How to Install Google Chrome on Windows 10 (2020)

In this video I am going to show How to Install Google Chrome Windows 10. I will also show how to pin Google Chrome on your task bar. In addition I will show How to set Google Chrome as your default browser.

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Jacob Bankole
Jacob Bankole:
This really help me and my son thank you God bless
Peter Gun
Peter Gun:
the latest Windows 10 installed on a new laptop will take you to the Microsoft App store instead of installing the chrome installation.
rafi mohd
rafi mohd:
Thanks bro for your valuable and genuine information God bless you, your explanation is really excellent
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Lea Morales:
Thank u so much, Sir. This helped me a lot since I'm a beginner. May God bless you.
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superman obama:
Thank you, I'm getting a new computer tomorrow and this will help more thank you think it will.
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majo calumpiano:
thank you so much. finally after so many months.
Siddu Roy
Siddu Roy:
Short and simple.. Time saver
21 Ritul Mali
21 Ritul Mali:
Thank you bro, actually my chrome wasnt responding so i tried to mess with the settings and accidentaly deleted it😂😂. But your advice helped a lot . Thanks man!
Kartika Chandra Sahoo
Kartika Chandra Sahoo:
That really helped me😭😭
Thanks ❤️
Riya Choudhary
Riya Choudhary:
This is actually I am able to access my chrome... thank you so much❤️
Praise Show tv
Praise Show tv:
You are the best I Have been looking for this since for a now long time thank because of this video I love you .
it’s about to be done downloading than something pops up that says “Installation failed due to unspecified error. if Google Chrome is currently running, please close it and try again.” but i don’t have the app yet👁👄👁
How do I change my default browser to Chrome when it's not listed in the default app menu? I have the Chrome symbol on my computer but when I try to open a web page, the Y! (yahoo) symbol shows in the address bar which gives me a different browsing experience from Chrome.
Thank you sir u have me a lot 😭
Unicorn Study Point
Unicorn Study Point:
It was very helpful I was so scared that my mother will scold me very much but thanks
Sumiya Khandakar
Sumiya Khandakar:
Bruh this is helpful cause you did a video like this 3 years ago and now your doing it wow!
yung botlle
yung botlle:
I love your tutorials so much they have really gotten me through a lot. When my grandpa that is now dead used to watch your tutorials all the time and he used them to make his own funeral arrangements so when he passed i would stay up all night watching your tutorials because it was the last memory of my grandpa and I just wanted to say I love you and thank you god bless if it wasn't for you I don't know if i would have been able to be there when i put my dog down he got hit by a 1997 Lexus LS400 that had 187,000 miles on it. I really like these cars they are very stylish and can be quick coming stock with a 4.0 L V8 that can comes with 260 hp and can go 0 to 60 in 6.2 seconds I hope to own one someday. Right now I own a poopy 2001 Honda Civic and im willing to sale for 2500 it has no problems and only has 110,000 miles on it so if interested add me on SnapChat my username is: spartanthegamer thank you again ProgrammingKnowledge2 and God Bless
it won't let me open the chrome setup just brings up a page for like 0.001 seconds and closes
B P:
Why do you save the file? Why don't you just press "RUN" ? Thanks for the video.
Gita Shrestha
Gita Shrestha:
This is making my pc hang for some reason making me restart my pc
A Dilaurentis
A Dilaurentis:
Thank you this is very helpful! ☺
Stikbot Vlogs
Stikbot Vlogs:
This really helped me with my new laptop so thank you
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Sophia Pascua:
Cielobang Andallo jr
Cielobang Andallo jr:
thank you soo much for your worderful information I really really enjoy your tutorial..god bless you
Vhazty R. Avelida
Vhazty R. Avelida:
thank you! i accidentally deleted my chrome 😆 this helped!
Hunter W.
Hunter W.:
Holy crap thank you so so so much!!!
Blackie in the flesh
Blackie in the flesh:
thank you so much i can do google meets now i think :3
Thank you so much that only took 1 minute of my time your the best god bless
Prakash Sakore
Prakash Sakore:
Really really thanks to you. Sir unfortunately my crome was uninstalled so I was in tension but you are great sir. Thanks sir
Md. Jahidul Islam
Md. Jahidul Islam:
I installed chrome but faced problem. Whenever i want to open chrome, it shows 0*000003e error. Can please help me solve this error? I already reinstalled several times but same problem showed again and again
noah kuhn
noah kuhn:
when I install, the run and save link at the bottom doesn't pop up so I don't know how to get it, can someone help me out
taino 420
taino 420:
Thank u so much my friend i acidently deleted chorme thank u for showing me how to download it
Thank you so much im prepering my google class anyways
Thanks bro i just reset my window 10 acer and it worked thanks a lots for this
When I clicked on download chrome it just said " Hmmm... can't reach this page " with a cloud. :((((((( 😭 how do I did this!😢😢
Swapno's Gallery BD
Swapno's Gallery BD:
Thank u so much... It was so infornative and ur delivering style is very understandable... ☺
Tara Sheikh
Tara Sheikh:
Really help me thnku❤️🔥
Thx I just got a Lenovo yoga with a touch screen and I was wondering how to download this thx so much
Nidhi Chaudhari
Nidhi Chaudhari:
Thank you so much sir this video is really very helpful for Windows 10 chrome download & this is the first video in you tube which is helpful me so thank you
Yo thank you man your actually legendary you earned a sub 🙏
Carmela Umali
Carmela Umali:
SANA MAPANSIN PO ANG AKING KATANUNGAN, SALAMAT PO . kapag nainstall ko na po ang chrome ko sa aking laptop at kapag naginstall na po ako ay ung loading ay nabalik po ulit sa umpisa ng pagiinstall.
Manipakala Sailaja
Manipakala Sailaja:
Thank you so much sir, it's very informative and helpful to unknown persons.
Sharmila Pradhan
Sharmila Pradhan:
Thank you , it helped to solve my problem, but still google photos couldn't be open, how to access to it?
Jessica DuBois
Jessica DuBois:
Ty!!! Had an issue and you helped.
Memes 1
Memes 1:
did you update microsoft edge? its free and it has speed and its time to expect more
Anias Saint
Anias Saint:
Helped a lot, thanks so much!!
It said you need to sign out of S mode tho...
kaley jack
kaley jack:
Thank u thank u so much bro this helped me so much from getting beat thank god for u and this channel 👍👍✌❤
Md Shahabuddin
Md Shahabuddin:
Thanks bro.

