How to Use Google Classroom 2020 - Tutorial for Beginners

This video tutorial will show you how to use Google Classroom for Beginners 2020. Google Classroom for Teachers is a fantastic way to help with remote or online learning. I will also show how Google Classroom for students works. Click on the below timestamps to navigate to different parts of the video.

How to Use Google Classroom Blog Post:
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How to start your Youtube channel:
Google Meet joins Google Classroom:
Make your worksheets editable with Google Slides:
How to Start your YouTube Channel:

0:00 Start
0:33 How to access Google Classroom
1:50 Create and edit a class in Google Classroom
3:50 Add students to your Google Classroom
5:35 Showing how students join a class
6:25 Invite guardians and email students
7:03 Communicating in the Stream in Google Classroom with student view
9:56 Adding resources and materials in Google Classroom
13:57 Student view of resources and materials
14:23 Creating an assignment in Google Classroom
17:59 Student view of the assignment
19:47 Grading and returning assignment in Google Classroom
23:20 Students view of the returned assignment

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Minorities' Education and Professional Development
Minorities' Education and Professional Development:
I just have a quick question: how can schools create accounts for teachers and monitor if they are teaching kids proper things? In other words, how can schools have control over their teacher accounts so no one sues the school?
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everyone here because of the CORONA VIRUS Edit:thx for 200 likes ♡
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Steve Stamper:
Nice job introducing this. I will refer back to it more than once, I'm sure. Thank you.
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Nabintou Traore:
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Carmen Rosa Pinedo Guerra:
Fantastic! Thank you for a great introduction to Google Classroom.
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So straightforward. Thank you very much Sir. This helps me a lot.
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Very well explained in an understandable way. It's very helpful for me as a teacher especially in this pandemic time, we need to constantly interact with our students on the content and most importantly the feedback could be given conveniently. Thank you so much for the simple presentation.🙏🙏
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My friend need me to become a teacher, but how
Marcel Maly
Marcel Maly:
SIR, this is the best video I've ever seen. You clearly explained everything step by step, in a way that non techies could understand. In future, if possible, could you please make a video how to hook up ARIES grade book with the Google Classroom? THANK YOU.
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His old teacher watching him like: 👁👄👁
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I wish my district would have taught us this before March 16!
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This was very helpful. Thank you for the work you put into it. I am having a hard time finding the link to more info on the rubric and the quiz assignment. Thanks for your help!
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Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor:
This was very comprehensive and clear. It will help me brush up some skills. I have a question I hope you can help me with. I've just started tutoring a child this week using Google Classroom. But I notice that when he does the worksheets most of which I've created as a Google Forms document, he isn't able to turn in the work. I've shown him the button to use, but he keeps saying he's not able to click it. I notice from my side it's greyed out. But I was able to turn in a piece for him earlier this week. Now I cant. I should mention that I imported my Google Classroom into Quizizz so I can share quizzes. I don't know what is the problem. Can you shed some insight on the problem? I messaged GC for support but haven't received any feedback yet.
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It was such a very informative video presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your tips that are still very relevant up to these days. God bless.
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I see you zoom In and zoom out while explaining specific icons. That's very helpful when students can't figure where it is on the screen. Pls show us how to do that! Thanks
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New to Google Classroom, very clear instructions.Thankyou.
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Thank you so much, and yes, switching back and forth from Teacher to Student view is excellent.
Thank you. Excellent explanation on Google Classroom. The teacher needs to spend enough time to become an expert using it. Students need training too.
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Laurie Evelyn-Henry:
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Pauline Loft:
Great tutorial especially for a beginner ! Super handy especially in this time of Corona 19 Virus :)
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Julie NaikDaurua:
Great demonstration to me as a new user. Thank you so much for the instructions.
This helped me a lot! Thank you so much! 😊❤
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Thank you so much /very informative - we just started our summer online class /Northern Mindanao, Philippines
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Marcus A. Stevens:
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Mr Incredible Sr.:
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Jennifer Chan:
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Mary ann Secillano:
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Raizel Hanson:
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sonia agard:
If I see handed in next to the students name and i know for sure that it was done but there is no work attached. What may be the solution to that problem
Nyasha Gumbe
Nyasha Gumbe:
Very simple to understand.Thank you think I will use this whilst we wait for the lockdown to end in Zimbabwe
Fun fact: when my school was signing up, they requested this video! And this was actually quite helpful! Thanks!
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Shesh Music:
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Ma. Jessa CAYAGO:
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Samuel James Serato:
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Azdee Academia:
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Roselle Castillo:
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Kerryann Ifill:
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Lisa Marin | Teacher:
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His daughter Sonnetta
His daughter Sonnetta:
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Ms. Reynolds, 2nd grade educator
The Parenting Network
The Parenting Network:
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