How the Apple Watch Ejects Water in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

Gav goes for a swim and shows off the interesting method in which you can get out of the water and immediately hear your sound alerts on the Apple Watch.
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Filmed at 1000fps and 2000fps on the Phantom Flex 4K
How the Apple Watch Ejects Water in Slow Mo - The Slow Mo Guys

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The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys:
For those wondering, Dan cannot currently enter the US because of Covid. But he does say hi.
I can't imagine that jump into the bathtub was painless.
Sora The Troll
Sora The Troll:
Now this video is making me want to buy the watch lol
ILLumi ._.
ILLumi ._.:
*If only I could do this with my ears after swimming*
Josh DeKing
Josh DeKing:
Apple: thanks for the free advertising mate
Abhiramsai Nagireddy
Abhiramsai Nagireddy:
Plot twist :- He actually forgot that he can just dip his hand in water.. 😶
Timo ter Heide
Timo ter Heide:
It frustrated me so much that the droplets kept getting sucked in
Hunter Carter
Hunter Carter:
"I will have to go for a swim"
Oh hes just gonna put his hand wrist deep in water
*jumped head first into bathtub*
Him jumping into a bathtub 1:01
Him talking about cameras 1:13
The slo-mo bit 1:48
rod ._.
rod ._.:
me: apple, why are your products so expensive
apple: water ejection!!! cool?
Amrit 567
Amrit 567:
The Correct Title should be: How Apple watch squirts. 😜😜😜🤣🤣🤣
Literally nobody:
Slow mo guy:
well thats nice and wet..
Nik Lerch
Nik Lerch:
You can only like this if you didn't search for it
Can we just appreciate the people that appreciate things worth’s appreciating in this video?
Lee Knight
Lee Knight:
How To Get Gavin To Take A Bath: Tell him there are over 8 Million views for him if he does it.
Veebhu Shah
Veebhu Shah:
Just remember in 5 years when YouTube recommends this to us we were here first
Gijs van de Pol
Gijs van de Pol:
I would have broken both my knees jumping in a bath like that :0
Madhu Shukla
Madhu Shukla:
The sentence that completelydescrines situations "Before the world ended"
john wright
john wright:
Everyone: watches for the slow no
Me: hears on off topic that gav has dived into his tub. I gotta watch it now.
Benjamin Amundson
Benjamin Amundson:
“And I’m Dan” 😔 I waited and yet it never came
Victoria Lee
Victoria Lee:
The Apple watch is truly amazing :')
Guess My Name
Guess My Name:
Apple: " We introduce the new I-skeet feature."
Gurshaan Gaming
Gurshaan Gaming:
You don’t need to dive in water ,just put the watch in glass of water.
Gaming York
Gaming York:
Can we just appreciate how Apple does everything to make their products special?
Officially ByLuke
Officially ByLuke:
Can we just appreciate Gavins commitment to diving *head first* into a bathtub?
Yrn marion
Yrn marion:
I’m high asb watching this I stg I’m lost in the water bubbles
Whatsapp Status Queen
Whatsapp Status Queen:
😘 Literally the 1% people who's reading 😘 May your parents live more than 100❤️ years with good health 😘......
Dipro Sayeed
Dipro Sayeed:
People: Surprised because of the great camera system the Slow Mo Guys got
Me: Surprised that this video is *not* an Apple Commercial
Build thy Self
Build thy Self:
Gavin I’ve forgotten about you but this came up on my recommendation, I am eternally grateful to you for changing my life forever, I remember when you where on the rooster teeth podcast and said you knew how to stop hiccups at will simply just by focusing intently on the next hiccup, they all laughed at you but you were right. I haven’t suffered from hiccups in years they no longer control me, I control them. I’ve spread your wisdom on hiccups to many friends and strangers all have been grateful for teaching them, and I Gavin am grateful for your wisdom..... like so Gavin can see and more importantly so that more people know how to take back control of their body from hiccups
New video idea : the juice that comes out of the orange peel in slo mo
Gurosama Bltch
Gurosama Bltch:
Wouldn't it be more effective if the speaker moved forward and stayed there for a very short time to let the bubbles fly away, then retract and push them again?
I just love the slow mo music. Very relaxing in almost every single video slow mo guys make
Marcus Choi
Marcus Choi:
When he said let’s go for a swim, I didn’t know he meant that literally! 😆😆😆
Netflix: Are you still watching?
Someone's daughter: 1:51
Oh good, I was worried you hadn't slo-mo'ed the bath scene.
1:08 that’s a classic Gav face right there. Makes me laugh every time.
Kiin Ok
Kiin Ok:
1:13 ..that's what she said ...
Lol there should’ve been a clip of him also mopping up the water afterwards...Dan isn’t there to clean things up for him too. Gotta do the stunts and clean after them too
Me: Watching this
Also me: Cant afford a apple watch
I need my ears to learn this trick
Mum: why don’t you go and play with the neighbours kid?
The neighbours kid: 1:02
I love watching water in slow motion cus you can see the separate drops of water floating through the air
Netflix: are you still watching?

