Hugo Gaston vs Dominic Thiem - Round 4 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020

Hugo Gaston vs Dominic Thiem - Round 4 Highlights | Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments from the amazing match that opposed Hugo Gaston and Dominic Thiem at the fourth round of #RolandGarros 2020! Dominic Thiem goes to quarterfinals in 5 sets 6/4 6/4 5/7 3/6 6/3.

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This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros. The tournament 2020 will run from 21 September - 11 October.

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100+ comentarios:

How many dropshots do you want?
Gaston: Yes
M Billa
M Billa:
Huge Respect to Gaston👏. Thiem really had to pull through on this one
Vladimir Klipa
Vladimir Klipa:
What a fighter with a big heart Gaston is! French public must be proud! Greetings from Serbia.
Official Gangsta
Official Gangsta:
This GS has to have the most dropshots in history surely.
Natalie Jones
Natalie Jones:
Thiem doesn't like drop shots any more period..... 😂😂 awesome match . All credit to Gaston and congrats to Thiem for getting through
ElbrEd -
ElbrEd -:
Gaston is a physical monster
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
The way gaston saved the first match point was crazy ! What a match he played
Didn't even realise how big the crowd was till Gaston won a point
Tamás Tóth
Tamás Tóth:
Ryo Shusuke's emotional storyline :
Set 1 😑
Set 2 😬
Set 3 😆
Set 4 😂
Set 5 😭
Abdullah Hayran
Abdullah Hayran:
How many dropshots are you aiming for this evening?
Gaston: Oui
jorge palacios
jorge palacios:
3:02 the REAL SHOT of the day
FIRST - Premières historiques
FIRST - Premières historiques:
Bravo Hugo tu as conquis notre coeur !
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
That was crazy ! Amazing match by gaston ! He played exactly the righ way to trouble thiem ! A lot of dropshop some Slices and all he was verry clever ! That was a great tactic and it almost perfectlypaid...a great french player with a great futur ! Great mental by thiem !
Muhammad Ali Zaidi
Muhammad Ali Zaidi:
He just hit Thiem where he's most vulnerable. Incredible tennis IQ. Thiem must be glad he stayed calm and got through
Mathys LP
Mathys LP:
Thiem put energy here. There was an excellent match, Gaston 's ball touch is so good 🤩
Mohammed Haddad
Mohammed Haddad:
Djoko & Gaston have probably made more drop shots in this GS than the history of tennis combined
Sami 0
Sami 0:
The match deserves a better highlight than this
- Viwiun
- Viwiun:
It was a tough match for Thiem
Mia Ash
Mia Ash:
Gaston played magnificently.
He is just 20 years of age!
A bright future lies ahead for this talented young man.
OMG ...I literally had my heart in my mouth in this match 😟..Thiem don't scare me like that again 😫😫
Sophearith Saing
Sophearith Saing:
Seeing how many drop shots were used in this tournament so far, I miss Federer.
Thiem: Makes it to quarterfinals

