How Well Does Rafa Nadal Know Rafa Nadal?

We got Rafa Nadal to do a 'career quiz' and he absolutely smashed it!




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do this with Zverev, it'll be a dream come true
Vik Sinha
Vik Sinha:
Question: "How many singles titles has Rafa Nadal won on clay?"
Rafa: "No idea"
See, even he has lost track
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Nobody knows Rafa better than Uncle Toni......
Apart from me, who else thinks that Rafa's smile is gorgeous?
Kalle Koski
Kalle Koski:
Zverev: I would have asked when Rafa first played against me.
They asked him his height lol obviously the man knows his own height
Paul Daniel
Paul Daniel:
1:21 Rafa said 87. Cuz he thought he already won ATP NITTO FINALS. 😂 VAMOS
No Name
No Name:
It is unbelievable how normal Rafa is, when is actually one of the athletes in history.
Host: "How many titles has Rafa Nadal won?"
RN: "That's a tough one...87?"
Host: "Close. It's 86."
Rafa was already counting this ATP Finals😁. That's confidence even in his subconscious.
"How many ATP Finals titles has Rafa Nadal won?" would have been a bold question to ask.
nadal : hi. how are you?
interviewer, completely ignoring the question : we got a series of questions...
Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal:
Thanks for having me there . Still made a good score
Rafa is always sooooo humble n sweet indeed 😆😆😙😙 God bless ya Rafa ❤❤❤
He can make it 87 this year.
Andrew Romero
Andrew Romero:
Rafa is always such a good sport. Always smiling and never too serious in these interviews. He is just the best person out there. My Champion.
arts, photography & beyond
arts, photography & beyond:
Wat an absolute pleasure watching the Humble Champion 🏆 in every way possible..just Grace class in everything he says
J nid
J nid:
he really seems like a genuinely nice guy. I really hope so, outside the camera in real life
Bugatti Veyron
Bugatti Veyron:
Harry HineS
Harry HineS:
I want to be at the point where I cant keep track on how Many tournaments I’ve won
Jash Dixit
Jash Dixit:
If Rafa doesn't win the nitto ATP finals, that by default means that he will win 3 more French opens
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Rafa won 60 titles in clay! 56 times he played against Djokovic. Wow incredible stats
Vákum Jovencito
Vákum Jovencito:
According to google his height is 185 cm, he definitely looks shorter than Nole who is 188cm
Rajeev Shrivastava
Rajeev Shrivastava:
So down to earth, so normal, no pretense, what a man!!!
shaq porter
shaq porter:
Easy answers for RAFA fans! VAMOSSSSS!
Shaqeel Danial
Shaqeel Danial:
he said 87 cause he already counted next year french open. GOAT
True Rafael Nadal fans know all the answers
Indis W
Indis W:
11 doubles titles too? wow!
Rachel Nithya
Rachel Nithya:
RAFA h'd good memory power!!wooooow!!😍😊💐👍!!Amazing!!
Riley Riley
Riley Riley:
Whoolyy I loove him so much! He's even a bit competitve in answering those questions. Cuuuute.
Mythili Hariharan
Mythili Hariharan:
Aww, Rafa 💜 Always so sweet and charming
Anand Bhardwaj
Anand Bhardwaj:
good memory Rafa.....Vamos
Lalitha Ravindran
Lalitha Ravindran:
When did you turn pro? You’d expect Rafa to know that perfectly !
Sofia Cepe
Sofia Cepe:
Adorable Rafa, keep safe always ❤🙏❤
I'm amazed at how casually Nadal answers every question, and me as a mortal, seeing those numbers like "87, 60" (TOURNAMENTS) feel so little compared to him (in a good way haha). When players these days win one tournament it's like a celebretation of a gold medal, but these guys... they are just on another universe wow.
Bagel and Breadsticks
Bagel and Breadsticks:
Me -1
Rafa- 0
make it 1 each Rafa. Go get the tour finals. VAMOS
Jason Keller
Jason Keller:
this was so bizarre to watch how the interviewer referred to him in the 3rd person but so funny how Nadal just played it completely straight lol Obviously his accomplishments are ridiculous
It is actually weird that avid fans know more about their icons n idols than they are about themselves... I'm Nadal's fan and follower since 2006 when he first beat Roger in GS final... So, not 100% correct, but I knew how many single and clay titles he has won, i.e., 86 & 60 respectively...
Btw, last year I wrote an extensive article about him in my native language when he won record breaking 12th RG... it was later published in Sunday Magazine...
Eesha Kondlapudi
Eesha Kondlapudi:
Ксения Козлова
Ксения Козлова:
Mr. Inkognito
Mr. Inkognito:
Rafa´´he's too good´´ Nadal xdd
Eniga T
Eniga T:
Omg he did count the match with djokovic 😱😱
Himanshu Nigam
Himanshu Nigam:
This guy is natural, football, golf , Taekwondo . Is there anything this guy can't do.
Q : From When Rafa Nadal began to wear small shorts (size resemble to boxer underwear )?
Karol Wawrzyła
Karol Wawrzyła:
Amazing person
fercedez rary
fercedez rary:
Rafa has actually a pretty accurate memory
RaYoN DaBrE:
This man cares a lot about numbers.
How in the world did he remember how many times he faced Djokovic ? lol
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Field:
Wasn’t the interviewer in love island??? LoL
Nico Slater
Nico Slater:
Surprising he does not know how many titles he won.
kenguva santosh kumar
kenguva santosh kumar:
If I'm a tennis player I would have remembered my singles titles by name and date and opponent and place and umpire also
Nadal vs thiem is going on 5-5 in first set□□□🔥🔥🔥
Who comes up with this stuff? Some of those questions like when Rafa won his first grand slam...? As though it's a difficult answer, smh. Of course he was very accomodating as usual :-)
no pe
no pe:
what a class act
lmao you could see that Rafa thought this was super lame
zachary wan
zachary wan:
He said 87 cause he was counting the 2020 Atp finals 😌
No Name
No Name:
Sujit Rama Rao
Sujit Rama Rao:
Rafa didn’t know some himself lmaoo
i thought rafa was 185cm, but apparently not lol
Siddhartha Majumdar
Siddhartha Majumdar:
Unfortunately, Rafa is failing to close out sets or matches in recent times. In wimbledon 2018, he was up 3 set points in the tie breakers versus both Del Potro and Djokovic, but lost both breakers, lost the tie breaker against Federer in 2019 Wimbledon after being mini-break up, he almost allowed Medvedev to catch up with him in US Open final after being 5-2 in the decider, served at 5-3 against Thiem in the first set in 2020 AO, was a break up in the second set as well, lost all three tie breakers then, and now here he lost the first set breaker against Thiem after being 5-2 up and 3 set points up, and finally failed to serve out the match against Medvedev.
Joseph Sung
Joseph Sung:
Cori Krohn
Cori Krohn:
Nobody knows Rafa better than Uncle Toni......
Before watching the video - he ll get approx. 90% right
Wasn’t Nadal’s height 185 cm ? He doesn’t look like 187.5, because Novak is 188 and you can clearly see that Novak is higher at least by 1 inch (3cm)
So when Rafa retires from tennis he will go try his hand at Pro Golf?
Why is the interviewer using third person to refer to Nadal lol
Karim Slimani
Karim Slimani:
I always thaught that he is 1m85 .
mike sono
mike sono:
ostras rafa mide 1,88 casi? maadre mia, en la tv se ven mas bajitos
Christian Gutschik
Christian Gutschik:
6'1 is not 187.5cm. it's roughly 185.5cm
Ben Hesford
Ben Hesford:
Is that interviewer the guy who was on love island?
How many GS won without losing a set? .. 4?
What is the meaning of golf handicap of -0.8?
These questions are boring. Why not ask Nadal "Could you beat the shit out of Nick Kyrgios in the locker room?" Or "Do you ever feel like smashing a ball at a lines-person after a bad call?" 😁
Martin Ninov
Martin Ninov:
Isn’t 187.5cm 6’2”, not 6’1”?
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos:
Wow didn’t know he was that tall
Gold Wolf
Gold Wolf:
jaya p
jaya p:
Gosh! discovery of america moment for that reporter... funny...
Salle Bosse
Salle Bosse:
6’1= 185 and not 187,5. It also says he’s 185 in his atp player profile. I wonder who’s wrong and who’s right
Araceli Ebreo
Araceli Ebreo:
That was fun
How many rackets did rafa break?
Hélida Costa
Hélida Costa:
How many titles have you won?
Rafa: No idea.

