How the Police Killed Breonna Taylor | Visual Investigations

None of the police officers who raided Breonna Taylor’s home wore body cameras, impeding the public from a full understanding of what happened. The Times’s visual investigation team built a 3-D model of the scene and pieced together critical sequences of events to show how poor planning and shoddy police work led to a fatal outcome.
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Jacob Reuter
Jacob Reuter:
Shoutout to the single officer who testified it as an "egregious act" and criticized the officers.

Sad part is, only ONE officer thought they were in the wrong.
(Crying) “my girlfriend is dead”.
Police officer: I don’t give a shi-
Chilling In R.I.
Chilling In R.I.:
This looks like a group of idiots who watched one too many action movie's trying to live that fantasy.
The education level of some cops in the US is so low.
Sweet YT
Sweet YT:
Honestly watching this and understanding the context of everything, this just puts America to shame.
J G:
It was sheer luck that nobody in the other apartments was killed. Could you imagine there you are watching TV or doing whatever and bullets just start flying through the room?
Holy Atheist
Holy Atheist:
“My girlfriend is dead.” “ I don’t give a -.” That tells you all need to know about police brutality and cruelty, besides the killing of innocent people..
Chai Ande
Chai Ande:
After the Breonna's Boyfriend said that he wasn't hit with a bullet, another officer said "That's Unfortunate". I am disappointed, disgusted, and honestly I hope that officer pays the price.
Michael Amosu
Michael Amosu:
This is just a whole mess they should all be fired for their poor assessment of the situation and how they handled it.
Ethan Sickler
Ethan Sickler:
What I find interesting is there’s not a single person that looks at this and says “yep, those guys were doing the right thing”. Not a SINGLE PERSON, yet people are still so divided over this specific incident. Strange times.
Steven Trostle
Steven Trostle:
ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE FOR HAVING THEIR CAMERAS OFF! Sadly there is no cure for Ignorance, all 6 of them should be terminated and stripped of any benefits for that alone.
Adrien Schmitt
Adrien Schmitt:
can we appreciate the effort put into this video. they did a great job
Mason 美生
Mason 美生:
Every witness says they didn’t hear the police announce themselves. One person said he doesn’t remember clearly. They use that person’s testimony as proof?
Brother Kellerman
Brother Kellerman:
Amazing that he’s immediately considered a criminal after police fired almost two dozen shots in the house, while Kenneth didn’t fire anywhere near that
Joseph Kan
Joseph Kan:
"Have you been hit by a bullet?"
"That's unfortunate."
So many aspects of this are shocking, not least the stuff they came out with while arresting her boyfriend after they killed her. These clowns weren't fit to run a bath, they need to be in jail for this crime.
Jonathan Oliveras
Jonathan Oliveras:
I will be Always remember Brianna and nothing but love in behalf of the browns to our black bro’s and sisters.
Cop: “did you get hit by a bullet”
Cop: “that’s unfortunate”
This is so upsetting
Willie McDowell
Willie McDowell:
By far the most detailed account that I have seen so far
Jordan Barkley
Jordan Barkley:
The fact that the boyfriend showed more trigger discipline than the police is terrifying.
Dominic Quick
Dominic Quick:
What’s sad is that SWAT officer is probably being treated like a snitch. Cops need better training
these visual investigations have always been AMAZINGLY in depth, another good video by this source
“Have you been hit by a bullet?”
“That’s unfortunate.”
Did I hear that right?
Ayanna Portis
Ayanna Portis:
This story is sickening, she did not deserve this. There were so many errors on police ends. I’m so sorry Breonna, Rest In Peace love
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez:
"My girlfriend is dead"
"I don't give a --- keep walking."

yeah, finish your sentence. Everyone recorded after the shooting seems to be entirely inept.
Maia Rolph
Maia Rolph:
8:03 Cosgrove says he doesn’t remember firing his weapon... that’s incredibly concerning. And they wonder why so many people don’t trust cops.
th3ykrave Kb gaming
th3ykrave Kb gaming:
Tears started coming out of my eyes when he said he was scared and his gf was dead and how the police didn’t even care like it honestly made me sick to my stomach and how Another police officer said she didn’t give a **** and how the other one said he was going to prison but he honestly did not know what he did wrong .... this was just so sad to watch yo
2.Siskyz !
2.Siskyz !:
That last guy...hes jus different..he knows what he doing..GOD BLESS HIM
frank james
frank james:
More people need to watch this video.
I'm not a nyt fan but like, post a comment or share to appease the YouTube gods algorithm
and hopefully go to other folks recommendations
14:55 She was one of ours
Dadknock D
Dadknock D:
“My girlfriend is dead”
“ I don’t give a...”
wow these are the people we’re supposed to trust with our lives???
J Lynn
J Lynn:
The more information that comes out, the more appalled (and dare I say enraged), I become.
top things to not do:
1) step into fatal funnel
2) blindly fire at unknown targets
3) fire haphazardly into anywhere with civilians
4) search a dark apartment without flashlights
5) not announce yourself

