Hubie Halloween Netflix Movie Review

This is my SPOILER FREE Review for Hubie Halloween on Netflix, and I need your thoughts explained below!!
Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler) thanklessly spends every Halloween making sure the residents of his hometown, Salem, celebrate safely and play by the rules. But this year, an escaped criminal and a mysterious new neighbor have Hubie on high alert. When people start disappearing, it’s up to Hubie to convince the police (Kevin James, Kenan Thompson) and townsfolk that the monsters are real, and only he can stop them. Hubie Halloween is a hilarious family film about an unlikely hero with an all-star cast including Julie Bowen, Ray Liotta, Noah Schnapp, Steve Buscemi and Maya Rudolph, produced by Happy Madison.
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This is my Hubie Halloween Review, did you see the
hubie halloween trailer? austin burke

100+ comentarios:

Austin Burke
Austin Burke:
Thanks for watching!!
What is your FAVORITE Sandler film??
3C Films
3C Films:
Just finished this one.. honestly the funniest things to me were the Mom shirts & Swiss army thermos 😅
Stranger Boi101
Stranger Boi101:
I like how in the end credits there was a In Loving Memory Of Cameron Boyce
The Ruby Tuesday
The Ruby Tuesday:
This film is gold. If you go into this thinking its serious at any point, you've missed the plot. Silly, yes. But full of Halloween spirit. And no other film so far has put me in that spirit, except for this one so far this year. Give him an Oscar damit!
Matthew Ocana
Matthew Ocana:
The worst part is that this began filming before uncut gems was released.
Honestly, no matter how much crap I get for saying this, I really enjoyed it! Yes it's far from perfect, but I do think that it's worth a watch!
rictor94 s
rictor94 s:
Ben Stiller as the nurse should have came back after the start of the movie I was soooooo happy to see him
Alex Rivers
Alex Rivers:
I can't wait to watch more Adam Sandler
Tait's Take
Tait's Take:
80s and 90s?! Don’t you dare sleep on ‘Just Go With It’!
Movie Fan
Movie Fan:
I’m watching it right now! Enjoying it so far!
Black Toad
Black Toad:
Sad he was snubbed, his performance was phenomenal
Nirmallya Ghosh
Nirmallya Ghosh:
This intro 🔥🔥🔥
Sriram Sameer
Sriram Sameer:
That intro 😂😂😂...
You're really the best intro maker ever Austin 😂🔥🔥
Carter Miller
Carter Miller:
It's literally stupid on purpose. It's kind of meta with having the knowledge of sandler's career. It's pretty great
Peyton Gross
Peyton Gross:
Although it wasn’t technically a “good” movie I definitely enjoyed it. It serves its purpose, has some great cameos, and was funny and harmless enough. I am here for the silly Sandler buddy movies. I’ll watch all of them and enjoy
Every One
Every One:
They bring back Julie Bowen and it isn't happy gilmore 2: shooters revenge...missed opportunity
Sid Monk
Sid Monk:
I had a good time watching Hubie Halloween. There,.I just said that.
paul Joseph
paul Joseph:
Thanks for the review Austin
Pinkie Pool GamerBrony30
Pinkie Pool GamerBrony30:
so it's like an Adult Version of GooseBumps sounds interesting and I'll might check it out
Edward Reeves
Edward Reeves:
I appreciate the honest review, Austin. I totally understand that these Happy Madison comedies aren't objectively the best, but I am a sucker for them. In a year as empty as 2020, this is actually really high up my list. I had a great time.
Craig C
Craig C:
I’ll be skipping this! Coming off the back of Uncut Gems, he decides to delve back into these roles.
Michelle Perez
Michelle Perez:
1st comment..
Return to lowest bar possible, yes.

