How to Install Google Chrome on Windows 10 (2020)

In this video I am going to show How to Install Google Chrome Windows 10. I will also show how to pin Google Chrome on your task bar. In addition I will show How to set Google Chrome as your default browser.

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Jacob Bankole
Jacob Bankole:
This really help me and my son thank you God bless
b rakesh
b rakesh:
I am getting the error:Aw, Snap and i am not able to open chrome settings
Watching on Google Chrome on Windows 10!!!
Cristangelo 7
Cristangelo 7:
Thanks boi u help my career because I’m home school cause of this f corona virus

Edit: how the f this get 97 likes 8/28/2020
It said you need to sign out of S mode tho...
Ritul Mali
Ritul Mali:
Thank you bro, actually my chrome wasnt responding so i tried to mess with the settings and accidentaly deleted it😂😂. But your advice helped a lot . Thanks man!
Rosy Jaiswal
Rosy Jaiswal:
thanks alot it was so satisfying when it got downloaded you are such a lovely person
w̸͟͞o̸͟͞f̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞ Puppies
w̸͟͞o̸͟͞f̸͟͞l̸͟͞e̸͟͞ Puppies:
Ty this will help meh bc so I can make YouTube videos on “Go Record”
Peter Gun
Peter Gun:
the latest Windows 10 installed on a new laptop will take you to the Microsoft App store instead of installing the chrome installation.
noah kuhn
noah kuhn:
when I install, the run and save link at the bottom doesn't pop up so I don't know how to get it, can someone help me out
Hirendra Jain
Hirendra Jain:
Thanks man. I was able to install. God bless you. Thank you once again.
Thx I just got a Lenovo yoga with a touch screen and I was wondering how to download this thx so much
Manipakala Sailaja
Manipakala Sailaja:
Thank you so much sir, it's very informative and helpful to unknown persons.
rokeya akter
rokeya akter:
Thanks a lot for this video.It’s so much helpful.
Laura Marshall
Laura Marshall:
I will miss my favorites, but I guess I made them all into shortcuts.
Jerome David
Jerome David:
Actually im here cause the laptop of my sister i delete her chrome and im scared to say that i deleted and yeah i download with you thank you
Pikachu lover
Pikachu lover:
Mine keeps saying The installer encountered error 112
Papatot 2020
Papatot 2020:
thank you so much i can do google meets now i think :3
Praise Show tv
Praise Show tv:
You are the best I Have been looking for this since for a now long time thank because of this video I love you .
it won't let me open the chrome setup just brings up a page for like 0.001 seconds and closes
Sunflower_ Bee
Sunflower_ Bee:
This is a great video but when I instal it on my school laptop it doesn’t look like the one here and I don’t know what to do 😂
Hunter _-_ Walley
Hunter _-_ Walley:
Holy crap thank you so so so much!!!
Riya Choudhary
Riya Choudhary:
This is actually I am able to access my chrome... thank you so much❤️
Thanks know i can youtube
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh:
Thanks You Sir .... This was really helpful !!
Nabanita Boro
Nabanita Boro:
Thank u so much really works..
Hemalatha Dharmana
Hemalatha Dharmana:
Thank you sir helped to me
Md Arafat mia
Md Arafat mia:
thanks bro. Many many thank you
rafi mohd
rafi mohd:
Thanks bro for your valuable and genuine information God bless you, your explanation is really excellent
Creative Ramy
Creative Ramy:
im new to windows, does the.exe file need to stay on the computer in downloads? or can you delete it after chrome has installed and run?
Manny's How To Workshop
Manny's How To Workshop:
Tried downloading it like five times but never starts to download after accepting the terms and conditions. What may be the issue causing that?
Thanks for this video it was so much helpful
Tired beriT
Tired beriT:
I uninstalled all my browsers and now I need help. Can somebody tell me how to install Google without a browser on Windows 10.
Rajesh Rajesh
Rajesh Rajesh:
Ok Thanks 😄 for this video 😍and idea😊
Thank you so much it really helped me
999 Subscribers Challenge with out Video
999 Subscribers Challenge with out Video:
Short and simple.. Time saver
Noah Curry
Noah Curry:
I really need help, because the run prompt on the bottom part of the screeen doesn’t pop up, which means I can’t download it
1300 Capalot
1300 Capalot:
Why when I click on “Download chrome” nothing’s happens I need help please🥺🍊
There's an error what will you do if it doesnt allow the files in
hey..yeah when I download keeps on briging me back to the download would be a honer if you could pls help sir...thx from: -----KTP aka kyle-the-pichu
Marizz Navor
Marizz Navor:
Thank you😊 legit👍🏿
Maria Kashululu
Maria Kashululu:
You are the best.. thank you so much
Thanks bro i just reset my window 10 acer and it worked thanks a lots for this
Omg thank you very much!!!
Gohar Fatima
Gohar Fatima:
What can be the reason of Google chrome mentioning (and actually taking) 20 hours to install despite a good internet connection?
I encounter problem while opening of chrome browser on PC window 10 it shows untitled for all pages to be opened
Ramana Ram
Ramana Ram:
Thank you bro it’s helpful
OG_ Hoverfly
OG_ Hoverfly:
Thanks my man thx
Nimra Zulfiqar
Nimra Zulfiqar:
Thnx alot
sruthi vasireddy
sruthi vasireddy:
Thank you so much
Memes 1
Memes 1:
did you update microsoft edge? its free and it has speed and its time to expect more
Amisha Verma
Amisha Verma:
Thanks sir u solved my biggest problem
Kills Me
Kills Me:
Thank you so much... :) It helped me so much...
Jagriti Daryani
Jagriti Daryani:
Thanks a lot
Areen Iam a cat
Areen Iam a cat:
Why every time i try to open google says adult something I forgot why its my own laptop its new its says conform by email and then “we have sent this email to your adult members in your family “
Kartika Chandra Sahoo
Kartika Chandra Sahoo:
That really helped me😭😭
Thanks ❤️
Bijaya Kumar Swain
Bijaya Kumar Swain:
Bro My Chrome Didn't Download And Says Installation Failed due to Unspecified Error . If Google Chrome is currently running , please close it and try again
Bro its a hard drive on my pc it always puts the notifications I cant download it it may ruin my computer
Vhazty R. Avelida
Vhazty R. Avelida:
thank you! i accidentally deleted my chrome 😆 this helped!
give me the child
give me the child:
the download just keeps reseting and starting over again. is it because of my bad connection?
taino 420
taino 420:
Thank u so much my friend i acidently deleted chorme thank u for showing me how to download it
Alamger Khan
Alamger Khan:
Thank you soo much
Aida Zainal
Aida Zainal:
Thank you so much Sir!
A Dilaurentis
A Dilaurentis:
Thank you this is very helpful! ☺
inspired sunil
inspired sunil:
Bruh ,idk y it's not happening in my old windows tab
Thx man, your a life saver
Carmela Umali
Carmela Umali:
SANA MAPANSIN PO ANG AKING KATANUNGAN, SALAMAT PO . kapag nainstall ko na po ang chrome ko sa aking laptop at kapag naginstall na po ako ay ung loading ay nabalik po ulit sa umpisa ng pagiinstall.
Juna Mae Perez
Juna Mae Perez:
Thank you!
can it keep the microsoft egde webrowser beacause i need microsoft egde for most of the stuff but i need chrome for some other stuff
Cielobang Andallo jr
Cielobang Andallo jr:
thank you soo much for your worderful information I really really enjoy your tutorial..god bless you
Sharmila Pradhan
Sharmila Pradhan:
Thank you , it helped to solve my problem, but still google photos couldn't be open, how to access to it?
bharti mishra
bharti mishra:
Thanks a lot thank u thank u soo much
Sophia Pascua
Sophia Pascua:
Rob smins
Rob smins:
I have chromuim it comes with my laptop i have a pc but it runs on win 7 so i got a win 10 laptop
Yamraaj Gaming
Yamraaj Gaming:
This really help me thanks bhai
Theresa Tyler
Theresa Tyler:
However, I am curious to know . WHY WE have to do this crap...???
Prakash Sakore
Prakash Sakore:
Really really thanks to you. Sir unfortunately my crome was uninstalled so I was in tension but you are great sir. Thanks sir
Mohammad Dastgir Khan
Mohammad Dastgir Khan:
but how can i set the location for downloading google chrome?
Donna Mutu
Donna Mutu:
Why does it ask me to verify and switch to s mode??
Thank you so much im prepering my google class anyways
BP19 aleysona sepen
BP19 aleysona sepen:
Thank you sir u have me a lot 😭
Vidya Praveen
Vidya Praveen:
Thank you this video was so helpfull
Ninja ni Largado 3V
Ninja ni Largado 3V:
Thank you this is very important
Nicko Andrie Hongayo
Nicko Andrie Hongayo:
Christian Zumba
Christian Zumba:
God bless this makes school easier
Its stuck at “On your marks”
So i reseted my laptop, so it'll be less laggy but it's still laggy! Everything was deleted, but i can't even open microsoft edge without waiting for 4 minutes.
Thank u so much really helped me
B P:
Why do you save the file? Why don't you just press "RUN" ? Thanks for the video.
Nidhi Chaudhari
Nidhi Chaudhari:
Thank you so much sir this video is really very helpful for Windows 10 chrome download & this is the first video in you tube which is helpful me so thank you
Ganesh Pawale
Ganesh Pawale:
Thank you
Ebony Mckenzie
Ebony Mckenzie:
Thanks, very helpful
Explosive Snowboi
Explosive Snowboi:
does this turn into a chrome book
2PAC 2-Pac
2PAC 2-Pac:
Perfect. Thank you so much.
Jen Frisby
Jen Frisby:
This video was super helpful!!
Sarmila Das
Sarmila Das:
Thank you so much you help me because by chance Google Chrome has been uninstall
Little Boy
Little Boy:
Idk why I download chrome almost finish then it download again like 2 times
sevanthi b
sevanthi b:
This video was really helpful and I liked ur voice too😊
Z&A Channel
Z&A Channel:
Ummm quick question do i have to to put it in task bar or can can I leave it
Jawan Buhamad
Jawan Buhamad:
I forgot to save the file what do i do