How to send large files by email - using WeTransfer

WeTransfer is a free website that lets you send files that would be too large to attach to an email.

In this video, I show you how to use WeTransfer.

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L Gilmore
L Gilmore:
Thank you Dave. Your videos are always so easily understood and helpful. You are my first go to for any tech questions. Grateful subscriber.
Monika Gregan
Monika Gregan:
Thank you for this clear and easy to understand explanations .
One question ,in comparison with other file sharing Apps or services how secure is it when sending large file folders ,containing several files and file formats ,from another computer?

Thank you.
Stella Photis
Stella Photis:
Very easy when you know how and where! Thank you for your video which was beyond easy to follow :)
You've just saved a nightmare I have had for the last 2 hours, I couldn't send my PowerPoint presentation as it was too large! Thanks for your video 😊👍
Paul V Gower
Paul V Gower:
Thank you. This was perfect. I need to send some photos for a magazine layout and although I am familiar with a good number of things a Techy I am not. This was concise and thorough. I know I"ll be reffering back to it for clarity when I get my file together. Sincerely, Mentally at ease.
Thank you. Simple and easy, everyone is so complicated. I hope this works thank you 😊
Thank you Dave. These was very impactful. I appreciate a lot
Thank u SO much Dave. I needed to send a copy of my minecraft world to a friend so they can host it for me. U just save me a LOT of time and frustration for me. Again thank u so much
Nina Rose
Nina Rose:
This was so clear and helpful. Wondering if there's a way to rename the video file via WeTransfer before sending? I'm trying to send an edited video from my iphone, but iphone Photos app won't allow me to access or change the name of any videos. Thanks!
Michael Robjohn
Michael Robjohn:
So clear , really excellent production.
TD Shrink Sleeve & Labeling
TD Shrink Sleeve & Labeling:
Thanks Dave! How do you save it for future use?
Emiola Odofin-Jolayemi
Emiola Odofin-Jolayemi:
This was so useful 👏 thank you
Excellent, informative video. Thank you . . .
J sTeeer
J sTeeer:
Worked great. Thank you for your help.
Bradley Rodriguez
Bradley Rodriguez:
great video !! FAST & EASY
Very helpful ... Thank you so much ☺️
your video helped me soooo much! instant subscribe from me! thank you so much for this!
Ken Winsor
Ken Winsor:
Great tool, just started using it, thanks for the info
Yesid Vizcaino
Yesid Vizcaino:
Very helpful, thanks!!
Sandy Rambally
Sandy Rambally:
Gosh thanks a million 💓. I have been trying to send a video and was in great difficulty and was about to give up then I came across your vid and was successfully.
Lovetta Taylia
Lovetta Taylia:
Thanks alot you make it very easy to understand.
Rad Ostin
Rad Ostin:
Hello. Thanks for your video. My transfer got stuck in 3% all night and I gave up. The file was 1gb of photos. Any idea of what went wrong, please?
Linda Shezi
Linda Shezi:
Very helpful thank you. Liked and subscribed
ian polesel
ian polesel:
Hello Dave, Can I send the WHOLE EMAIL with all the ATTTACHMENTS in it ... by compressing the LARGE EMAIL ?
Chuck Stevenson
Chuck Stevenson:
Thanks for the video used it this morning, takes a little time to download the file, but works well. Thanks
James Cox
James Cox:
The only problem I find is it shuffles your images if there meant to be in a specific order. Can I fix this on a setting or are there any other sites I could use?
Worked great!! Thanks
Thanks, good tutorial 👍
Dejen Desta
Dejen Desta:
brief and organized explanation
Michele McCormick
Michele McCormick:
Thanks, this was a big help!
Jasline Berry
Jasline Berry:
Thank you!!! Just sent an email of files. I tried text, social media inbox, and personal email before this. I was stuck before finding your video.
Rap Clinic
Rap Clinic:
Do you know why my songs (Wave format) change into 1-2 mb less in size as soon as I upload them? Happened on box, dropbox and wetransfer but not from the Mac to a USB stick.. just seems weird and hopefully there's no loss in audio quality!
Stacyann Clarke-Kerr
Stacyann Clarke-Kerr:
Worked for me. Thanks Dave
John Henworth
John Henworth:
Great video .keep them coming John
Marissa L.R Vlog
Marissa L.R Vlog:
Thank you so much for the info.. Now i can transfer video files.. a big thumbs up..
Anh Nông thôn
Anh Nông thôn:
Thank you for your video. It is important for me
Thank you, thank you, wery useful and helpful.
Sherif Muskic
Sherif Muskic:
thank you so much now i can edit videos and send to my friend😊
point break
point break:
2gig isn't enough for me. Is there alternative way for larger sizes?
Alfredo Cortes
Alfredo Cortes:
Hello Dave. I would like to know how to clone a hard drive of my laptop. I want to buy a larger one and not loose everything I have on my laptop. Thanks.
Sandra Davis-Gordon
Sandra Davis-Gordon:
Hi, Can I send hi-res tiff files using We Transfer?
very helpful thanks
Ric Capistrano
Ric Capistrano:
Very helpful, big thanks from the other side of the world Philippines. Be safe !
Dj Allen
Dj Allen:
Great video I love it
Mediumship by Picasso
Mediumship by Picasso:
Thanks this was helpful.
Colleen Mallette
Colleen Mallette:
Would this work with recording a phone meeting and sending the file to the person you spoke with? Its now 2022 what app would you recommend for recording? I know I can use Zoom, but looking for other options for audio recording only. Thanx if you can help.
Thank you Dave you are the Best
White Lili
White Lili:
Thanks you so much .I am using it now .waiting for the file to upload
Will chill
Will chill:
thank you soooooo much this really helped me post my youtube videos
Justus Ndyamukama
Justus Ndyamukama:
Thank you for this video
sravan surapally
sravan surapally:
thanks for the useful one
Ariana Valenzuela
Ariana Valenzuela:
This is the only video that helped me. Needed to send a large file to my attorney. Thank you so very much!!
yonah's channel
yonah's channel:
New subscriber.. thank you so much!!!
Alfred Dreamer Photo Comics
Alfred Dreamer Photo Comics:
I got the We Transfer app. I went to the app and chose the file I wanted to download. The circle graphic began processing. It Started at around 8 percent then it eventually made it to 100 percent. However when I went to find the email, it wasn’t there. I must’ve missed a step somewhere or something. Do you think you can tell me what I need to do? It’s frustrating not being able to email large video files.
Thank you Dave.
Middle Fork Films
Middle Fork Films:
tks allot.worked perfect to send a 1 gig file
Mauricio Valerio
Mauricio Valerio:
thank you so much you saved my school project
Freya Parker
Freya Parker:
Thankyou so much!!!!!!!
GORE 7860
GORE 7860:
Hi Dave can you do a video on a failing hard drive and how to make a back up to save it.
elsie alfaro
elsie alfaro:
How do you transfer a video using a wetransfer email
Deborah Masintima
Deborah Masintima:
Thanks you so much
Dela Cruz, Joy Ann, P.
Dela Cruz, Joy Ann, P.:
Thank youuuu.
Benjamin Wolfson
Benjamin Wolfson:
I tried this and it says that it takes 4 hours to send. Is that right?
Christo Roppolo
Christo Roppolo:
Thank you. Peace Christo👽
Dorothy R
Dorothy R:
Thank you, it worked for me. We are having online leatures because of Coronavirus Pandemie. I needed to send my Homework video which was 5 minutes long.

Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪
pete lacey
pete lacey:
I used WeTransfer to send a video file to Garmin. Garmin support said there was no link to the file in my email and they couldn't access WeTransfer files anyway.
Alfie Ostulano
Alfie Ostulano:
Is your file is safe in wetransfer?
VideoProc Converter Official
VideoProc Converter Official:
Thanks man
Nithin Stalwarts
Nithin Stalwarts:
6GB transfer. What is the best way?
how to password protect external hard drive?
Daniel McGill
Daniel McGill:
my present laptop is running win 7. I know it will no longer be supported in January. Can I still get the free down load from Microsoft site or do I have to pay for it.
Thiwanjana Dunusighe
Thiwanjana Dunusighe:
Thank yous so much
what about stuff what like 10gb is there any way of sending stuff that big to other people
Thanks it worked.....1~Luv
how do u do it on mobile
Hi can you do a video about my computer that keeps only booting into Asus bios utility
Nick Fraser
Nick Fraser:
I've tried but it says folder name is not valid...............always a glitch
Adrian Mannen
Adrian Mannen:
Maroof Khan
Maroof Khan:
Anil kumar kankanala
Anil kumar kankanala:
Plz make a video on how to download &install oracal latest version
Indigenous Aniwaya
Indigenous Aniwaya:
Mines is the same size but it's saying it will take 5 hours to upload is that normal?
Thanks but what could I use for 4gb things lol
Ian Dela Cruz
Ian Dela Cruz:
Its that open in cellphones
Dakshin Abeykoon
Dakshin Abeykoon:
Mate can anyone hack my computer after using we transfer
That's not easy. How about something a senior citizen can use.
We transfer is so slow
Rp haq
Rp haq:
elsie alfaro
elsie alfaro:
I am havin g a difficult time sending a video to a wetransfer email
joshua caspillo
joshua caspillo:
Bruh a 10 second clip is 55 mb for my kill on call of duty
I'm Din
I'm Din:
tq boss
Gauri Prasad Sharma
Gauri Prasad Sharma:
Thank You from Kathmandu Nepal Christo ,
Riezze Rosalie
Riezze Rosalie:
2 gig isent big.....
Nick Fraser
Nick Fraser:
oké found it
S J:
it is rubbish. they just want to know the detail.