How 'Plandemic' and other conspiracy theories spread

A new video called 'Plandemic' is full of false claims about COVID-19, but that hasn't stopped it from spreading online. An expert explains how 'Plandemic' and other conspiracy theories get popular.

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100+ comentarios:

j g
j g:
So these conspiracy theories are so unbelievable they're afraid of us even watching the documentary? Something stinks.
James MacVicar
James MacVicar:
Interesting how a so called "conspiracy theory promoting misinformation" was taken off all platforms. Can't we make up our own minds? Fascism....
No one believes in the media news no more
Absolutely terrible. Time to stop funding CBC for good.
Sticks N Stones
Sticks N Stones:
CBS talking about “misinformation” is the most ironic thing on the internet!
Ahoo Mun
Ahoo Mun:
It's almost like the media, politicians and government have been lying through their teeth for decades thereby conditioning us to distrust them automatically.
Paul Taiwo
Paul Taiwo:
I am soo happy that people are starting to wake up and realise that the main-stream media cannot be trusted!!
Jennifer Shaughnessy
Jennifer Shaughnessy:
I’m glad to see people are waking up! Censorship isn’t okay!
Wow ,that is hilarious. I just checked the number of comments on this page after reading the comments for at least half and hour. The number was 538. I updated it expecting to see the number had increased since some time had past. The updated number had dropped to 400!!!!! Where did all the comments go?? Ah censorship at its finest CBC!!!! You are not doing yourself any favors, you are waking up more people that you think. Keep it up, you are helping our cause!
When things don't go the way of the elites....
Jazmin Gonzalez
Jazmin Gonzalez:
Wow, how the media just twisted everything around! Don’t LISTEN to this you guys!!! It’s amazing how they lie and get people to listen!!
Ridge Nappier
Ridge Nappier:
If you Question the official story you get called a conspiracy theorist what a joke
Canadian Cringe and Nostalgia
Canadian Cringe and Nostalgia:
We should have access to all information and make our own decisions.
Joshua Merwine
Joshua Merwine:
Why is the American public censored? Why does all truth get deleted from any internet source?
Mr Sir
Mr Sir:
It's good to doubt and question what the mainstream media's time for people to start thinking for themselves
There's only 2 things that go "viral" online, Truth's & Lie's. And usually Censorship only happens when Truthful things go viral....
Dj Diemonte
Dj Diemonte:
“The idea that you can boost your immune system with supplements ? that's a conspiracy theory ? haha
L. Ellis
L. Ellis:
Disinformation. Broad daylight now
Chris K
Chris K:
"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of." - Edward L Bernays
esdras brito
esdras brito:
The funny thing is that many of these "conspiracies" have real evidence, and the media only trivialize with beautiful words. Even Luc Montagnier, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for medicine for his discovery of HIV, becomes a conspiracy theorist when he is not in favor of the system.
Yashamaga 13
Yashamaga 13:
"Misinformation". Who do these clowns think they are that they can tell the public what is misinformation?
The fact that this is scripted (the "scientist" is clearly reading a script) should make us distrust mainstream media even more and take plandemic more seriously.
you should start telling us on who's payroll are you on ...!!!
Lolita Delaware
Lolita Delaware:
People are waking up and thank god for the internet. We need the truth. We deserve the truth.
G P:
Google agenda 2030. Enough said!
Dave Dismantled
Dave Dismantled:
Perhaps when a Youtube video part of the psyop makes the mainstream media.. it helps to distract, deceive and divide. Which is the main purpose of media, aside from manufacturing consent. Government is slavery, folks.
What about the misinformation that has been coming from the Government??
Lmao information is being suppressed!!! China knew a week ahead of time the virus spreads person to person did not tell anyone is that not information suppression?
Lolita Delaware
Lolita Delaware:
Button Petrelli
Button Petrelli:
Opposing viewpoints are not necessarily "bad". Why not address them, and have DEBATES. And allow us the freedom to think for ourselves.
The media: What you think is wrong.
Also the media: We don’t have any answers.
Jordan Thomson
Jordan Thomson:
If it goes against their information, its mis-information.. let the campaign begin against the whistle blowers..
What an insulting broadcast. Because we’re “sitting at home alone” we’re not thinking critically? Shameful CBC.
The Microwave
The Microwave:
Troy Mckoy
Troy Mckoy:
The truth is now misinformation ...
