How to Play Midfield like KEVIN DE BRUYNE


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Congratulations to Kevin de Bruyne for winning the Premier League Player of the Season!
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Ryan Ramdeo
Ryan Ramdeo:
Fun Fact: more than 1 person can't be first
Carlo Della Mea
Carlo Della Mea:
I'm surprised you didn't mention the way he is constantly "scanning" the field like you did in your video, 5 SIMPLE Midfield Skills for REAL GAMES. de Bruyne was basically in every example of midfield skills that you used in that video. His best attribute is his vision which you should have touched on more in this video. Overall, I'm a fan of All Attack. Keep up the great work.
yoyo thanh
yoyo thanh:
can u tell me how to get confident when u have the ball??? ( when do u want to do some skills ) thanks.
If i ever make it to somewhere in my football career i'll shout this guy out.
Rashmi thapanda
Rashmi thapanda:
Legends say all attak is legends
Kedy John
Kedy John:
Yesterday, I won my first trophy as a coach ( coaching my staff mates ) partly thanks to tips from ALL ATTACK
The Racquet Smasher
The Racquet Smasher:
Watching it after loss of city from lyon
Eggsy Gamer
Eggsy Gamer:
You should never give space to De Bruyne cause he will cross to anyone perfectly!
Bradley Massamba
Bradley Massamba:
Do VVD because I'm a CB, CDM or CM
Eggsy Gamer
Eggsy Gamer:
He is so good at explaining when I first came in UK I didn't know English but I used to watch him I understood 60%!
That's why i love ALL ATTACK!
You don't even know how much i've waited for this video🤩
soccer kay100
soccer kay100:
I was searching how to play like de bruyne and this notification popped up
Mari Isa
Mari Isa:
me in a easier team: why do i get on bench all the time
My team: cuz ur a player for the last 5 minutes
Me another team:omg i just scored 3 goals in my first match for the new club cuz of all attack
My team: pls come back
Me: nah im the best in my team allready thanks soooo much all attack
Ayush singh
Ayush singh:
I get Panicked during matches. How can i build up my confidence?
Football Ismylife
Football Ismylife:
Love this video bro ⚽️❤💯
Could you make a how to play like Alphonso Davies please
Joel Godfeey
Joel Godfeey:
Who else loves his content
7777 subs With 7 videos challenge
7777 subs With 7 videos challenge:
Literally nobody:
Me tring to write something to get likes
Marcus Norén
Marcus Norén:
3 or 4 years ago I injured my right foot for about 2 months and during those 2 months I trained my left foot so now I have 2 equally good feet:)
Bassim Abdo
Bassim Abdo:
What about defending?
mk Aadan
mk Aadan:
AllAttack ___is the best skills❤❤
roheena ahmed
roheena ahmed:
Buenos Hola
Buenos Hola:
Now i will expect Son's skills
Mohit Mehta
Mohit Mehta:
Love from India bro
Ikram Shahzad
Ikram Shahzad:
I watch every video n trick about football.. But always forgot
Rushane Clarke
Rushane Clarke:
I’ve learnt a lot in the this video
Abubakar Malami kyafe
Abubakar Malami kyafe:
All Attack ✅
Abraham Ayobami
Abraham Ayobami:
I love your work. Its so easy to learn and effective.
I'm a Center Forward and I want you guys to make videos on CF smart plays, skills and more
Thank you
Mr Kesa
Mr Kesa:
Debmalya Chakraborty
Debmalya Chakraborty:
Love you bro. You really helped me a lot to improve my performance.
Haris Abdul Khadar
Haris Abdul Khadar:
You gives the most effective skills in football thanks bro
nazima a
nazima a:
When u will upload the next video
Mo Re
Mo Re:
How to become goal machine like lewandowski
Nsika Mahatlane
Nsika Mahatlane:
*gets into crossing position*
"Hold on I just need to strike along the edge of the ball, gimme a sec. "
Can you put a video for goalkeepers.
Nalini Mani
Nalini Mani:
Can u say ,how to get confident when we have the ball
Ahmed Ishaq
Ahmed Ishaq:
You guys are just the best you have an amazing talent keep it up we really really appreciate
Muhamad Fazry Pamungkas
Muhamad Fazry Pamungkas:
Please make a good and accurate way to control the ball from a distance. I can't learn the skill yet
Mari Isa
Mari Isa:
Me: i dont practice
All attack: why
Me: cuz this video made me the best in my team
Kelvin AK
Kelvin AK:
My teacher asked me how can you become a good midfielder, and I said:"Oh, All Attack teach me all the skills."
mdarifrahman 632
mdarifrahman 632:
i am the first viewer
Soeung Rozy
Soeung Rozy:
Please,show the Messi skill 🙏
Josh Xue
Josh Xue:
Let me Talk
He used techno gamer outro
Victor Japhy
Victor Japhy:
Please next video should be about how to sign for a youth academy 🙂
I and S productions.TV
I and S productions.TV:
this is one of the best skill teaching channels in the world cant wait to try them after this pandemic is over
you do you’re videos at the fields i play at🤯
Calum Marsden
Calum Marsden:
Thank you all attack for these tips as they are making me a far better player
Arafat 24
Arafat 24:
Good Skills Bro
Midou Ban
Midou Ban:
Love your videos bro. I like these kind of videos. Do breakdowns skills of players.
Shah Naseer Ullah Alvi
Shah Naseer Ullah Alvi:
Really helpful video mate . Thanx for making .
Steinke Janke
Steinke Janke:
I love these videos😍 Can you make a video about Leroy Sané skills?
Amitabh Basumatary
Amitabh Basumatary:
Thank God I can now get myself some midfielding advice
All I see is attack,attack and attack
Josė Manuel Valerio
Josė Manuel Valerio:
Excelentes consejos mi amigo!.. gracias por darnos tips bien explicados con el fin de la mejora en este deporte tan hermoso como lo es el futbol!
Younes Younes
Younes Younes:
Nice job bro💗
I hope you make a video about fullback analyze🔥
Cliqcz YT
Cliqcz YT:
Leeds United manager would’ve 100% watched this vid ngl lol 😂
Mahmoud abdelnaby
Mahmoud abdelnaby:
Thanks from egypt
ye htut
ye htut:
Whenever I receive ball, I always think that enemy players are too fast.why ?
kailash kerketta
kailash kerketta:
Bro ur videos are truly awesome
love from INDIA
noob gamer
noob gamer:
give me soutout
Thanks for this video all attack