Someone’s daughter: 1:52
Arham Asim
Arham Asim:
Legends watched this in even more slower playback speed
Skrillz_ 14th
Skrillz_ 14th:
✋: Put the watch inside a bucket of water

👉: Dive into a bathtub and knock off all soap bottles
Russel Reggo
Russel Reggo:
After being in my recommendation for a week, I finally clicked it and I have no regrets. 🤞
BrianCS Video
BrianCS Video:
Have you tried slow-mo of liquid dropping onto and absorbing into different materials?
Mohamed Barnieh
Mohamed Barnieh:
The one thing i love about this channel the most is that even after 13 million subs they're still just two friends making videos in their backyard without any big team behind it.
Radeon Boy Guri
Radeon Boy Guri:
Youtube : would u like to see apple watch peeing
10 m People :yeah sure
Gav just speaking normally and by himself is surprisingly relaxing
Victor Huff
Victor Huff:
I really appreciate the audio editing this channel does. I feel as though it's something a lot of people don't really pay attention to or notice that often, but it does add a lot to the video quality.
I deadass was just wondering how it does it, love this life.
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh:
I get a kind of voicegasm everytime I listen to him 😂
Mahmoud Jarir
Mahmoud Jarir:
"quick and dirty"

is it me or is that weird?
steven little
steven little:
When he said "go for a swim" I thought he was just going to throw the watch in water but no
Just the entire start to this video had me thinking "oh god. Quarantine n what not is making him go more insane..."
Then he did a dive into a bath tub... >_>
Minecraft McMineface
Minecraft McMineface:
Imagine having a water fight and your wearing an apple watch that has water inside of it and while your refilling a water pistol your friend tries to get you close up but you just blast him with your watch.
Isabella Sprague
Isabella Sprague:
Thanks a million mr *famoushack12* on Instagram I now have access remotely to my daughter's phone you are indeed a great professional
rushikesh waghmare
rushikesh waghmare:
1:00 this is epic 🤣🤣🤣
I was so surprised when he just dove into the bath tub, I guess I'm not the only one that has gone insane.
"well that's nice and wet"
It's still June! Where is the yearly giant balloon? 😂😂
Kuchi Sav ꪜ
Kuchi Sav ꪜ:
*0:59* *wata lock* 🏊🏻‍♂️⌚😁
Now you got an answer to why apple is so expensive. Their engineering is just well done.
Den Y
Den Y:
I love how he could have just dunked his arm in water, but nope, he goes above and beyond
netflix : are u still there ?
someone daughter : 3:36
S. Gautam
S. Gautam:
2:58: sounds like suppressed GROZA in PUBG!
The Jugg Boy
The Jugg Boy:
Didn't even know that was a feature lmao
Dianne Grimes
Dianne Grimes:
That was so cool. You made me laugh. Every science teacher should show the video to explain research! Thanks
Aryan Shankar Pradhan
Aryan Shankar Pradhan:
Gav: Waterlock...
Every nuclear bomb in the world: 5:00
Lil Musky
Lil Musky:
the slow mo guys: add 8k
me: be one of the slow mo guys
Dumb Comment
Dumb Comment:
I don't know why but I have a feeling that this type of channel may encourage YouTube to implement unskippable video feature. To force viewers to either sit through the entirety of it or leave.
100 Subscribers Without a Video Challenge
100 Subscribers Without a Video Challenge:
“Quick n dirty” indeed mate
Auni Chan
Auni Chan:
The water droplets getting sucked back in is making me feel soooo uncomfortable 🙁
i grew up watching one of these videos every 3 years
Royce Tort
Royce Tort:
Hey guys I'm French I love what you do, what about throw différent stenghts of magnets onto different metallic surfaces with the macro lens? Should be perfect 😍
Can I just say how incredibly lucky we all are, to be able to watch & learn about this amazing technology- also the gifted & talented ppl that create & film it all!
Gr8 Vid!
Me, who didn’t watch the video and only took a glimpse of the title: OOOO let’s try this with my phone
Me after throwing my phone into a pool: huh weird why isn’t it working
*re-reads title*

oн no
dr gabzini
dr gabzini:
Gav: ‘I will have to go for a swim’
*me expecting him to just put it in water and that’s it*: ok
Gav: *jumps head first into a bathtub fully clothed*
Me: this is why I’m subscribed.
Royce Tort
Royce Tort:
Hey guys I'm French I love what you do, what about throw différent stenghts of magnets onto different metallic surfaces with the macro lens? Should be perfect 😍
Youness Agourdi
Youness Agourdi:
"How the Apple Watch Squirts in slow mo"
Amar ! قمر
Amar ! قمر:
I almost reached for my Qtips like 5 times watching this
Watching this again after Gavin revealed what the slowed down sound really is 😍
Nicola Borrett
Nicola Borrett:
“It’s not an ad for Apple”

Me: but it bloody well should be
2:12 What is the music?
Kiiro Yazumo
Kiiro Yazumo:
Water drops filmed in slow motion and with high resolution like this just looks absolutely amazing 😍
Carlo Derouaux
Carlo Derouaux:
Its so impressive how well the matrix is detailing and developing the simulation so that we don't notice...
하쿠나 마타타
하쿠나 마타타:
5:02 I heard bomb exploding infront of me w airpod
Raphaël Gsq
Raphaël Gsq:
- "I will have to go for a swim"
Me : "Oh okay, he's gonna plunge his wrist into water".

Rushikesh Perikala
Rushikesh Perikala:
I feel like I watched the animal kingdom but for electronics 😂😂
Was just at the pool when my cousin learned about this feature and now it’s on my recommended I’m being watched
Idea: Do a close up of a phone screen cracking.
Sriram Annadurai
Sriram Annadurai:
That's the beautiful thing I've ever seen <3
What everyone thought: **Gav puts his arm in water**
What we get: **Gav attempts to drown himself, then gets out of water**
This is really messing with my OCD.
Rayyan Royale
Rayyan Royale:
My OCD wants me to wipe the remaining water out
Kairyuu Cruz
Kairyuu Cruz:
We’re all most likely watching this with 60 FPS and will probably never experience how smooth and amazing 2000+ FPS is first hand.
Anand Raghavan
Anand Raghavan:
2:27 My new wallpaper.
Lol I am a robot
Lol I am a robot:
I have no idea what this was in my recommend but I am not disappointed
Still such amazing content!

I've been watching you guys, Dan and Gav, for over 8 years! You guys are so awesome!!!!