HUGE Barcelona vs Bayern UCL battle! + Where will Thiago go? ► Daily News

On Today's Daily News - Conflicting reports over Thiago’s Liverpool move, Leipzig make history in the Champions League, Setien and Vidal stoke the fire ahead of Barcelona v Bayern Munich, a transfer round up and Friday Feels!

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OneFootball English
OneFootball English:
FRIDAY FEELS: Let us know your predictions below! Here are Matt's:

Bayern Munich 3-2 Barcelona
Man City 3-0 Lyon
Man United 1-2 Sevilla (After extra time)
Fun fact: Koke has made more career appearances in all competitions than RB Leipzig as a club all together
Fun fact : Whenever Bayern and Barca met in the knockouts the winner has always won a champions League
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis:
Matt: “if it’s 0-0 let me know in the comments”
Bayern: “Hold my beer”
Kyle Seagle
Kyle Seagle:
Anyone here after bayern smashed barca
Leipzig are the second team to beat Diego Simione's side in the knockout stage that didn't have Ronaldo, 👏👏👏
B42 Shiraz Hassan
B42 Shiraz Hassan:
Edit:I am not a hater. I am huge fan of onefootball. I truly love the vids.❤❤
Edit 2: Everyone stop DEBATING and disrespecting each other .I have pretty much removed my comment cuz of the kayos it has caused. Can we all just appreciate both teams being so entertaining to watch and talk about how exciting such a clash is. Its obvious that the quotes could have been mistranslated and i apologies for that on my part. Huge respect for both teams. MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN.❤❤
stage_dive d
stage_dive d:
Tbf, there were some 'provocations' from Rummenigge. Although, the things Matthäus said do have no connection to the club. He is just a expert for Sky. I have to say 'provocation' is a big word for what Rummenigge said, too. I think the fuss is about two things he said about Messi and ter Stegen. Before he said them, he did praise them, especially Messi how good he is. I completely disagree with 'Ter Stegen is on his way to become world-class', because he definitely is already world-class. The intention was probably to support Neuer in that goaly duel.

Tbh you guys should just forget about that misinterpreted provocation mess and check out what Davies said about playing against Leo Messi. Pretty heartwarming. That is the respect between teams I'd like to see :)
Wesley Rodríguez Winter
Wesley Rodríguez Winter:
I don't know why Matt said Barca are the ones talking about Bayern they were just replying to what the chairman of Bayern said about barca
Petr Sedlák
Petr Sedlák:
Hey Matt the reason why Setien sad that about Lewandowski vs Messi was simply a reaction to the Bayern people who were saying that he (Robert) is the best player in world.
And we cant really blame Arturo for saying they're the best because in order to win the CL you gotta be confident you gotta try to bring the old Barca back.
Barsistic Playlists
Barsistic Playlists:
One Football "its going to be a very close game between bayern and barcelona". the entire FcBayern team:"i think not"
I'm Gonna Go Out And Say It
Matt's Predictions Are Going To Be Completely Wrong😂

Hope this ages like wine.
FC Barca
FC Barca:
Actually Matt you should have seen the questions of the reporters before criticizing Setien the reporter asked whether he had listened about the things Bayern and their ex players were saying and particularly about Lewandowski against Messi so you should check the question before criticizing the answer.

P.S - I like the vids but pls don't say anything without doing research.
Aashley Saggar
Aashley Saggar:
Upamecano klosterman and hasternberg were too good last night 🔥