CW Seed
CW Seed:
Apologist network for ________. You fill in the blank 🤨
This report doesnt help your cause
Apache Turtle Island
Apache Turtle Island:
and judy mikovitz would be right
Julia Walker
Julia Walker:
Con-19 lol...Rule of thumb - if YouTube removes it, IT'S TRUE
John Dekuyper
John Dekuyper:
So who becomes the arbiter of truth? Wake up people
Diane McGill
Diane McGill:
So our government wants to sensory news media like china? Everyone go report these videos
Richard l connor
Richard l connor:
Judy Mikovits is telling the truth.
firoz osman
firoz osman:
"don't let a good crisis go to waste" - Kevin Strom.
i don't need to be told what is real and what is not, im capable of thinking for myself.
Irvine Madula
Irvine Madula:
Comments will be turned off, i had no idea CBC was being paid too, DAMN
Ken Jacobsen
Ken Jacobsen:
Besides the strawmen he's putting out, what science and data is he presenting?
paul margeson
paul margeson:
Why not have a real doctor of infectious desise debate these, what you call "conspiracy theorists". it will never happen because the CBC parrots what they are told to. Where is the documentation to support this guys expert status. Who is he to judge what is medically valid? Is he a doctor? As a so called expert, from what disapline is his expert status derived? Just like all propaganda no documents or sources are linked so the consumer can verify anything that's said. If anybody challenges their officially sanctioned narrative they are summarly dismissed. Why won't the CBC bring the people they have openly miligned on and have an open debate instead of these shameful attacks? What are they afraid of? The truth. The truth will always stand scrutiny. Mabey that is exactly what they fear.
Xander Smith
Xander Smith:
Anyone else wondering why they didn't have another person on with an opposing view point 🤔? Both these individuals work for institutions that are finically profiting from the lockdown. The truth becomes a secondary matter when your job is on the line resting on the responses you let out. Its for that very same reason they won't have on tenured or retired professors.
Which is more likely?

Coronavirus is a scam and hoax
Mainstream media tells the truth?
Mauriceb B
Mauriceb B:
Trying to debunk a conspiracy is a conspiracy it self.
Jake Chamberlain
Jake Chamberlain:
This guy gave as much scientific evidence to back up his claims as the people of Plandemic did !
Mrs Pizarro CT
Mrs Pizarro CT:
The media is trying so hard to redirect the masses but it ain't workingggggggg 😁😁 in my Lauryn hill voice 😩😫 They know the truth and it feels good to see the masses wake up . You all will pay for your crimes against humanity.
VBC Management Services
VBC Management Services:
how can it be "Misinformation" when nothing has been proven yet, its called "Thinking outside the Box". the media should not try to steer people away from the facts which we already know ...... I would believe Scientists over Politicians. There are theories and the media is trying to label it as "Conspiracies". We will never know the whole truth but we can connect the dots. We people have the right to our opinion. God Bless us all....
Phaedra Schwartz
Phaedra Schwartz:
The ever mind control agents in the media, and social media groups taking down peoples posts/videos that don't comply with their way of thinking has made it clear that this is no longer the America we once knew. It is clear that there is a coup in progress to overthrow the government. YES, I believe it's a 'Plandemic'.
gaming channel of the fat boi good
gaming channel of the fat boi good:
They spread when they delete all the videos and many videos are made saying that it is not desperately well, that makes people doubt if it is true or not
Exploring With Mike
Exploring With Mike:
Did you know the word conspiracy was created by the cia? I didn’t know that
oznarum 48
oznarum 48:
They're laughting at our intelligence at this point.
Kill Your Masters
Kill Your Masters:
6 corporations control ALL mainstream media in America. Enough said. Loving this softcore closet fascism
Google is retarded
Google is retarded:
Instead of trying to control what people view and read, why not do an in-depth report on the Wuhan virus lab to establish what we do know?
SAM chandler
SAM chandler:
"Search engines shape our world"
No, no they really dont...
Any Master's degree dressing down Trump is knee deep in low hanging fruit. This guy is in charge of something?
Yes I expect WAY more from educated Canadians...
Doug Day
Doug Day:
Why censor it then? Sounds like a violation of free speech. Unless it was threatening to you :))
He said, she said, CBC said. My gut tells me who speaks the truth. So sick of MSM.
El Josafat Espinoso
El Josafat Espinoso:
They screw up when censoring. If something is "misinformation" the usual ways truth speakers respond is by making another video explaining the mistakes, not censoring.