The thermos was the one consistent joke they had and I liked it.
Beatriz Manzano
Beatriz Manzano:
I just finished watching it and really laughed!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄 But well I love him, all the actors and this silly fun movies. Also....some real good camera work! Specially for Kevin James!
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones:
I’m watch it now it has so many Disney and SNL starts in this movie of course. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it was in honor of Cameron Boyce who was in grown ups with him so was China and was also on Disney like some of the others in the movie. I also looked up that Cameron was supposed to be in it
Sanmitra Deshpande
Sanmitra Deshpande:
Why isn't Jack 2 Jill still released?!
Battle Cats Gaming
Battle Cats Gaming:
I think this movie will be a joke of a movie
Matthew Barnes
Matthew Barnes:
It was exactly what I expected..and enjoyed it.
Don't Jump Productions
Don't Jump Productions:
I wouldve hated this movie if it wasnt for my nostalgia towards almost every member of the cast
Ankit kumar singh
Ankit kumar singh:
Mr robot review
This just feels like one of the movies you have to put on during Halloween season
Just finished watching and i must say... a nice little film... colourful, nice locations, humour was silly not stupid and i smiled a lot... now try and get that from another film these days...Last film made me feel good was fire saga eurovision. I`m 51 and like horror and halloween... I say a good family halloween movie all can get around....
taylor hardaway
taylor hardaway:
40% and your being nice? No way I’m watching this, I have classics to catch up on. It seems like Adam Sandler isn’t really playing a new character either. He needs to come up with a new character.
Amal Jani
Amal Jani:
This was just bad . I'd give it a 1.5/10
Arjun P
Arjun P:
It knows what it wants to be and does it, I enjoyed it
At the beginning i was like, wtf!.. but then I got it.. it was that silly film that asks you to chill and enjoy the ride with good sport.. i did laugh here and there.. so yeah, i had fun watching it
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones:
I just finished it I thought it was a fun Halloween movie there were also a few nick stars that I didn’t realize was in the movie I don’t think you would recognize them though but overall I had fun time watching it like with most of Adam comedy movies it’s still not the best movie either
paul Joseph
paul Joseph:
Austin house of dragóns confirmed by hbo director 🔥🔥 what are your thoughts
He was great in Uncut Gems and definitely got snubbed but idk about "best performance I've seen in years." For him yea but not in general, c'mon Austin!
Ch An
Ch An:
Check out Vampires vs. The Bronx!
Movie Hoarder
Movie Hoarder:
Hey Austin I watched Hubie Halloween last night with my parents and I really enjoyed it very funny movie and a very excellent cast!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love comedy Halloween movies and I've been watching tons and tons of horror movies plus a horror movie marathon :)
Ahn Mensch
Ahn Mensch:
To be honest, I grew up with Sandler and I love almost every single film of his. Yes, I even didn't hate Jack & Jill.
And this is unironically one of my most anticipated films of the year lol.
Since there isn't much left to come out and things like Charlie Kaufmans new movie are already released, there just isn't a lot to look forward to haha.
And since everybody says its not "extremely terrible", I will probably like it a lot.
The film was so great! It's a Halloween comedy, not a thriller or suspense masterpiece. I really liked it and thought it was so much better than grown ups. Felt so festive and all the Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison references!
Wesley Greene
Wesley Greene:
I just watched it...I didn’t love it, but I still love The SandMan. Nothing memorable, reminds me of Sandy Wexler. Halloween deserves better but the cameos were enjoyable! 6/10
I wanted something to get me in the Halloween spirit, but this was so cringy. There were maybe two or three things I thought were funny, but I spent most of the film trying to process how any grown person could write and act in this and think it's funny. The cringe was powerful lol. I did enjoy Kevin James and parts of Maya and Tim's schtick
Ty Jensen
Ty Jensen:
Hubie Halloween was fine.
Tiffany Rose
Tiffany Rose:
I love Adam Sandler films 😍 their hilarious even all Happy Madison films
paul Joseph
paul Joseph:
Austin you make me happy by your videos bro😄😄👌
Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus
Mr. Mammuthus Africanavus:
One day I too will be a senior citizen happy and content in my discount ironic shirts ;p
Cornelia Amiri
Cornelia Amiri:
I just watched this - it was silly but funny and fun - I enjoyed it
Omar Jenkins
Omar Jenkins:
I actually enjoyed this movie
I hope he makes better movies in the future. He's proven to be a good actor. This however, I'm probably gonna hate.
Jessy Recinos
Jessy Recinos:
Omg I never put the two together she was in happy Gilmore omg!!!!!!! So cute that they are back together. It's a horrible movie but so cute
Film Geeks
Film Geeks:
I love the Sandman i really do, but i did not love this movie🤣
Abhishek Shivgan
Abhishek Shivgan:
Hey Austin,
If you haven't watched the Mirzapur (Indian Amazon prime series), please watch it. Because its season 2 is coming on October 23.
You'll like it.
Season 1 trailer-

