama.
Natalie G
Natalie G:
When satire fails... miserably.
charles kidney
charles kidney:
I would love a meteor to just wipe us all out. In the beginning - nothing. Then something happened and here is everything. I think that everything was a mistake.
Andrew Hewitt
Andrew Hewitt:
Everything that's wrong with California in 2 mins lol
John Booker's Full spectrum
John Booker's Full spectrum:
The important thing to know is that the earth IS actually going to be destroyed by an asteroid and Hollywood's giving us a heads up again.
Willow ASMR
Willow ASMR:
Wait, wasn't this few years ago? o.O
wade victoria
wade victoria:
hmm how many times do they make end of the earth black comedy.. this reminded me of "last Night" 1998..
simpzzi R
simpzzi R:
The New Girl cast ahhh
Waiting for Pauly Shore to wheez the juice
Thomas Darena
Thomas Darena:
Why not just call the movie "everybody explodes"
LAH Leslie
LAH Leslie:
Bobby Lee!!!! ❤❤❤
Carlos P
Carlos P:
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Ares Langer
Ares Langer:
Charlie AND Dennis, nice
Caleb Valle
Caleb Valle:
It's like if Melancholia were a quirky comedy?
Dennis Solano
Dennis Solano:
Ok. I guess I need this movie...
Shanster Goodheart
Shanster Goodheart:
Oh this looks cool.
Mister Bigglesworth
Mister Bigglesworth:
Pauly Shore is still alive? Who knew?
These people are WAY TOO CALM about the world ending. ;) hahahahaha Guess that's what makes it a comedy.
Unbe Kannt
Unbe Kannt:
cast is frkn stacked
richard-social 812
richard-social 812:
i forgot she existed
DC Funhouse
DC Funhouse:
never, not if they were giving away whole bitcoins at the theater to anyone that could sit thru the opening scene.
Short Brown Girl
Short Brown Girl:
The second quirky catastrophe movie. 1st: Seeking a friend for the end of the world
Tammy Lee
Tammy Lee:
First time I heard Tom in Colins voice.
The meteor can't come soon enuff for this gal! End of movie 😆
Ya Bishh
Ya Bishh:
The extra-large extra-small exuberant sun definitely avoid because boy reassuringly float anenst a wretched mayonnaise. numerous, finicky authority
Stephen Rodriguez
Stephen Rodriguez:
who is that kid? omg geourgeous!
Anthony Alligood
Anthony Alligood:
Watching this trailer, I will be terribly disappointed in the end if they do not all die.
Holy s*it Pauly Shore is still alive?
Rachel T
Rachel T:
Is this a poorer, tackier version of Don Mckellar's 'Last Night'?
Yevgeniya Leshchenko
Yevgeniya Leshchenko:
Looks and sounds cringe, except one joke about Tom Hanks.
Daisy Geoghegan
Daisy Geoghegan:
It’s Winnie the Bish and Fawn Miscotto!!!!!
Megan Chambers
Megan Chambers:
All my favorite people are in this WTF!
Mariona Quílez
Mariona Quílez:
Tekken God OMEGA
Tekken God OMEGA:
Olivia Wilde 😍😍😍
Zoe Lister Jones is someone I want to be friends with