everyone that fired a shot should be charged with several counts of endangerment
Oliver Mirfin
Oliver Mirfin:
"Hey, cameras off there"
wot m8 keep dem on
This is beyond cruel. Wether criminal not not no one deserves to be treated without any humanity.
This whole thing is absolutely gruesome, but the part which really got to me is how they treated her boyfriend. I’m honestly baffled that any policeperson would find this ok
Carlos Leon
Carlos Leon:
The faces of those SWAT officers tells you everything... they were like wtf happened here
Bontle Meadows
Bontle Meadows:
The world knows about you Breonna. We haven’t forgotten. Praying for your family. Rest easy sweetheart.
Hector M. Del Rio
Hector M. Del Rio:
I really like the visual reenactment 👍
Nike Z7000
Nike Z7000:
This is what happens when untrained narcissistic cops raid a house they know nothing about.
When the boyfriend was crying trying to tell them that his girlfriend had been shot while he was being poorly taken care of and shoved against a car, I burst into tears right then and there. You can’t tell me this isn’t cruel.
This is so upsetting to watch.
At the very least, like bare minimum, the officers should be fired (blacklisted even!). Incredible how ‘mistakes’ like this can even happen..
Rafaela Ruiz
Rafaela Ruiz:
One word - Brutual. So many shots fired!!
Rome M
Rome M:
It should be an automatic sentence if you don't have your body cam on at all times during work.
Teneisha Love
Teneisha Love:
Announcing yourself is something that shouldn’t even be taught That’s common sense
Hunter safety course teaches you about what’s beyond your target
Yet this cop shot blindly into 2 windows
How they get these jobs I’ll never understand
Chidiebere Ndukwu
Chidiebere Ndukwu:
Keep resting with the angels Breonna. Justice may be delayed but will not be denied.
J T:
The thing that gets me most about this incident is that if this case didn't get the media attention it did, then Kenneth Walker would likely have been put away a long time without any serious questions being asked. It would have just been another case of an attempted murder on a cop and everybody would have just accepted that version of events. It wasn't until the story came to light and after alot of scrutinization that they dropped the charges (of which they can re-file in the future if they feel that they have a case).
M J:
What an amazing investigation👏 hats off Nytimes
TJ 1k
TJ 1k:
What has this world come to🤦🏾‍♂️ ur gonna tell someone “IDGAF” when they say there fiancé is dead in there??🤦🏾‍♂️
K Smoove
K Smoove:
He’s crying that his girl friend is dead and they said they didn’t care...
Hector M. Del Rio
Hector M. Del Rio:
Wow...I'm just stunned....speechless....
Excellent journalism, thank you for unbiased recount. Much better than the BS we get in the general media.
Usman Qureshi
Usman Qureshi:
when they were done i bet theyre like "did we miss anything?" "meh, i dont even remember why we came"
This is insane! So much negligence and it was just shrugged off
2.Siskyz !
2.Siskyz !:
"I don't give a - keep walking STOP"
Wild Beard Trucking
Wild Beard Trucking:
Tha Ks for putting this together.
Nick M
Nick M:
3:09 Lmao!!! This dude said “Hands behind your back,BOSS”. I freely use the word “boss” but I could never imagine saying it to arrest/apprehend somebody
Margaret Hynes
Margaret Hynes:
God this is so heartbreaking. So many ways Breonna Taylor’s death could have been prevented.
Russell James
Russell James:
“Hey cameras off”. “This is the one they said they didn’t need us to do”
You know if you’re about to do a raid you know you need your camera on to record anything.
clogne Hssi
clogne Hssi:
These animations are crazy good
Garshawn Panther
Garshawn Panther:
The closed caution beverly tremble because brochure family include than a guiltless atm. sticky, parsimonious morning
Shawn The Great
Shawn The Great:
Rule for warrant is to get intel within 24 hrs before you hit that location. This was trash investigation from all officers involved RIP Breonna 😥
Kenneth is crying. "My girlfriend is dead!"
The officers threaten with a dog and state they "do not give a [censored].
Cameras off we need to get our stories straight because of how bad we're fked. they need to be fined for turning it off at all on duty 20k from pension should discourage that.
J Lynn
J Lynn:
NYT putting in that work! Thank you for the info and reporting facts
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
When he was crying that his girlfriend was dead my heart just dropped. It's so sad to hear people crying about this.
people like "oh she deserved it thats what you get for being a criminal" like she literally didnt even do anything they were seaching her house because her EX BOYFRIEND id something
Myles & More
Myles & More:
Those SWAT guys walked in and the evidence was on the wall literally. They were looking around like W.T.H. The look at his face when he sees the EMS jacket and shakes his head, his expression says it all, "This is completely f**ked up".
Givens Raymond
Givens Raymond:
“I’m scared “

