How to Use Google Classroom 2020 - Tutorial for Beginners

This video tutorial will show you how to use Google Classroom for Beginners 2020. Google Classroom for Teachers is a fantastic way to help with remote or online learning. I will also show how Google Classroom for students works. Click on the below timestamps to navigate to different parts of the video.

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0:00 Start
0:33 How to access Google Classroom
1:50 Create and edit a class in Google Classroom
3:50 Add students to your Google Classroom
5:35 Showing how students join a class
6:25 Invite guardians and email students
7:03 Communicating in the Stream in Google Classroom with student view
9:56 Adding resources and materials in Google Classroom
13:57 Student view of resources and materials
14:23 Creating an assignment in Google Classroom
17:59 Student view of the assignment
19:47 Grading and returning assignment in Google Classroom
23:20 Students view of the returned assignment

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Sherry Smith
Sherry Smith:
Excellent tutorial! This is the best and most comprehensive one I've seen yet. I love that you showed us both teacher and student views. I was having trouble imagining how it all fit together. Thank you!
Samuel James Serato
Samuel James Serato:
Great video! Easy to follow and your switching back and forth between teacher and student view is very helpful. Just a tip: In your video editing, you can adjust the settings in your 'chroma key' to get rid of that green around you. Hope it helps!
Andrew Zhao
Andrew Zhao:
Start / Intro - 0:00
How to access Google Classroom - 0:33
Create and edit a class in Google Classroom - 1:50
Add students to your Google Classroom - 3:50
Showing how students join a class - 5:35
Invite guardians and email students - 6:25
Communicating in the Stream in Google Classroom with... - 7:03
Adding resources and materials in Google Classroom - 9:56
Student view of resources and materials - 13:57
Creating an assignment in Google Classroom - 14:23
Student view of the assignment - 17:59
Students view of the returned assignment - 23:20
Outro - 24:13
Leslie Brogden
Leslie Brogden:
Wow - great video! What a great speaker and teacher - interesting, enthusiastic, and very clear. I appreciate you showing EACH step. Too often tutorials assume much more knowledge than a beginner might have. That gets very frustrating. This is an excellent introduction to Google Classrooms!
Runi Nakro
Runi Nakro:
Very well explained in an understandable way. It's very helpful for me as a teacher especially in this pandemic time, we need to constantly interact with our students on the content and most importantly the feedback could be given conveniently. Thank you so much for the simple presentation.🙏🙏
Jean Keppel
Jean Keppel:
Clear and precise explanations were given. There is a lot to learn, especially if you are the substitute teacher and do not have a classroom to practice using this program.
Sherry J
Sherry J:
OMG!!!One of the most easiest Google classroom tutorials. This was so simple and straight to the point. I really enjoyed it and it was very helpful. Thank you so much
Kerryann Ifill
Kerryann Ifill:
As a totally blind teacher, your tutorial, though not totally audio described, helped tremendously. Great job!
Aleli 860
Aleli 860:
Excellent! This tutorial provides a solid foundation to use Google Classroom effectively. Ideal for parents who are providing and supporting instruction at home. Appreciate it.
You truly are a great teacher!! I have attended several instructional videos on how to use Google Classrom but you truly give the best steps. You are patient and each steps are easy to follow.
Ryk Tatum
Ryk Tatum:
Thank you for this! It was highly informative and to the point. I work in children's ministry at my church and we are looking for ways to connect with our kids during the pandemic. This video gives me a starting place.
Vijay Vidya N&P Chennai 600028
Vijay Vidya N&P Chennai 600028:
Excellent presentation ... very soft and with complete language clarity, which anyone understands. I wish to get lot more support from you! Great..
Cathy Ferguson
Cathy Ferguson:
Thank you. Very clear instructions set out in a logical order. Fantastic to see the student view - especially for remote online learning.
Roselle Castillo
Roselle Castillo:
Hello! Your video tutorials are really easy to use. Would you mind if I use it as part of an instructional material in my teacher training? This would really help the teachers that are just getting to know this platform.
Eva Arceo
Eva Arceo:
Thank you so much for the new knowledge I gained right now. I'm a Paraprofessional and I think this is something a new experience for all. Clear and concise. Really worth watching. My questions is can you insert slides on this google classroom.