Ryo Shusuke: is this possible..?
Merci Hugo pour ce magnifique match, tu as été monstrueux physiquement et surtout mentalement. J’espère entendre parler de toi bientôt.
In the 4th set Gaston had Thiem beat mentally but he somehow pulled himself together and scratched out a win in the 5th set. It was a great match from Gaston after being down 2 sets to love. Wow! That was so close!!!
Mohammad Ismail
Mohammad Ismail:
3:34 min highlights for a 5sets match is too long Roland Garros ! how about to make it shorter? just the first point and the final point .
Ernesto Jr. Acosta
Ernesto Jr. Acosta:
Dominic is a bull! Hopefully we see him and Rafa in the semis.
Andrej Gaming
Andrej Gaming:
Gaston played pretty well +Thiem made a lot of mistakes but , in the end , he pulled the win. Gaston has a bright future ahead.
Dropshot. Dropshot. Dropshot. Dropshot. Dropshot......... Amazing!
Now, I know why Stan the man lost against this guy.
vilius virbickas
vilius virbickas:
So far the best match in RG. Gaston played an amazing match, crowd was with him, while thiem made more mistakes than usual, however in the 5set thiem found energy and finished the match. This shows that thiem is above zvever, medveded, tsitsi and is one step to the big 3.
John Johnson
John Johnson:
Gaston is a sexy little beast. Hope he becomes a consistent, relevant player.
This match shows beating Stan wasn't luck by any means! Gaston plays a lung-busting point and he's not even breathing hard while Thiem is, and we all know how fit Dominic is! His incredible fitness level will win him many 5 setters in the future!
He played so calm with so much feeling. Obviously Thiem made a lot of pressure and Hugo just tried to play the ball back not too short so Thiem couldnt really smash or volley, but he was fighting so well man!
Dinkicha Dinev
Dinkicha Dinev:
Thiems leg gonna start running for dropshots while sleeping...
Gaston is incredible! Congrats to Thiem!
Grobert OAC
Grobert OAC:
3 minutes of highlights for this masterpiece is disappointing. Wonderful match from both players
Bruno Blazevic
Bruno Blazevic:
No one:
Thiem:Practically sitting in stands when receiving
anybody else searching the comment section for Ryo’s excuse today for why Thiem didn’t lose? just me?
On est tellement fier de toi mec 👏🇫🇷
Marjan P
Marjan P:
Before this match I wanted Gaston to win against Wawrinka, coz Domi is having a hard draw this tournament, then during this match I realized what a fool I was😂🤣
Jules Dubi
Jules Dubi:
getting to the finals for Djoko will be a walk in the park. meanwhile, they are fighting hard on the other half.
Gabi 54
Gabi 54:
Bravo Dominik, finally you made my day✌🇦🇹
Albert CROS
Albert CROS:
Hugo a fait un tournoi incroyable
Alexandre Maurent
Alexandre Maurent:
Well played to both players (especially Gaston), the match was beautiful, the 3rd set glorious
Marsha Julessa
Marsha Julessa:
Amazing job by Dom to overcome the crowd and Gaston drop shots.
too many mistakes by Thiem, great Match by Gaston
Tu peux être fier de toi Hugo 👏👏
The Ina Circle Of The Ancient Puns
The Ina Circle Of The Ancient Puns:
A thumping game, I wish an excellent recovery to Theim.
Russ West0
Russ West0:
The young gun played really well, big respect to hugo gaston. Congrats to Domi please steal the french open title to Rafa 😄
Miguel Pessanha
Miguel Pessanha:
Hopefully Thiem has learnt that with these conditions and balls, if he faces players like Novak he won't be able to stay so far back from the baseline.
Ruben Sánchez
Ruben Sánchez:
I fall in love with the play of Gaston. I'm from now on a fan of yours!
Jimmy He
Jimmy He:
Wow, Gaston is another great shorty like Diego. He pushed Dormi to his limits!😃
Siddharth Vaz
Siddharth Vaz:
Thiem vs schwartzman will be very interesting. I think Thiem's fitness will become an issue from now on as the uso would have drained him, especially the final.
JC Lewis
JC Lewis:
Thiem is looking great man his shots are penetrating. Can’t wait for the next match
abel nicolae
abel nicolae:
Best tennis I've seen in a while.
Marlo gorg
Marlo gorg:
Maybe the best match of the tournament.. For the moment!! 😁
Mira Gowaikar
Mira Gowaikar:
Wish I was able to watch that live :(
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson:
Love watching thiem never stops fighting
At last handshake! Brave ones!
All-Integral Love-Expansion
All-Integral Love-Expansion:
who is this Gaston? since when is he soo good??? respect!!!
Mendoza_ 92
Mendoza_ 92:
Gg Hugo pour ce match de folie
Rodryg Беларуская
Rodryg Беларуская:
It was a difficult match for Thiem. I'm glad he mastered it but Gaston's points were great.
Gurjit Chana
Gurjit Chana:
🖤 Dominic Thiem 🖤
Phenomenal effort from Gaston. I sincerely look forward to seeing more of him in the future.
Marcel Torretta
Marcel Torretta:
Most amusing match I've watched in a while.. Gaston showed something new today with those incredible drop shots executed ridiculously often.. Thiem was really uncomfortable trying to find answers.
I wonder if that's something we'll start to see more often.
O. Bottechia
O. Bottechia: wishes to Gaston in the future, he deserves it after 2 fantastic games at RG!!!
Valden Corr
Valden Corr:
Hugo softened up Thiem for Rafa, he dropped shot him to death, I get the feeling Thiem hasn't really recovered from his USO final.
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang:
They were absolutely SCRAMBLING. I love that they never gave up until the ball bounced twice. amazing movement.
Je pense que Gaston a AMORTI ses frais annuels avec ce 1/8 eme a RG.
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp:
Bravo Hugo, un parcours exceptionnel qui t'inspirera je l'espère pour les éditions à venir !
Bon vent à toi champion !
Huge Respect to Gaston👏. Thiem really had to pull through on this one
with an exceptional clarity of mind from Gaston, we can say that this could have been the best coming out of the tournament so far
I'm getting Nadal vs Federer flashbacks
So no highlight of Gaston's two set points? Smh.
Olivia Barrett
Olivia Barrett:
In one sense it’s really lucky for Thiem to have a match like this in the R16 because it may wake him up to the fact that he can’t play this way and win. He will know what to expect in a sense from his future opponents and the adjustments that need to be made to win. I think this match could be really helpful for Dominic if makes it to the final 💪🏻
Vince D
Vince D:
People who haven't seen the game might think Thiem hasn't played well.
The truth is that Thiem played well overall, see very well during the first 2 sets but did not support the rhythm of the young Gaston which made Thiem fall back into his mistakes with a lot of faults.
The match with the highest level since the start of the tournament.
Darius Malone
Darius Malone:
Wow, Gaston played incredible, but I do think Thiem looked bit out of sorts...I think it will take Rafa to actually slay Thiem, even at this level Thiem is that tough on clay
Surely you can stretch the highlights to at least 8 minutes?!. Give the effort some credit.
Andreas Hoppe
Andreas Hoppe:
This match reminded me a bit of thiem vs delpo when delpo came back from 2 sets down. This time thiem kept his nerves though
Silent Observer
Silent Observer:
this match deserves at least 10 minutes highlights video!
Milton Ng
Milton Ng:
Meanwhile Djokovic and Nadal are still baking breadsticks and bagels...
Finally someone really different
would be a tough match against schwartzman, but hopefully thiem can go on to play nadal, i'm very excited for that
Rohit Venkat Gandhi Mendadhala
Rohit Venkat Gandhi Mendadhala:
Kudos to Gaston for a tough fight with Dominic. Seems like he would be the new future of tennis. Gaston's agility was supreme... Dominic held his nerve and patiently fought back. Would love to see him in a clash with Nadal, Djokovic, and defeat them.
Drop Shot
Drop Shot:
I don't need to practice my drop shots, I've had my dose in this RG. Now it's time to execute them.
Shiva Kumar
Shiva Kumar:
Hugo made Thiem play to his tune in 3rd and 4th set. Lot of well executed drop shots specifically to Thiem's backhand side, excellent strategy. And Rafa like defence from the back. Probably, this frustrated Stan in the previous round who also likes to hit winners.