I just want this video
Muscab Abdullahi
Muscab Abdullahi:
how to play foot ball with uot shoes ? i would like to be next video! do some skills! thnkz pro
Ibilola Thomas
Ibilola Thomas:
Yesss thank you all attack ive beeen waiting for this
Can you pls tll which r ur editing apps
Ofri Jato
Ofri Jato:
I wasn't concentrating on the video because I was being stunned by marvelous goals and assists from a midfielder.
franck Muhunjia
franck Muhunjia:
Thanks for this video.
I've a request. Please make a video on how to identify opponent's weakness.
Thanks @AllAttack
Thank you guys❤⚽️
First view pin me
shardul thakurdesai
shardul thakurdesai:
Next video:how to time a skill correctly
you deserve more subscribers!!
Richmond Amponsah
Richmond Amponsah:
I always improve when I watch All Attack🔥. Nice job
عمرو شوقي - Amr Shawky
عمرو شوقي - Amr Shawky:
good luck man
Martin Aleandro
Martin Aleandro:
Thank you next
divede di clemente
divede di clemente:
Thank u so much 🥰
We just learning out your skills to show it when the lockdown will end.😎😎
Cristhian Flores T.
Cristhian Flores T.:
Thanks AllAttack, me encanta sus videos son muy buenos, agradecerles mucho y sigan asi, saludos desde BOLIVIA
Mario Lisa
Mario Lisa:
Great video as always. Love your content bro 😎👍🏾
Rajan Damodaran
Rajan Damodaran:
I ,m your big fan💗💗
Eric Adwin
Eric Adwin:
Thanks.i like de bruyne
Delwar Hossain
Delwar Hossain:
Thanke brother. I am your new subscriber and i like this chanel. I am learning from suggestion.
rafiqul islam
rafiqul islam:
please make a video about the skills of a goal keeper.
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar:
How to strong both feet shots ?? Make a video
Nooruddin Caunhye
Nooruddin Caunhye:
He's like the modern Steven Gerrard! Same style
Jonathan vargas
Jonathan vargas:
Motivacion 😍💟
Aswanth CJ
Aswanth CJ:
Good content
Nidhin Nivin
Nidhin Nivin:
മലയാളിസ് ഉണ്ടോ ❤

All attack ❤🔥
Abdl Hàľèêm
Abdl Hàľèêm:
Hey brother can you help your phone number please... 🤝🏻 from Tanzania 🇹🇿
M4NB1GPZ games
M4NB1GPZ games:
I like your videos they have helped me a lot you are a crack I would like you to do 5 tricks of mbappe
Rajat Yerigeri
Rajat Yerigeri:
how to play like KDB: You should want to talk
Manjeet Poonia
Manjeet Poonia:
I want kaden to my trainer👨‍💼👨‍💼👨‍💼👨‍💼
Muhammed Rafi
Muhammed Rafi:
all attack 👌🏻👍🏻👏🏻
Shashi Sharma
Shashi Sharma:
A very kind request to please make a video on the skills which u can learn in room at home
Nicolás tv
Nicolás tv:
Gracias por.. Poner subtitulo. En español.. Así te entiendo mas..
I love all attack❤❤👉
Can u do the next video on Lewandowski. Great video btw
Røshan Thapa MâGar
Røshan Thapa MâGar:
Thank you so much for the video
Love you....