Annette Young
Annette Young:
Thanks so much: Really appreciated how you let us see the Teacher's and the Student's view for increased clarity.
Nancy Gabriel
Nancy Gabriel:
This is GREAT! Jamie anticipated my questions and gave simple, clear answers. I learned a lot very quickly and I am looking forward to more of his videos!
Mandy Johnson
Mandy Johnson:
Thanks for a great training for dummies. I learned several things in the first 7 minutes!!!
Jennifer Chan
Jennifer Chan:
Love your tutorials. Very concise and easy to follow. Your articulation is calm and clear. Thank You so much!
Chris Stephenson
Chris Stephenson:
Excellent video - well narrated and useful! Bravo and thank you for sharing!
Gin Wahab
Gin Wahab:
Very easy to follow. Precise! Thank You!
Shanyce Glass
Shanyce Glass:
This was a great introduction video! I feel way more prepared for my first year teaching and using google classroom.
Flows so well with remarkable clarity and adoptable. An enlightening tutorial. Thank you so much. God bless.
Mr. Hall
Mr. Hall:
Nice presentation! A lot of information in a short amount of time. Usually, I'm about 5 steps behind and never quite "get it". I feel fairly confident going forward. Still - kinda dizzy!
Rohainah Malawad
Rohainah Malawad:
I couldn't "Thank you" enough for this wonderful video tutorial in creating class. You made my life easier. 👏👏👏
Candace Karrer
Candace Karrer:
This was great. Thank you for such a simple straightforward tutorial!
Gail Wyatt
Gail Wyatt:
This was very helpful. Thank you for the work you put into it. I am having a hard time finding the link to more info on the rubric and the quiz assignment. Thanks for your help!
Sharon Pholo
Sharon Pholo:
This is indeed very helpful, thank you! I am still a bit puzzled as to how to mark assignments and quizzes in the Google classroom. May you please assist to show how one can either put a tick or cross if the response is right or wrong?
Kathleen Blasser
Kathleen Blasser:
I knew a great deal of what was in this video, but loved it anyway. My district is doing little to teach us how to use Google classroom and I am not confident of a full return in August at this time. I "managed" from March to May, but I never want to feel that ill-equipped again. I look forward to watching more videos from you. Question: my biggest issue that I was at a loss to correct, was that when I assigned something in a Google doc for students to complete and return for a grade, many were able to return it as a google doc and it was fine. But I had almost an equal number who, when it was returned to me, it was a pdf, and I could not mark directly on it. I am still at a loss as to how to fix this. Any info on how is welcomed and apprecitated.
Fun fact: when my school was signing up, they requested this video! And this was actually quite helpful! Thanks!
Rosalba Garza
Rosalba Garza:
Awesome tutorial, very clear and informative, love it, thank you!!
Lorenzo Gilliam
Lorenzo Gilliam:
How does this channel NOT have 3 million subscribers already!! Excellent and much needed video.
Kim Lee
Kim Lee:
Thank you so much for your step by step instructions. Thankful for a video that actually taught me something without first frustrating me with skipped steps .I am so excited to try it. God bless you mate
Joseph Staub
Joseph Staub:
I've viewed several webinars to figure out the Google programs, but this format worked much better for me. The opportunity to stop, play back and pause to take notes means I'm ready to set up Classroom and import Google Docs and Slides in a much more organized way. Great presenter!!!
Rachana Ayarekar
Rachana Ayarekar:
Thank you! very clear , simple & informative.
Belkys Chang
Belkys Chang:
Thank you for this tutorial. It's so helpful! You have explained and show me how this is so doable. You have taken off the stress of my worries. Now I'm ready to start using this with confidence.:)
Mariska Basson
Mariska Basson:
Thank you, thank you for helping those of us who were born Before Computers. Your instructions are really clear and I now feel confident enough to at least give it a try.
Yhanna Cay
Yhanna Cay:
Wow. This is very detailed. All my questions are answered right before I wanna ask it. THANK YOU for this!
Thank you so much. This video is extremely helpful. I am now teaching online due to COVID and needing these videos. Thanks again. Very clear instructions and thorough. Well presented. I liked to see from the student’s point of view.