I couldn't understand why Thiem was so hell bent to hit ONLY winners from 5 meters behind the baseline. He didn't use drop shots even when his opponent was pushed so far behind.
*Gaston hits pop
Dominic between the legs shot: Am I a joke to you?
R Martinez
R Martinez:
It was a great match!! Both players gave everythings they had on the court. Gaston really push thiem to his limit. Thiem looks tired in this match because gaston played very well and smart, drop shot works as well. Glad thiem winning this one. Happy for gaston, he's a real fighter.
Well played by both players. Thiem is improving everyday. Second grand slam on its way
Paul Le bg
Paul Le bg:
dommage hugo
мя xxx
мя xxx:
Even if thiem manages to get past the quarters, I don't see him beating nadal playing at that level. Anything other than a djokovic-nadal final will be a shock
Gaston is a big Fighter I give him that.
Michel Haineault
Michel Haineault:
two great players ,this Gaston is very promising.
Blumpu Floofer
Blumpu Floofer:
This dude is gonna be number one at some time
El Pimienta
El Pimienta:
Did they just hi 👋 five. First time in the tournament🤭😂
Alex Scooter
Alex Scooter:
That was amazing !
Rob K
Rob K:
I mean, that’s just good tennis, hats off to both amigos, enjoyed it!
yassine Elmardi
yassine Elmardi:
Respect to Gaston and thiem was very lucky in the last set.
Lucas sglt
Lucas sglt:
Si lui c’est pas l’avenir du tennis 🇫🇷 alors dominic Thiem n’est pas 3e mondial. Juste merci 🤩
Vi Vi H
Vi Vi H:
Wow.. Hugo make me surprised!! Thiem keeping up ! We’ll wait you in Final 💪🏻