How the Police Killed Breonna Taylor | Visual Investigations

None of the police officers who raided Breonna Taylor’s home wore body cameras, impeding the public from a full understanding of what happened. The Times’s visual investigation team built a 3-D model of the scene and pieced together critical sequences of events to show how poor planning and shoddy police work led to a fatal outcome.
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Joseph Kan
Joseph Kan:
"Have you been hit by a bullet?"
"That's unfortunate."
Mk J
Mk J:
If you fired 16 rounds and dont know if you did or didnt should never be a cop or hold a gun again
Jordan Barkley
Jordan Barkley:
The fact that the boyfriend showed more trigger discipline than the police is terrifying.
Hunter safety course teaches you about what’s beyond your target
Yet this cop shot blindly into 2 windows
How they get these jobs I’ll never understand
Russell James
Russell James:
“Hey cameras off”. “This is the one they said they didn’t need us to do”
Real Deal
Real Deal:
Turning the camera off should be a federal offense a premeditated murder
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez:
"My girlfriend is dead"
"I don't give a --- keep walking."

yeah, finish your sentence. Everyone recorded after the shooting seems to be entirely inept.
Kenneth is crying. "My girlfriend is dead!"
The officers threaten with a dog and state they "do not give a [censored].
Chris M.
Chris M.:
Why “Cameras Off Everybody” situations like this is what the cameras are for.....This was Poor investigations, Poor Planing And Poor Execution Of The Poor Plan, ...... This is sad, just very sad!
Zuko Kurama
Zuko Kurama:
Seems like this stuff should be handled by swat. These cops are barely competent enough to write parking tickets.
Zuko Kurama
Zuko Kurama:
This could literally happen to anyone tomorrow where is the accountability
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander Rodriguez:
Yeah, the cops were wrong on this one.
DavidLee Thompson
DavidLee Thompson:
Best journalistic investigative video,, ever seen!
Austin Craig
Austin Craig:
Their SWAT hasn't had this issue. Proof that they need more training or leave the big jobs to the experienced people
jaxson ivie
jaxson ivie:
“Turn off the cameras”
Suicide Djinn
Suicide Djinn:
And they’re still walking around free
J G:
It was sheer luck that nobody in the other apartments was killed. Could you imagine there you are watching TV or doing whatever and bullets just start flying through the room?
Fardowsa Gubosa
Fardowsa Gubosa:
"my girlfriend's dead"
"I don't give-keep walking STOP"
so sad.
Keatrith Amakiir
Keatrith Amakiir:
The SECOND a "cameras off" meeting is called every single officer should be under investigation. There is ZERO reason to turn off the cameras except to get their stories straight. Period!
When the boyfriend was crying trying to tell them that his girlfriend had been shot while he was being poorly taken care of and shoved against a car, I burst into tears right then and there. You can’t tell me this isn’t cruel.
bumble brutus
bumble brutus:
Just notice how professional the swat team is. Smh those first lot of cops are an absolute disgrace, throw them in jail
Incompetence is incompetence. These "officers" need to go. Idc what race anyone is. This is disturbing & totally unnecessary. These "cops" think life is like Call of Duty or something!
Black Barbiezzz
Black Barbiezzz:
“We’re you shot” “no” “that unfortunate” chile.....
Commander Red
Commander Red:
*Proper Police training exists*

America :- We don't do that here
The fact that you aren’t wearing a body cam in this day in age is Damming.
Rush Blue
Rush Blue:
So the police already had the guy that they were looking for in custody before shooting this lady? Wow.
Gus Ostby
Gus Ostby:
Why is no one mentioning that at 13:40 an officer asked her boyfriend if he had been hit by a bullet and when he said “No.” an officer said “Thats unfortunate.” 😨
zack h
zack h:
question: why is it okay to raid an apartment when it’s pitch black outside and people are sleeping? what if breonna and her boyfriend never answered the door? Everything about this raid seemed extremely unprofessional
Hy Gy
Hy Gy:
Finally uncover what has always occurred in black community. The black community has been traumatized over & over by misuse of force.
World Citizen
World Citizen:
This is completely unjustified use of excessive police force, without taking into account the possible loss of human life. Appalling and unnecessary to say the least.
Just Built Different
Just Built Different:
"My girlfriend is dead"
"I don't give a --- keep walking."
Keyed af
Myles & More
Myles & More:
Those SWAT guys walked in and the evidence was on the wall literally. They were looking around like W.T.H. The look at his face when he sees the EMS jacket and shakes his head, his expression says it all, "This is completely f**ked up".
Shane Stewart
Shane Stewart:
The fact that nobody, not one person had a heart to checked on her for 30 minutes like she was just garbage is the most disgusting and vile thing. To know she died scared, alone and unnecessarily. Never should have happened and those “officers” will never have peace on this earth. To live with that will be unbearable.
Jacob Reuter
Jacob Reuter:
Shoutout to the single officer who testified it as an "egregious act" and criticized the officers.

