“I Don’t Give A F**! We Just Won The Champions League!" Havertz & Azpilicueta elated after final win

Match-winner Kai Havertz and Captain Cezar Azpilicueta hail a "special, special day" to Des Kelly as Chelsea win the Champions League for the second time!

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100+ comentarios:

99 Whizzman
99 Whizzman:
Azpilicueta has now won every trophy possible at Chelsea. He's been a great servant for them.
Michael Maruli
Michael Maruli:
I like the way how Azpili praise his young boy... Bravo Captain!👍
Amaan Dadan
Amaan Dadan:
"I don't give a F**k on that"-
Mr. Kai
Ved Mishra
Ved Mishra:
“Idgaf”- Kai “F” Havertz 🔥
Charlie Carolan
Charlie Carolan:
James emptying his pockets
Imagine thinking
havertz is a flop
Kante isn't the best midfielder in the world
And that reece james is overrated 🤣🤡
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele:
Azpi is right up there at the table with the likes of JT, Lamps and Didier etc.
A M:
The Chelsea defence turned into Brazil 70’s tonight and Kante what another class performance for him he was everywhere creating, intercepting he really is like having a second man on the pitch
Omar Biro
Omar Biro:
Damn, Azpilicueta really deserves this CL. He's a club legend and rightly so.
Abu Othman Ibrahim
Abu Othman Ibrahim:
All chelsea 250mil go..
Ziyech score in round16,
Chilwell score in quarter final,
Werner score in semi final,
Havertz score in final..
So now all see where money chelsea spend.. WIN UCL
Sam Jones
Sam Jones:
That goal will make Kai feel a lot better after a tough first season and can focus on that and be better next season

And what a ball for another rising star in mount
Where all the havertz haters at this one goal is worth more than an all your players combined
Master Yoda
Master Yoda:
1:41 After apologising for bad language the interviewer almost swears himself lmao
OG Cookie Monster
OG Cookie Monster:
Beautiful beautiful assist from Mount to set Havertz into a classy and calm finish. Azpi is truly a legend and he deserves massive respects
Things Reece James takes out of his pocket when he gets home:

> Wallet
> Phone
> Keys
> *_*Raheem Sterling*_*
Siroz Yeager
Siroz Yeager:
Imagine if haaland was here
He would have said
" First half was good the second half was also good man city were sh*t now bye "
Sagar Mane
Sagar Mane:
Kai Havertz just the second player to score his first ucl goal after Gundogan scored for dortmund in 2013 final!
Sharath P V
Sharath P V:
Azpi is a born leader 🔥 when i saw him get up after that knee collision i saw John Terry himself.
The Observer
The Observer:
I don't care if he's flop again after this performance. He will be forever be remembered as A LEGEND for me.
Havertz already pay back the amount of money Chelsea used to get him.
Just like Torres.
Put some respect on Cesar azpilucueta’s name. Absolute warrior of a player. Deserves that champions league. Respect from a united fan.
David muoka
David muoka:
I'm an arsenal fan but I have to admit it Chelsea deserved this and this game was far better than the 2019 UCL final
Daniel Asfaw
Daniel Asfaw:
Kai being naughty. 😂 Chelsea
Anirudh Varma
Anirudh Varma:
"i dont give a fk about that we just won the fkin champions league"