Cop: “You’re scared?!?! “

I mean YEA
Autumn Towne
Autumn Towne:
Oh my god. Thank you for making this video
Nicholas William O'Brien
Nicholas William O'Brien:
These analyses are extraordinarily well put together. Keep at it. People need to hear the truth.
Evidence anyone heard police announced is "sworn police officers said so"
Other than that no one heard it.
Zoe Delrio
Zoe Delrio:
The way they treated him when arresting him is so unsettling; mocking him for being scared, for his girlfriend's death... the utmost loss of humanity.
Upward Gaming
Upward Gaming:
Not having the body camera turned on in a situation like this should be a dismissible offence if not an arrest, there is no excuse for them to not have their cameras when they are the ones that instigate the incident
professional Retard
professional Retard:
14:22 this makes me want to cry like real talk 😰
Isaac Gomez
Isaac Gomez:
Larry Lopez
Larry Lopez:
Cameras should stay on at all times during these raids.
Summer Heat Paintball
Summer Heat Paintball:
When citizens “mess up” (don’t move every muscle in their body exactly as instructed) in a police encounter, citizens die. When police mess up in a citizen encounter, citizens die. This tells me we need to set the bar MUCH higher for who we give a badge and a gun to.
2.Siskyz !
2.Siskyz !:
"Keep walling backwards"
"Im scared"
"Youre scared right"
Julieta Sanchez
Julieta Sanchez:
FhYsix Tay
FhYsix Tay:
Joseph McClain
Joseph McClain:
It gets even worse when you learn the no-knock warrant that they got was based on the mailman saying she gets packages that she shouldn't. When the mailman heard this he confirmed that he never stated or said that......
13:42 ‘Have you been hit by a bullet?’ [No] ‘That’s unfortunate’
14:21 [My girlfriend is dead!] ‘I don’t give a f-‘
Ross Newsom
Ross Newsom:
"Have you been hit by a bullet?"
"That's unfortunate."

"My girlfriend is dead."
"I don't give a..."
aristo snurg
aristo snurg:
i’m furious all over again. i cannot believe how stupid they were and killed an innocent person because they didn’t announce themselves. this could have all been prevented if they just said who they were. awful.
Overseer Productions
Overseer Productions:
Sends chills down my spine
The police officers probably imagined that they said it. They were already disassociating
Bindhu1975 Satha
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Keaton Castillo
Keaton Castillo:
So idk what was going through the court systems heads when they heard that the officers took the body cam off but all I could think was "HMMMMMM YEAH SOMETHING BAD AND ILLEGAL IS DEFINITELY GOING ON". So good job American Justice system. You failed us again.
Philip Anthony Kenny
Philip Anthony Kenny:
Sierra Sierra
Sierra Sierra:
The fact the one officer thought it was a good idea to shoot through the closed window with curtain and blinds drawn, he literally shot without looking at all and he wasn't in the line of fire. Such gross incompetence.
ifeoma orjiekwe
ifeoma orjiekwe:
Alicia W
Alicia W:
How dumb of the other officer to go to the patio and the window and shoot into it. Smh i can’t believe police really conduct themselves like that
Brady R
Brady R:
Seriously great video
Rebby Xu
Rebby Xu:
This needs more views 400k isn’t enough
Fardowsa Gubosa
Fardowsa Gubosa:
"my girlfriend's dead"
"I don't give-keep walking STOP"
so sad.
Jakob Santos
Jakob Santos:
"i could see a male and a female side by side, shoulder to shoulder almost like they was together."
Bill Greene
Bill Greene:
7:43 “he appears to have no idea what’s happening"