Ahmad Naddeh
Ahmad Naddeh:
You're awesome! I like your explanation style. Thank you for this informative and easy to follow video; keep making videos like this, please!
Pauline Loft
Pauline Loft:
Great tutorial especially for a beginner ! Super handy especially in this time of Corona 19 Virus :)
Ann Farrell
Ann Farrell:
Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed to understand how to organize my class. You should be proud of offering help to people without charging. Thank you.
Genevieve Baldwin
Genevieve Baldwin:
A no gap tutorial, thanks. I created my classrooms.
Shahram Ersali
Shahram Ersali:
A great video. I have been recommending it to colleagues, friends and students to watch. Liked and subscribed.
Sudhakar S IITM
Sudhakar S IITM:
Cool, Calm, Composed, Care, Creative- Hats off sir
Sathya Devi
Sathya Devi:
Thank you for the clear explanation. A great help for the new users
Stevonne German
Stevonne German:
Have you made the other videos for quizzes and such yet? This is really helpful.
Francis Harry
Francis Harry:
Hello from Japan. This was very well done in a simple yet informative way. I like how a person could jump ahead or skip parts. That was a huge time saver. Thank you.
Teacher Lau
Teacher Lau:
thank you for sharing. your set-up explanation is pretty clear, but to be honest, setting it up seems to be pretty intuitive, I would have loved to understand better what I can use it for, how it benefits me as a teacher, what the different sections are for: what a guardian is, what the first fields that you left blank under the name is for... maybe if you had started with a demo, then followed with the setting up... just for the future. keep us updated! :)
maro eselebor
maro eselebor:
I have done exactly as you have shown in the video made a copy for each student but my students are still unable to see the document. Also does sharing rights affect how students view the document when it is assigned?
Ethel Swartley
Ethel Swartley:
Excellent video - very clear instructions, covering all the basic need-to-knows. Quick question: Do students have to have a gmail account in order to be added to a Google classroom class?
Joanne Eloho
Joanne Eloho:
This was so easy to follow. Thank you.
Origin Robinson
Origin Robinson:
This has been a lifesaver for me as a student in quarantine, thank you!
Margaret Bell
Margaret Bell:
This has been a great help for students and teachers. Thanks so much!
Thank you. Excellent explanation on Google Classroom. The teacher needs to spend enough time to become an expert using it. Students need training too.
Mariela Passalacqua
Mariela Passalacqua:
Thank you. A very comprehensive and easy to follow tutorial.
Arcel Lulu
Arcel Lulu:
It was such a very informative video presentation. Thank you so much for sharing your tips that are still very relevant up to these days. God bless.
Bruce Morley
Bruce Morley:
Great tutorial. One question, if you manually submit an assignment or project how can you change the status from Due to Done for a student. Is this possible. We have so many items indocated as overdue but projects submitted in class.
Rachel Poodari
Rachel Poodari:
Excellent tutorial! This is the most comprehensive video on Google classroom, Thank you
Peter Whitford
Peter Whitford:
Thank you for taking your time to explain this asset for teachers and students.
M. Raed Al Lulu
M. Raed Al Lulu:
Very much informative and useful, Thank you!
Rochelle Aiton
Rochelle Aiton:
Can we change the grading to a 4 point scale instead of percentage?
Dr. Mohammad Rashed Hossain
Dr. Mohammad Rashed Hossain:
You presented it comprehensively. Thank you.
Jennifer Harris
Jennifer Harris:
The Video Tutorial for Beginners offered me valuable skills on how to effectively use the Google Classroom for Remote Learning. Your presentation is extremely helpful for instructing beginner students like myself who are learning how to navigate successfully.Thank You!
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith:
Thank you for the straightforward video and a pace that could easily be followed.
Tom Newton
Tom Newton:
Outstanding - thanks for putting this together!
Nancy Kisamwa
Nancy Kisamwa:
Nice job. Thank you for the clean content. You're audible enough and free from accents!
Lois Tyler
Lois Tyler:
Eye opening! I have wondered how working with a classroom is possible.
Peter Beazley
Peter Beazley:
This is great. Really appreciate the straightforward approach to this video.
This video was so helpful and well done!! Thank you so much!!