Ctrl Alt De Ligt
Ctrl Alt De Ligt:
He’s only 21, settling in a new country and he also had covid when he hit form, now playing brilliant under Tuchel and unleashing potential KING KAI 👑 💙
Kings of the champions league 🔵😭
Rodrigo B
Rodrigo B:
What a match from Kai.
Probably his best match in a Chelsea kit and at what time.
after some doubts people had about Kai during the season he's risen above it all and shown huge growth. And Azpi what a captain the way he brings the players together.
Andria Kobakhia
Andria Kobakhia:
Azpi is such a great guy a real leader, captain just amazing hard working player <3
André Mc Farlane
André Mc Farlane:
Dave's Chelsea legacy is indisputable, Legend
Havertz really show his class tonight....his best game so far this season.... he's the next superstar !
that whole defence was immense in this game. reece james, christensen, rudiger all incredible
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus:
Kante! What a player, deserves to win uefa mens player of the year. Best cdm itw in my books.......
Joe Gusset
Joe Gusset:
havertz is such a good player. hes gonna be one of our best for many years
2012 season is so similar with 2021 season Thomas Tuchel is the new DiMatteo, Mason Mount is the new Lampard, and Timo Werner is the new Fernando Torres LOL
Premier Madness
Premier Madness:
Cesar in my eyes is a Chelsea legend.
I am not a fan of Jose but I won't ever forget what he said about Ngolo Kante. He once said Leicester could win the EPL cuz of Kante in the team and happened. Kante was phenomenal today; by far the best player on the pitch. He's something else. Kante wins U trophies.
Azpi has really grown into the captain's role. Well and truly written his name into the book of Chelsea legends!
Shahzaib Sadiq
Shahzaib Sadiq:
Kante & Havertz were fantastic tonight. An icon in the making 🔥
Tshwane Mashaba
Tshwane Mashaba:
"I dont give a F. We just won the F champions league"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
-King Kai (has spoken)
Amadou Jallow
Amadou Jallow:
An ABSOLUTELY flawless performance from CHELSEA!!! All their players were solid throughout the game.
Early of the season haters didn't gave him a chance... haterss keep calling him flop and worst transfer for chelsea....but now he's 90% adapt for chelsea..... next season he gonna be one of the best superstar in the world football 💙
Gregor Drizzle wing
Gregor Drizzle wing:
Cesar will forever be my favourite Chelsea captain love that dude ❤️
Maxx Viintage
Maxx Viintage:
"Kai's the limit" Gary Lineker 2021...
Dominic kipngetich
Dominic kipngetich:
Let's not forget about Mount,, with that great pass,, true legend😍😍
What a win! And what a nice talk from the captain!
Kendrick football
Kendrick football:
Havertz spiking like a true King 👑 top mentality and calm and collected
man i love our captain, so underrated!!
nancy michael
nancy michael:
I'm so happy for Azpilicueta.
Ph Son Tung
Ph Son Tung:
1:25 - Best interview ever in the history of interviews !!!
Lord Diego Costa
Lord Diego Costa:
this will be on par with ashley cole's german penalties interview
MUN 11
MUN 11:
Wholesome moment between Azpi and Kai.
Hải Bếu
Hải Bếu:
Azpi is a proper captain, he's not your best friend but it's always good to have him around. Up the Blues 💙💙💙
Marcus T
Marcus T:
While I'm gutted that city couldn't make it happen especially for Agüero, I'm glad that of all people it was Azpilicueta who lifted the trophy. What a captain, what a man
azpi's words to kai shows why he is a great leader and a great captain for chelsea, definitely a chelsea legend🔵🔵
Azpilicueta showing his class as a captain. Showing love to every teammate
Love Kai's honesty. Don't see it enough from players
Rafael Da Silva Costa
Rafael Da Silva Costa:
That was a good Champions League final as well as fighting and passion. Congratulations to Fc Chelsea for a lifetime. Fc Chelsea
Matthew Boarer
Matthew Boarer:
Azpi is a club legend, if that was ever in doubt, it surely isn’t now
Ронахи Дневной свет
Ронахи Дневной свет:
Nine years ago they won the championship at the hardest and most difficult moment, this year has been the year for the new generation to sail. Chelsea is already an experienced team in the Finals.
kt rein
kt rein:
arsenal fan here, i always get triggered whenever idiots say Kai is a flop.
Harold 10
Harold 10:
Haverts 1 UCL
Mbappe Haaland Joao Felix Sancho
Foden Vinicius Jr 0 UCLs