That is one of the most important difference between Rafa and Novak. I'd bet Novak has a spreadsheet that he looks at everyday comparing his titles with the other greats. Nothing wrong with that, but must be exhausting.
I was expecting each answer to start with a high-pitched WELL
S1QD 10
S1QD 10:
60/86 on clay whaaaaaaaat
Brainard M
Brainard M:
Vamos Rafa
Erxi Shang
Erxi Shang:
Wtf.. 60 titles on clay...
That's insane, only wish there were more grass court tournies so Federer can have 40+ instead of 19 lol
Andres U
Andres U:
1.87m is 6'2', just sayin.
Patrizia Giardina
Patrizia Giardina:
Rafa nadal is the ONLY Champion, a Legend a ONLY goat a ONLY KING
Nitish Dash
Nitish Dash:
Borrowed this style from Wimbledon
Santosh Patnaik
Santosh Patnaik:
Tenn is Life
Tenn is Life:
İsnt rafa 1.85
Solo Io
Solo Io:
Please, since you are also the official ATP channel, stop confusing the SLAM titles with the Grande SLAM, the sum of the 4 titles in a single season. The last title of the GRANDE SLAM dates back to the great Rood Lever. PLEASE stop talking about what you don't know (and I wonder how this is possible)!!!!!!
Kimon Shc_05
Kimon Shc_05:
Make same video with roger federer
Dalibor Bašlagić
Dalibor Bašlagić:
Nadal is not 187cm. He is 184cm. Federer is 186 and is obviously taller than Nadal. Djoker is 188cm and is obviously taller than Federer.
Muhammad Fasieh
Muhammad Fasieh:
Why the hell is Nadal exaggerating his height he is just over 6 approximately 184cm 😂
Francesco Polletta
Francesco Polletta:
How many atp finals did Rafa won? Hahaha sorry
He's getting old
There's no way this dude is 187cm tall. He's barely pushing 181
Jan Veraart
Jan Veraart:
-0.8 on golf hahahahaah this man is a joke
Ryan Isahac
Ryan Isahac:
when did he start taking PEDs, and when did he stop? clue - he hasn't stopped.