But well, see how nobody believe those censoring it anyways 😁
Oscar Andrade
Oscar Andrade:
They also want gun control, watch yotube video "innocents betrayed" the history of gun control
Matt Dees
Matt Dees:
Let's censor everything except for what the mainstream media says... ya ok.. 🤦‍♂️ this video is exactly why people don't trust the media.
.Rule of thumb - if YouTube removes it, IT'S TRUE
El Chino
El Chino:
"it's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled" - Mark Twain
plan demic
plan demic:
CBC: We dont know where the virus came from Also CBC: STOP LYING YOUR THEORY THAT HAS EVIDENCE IS WRONG
Fons Linders
Fons Linders:
Does one understand that a lot of what is going against the interests or agenda of Big Pharma and the WHO is suddenly considered a conspiricy theorie...? And why does it need to be censored? I tought the truth doesnt need protection but a lie does...
Here's a question I would like others to respond to. How many people out there know others around them who have 'woken up' to at least see 'something is wrong here' with all the nonsense that is going on? I am curious to know how many people are really waking up. Anyone??
Judi E
Judi E: should be ashamed of yourselves!!
They interview a guy whose interest is in how to censor search engines. He can't even make a case for his opinions.
John Melville
John Melville:
We reasearch with thousands of people all over the world you guys are the problem , how much did you get paid for this lie
ken w
ken w:
hydroxychloroquine WORKS !!
Why don't they interview experts with opposing opinions? Why is one opinion so heavily promoted and another censored and ridiculed? Why is one doctor or PhD trusted over another?
Madis Põldsaar
Madis Põldsaar:
Thank you for the censorship! The way you try to hide the truth helps tons of people realize that something isn't right about this!
Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds:
"former scientist" ...... what??
This guy, Timothy Caulfield sounds like a guileful, devious, misleading conspiracy theorist himself.
It makes them sad and angry when all the money they paid for their indoctrination campaign doesn't pay off. Luckily the mind control device they sold you as a smart phone can also be used as a tool to find the truth for those that choose to think for themselves.
Carlos Gomes
Carlos Gomes:
Is it censorship or truth blockers?
I’m starting to think Hunger Games was a documentary— that’s the road we are going down. Us against them.
Josh Austin
Josh Austin:
I like the way she added “former” scientist - 😂
T blais
T blais:
they want to control the narrative.Glad people are waking up
Remember when the news media told us Fidget Spinners would cure ADHD?
Spike Flea
Spike Flea:
There are no "claims" about COVID-19 even made in the video. More lies from our media.
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
The amount of dislikes on this video says everything 🙂
Fantom Tytan
Fantom Tytan:
Even they know they're lying, but they are afraid to loose their well paid corporate jobs in the face of the impending crisis.
Laura L
Laura L:
The mainstream paid off by big pharma is the main source of misinformation. Desperately trying to push the agenda on people and they're pissed that there's increased resistance.
Jose Yonis Mena
Jose Yonis Mena:
Of course, this is a "plandemic". Thankfully, a lot of people is aware of it.
Brandon T
Brandon T:
At this point government, WHO, and Media have all lost at least some of their credibility. Remember when masks were being reccomended against?
Patrick S
Patrick S:
if it wasn't true you would let us hear it. But the media doesn't want us to know what 'alternative facts'(truth) is out there!
David Campbell
David Campbell:
Poor youtube, literally hundreds of videos toting the "company" line but not brave enough to put the real video on so people can watch it and make their own decision.
David G O
David G O:
I don't agree with some of the content of that movie but to dismiss everything as "conspiracy theory" is weak.
Nataly Maay
Nataly Maay:
Every single video on YouTube is full of false claims. What's new?
"We want to get a sense of what pops up" lol in other words we want to censor anything that goes against our agenda and control what information gets out because people arent smart enough to think for themselves
'Scientific Consensus' is literally a group of scientists that call each other geniuses... and this formulates the 'evidence' that this network produces...
Cheryl Muir
Cheryl Muir:
If it’s a “conspiracy theory” or “misinformation” then why place it on prime time news and pull out all the stops to discredit it? People know something’s up.
R G:
Insisting on censorship screams of something to hide. Period. Anyone whom supports such tactics has zero credibility.
There's NO VIRUS, there NEVER WAS !!!!!!!!