This helped me a lot! Thank you so much! 😊❤
Kylie Monty
Kylie Monty:
Most helpful demo so far, thanks!
Eldee Balolong
Eldee Balolong:
Very helpful! Thank you. It's step-by-step
Param Kaur
Param Kaur:
Thank you for the tutorial. I am new and I am still a little clumsy. Hopefully you can share more on the google classroom.
Shari Clagett
Shari Clagett:
Thank you so much. You did an excellent and thorough job of explaining how to use Google Classroom.
Wow this was incredible and so helpful thank you so much!
Excellent tutorial! A+!! Thank you for doing this.
Hi, I am interested in your videos on creating a quiz but I don't see the links in the description. Thank you so much for this video, it is very helpful!
Laurie Evelyn-Henry
Laurie Evelyn-Henry:
Great video! How did you create this? I love that we can see your face in the corner while we can see you navigating around the website in the background. What program did you use? I'd like to create something similar for my students.
David Thomas
David Thomas:
I am a private tutor in Israel,teaching English as a 2nd language to Hebrew speaking primary school students,one on one.They generally have not yet acquired QWERTY keyboard skills.
Due to the Corona lockdown I have started teaching online, still taking my first steps. I have watched your Google forms tutorial, and I am dealing well with that. I am now watching this Classroom tutorial and I have a question.
As I am teaching one on one,normally one lesson per week, is Classroom really necessary for me? I understand the possibility of collecting several diverse things in one place,but is there any other benefit which I am missing?
Perhaps you could suggest an alternative? Great work,thank you.
His daughter Sonnetta
His daughter Sonnetta:
Thanks so much for showing me the ins and outs of pdf worksheet on google slides and then attaching it through google drive. And then choosing make a copy. Oh my. I needed to watch this multiple times again and again before I was better at it.
Thank you so much for linking me to this video of being a beginner on google classroom
Ms. Reynolds, 2nd grade educator
Cheryl Beason
Cheryl Beason:
This feature would be great for making our common assessments. My question is can the test be shared with other Moby Max users. Our district is considering purchasing Moby Max for the next school year. This would be a plus in this decision.
Patricia Marchant
Patricia Marchant:
I can't thank you enough! Simple, easy to follow.
Vosita Williams
Vosita Williams:
New to Google Classroom, very clear instructions.Thankyou.
Stacey Lutton
Stacey Lutton:
Thank you so much!!!! Very thoughtful to show the student's view too. I was able to follow along with you in my own google classroom practice class.
colleen biszewski
colleen biszewski:
Thank you for helping me to ease my stress level. Well done!
Constance Furey
Constance Furey:
This was the most reasonable of all the tutorials..Great Teacher you are a MASTER.
Mary Szatcker
Mary Szatcker:
Thank you for this video. Great help and every step clear in your explanation.
Mac Gabriel
Mac Gabriel:
Wow Thank you for that amazing tutorial, It helps me a lot. Specially to teachers like me that need to teach via online due to covid pandemic.
Tyrone Small
Tyrone Small:
New to Google Classroom, this has been a tremendous help.
Marianne Sanchez
Marianne Sanchez:
Wow...excellent walk thru...very educational!
Mark Belleza
Mark Belleza:
Tutorial is 100% understandable THANK YOU
Amanda Huebner
Amanda Huebner:
This video was extremely helpful! Thank you!
Adriana Franklin
Adriana Franklin:
Hello, thank you for this video. Where do you write your plan for each day. I normally do it under Material in Classwork. I was wondering if there is a better way.
nemmen lintag
nemmen lintag:
Hi! what application did you use for recording? I'll be using the app for teaching purposes. thank you.
Really clear and very useful. Thank you
Guru Bahasa Inggris
Guru Bahasa Inggris:
So straightforward. Thank you very much Sir. This helps me a lot.
Kathleen Salamon
Kathleen Salamon:
Thank you such a great explanation! Great for those who do not have a school they are working for as of yet but where Google Classroom is expected to be used. Thank you!!
Katharine Snelling
Katharine Snelling:
Thank you for the straight forward description - it was great
Farah Jalil
Farah Jalil:
very helpful......precise and the point. Thank you very much.