Huge full-time celebrations as Chelsea reach first Champions League final since 2012

Chelsea players and staff celebrate reaching the club's first Champions League final since 2012, after beating Real Madrid 3-1 on aggregate.

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100+ comentarios:

kk J
kk J:
Tuchel and Silva left PSG so they can be in the final again, what a move
Matthew Mohanlal
Matthew Mohanlal:
The fact that Chelsea played against Atletico,Real and Sevilla this season and only conceded 1 goal is absolute madness
patrick kilonzo
patrick kilonzo:
why is nobody talking of Mendy and his two significant saves have saved us. This goalkeeper has build confidence on the whole team
andreas witomo
andreas witomo:
They are opponents in a game. But they are friends after game. Croatian meets Croatian, Spanish meets Spanish, French meets French, German meets German. What a reunion. This is a great football.
Ankush Badiyala
Ankush Badiyala:
Jorginhio was emotional literally this man played his part.. Kudos to all the Chelsea team and fans around the globe..
Memento Mori
Memento Mori:
Hazard loves Chelsea so much that he ghosted for 90 minutes. Legend
karan gupta
karan gupta:
Kante is the best defensive midfielder right now by a mile, my man just doesn't know what fatigue is. Almost all the breaks started by Kante were threatening, he is just exceptional in reading the game and where the next will go, just wow, and what an engine he has. KTBFFH
War Child
War Child:
Seeing Jorginho so emotional makes me ashamed to be a Chelsea fan, his possibly the most underrated player in the world and to think of all the abuse he has faced from fans in the past makes me so angry.
Manchester United fan
Manchester United fan:
I’m not a Chelsea fan but I really want them to win the finals
Salih Alash
Salih Alash:
Kante deserves a UCL, he would be one of the most decorated players if he win it
Jake Bendall
Jake Bendall:
Thiago Silva deserves this more than anyone else, let's bring it home.
Prinve Dogra
Prinve Dogra:
Sad for Jorginho. He is so good in every match but still no body gives him credit.
Travis Tran
Travis Tran:
Thomas Tuchel is now the first coach ever to lead 2 different teams to 2 back-to-back Champions League finals in 2 consecutive seasons.
My man J5 getting emotional, what a wonderful game he played in my oppinion. Let's go Chelsea!
Siddhesh Misale
Siddhesh Misale:
As a Liverpool fan, I'm glad Chelsea progressed past Madrid. Also shows, Chelsea beat that Madrid against which we struggled. Kudos to Tuchel, man's transformed this club beyond recognition 🙌🏼
fulley lonely
fulley lonely:
It is funny seeing courtois and hazard get beat in the semis by the team they left to try and get a champions league
1:11 Seeing Timo happy makes me happy 😁
Daniel G. Jensen
Daniel G. Jensen:
Mendy was class. One of the difference makers. And he kept the defenders aware.
Mugangai Allan
Mugangai Allan:
Seeing hazard smile and laugh 😄☺️ after the final whistle 🔥🔥he got Chelsea at heart ❤️
Jordan Turnbull
Jordan Turnbull:
This is probably Chelseas most impressive euro final yet, there’s a lot more rich clubs than before.....they played Madrid off the park tonight, what a fantastic midfield attacking display
Jimmy Cabral
Jimmy Cabral:
Everyone’s talking about Werner and players like that, but I’m so happy for tuchel. Dude got sacked by the team he took to the final just to surpass them with his next club. That’s pretty legendary imo
Ultimate Nova Creep
Ultimate Nova Creep:
I as a barcelona fan feel very happy for chelsea. Hope they will win the champions league
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
As a ManUtd supporter i have to admit this is the best Chelsea squad they have seen in quite a few years. I'm rooting for Chelsea for final win (for obvious reasons :))
1:12 Seeing Werner smile is a big joy
Sayoni Chatterjee
Sayoni Chatterjee:
Thiago silva and tuchel are doing what courtois and Hazard dreamed of doing
Aravind Ajith
Aravind Ajith:
Guys don't forget how crucial those saves from mendy were.
I love how Tuchel has made the team around Kante. Now we see how good Kante was before Lampard.
Update & Upgrade
Update & Upgrade:
Psg menangis melihat ini😂 BISAH"NYA PELATIH SECERDAS Tuchel dipecat karena hal sepele😀 DAN skrang tuchel menjelma jadi TUCHELSEA👍
Jason Kennedy
Jason Kennedy:
Hugely impressed with the job Tuchel has done. He has created real unity, instilled belief, and provided his players with a clear tactical plan for each opponent (bar, ahem, WBA.)
Ankit Ojha
Ankit Ojha:
Thomas Tuchel is hell of a manager...just wow!!