Great sir

Also update us about software of windows 10 managing and controlling.
Just got my pc today,also making content,thanks for the tutorial bro
Keerthika Murali
Keerthika Murali:
You gave a clear cut explanation...thank you so much it worked and such a trustable YouTuber👍
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Ramana Ram:
Thank you bro it’s helpful
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This video was super helpful!!
Thx man, your a life saver
Thank you so much it really helped me
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Such a nice voice and explanation... really loved it✨😇
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hobi's last juicebox:
thanks so much! this really helped 👍🏼
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Sara Radoičić:
This was very helpful! Thank you!
Jais_ kaur437
Jais_ kaur437:
Thanks but after clicking on the chrome serup in downloads there is something wrong it says "for security and performance, this mode of Windows only runs verified apps from the store" i cant install it can u help me
Laura Marshall
Laura Marshall:
I will miss my favorites, but I guess I made them all into shortcuts.
Definite Solutions
Definite Solutions:
You can also get Offline installer of Google Chrome, to get offline installer, just search Chrome offline installer on Google or any other search engine.
The ultimate Yoshi
The ultimate Yoshi:
(Note) if you have the new edge installed sometimes it blocks the chrome downloaded
Creative Ramy
Creative Ramy:
im new to windows, does the.exe file need to stay on the computer in downloads? or can you delete it after chrome has installed and run?
Kills Me
Kills Me:
Thank you so much... :) It helped me so much...
give me the child
give me the child:
the download just keeps reseting and starting over again. is it because of my bad connection?
Gina Launio
Gina Launio:
who's still watching this video
thank you nice content God bless you 🙏
Hirendra Jain
Hirendra Jain:
Thanks man. I was able to install. God bless you. Thank you once again.
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Sparky The Cat:
Oh my god thank you so much!
ᴊɪsʜᴀɴᴛ ᴋᴀʟsᴏᴛʀᴀ
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Thanks for this video it was so much helpful
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Adyan Miah:
Thank you soooooo much i couldent do it my self keep the good work man
Vidya Praveen
Vidya Praveen:
Thank you this video was so helpfull
cpk d ✓
cpk d ✓:
after clicking on chromesetup it asks - allow this to make changes to your computer should i press yes

pls tell
Michael Shiamatey
Michael Shiamatey:
You're the man
Mohit Singh
Mohit Singh:
Thanks You Sir .... This was really helpful !!
saeed .o
saeed .o:
You had to add switch out of S mode...bc it wont authorize any apps out of Microsoft to run. Thanks tho
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It helps me sir. Thanks for this lesson
Thankyou So Much! Godbless U!💖
ninja ni Advent Media Ph
ninja ni Advent Media Ph:
Thank you this is very important
Noah Curry
Noah Curry:
I really need help, because the run prompt on the bottom part of the screeen doesn’t pop up, which means I can’t download it
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Ismita Sharma:
Thank you so much ❤️❤️
It really helped me 😊
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Stela Luli:
Thank you so much for helping!
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I accidently deleted google and i was frecking out i didnt know what to do thank you for doing this video
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Lmao this is a real tutorial?!
Bijaya Kumar Swain
Bijaya Kumar Swain:
Bro My Chrome Didn't Download And Says Installation Failed due to Unspecified Error . If Google Chrome is currently running , please close it and try again
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Thank you so much for your guidelines.🙂
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Musfira Tasnia Zaman Protiva:
Thanks a lot!!! You don't know how much it helps me!!!
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b rakesh:
I am getting the error:Aw, Snap and i am not able to open chrome settings
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tq so much sir
it helped me a lot
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It's really helpful . thanks a lot
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Top Songs:
We need more people like you
I uninstalled all my browsers and now I need help. Can somebody tell me how to install Google without a browser on Windows 10.
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Ferlax Gaming:
Thx you so much without you I will be sad.
Love ur vid
Sui Ni Huang
Sui Ni Huang:
Thank you so much. It really did work
Thank you a lot I had a virus on my computer I couldn't open google so I did a hard reset and I didn't know how to install google but now I do know because of this video!