Sad part is, only ONE officer thought they were in the wrong.
Pop Films
Pop Films:
If a cop does not have a body cam, their testimony should be thrown out unless it is backed by other evidence
Msznewyawwk RN.
Msznewyawwk RN.:
Hard to watch 😞 - these “officers” sounded and acted like rookies smfh.
Rajkaran Virk
Rajkaran Virk:
Every Police official there looks very bad, there is no way they have any excuse for either the treatment or the handling of the situation. (Except for the SWAT Team they seemed like the only trained professionals there)
Shelley Ross
Shelley Ross:
Those "officers" should be in prison.
M Lasso
M Lasso:
"This is the one they told us they didn’t need us to do." These cops had no trigger discipline and were woefully under prepared.
Everyone: "They didnt announce"
Cops: "yeah we announced after a bit"
Justice System: "Well case closed. Overwhelming evidence that they announced."
Unbelievable. This is devastating. Recklessly firing when they have no idea what even happened. All those officers need charges. Ridiculous. Poor Breanna and her bf. He will have ptsd for sure.
“And They Say It’s The White Man I Should Feat , But It’s My Own Kind Doin All The Killin Here” - Tupac
Adams M. Fernandez
Adams M. Fernandez:
13:43 he rreally said thats unfortunate omg that shows how much police is here to protect us..smfh
Blake Levin
Blake Levin:
"I don't give a -- keep walking!" "stop!"
Trevor Nash
Trevor Nash:
Cops were trigger happy and did everything wrong
These men were just letting go shots into the apartment with no type of awareness. Sad case man...
They clearly never announced. They're liars.
Saga Söderhäll
Saga Söderhäll:
The way the police talked to the boyfriend when he came out. Disgusting
Cherelle Roberts
Cherelle Roberts:
Imagine a child being in that apartment or neighboring apartment and they shoot several people and children dead💔🙏
Kuan Money
Kuan Money:
RIP to this beautiful attractive black woman. Say her name Breyonna talyor!!
Poor Breonna and Kenneth. Rest in peace Breonna 🤍
Dadknock D
Dadknock D:
“My girlfriend is dead”
“ I don’t give a...”
wow these are the people we’re supposed to trust with our lives???
Zkittlez Tha Banditt
Zkittlez Tha Banditt:
14:22 "I don't give a-"
13:42 "That's Unfortunate"
Raymond Turpin
Raymond Turpin:
Sounds like some really really poor training not even counting the time and method of investigating the accusations against the man.
They haven’t shown her autopsy yet they leak king vons? Messed up man.
happy feet
happy feet:
Is Cameron debarred yet? Really, after a half hour thats when a medical help arrived.
Zoe Delrio
Zoe Delrio:
The way they treated him when arresting him is so unsettling; mocking him for being scared, for his girlfriend's death... the utmost loss of humanity.
Wow the end of the SWAT Segment.
"Cameras off there bud"
"This is the one they said they didn't need us to do"
Mister Sarajevo
Mister Sarajevo:
I know what the next Visual Investigation will be;