M. Fahri
M. Fahri:
tuchel: "we're playing final again my boy! and we're gonna win this!"
thiago silva: "we will boss!"
Terry Maher
Terry Maher:
Thomas Tuchel as a manager has the air about him, that he's going to be one of our legendary managers I just get that feeling. Let's hope for a repeat of the win against Man City in the FA Cup final. Blue is the colour💙💙💙💙💙
Karan Sharma
Karan Sharma:
Hazard was so happy in the end like he was going to the final. What a player he used to be ;(
Unknown _
Unknown _:
Can't remember the last time I was this happy as a Chelsea fan :)
P. Strong
P. Strong:
Felt so good seeing courtois face! Hate that bloke with a passion but he kept them in the game until the end. WHAT A PERFORMANCE FROM EVERY SINGLE PLAYER! COME IN CHELS!
Johnnybgood 11
Johnnybgood 11:
THIS is the Chelsea team supporters have waited all season to see. Dynamic, disciplined and completely dominant.
Harford James
Harford James:
Timo Werner acceleration is incredible. Look at the speed in one of the counter attacks that Havertz almost scored. It was like wow!
adrey GD
adrey GD:
2:58 E.hazard looks so happy for his ex-teammates tho
J M:
Chelsea have become a very likeable team. Very few egos and divas, lots of exciting young talent
2019_Wildan Roisakbar
2019_Wildan Roisakbar:
Just see how every managers not just Lamps and Southgate really love Mason Mount. Most underapreciated youngster by own fans
Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson:
Everyone out their praising Tuchel , Silva and Mount. I just want to thank N'Golo Kante for being absolute beast since the moment we bought him, frikin 2 humans in 1!
I like Mendy, Chilwel, Kante. Wow! Every game they play, they play dynamically. 👍
Grant Wooddall
Grant Wooddall:
Rudiger has been one of Chelsea's best since Tuchel has taken over, absolute beast
akash gupta
akash gupta:
We're all together, and winning is our aim, So cheer us on through the sun and rain, 'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name❤️
kolim jone
kolim jone:
Just see how every managers not just Lamps and Southgate really love Mason Mount. Most underapreciated youngster by own fans
Lirgi Tuccu
Lirgi Tuccu:
Ngolo Kante is the most humble boss
K D:
Everyone loves Mason Mount... Really like how the way Tuchel hug and talking with Mason
Daniel Kabeu
Daniel Kabeu:
Despite werner not scoring in most games yesterday he scored an epic goal and a crucial one
Kanté just drove with his Mini Cooper over Real 😭💙💙💙💙
jennifer hermawan
jennifer hermawan:
mason looked up to modric when he was in the academy, now modric congratulated him and said good luck to the final, must be a good feeling to get that!
Abdu Andu
Abdu Andu:
Kante is not a human. He is a power engine. He is every where. Man like kante deserves this title.
One of the best CDM in the history.
Daniel New
Daniel New:
Love seeing how much it means to the boys, made us so proud tonight 💙
Deepanjan Ghosh
Deepanjan Ghosh:
I am so proud to be a chelsea fan since 2003 ❤️
Thuong Doan
Thuong Doan:
Tuchel and Silva be like : goodbye PSG, we all are together in C1 final again 😌😌
Faizal Rachman
Faizal Rachman:
my eyes got watery when i noticed Silva and Azpi crying . .ffs
Dev Ramsumair
Dev Ramsumair:
Notice the respect of luka modric to Mason mount and a t shirt swap quality recognizes quality
Kaushitwa Kafidi
Kaushitwa Kafidi:
This Chelsea team is something special.
Riddhi Gidwani
Riddhi Gidwani:
Mount is just so humble, a star to look out for in the future🙌
Ab Glamour
Ab Glamour:
I feel like crying when I see hazard embracing chelsea players
Dhana Rizky
Dhana Rizky:
As a Barcelona fans, I see this an absolute win 😁😁😁

Congrats on the win Chelsea ❤️❤️❤️
josh dkidd
josh dkidd:
Mason looks so calm because he knows there’s still job to be done
Legit thought tuchel was gonna start kissing Mount for a second there. Wouldn't have blamed him.
Ryan Deans
Ryan Deans:
Complete dominance. Wonderful display from the lads. So proud of them
Stock Tricks
Stock Tricks:
Yup, Good team performance all round, Zouma, Mount... even Hazard was Chelsea's star player 😜
Hillol Kalita
Hillol Kalita:
But deep down all of us know..had Lampard not gifted that team...the story wud've been entirely different..
Nonetheless...Tuchel deserves it more than anything.