Damn out of the Next generations Attackers it was Havert that hit first
Azpi come to london as a young lad chasing his dream and now he is our leader, not impossible for kai to do the same for us
Was I the only one who got scared when Azpilicueta jumped into the interview?
Dedy Prayoga
Dedy Prayoga:
His transfer fee feels cheap now..
Jonathan Ngo-Minh
Jonathan Ngo-Minh:
Kai really showed his class and coolness. What a talent! Won us the champions league! 🙌
Dylan Parker
Dylan Parker:
Havertz "Now that I've dropped the F Bomb, I'm off" xD
Goldmind International
Goldmind International:
Speechless speechless speechless
Chelsea proved the world wrong
Azpi was lit
John Murton
John Murton:
Cesar most underrated player in premier league history
Altern8rlc - A Chelsea FC Channel
Altern8rlc - A Chelsea FC Channel:
Reece James is gonna find tons of pound sterling in his pockets later on...
The new "football is fkn unbelievable" moment, fabregas would be proud of kai :)
swag lad
swag lad:
Can't wait for arsenal fans to still claim they are the biggest in London LMAO
“I apologise for that fruity language”🤣🤣🤣
Subhrajyoti Roy
Subhrajyoti Roy:
King Didier and King Kai has same language pattern I guess 😂😂😂
Groove Traxxx Gingerbreadman
Groove Traxxx Gingerbreadman:
Funny when they say that Pep "over-thinks" his tactics..........what really it is Pep's arrogance gets the better of him.......same happened last season against Lyon in the semi-final of last season's UCL.....underestimated them too.
Naillozer Phillips
Naillozer Phillips:
On May 29th, my love Kai Havertz score with his blue 💙 shirt 29 .what a concedense!!! Go Victory Chelsea !!!!💙💙💙
Mark Farmer
Mark Farmer:
Happy for Havertz but once again, Kante is overlooked. The media should've been queueing up to interview him. He was head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch tonight.
Frankie Dake
Frankie Dake:
My man silenced all haters, what a great end of the season for blues
Oskar Stobinski
Oskar Stobinski:
First UCL Goal in the Final to win it 😂😂😂
The Blues CFC
The Blues CFC:
I love Azpi he is a true club legend now
Mahlon kipruto
Mahlon kipruto:
Relief meditation music
Relief meditation music:
He paid everything tonight and still have change! King kai 🥂
Azpi saw Kai was struggling and stepped in and gave him the confidence to answer a stupid question brilliantly
Allan Liang
Allan Liang:
Now I know why we paid so much money for him 😅
Twitch Highlights
Twitch Highlights:
This man is 21 years old, people talk about Foden but Havertz is the real deal
Christopher Ooi
Christopher Ooi:
Havertz after one season: "I've waited a long time"

Arsenal fans:
salman ahjum-mathee
salman ahjum-mathee:
Cesar is an amazing captain himself
Cak Opeq
Cak Opeq:
The tears from kai is f*cking impressed us
Dvid12 H34
Dvid12 H34:
Fantastic display from Chelsea tonight fully deserved let’s hope with the class that the young English talent of James, Mount, Chilwell and Foden it’ll be a year to remember in the Euros for the Uk
Abdirisak Awes
Abdirisak Awes:
Great Captains motivation, such an amazing player.
Kai Havertz is the new Glen Hoddle. Havertz is a genius!
Ochong Janathan
Ochong Janathan:
Azpilicueta the legend 💯✅✊
Bo Jo
Bo Jo:
That insensitive interviewer asking about money got the perfect answer from amazing Kai Havertz.
zeaq 93
zeaq 93:
Im just very happy for players like Azpilicueta and Kante . They truly deserved to win the UCL trophy for us.
so heartwarming when azpi was praising havertz.
Adegbolade Adebote
Adegbolade Adebote:
Great words from Azpilicueta -Captain's speech
Best interview in the history of the Champions League final
“Fruity language” is going to be the meme for the next year
ma Ju
ma Ju:
Gotta feel for gundogan tho lost 2 ucl finals with Bvb and city now
Sayan Chatterjee
Sayan Chatterjee:
Germany's first Euro match against France - Havertz vs Kante