The Insurrection at the Capitol
HowlingBeard Co
HowlingBeard Co:
When he was saying " My girlfriend is dead". I can't imagine that feeling. 😭
Mathew Martinez
Mathew Martinez:
Justice breonna taylor...
No money is gonna bring her back..Raid that wasn't handle proper..
K Smoove
K Smoove:
He’s crying that his girl friend is dead and they said they didn’t care...
Laurel King
Laurel King:
Keep fighting against Racial Injustice!! This is all of our problem!! White folks, our kids are next!!
14:20 whoever said that needs to rethink their life choices and be fired immediately, clear confession to disregard of human life. “ i dont give a—“
“Keep walking”
Is reminiscent of Daniel Shaver. Do you want him to walk or stop lady?
why tho
why tho:
10:42 Its crazy how when you're in a trial and they interrogate you they write everything down..
15:58 “we treat safety very important” dawg you guys shot up an apartment complex. How is that safe?
Nora Adora
Nora Adora:
Oh okay, right to bear arms against potential robbery AND police. Got it
Anand Prakash Pathak
Anand Prakash Pathak:
Now i get to know what's the meaning of the proverb "Death's knocking on your door".🤣🤣
Antonio George
Antonio George:
13:54, THAT'S F'D UP, its multiple cops with heavy weapons and a K9 and 1 guy
Kel Da King
Kel Da King:
At 15:26 the officer clearly says "this is the fkn one they said they didn't want us to do" clear as day. How are these officers not intruders and murderers?
Andrew B
Andrew B:
This makes me want to pay for a subscription to the nytimes. It’s mostly a reconstruction of the facts without too much editorializing. I can’t imagine how much money and time went into making this.
Michel Abou jaoudé
Michel Abou jaoudé:
What an amazing investigation👏 hats off Nytimes
P J:
“Have you been hit by a bullet”
“That’s unfortunate”

The lack of humanity from these monster are disgusting and they wonder why people were so outraged. This isn’t the first time and until sensible changes and accountability made, it won’t be the last
14:24 “My girlfriend is dead”
“I don’t give a f-“
Msznewyawwk RN.
Msznewyawwk RN.:
16:47 kinda creepy seeing that after the fact even though it was her neighbors
As someone who has never really looked into this story, i must say, how truly disgusted I am. I've heard about it, but never knew the details. I of course support all black lives, I believe everyone has a right to live. This one case has really upset my stomach, and I am disgusted how it turned out. im disgusted that finding out NO BODY cameras were on even slid right past the jury. THAT right there should have been enough to fire every single officer there. To hear them talk with the guilt in their voice is grossly terrifying for the future of our country.
There’s literally people still defending these cops, did we watch the same video? 🤣🤣🤣 like “he should’ve never opened fire” WHAT? if there are people violently banging on your door late at night and you have a licensed gun to protect you, wouldn’t you use it. did you expect him not to fire...
Nobody talks about the root of the problem--the pointless drug war being fought in minority neighborhoods and South America. End the drug war. End the violence.
Officer: “Are you shot?”
Boyfriend: “No.”
Other officer: “That is unfortunate.”
Eduardo Ramirez
Eduardo Ramirez:
The police should have done beyond more planning this “raid” was executed horribly
Random Stuff
Random Stuff:
the cops are ok in this one.
I am giving you an Emmy for this... keep fighting for the truth NewYorkTimes 🌹☔️
this is why we need 2A.
Justletmebegreat_4x NYC3AM
Justletmebegreat_4x NYC3AM:
Smh the officer literally said she doesn’t give a......f*ck!
"its the klu klux kops" - yg
Isaiah K98
Isaiah K98:
Her boyfriend caused her death, like it or not he shot first and probably used her as a meat shield. What a hero
Cobie the Cuteiana
Cobie the Cuteiana:
Breonna Taylor is my cousin pleas help us continue to fight for justice 🙌🏾❤️
Abdullah Obada
Abdullah Obada:
this whole video is so well put together. thank you for making this kind of news
Thank you New York Times for taking the time to break this down.
Ouis Sandy
Ouis Sandy:
13:40 that's unfortunate 😕
Marthinneill Apoi Michael
Marthinneill Apoi Michael:
"I use the crime to destroy the crime"
mindless monk
mindless monk:
15:00 this sigh speaks volumes
0:25 y’all see that 👀
Yesenia Millan
Yesenia Millan:
I’m so sorry this happened to you Brianna 💐💔😥🙏
R.I.P. Beautiful
abcdefg hijklmno
abcdefg hijklmno:
Every officer has to be held accountable. Top to bottom. Trainers, supervisors, coordinators, officers, police chief.
SR71 Interceptor
SR71 Interceptor:
This made John Wick look like a Disney movie.
Acer 23
Acer 23:
Ah yes time to get my very reliable news from my favorite unbiased news source