Dentou Steam
Dentou Steam:
Tuchel and Silva get basically both kicked out from PSG and just go to the next final with the new team, what a story
Victoria Bolanle
Victoria Bolanle:
That tears from jorginho eyes says its all this man played is heart still yet some Chelsea fans still hating on him stop it pls
Waqas Ahmad
Waqas Ahmad:
I'm a Liverpool supporter I hope Chelsea win the champions league
Tuchel Is a top class manager has my huge respect
Gabriel Stanley
Gabriel Stanley:
Look at how much it means to Thiago Silva. He really wanted to win UCL and I don't blame him, he was the understudy for Paolo Maldini and Alessandro Nesta, he obviously learn from the very best and what it mean to win UCL.
Navneet Wadhera
Navneet Wadhera:
Crying tears of joy watching Jorginho, Silva, Azpi, Mount.. And Hazard, he's a sneaky dude💙💙
Tommy Kee
Tommy Kee:
I’d admit as Liverpool fan. Chelsea’s team is very likeable and got good characters in there. Congrats on making final.
CoolAid Man
CoolAid Man:
Mendy saves were legendary amazing gameplay lets see how it goes in the finals
Put some respect on Thomas Tuchel! 2 CL finals in a row! And this comes from a Man U fan
Baim Kurniawan
Baim Kurniawan:
👏 Congratulations to Chelsea for the outstanding performance, well deserved hope they win in the final, Hala Madrid
Islamic World
Islamic World:
Good luck chelsea in the final
From Madrid fan 💔
The Algerian Tank
The Algerian Tank:
Instead of praising individuals, praise the whole team. They were playing as a team. That was the key.
Incognito Exposed
Incognito Exposed:
It brought me to tears Watching jorginho with the captain's armband, crying while on his knees.. pure class..
Amir Rockett
Amir Rockett:
Real players are so gracious in defeat. Stark contrast from the PSG players.
Suleiman Moreno
Suleiman Moreno:
Tears started to roll down my cheeks after the final whistle ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Forever blue blood❤️❤️❤️❤️
Souvik shome
Souvik shome:
This brings me pure joy ❤️
Now all I know is Thiago Silva will give all that he's got in the finals
vander monke
vander monke:
Both the germans were absolutely destructive today. Kai's class is amazing! Time to start ur engines too timo!
Samuel Mugo
Samuel Mugo:
Feels bad seeing Eden Hazard on the other side especially during celebrations
bravo tzee21
bravo tzee21:
I cried for happiness 😢😢😢 I love Chelsea God bless us to win it🏆🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Joe K
Joe K:
Silva - "I just needed a break from the pressure to win the champions league" But takes Chelsea to the final
I always love that Brazilian celebration, get on two knees points to the sky, praying
Nikoro George
Nikoro George:
Hazard laughing with the team reminds me of my former love life... Having a cool girlfriend but still much in love with my ex... Crazy feeling... Lol... Hazard still very much loves Chelsea
Joe Haddad
Joe Haddad:
Happy to see Hazard finally smiling 😆
Francisco marulley karel hasugian
Francisco marulley karel hasugian:
AI cried tears to see my proud club win and will qualify for the final thanks jesus
Oh! That Jorjinho reaction!!!!
Took my heart away💙
Emilio M. M.
Emilio M. M.:
It was cool to see Rudiger paying homage the the 80's cartoon burglars.
Hayden Chae
Hayden Chae:
After watching this I realllly hope Chelsea to win the final
Isse Ahmed
Isse Ahmed:
For 10 mins pulisic destroyed Real Madrid, today we know how valuable havertz is and Kante, mendy, the back 4 are world class. Chelsea all the way 🙌🏽💯
Somali flame
Somali flame:
Whole Chelsea team deserve credit but Kante is a generational player. So good at everything about football. Attacking, defending reading the game etc. We should be grateful to watch this genius at work.
Luke Y
Luke Y:
I think the moment when Eden and Zuma talked with is very understandable.
Even though Real lose the game, he could be happy to meet his previous friends.
Mathias Bademeister
Mathias Bademeister:
According to their history, I cannot describe how Hazard, Silva, Werner and TUCHEL must feel after that match.
The Opinion Guy
The Opinion Guy:
I love Jorginho's reaction.
Krutz_ Ed
Krutz_ Ed:
When mount was talking with modric it looked like he was the senior player , happy to see him mature
Not even a Chelsea fan but shout out to Mendy with that amazing save.
Šerif Lelić
Šerif Lelić:
Joe Cole Chelsea legend sounds so proud of the boys 💙👊
Bella Díaz
Bella Díaz:
I've been waiting for chrlsea to be back at UCL Finals for so loooong gave me tears