Season 2 Trailer-

Please review season 2 if you get screenplay early.
Cinema Jungle
Cinema Jungle:
I want that thermos 😄
Joshua Lester
Joshua Lester:
Billy Madison, the waterboy, happy Gilmore, little Nicky, and now this movie the girls initials are V.V.
łøser. _.røser
łøser. _.røser:
Yet I don’t see it on Netflix
I like the movie more than I expected. Some of the jokes made me chuckle. Reviewers are over analyzing the movie again.
Cody Cox
Cody Cox:
Peyton list has some tig ol bitties
James alexander Taylor
James alexander Taylor:
Me and my daughter had fun with it. Its light breezy gives you a chuckle you can watch with kids and does have a lot of halloween spirit. I liked it
I love Adam Sandler and I will be watching gotta have the mindset for this type of silliness before you even turn this on, fuck it...just pluck your brain out of your head and leave it on the table sit down and enjoy the movie. I enjoy most of his movies...I have yet to physically make it thru JACK AND JILL and LITTLE NICKY, I'm just not that strong.
Robert Alexe
Robert Alexe:
I honestly wish it's garbage just so he keeps his Uncut Gems promise lol
Jake Mason
Jake Mason:
Im not sure if I was just in a good mood but I laughed way more than I should have lol. Far from a perfect movie or even a good movie but if it makes you laugh or have a good time then so be it.
Andy Evans
Andy Evans:
This movie was pretty good. Liked the easter eggs of sandler stuff in this. It was fun. The old ladies of the town their shirts made laugh. If you didnt notice them go back and look.
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ:
This actually wasn’t his Oscar snub movie as it was filmed way earlier. I enjoyed this for what it was but yeah it was ridiculous.
mister foster
mister foster:
Adam Sandler loves his V.V.s
Natalia Chavez
Natalia Chavez:
It was bad. I had to use subtitles because I couldn’t hear a thing Adam was saying lmao. There was a few funny parts though I got a few laughs, but it’s definitely not the worst movie I’ve ever 5/10
Your looking way to into it. It's not supposed to be super realistic I personally found it to be an amazing movie it's stupid but it's good
Pinkie Pool GamerBrony30
Pinkie Pool GamerBrony30:
today's my birthday also my Favorite Adam Sandler movie between Big Daddy and Mr.Deeds and Billy Madison
Shashank Vchari
Shashank Vchari:
You are the best Austin
Thanks a lot for this review
Hubie Halloween for me is a perfect example of a moron comedy movie
any fan of the old Adam Sandler movies, halloween, and SNL should definitely watch this one,otherwise this is totally not for you
Imma be real I didn't a Halloween vibe at all. I love Halloween and I wasn't expecting much from this movie but it was utter trash. They could've tried alittle. The plot was shit. Most jokes sucked. My little pony is a better Halloween flick than this
1:41 sandler gave that same advise to TYLER PERRY because it's obvious that guy doesn't give a shit what his audience thinks...he's gonna make what he wanna makes.
sounders forever
sounders forever:
It was really stupid but id be lying if I said I didn't have fun. 5.5/10.
Al Davila
Al Davila:
He is a big fan of Halloween and he gets scared of everything even his own decorations. This movie is shit
Tank Connors
Tank Connors:
It was Fine..
Brian Mcminn
Brian Mcminn:
I'm 2 minutes in and holy shit this is bad
Jack and jill was more original than this
Luan Nguyen
Luan Nguyen:
Like complaining about a steak at Denny's.
Matthew Mertens
Matthew Mertens:
A way to fix this movie would be to make the main character a normal geeky 30 year old safety officer who loves Halloween and always patrols his neighborhood every Halloween.
J P:
(Only if yo except the fact that it’s a Adam Sandler movie)This is an all around corky, Ridiculous, and fun Halloween movie and will definitely get you in the Halloween spirit! I recommend it!
picasso Damelio
picasso Damelio:
This movie actually kicked ass
i like Sandler and i also llike water boy i watch all of his netflix movies
Sandler wasn’t lying about making the worst movie ever if he got snubbed for Uncut Gems huh?
Alexander Heidelberg
Alexander Heidelberg:
This movie was ok but not ok 👌🏾
Laura S
Laura S:
This movie is just plain silly fun, not meant to be taken seriously. Totally worth watching.
Jay Rice
Jay Rice:
I mean was he even acting it was terrible but uncut gems a master piece
Jassy Jones
Jassy Jones:
Oh yeah the American pie movie with Madison pettis I wonder if it will reference the other movies to see if I need to watch those first
adarrl nathan tv
adarrl nathan tv:
What it's not realistic it's a movie
john allen
john allen:
Its Goofy like Ernest Scared stupid but Adam Sandler humour.
Reece Devine
Reece Devine:
Biggest issue with the film is the forced and obscenely childish humour and the awful characters
If you are a 2000’s kid, you would enjoy this movie with all these Disney channel stars.
Carissa Lutton Movie Talk
Carissa Lutton Movie Talk:
I had to force myself to watch until the end to give it a fair review, longest hour and a half ever.
Becca Ash!
Becca Ash!:
You apparently don't understand Adam Sandler and his comedy. Of course it's coming from someone who thinks Marvel movies are cinema... but the movie wasn't supposed to be taken seriously in the first place...
Cam May
Cam May:
I don’t think this is worst movie Adam was talking about cause the movie started filming 6 months before Uncut Gems.
Kashmir93 !
Kashmir93 !:
Going to make a terrible movie if he doesnt get a oscar nomination.... What was his excuse before that?
Dan Jon
Dan Jon:
I had to stop watching this. Adam Sandler ought to just stop doing comedies as I didn't like this at all. Far too cringey to watch, not funny at all with characters and the SNL lot were very unfunny imo.

Why does Netflix care so much about Sandler? Personally I'd give him the boot and focus on other up and coming artists than him.
Rick Janssen
Rick Janssen:
I thought this movie was hilarious! Another reviewer who takes himself too serious.