And who in their right mind would have guessed that an American's goal would be a decisive goal🤣
Ech Em
Ech Em:
Dude its bayern who have been talking alot vidal and setien just replied to them
Nhlamulo Velly
Nhlamulo Velly:
Matt should have listened to the whole press conference..... Vidal said some interesting stuff..... Regarding why he thinks Barca are the best team in the world.....
It wasn’t Barca that was talking shit it was the former bayern players that were saying Lewandowski is better than Messi , the Barca players were just responding to all the shit Bayern were saying.
True Alpha
True Alpha:
Lol Bayern have actually been talking more. Check out their chairman and old players and see what they said
B42 Shiraz Hassan
B42 Shiraz Hassan:
When Vidal was asked why he calls barca the best team in the world when they haven't even won the league and he replied " I keep saying it because although we didnt win the league,we still have the talent,the fight, the best players.If we can connect.we can beat anyone.That's why i keep saying .WE'RE THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD!". I beleive he says this in reply to ex-bayern players and officials underestimating and provoking messi and barca. Love the videos!❤
KKA 25
KKA 25:
Well done to RB Leipzig last night, deserved winners! Upamecano had a perfect game last night and defo think he would be a right fit to solve Man City’s defensive problems long term.
Darsan 007
Darsan 007:
The intro is iconic as ever
Anay Gokhale
Anay Gokhale:
Angelino was absolutely brilliant. The amount of times I saw him at the left corner of Athletico’s box was unbelievable, and every time he got there he found a player a little outside the box who had a lot of space. It was amazing.
Adhyan Rawat
Adhyan Rawat:
Actually both vidal and setien spoke those things after lothar matthaus and the Bayern Munich chairman said that Bayern are basically going to win the tie. As for Barca win or lose lets hope that they show a little character.Vamos Barca!
modi ji
modi ji:
Oh someone forgot Bayern's CEO's comments and lothar mathuas' comments too.....
Ahmed J.
Ahmed J.:
wow Matt you here talking about what barça said, seems like you haven't heard the disrespectful trash talk Bayern had said about barça
Y T:
I've learnt never to trust transfer rumours until the official announcement
Shubh Dugar
Shubh Dugar:
Setien said that because the Bayern chief said Lewandowski is the best itw. At least get your facts right.
Anay Gokhale
Anay Gokhale:
Joao Felix after he came on was I think what we expected this whole season. Considering his performances last season we expected a performance like last night in every game.
Friday Feels:
1) Bayern are going to smash Barca by 3 or more goals
2) Lyon are going to get on the scoresheet against Man City
Manu Sikarwar
Manu Sikarwar:
Setien said that Lewandowski thing only as a response to bayern’s legends’ statements
Mebin Varghese
Mebin Varghese:
I guess u ignored the fact that there is so much of talking from Bayern's ex-players and authorities, so Vidal and setien were asked about their respective opinion,
And for the fact u just made the whole matter making Barcelona being wrong.
To much of biased. Or rather get ur team to check the facts better.
Shreyas Sankaran
Shreyas Sankaran:
its actually mad that 3 out of the 4 semifinalists will be first time semifinalists
Moksh Jhaveri
Moksh Jhaveri:
Love the videos . Brilliant content. Keep providing us with this fabulous content though maybe bring nico back

What a performance!
Aidan Hobday
Aidan Hobday:
Friday feels:

Bayern 3-1 Barca
City 3-1 Lyon
Man U 2-1 Sevilla (AET)
Davud Hasanspahic
Davud Hasanspahic:
Upamecano was on fire in that match🔥
Charlie Herman
Charlie Herman:
Watching the part about barca vs bayern after the match is just funny 🤦‍♂️😂
Pal Stream
Pal Stream:
Friday feels
Bayern 2- Barca 1
Man City 4- Lyon 1
Sevilla(penalty winners) vs United
Kidane Williams
Kidane Williams:
I just love how barca are the underdogs in this matchup
Thanks Matt you think Psg are going to win that means so much I'm a die-hard Psg fan i really think they have a chance of winning the cl
sweaty teen
sweaty teen:
Q&A soon , another dope video keep going matt❤
Kritartha Baruah
Kritartha Baruah:
4:07 Matt always gives the best verdict! Barça got ROASTED!😂
Ahmed Salem
Ahmed Salem:
Good morning from Florida. I’m Bayern fan to the core but it looks like Messy is going to do his magic again 3-1 Barcelona and 0-4 Manchester city. Love your show keep the good work man
Amarildo Sarra
Amarildo Sarra:
German teams this season are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jardé Jordaan
Jardé Jordaan:
I also feel Lyon will strike first and hold the lead for an extended period of time. Lyon to win 2 - 1 after extra time
Miguel Jaques
Miguel Jaques:
correct me if im hallucinating but if I remember correctly Lothaur Mathaus and the bayern president provoked messi, Barca and her stegen before Barca replied. They called Barca an average team for this season (understandable) but he said ter Steven is not neurs level and that messi isnt near lewa.
Messi alongside Ronaldo is the GOAT and I personally want him to silence bayern Munich. its a one leg fixture in which one magical performance by messi can win the game.
I am not the biggest of Barca fans but I wouldn't be a football fan if I didn't respect and love Lionel Messi. so im kinda torn apart on this one. I am not too keen on Barca winning but wanna see messi silence bayern.
Njabs 21.
Njabs 21.:
Vilhelm Kunckel
Vilhelm Kunckel:
1-4 at break! What a game so far!
This was the 700th daily this channel keep it up
Limitless 24 7 52
Limitless 24 7 52:
Matt, don't worry it didn't end up being 0 - 0, but 2 - 8 to bayern
Omar Tarek
Omar Tarek:
3:30 trust me mate this is right after the game and it’s 8-2
Pranav Shetty
Pranav Shetty:
Bayern v Barca - 3-1
Lewandowski (between '20 - '30, between '75 - '85)
Gnabry/Goretzka (between '40 - '45)
Rajesh Raval
Rajesh Raval:
no one guessed 8-2 win for Bayern 😂
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp:
Matt Probably Tired of thinking about FCB VS FCB😉
Correction: vidal said “this is barca” and not “this is the best team in the world”
Mr Bobby
Mr Bobby:
Tyler Adam's goal technically should be an own goal
Lil Stonez
Lil Stonez:
Fun Fact:
Thiago is originally Brazillian, Born in Italy but plays for Spain
Shambhavi Phadnis
Shambhavi Phadnis:
The best intro ever!!
Arnav Gupta
Arnav Gupta:
Friday feels:
Bayern 3 : Barcelona 2
Man City 4: Lyon 0
Sevilla 3 : Manchester United 1
Mr Bobby
Mr Bobby:
Vidal had to say that he didn't chose to a reporter asked him and he had to respomd
Kaniz Fatema
Kaniz Fatema:
Matt you said it wrong because every one knows what Messi is capable when he is angry so for me with the Barca side fully angered up they will win against Bayern 3-1
Kalash Sharma
Kalash Sharma:
That is why I wanted JULIAN NAGELSMANN for JUVE his attacking philosophy will improve juve drastically and with good defensive players they will improve their defence with time
Vasista D
Vasista D:
Matt's t-shirt is so cool🔥🔥🔥
whysl TheFruitDude
whysl TheFruitDude:
Nagelsmann is such a Great Manager
Divyanshu Ranjan
Divyanshu Ranjan:
Matt doing a Lewandowski while suggesting videos at the end!
Dominic Sharpe
Dominic Sharpe:
Lol matt said 3-2 i wanna see that reaction on monday 8-2 😂
Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez:
Me in the morning thinking that Matt's prediction for barcas game was accurate me after Bayern won 8-2😶
TGH_ Myth
TGH_ Myth:
These are my predictions for Friday feels:

Bayern Munich 2-1 Barcelona
Man City 3- 1 Lyon
Man United 1-2 Sevilla
bob dutt
bob dutt:
Matt's been watching The United Stand lately clearly. How do I know you ask? He used "prat" to describe Setien's comment. If yk, yk. :3
Oshojeme Adelemoni
Oshojeme Adelemoni:
Love this episode of the Daily News as always! Keep up the fantastic work💪💪
(P.S., Matt, your hair looks a bit neater, did you get a haircut?😂)
That picture of thiago looks like he’s a tennis player loool
3-1 in Bayern’s favor and a familiar face scores 1. Coutinho nets the third goal! 😎
Grigoris Karampis
Grigoris Karampis:
Bayern 3-1 barca (Davies motm)
Man City 2-1 Lyon (with Lyon taking the lead)
Man Utd 2-1 Sevilla (also extra time)
Markus Howald
Markus Howald:
Bayern Munich - Barcelona 4:1 (Lewa scores twice + gnabry and Müller once)
City - Lyon overtime, city with "golden" goal in the second half of overtime and wins 2:1
Lol it was 8-2 to Bayern I am interested to see what Matt will say about Barcelona’s performance tomorrow.
Jordan Beaudoin
Jordan Beaudoin:
The score in the Bayern game right now is 5-2 Bayern 71’
Mazen Aljeldh
Mazen Aljeldh:
Matt is amazing
G M:
umm Matt Setien answered like that cause he was asked by a journalist on who was the better player
Friday feels: muller, lewandowski and Messi to score. Alaba score an own goal
Werner looking for his return policy on his transfer to Chelsea 👀
iamDom YT
iamDom YT:
😂😂matt was holding that joke on Vidal
Gireesh Poudel
Gireesh Poudel:
Friday feels:
Bayern Munich 3:2 Barcelona
Man City 3:1 Lyon
Man United 1:0 Sevilla
Friday Feels:

I think Barca are gonna lose 4-0 to Bayern Munich (I know it sounds crazy but I think this is the stage where Barca will bottle it)
I think Man City are going to absolutely tear up Lyon 5-0
And I think Man U will tie with Sevilla 1-1 before winning on pens.
Mohammad Sinan
Mohammad Sinan:
I really wished that uefa kept only one leg in knockouts as it is more quick, and more intresting..
Hansi Flick at the last press conference: "Messi is the best player of all time"
wachira mukuria
wachira mukuria:
Friday Feels : Barcelona to win 2-1 Man City to win 2-0 and Sevilla to win 3-1 with Bruno Fernandes to score a Penalty
Divyanshu Ranjan
Divyanshu Ranjan:
Yaay!! Matt Frolich is here with his daily news 🤩
Chevaughn Crowl
Chevaughn Crowl:
Really hope bayern win today we have to be strong and play our game and compact 👊🏿
Y T:
I had a feeling that Leipzig would win, Nagelsman will become one of the best coaches in the world
Atleast you get the 2 right for Barcelona 🤣
My Predictions are:
BAY:BAR = 2-0
MCY:LYN = 3-1
MUTD:SEV = 3-2
Mr. Jennings
Mr. Jennings:
Honestly Thiago should go to Juventus They need good midfielders and he is is world class and he would guarantee starting
Have U heard what the bayern side said , They defenetly made the goat angry , I hope he scores some bangers like against Liverpool
j 4z
j 4z:
4:12 Matt mocked it😂😂😂
Looks like everyone is wrong bayern 8-2 barca thats tuff cant wait for tomorrow
Dialemini Macdonald
Dialemini Macdonald:
3-1 in favor of Bayern Munich (Lewandowski masterclass)
2-0 Lyon masterclass against City
0-2 Sevilla send Man Utd back to Manchester
3-2 Inter edge past Shaktar (Lukaku on scoresheet)
Eric Paredes
Eric Paredes:
FRIDAY FEELS: United to go to the UEL final
Friday Feels:
Manchester United 2-1 Sevilla
Manchester City 3-1 Lyon
Bayern 2-1 Barcelona
miguel araujo
miguel araujo:
Friday feels:
Barcelona 2-1 Bayern
City 3-1 Lyon
United goes through on penalties
"Oh I f***ing forgot it!"
dont worry matt it happens 😅😅