"I know my opinion" ūüĎÄ | Ralf Rangnick discusses who the next Man Utd manager could be

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Manchester United interim boss, Ralf Rangnick looks ahead to his first Manchester derby, discusses Cristiano Ronaldo's form and who the next Manchester United manager could be.

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100+ comentarios:

Reckless Crew
Reckless Crew:
I just watched that interview where Gary Neville was making excuses for Ole and his coaching staff after the 5 nil drubbing by Liverpool at Old Trafford, anyone who can't see the way Ralf's helped us is blind, this guy has improved the team and organised them much better than Ole, Carrick and McKenna could. Ralf is a good coach
Harsh Yadav
Harsh Yadav:
It's really sad he has given more interviews than the team has won points for him and the fans. Ralf is good, we can sense that he knows what he is doing but the players are letting him down. He has been brought when the club's in transition but hopefully he will bring more progress in young players like he did in Elanga. As for Ronaldo, he is simply poor but on his days he can still do wonders. Everyone is wasting chances for fun.
Nathan Patrick Otoro
Nathan Patrick Otoro:
This man speaks with sense...he knows what he wants and he says it so smartly hope his team don't let him down
Glenn F
Glenn F:
If we can‚Äôt get a new manager/ head coach that RR personally endorses then I as a Utd fan of over 40 years will be happy with him staying on as head coach,although he‚Äôs needed upstairs he‚Äôs definitely shown in a short time the type of football he wants to play and the fact that we have created more chances than either City or Liverpool and picked up the most points behind those 2 in the league shows that he is doing good things and if the attack had put away more of those chances we could be in 3rd position now again shows his style of football is what we needed but also sharper finishing and a world class DM then we over the next few seasons will close the gap and maybe even challenge for the league again and not just a top 4 finish. Oooooh I am getting excited about the match now I see 1-2 depending upon who is picked up front. Also which centre d√©fense partners start!!! Come on Utd ūü§ěūüŹľūüíĮ‚̧ԳŹūü§ćūüĖ§ūüíĮ‚úäūüŹľ‚úĆūüŹľ
Geraint Jones
Geraint Jones:
Give him time ffs! He needs to rebuild in every area.. he’s in a perfect position to do that.. researching from the front line figuring out what’s needed and what’s not.. who’s needed and who’s not!
Lana Felix
Lana Felix:
I haven't seen my players being committed to play like I want them to do -Ralf Rangnick
Harry 123
Harry 123:
This guy is so honest, gotta rate it
Maurice Sanchez
Maurice Sanchez:
As mentioned before, Manchester United don't deserve this guy. I want Ralf to stay, and change the structure of the club into a winning machine again. We all know this won't change, because the owners don't love the game enough to get past the sponsorships and investors to put their goals and objectives towards football instead of money. I can see him bringing Ten Hag in and trying to create a master class team, but this will take time, and the cooperation from the top all the way across Manchester United's staff. He even mentioned in his pre press conference, these teams not only have a football identity, but a corporate identity. Right now the club is working and winning on bread crumbs left from the past. I love my team, and whether they are 1st or last I'll always follow Man U. My opinion is based as a fan and what I've read and heard from the media, I may be wrong or right, but it sucks to see the club where it is right now.
ok ok
ok ok:
Glazers legit NEED to listen to this guy. Man knows football inside and out. Glazers, focus on brand deals and promotion while letting this guy do his job without any restrictions, whether that's in the managerial role or higher up
Adam McCourt
Adam McCourt:
Narrative around Maguire amazes me..He is factually the worst centre back we've ever had ..the fact he cost us what he did just adds merit to the argument and adds insult to injury
Th3 Company
Th3 Company:
Personally I think the man's brilliant. I'd love him as the permanent boss.
Aaron James
Aaron James:
The club underestimated the type of person he is. No bluffing, no nonsense, open and honest. Club don’t like that and will be the reason why they will go for Poch.
Love his honesty. He speaks so fluently and easy to understand
Alan James
Alan James:
Absolutely shocking interview from the presenter
N K:
Only Liverpool has created more big chances than Man U since Ralf has come in only Liverpool and City has taken more points than Man U since Ralf has come in. And he has had to deal with Covid, Greenwoods mess, Cavani being injured all the time , Varane being injured alot and the Dumb board not giving him the central midfielder he asked for January
Frank 1947
Frank 1947:
Man Utd are going through the same cycle that other teams have gone through and will always go through. They have no divine right to be the top team even though they have a big stadium and a stack of money. The best thing that happened to them was getting relegated because it made them realize that success is not a given. It's tough to be an also ran and City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton, Newcastle, Leeds, Spurs, etc have all had to accept teams and managers don't go on forever. Just buckle down and build a new team and don't look for instant success. It takes time to build a successful team as Busby, Shankly, Revie, Clough, Wenger etc found. If you are lucky you can buy one but they didn't, they built their own. Now with all the money involved its much tougher. Look at Real Madrid and Barcelona. Just as bad as Man Utd. Supporters expect to win every game but it's 11 vs 11 on the pitch. It's still a game between two teams with a referee to mediate.
Derian Jones
Derian Jones:
I can tell you how Maguire didn't react. He didn't react by finding 10 yards more of pace. He didn't react by having a much better football brain. He didn't react by actually being a good enough footballer to be a proper captain. He is a fraud.
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong:
Crazy to think the last time manchester united won a trophy was the cup and the Europa league with mourinho in 2017. Unless they win the CL which let's be honest is probably not gonna happen the next opportunity will be 2023. That's 6 seasons without Silverware. I don't even remember if united ever had such a run
United have to stop flip flopping everywhere. Bring in a solid coach (I believe Ralf is) that actually has a vision and recruit players to that vision. Every other top team does that. Liverpool for example bring in exactly who they need and they go straight in the team and have a massive impact. United have been recruiting based on pressure, social media, "talent" then those players end up on the bench. If players are not coming in with impact and worth ethic then they have to go. Greenwood, Fred, Mctom, McGuire, Shaw all these players need to go or else they end up at united for the next 5 years on the bench making 200k a week. Time to end that. This is a 3-5 year project to get United back to where they need to be
Francis Lee
Francis Lee:
I wish Ralf was my uncle or grand pa...lol..I could listen to this guy speak. Seems like a very smart and practical person. If we dont get a proper coach..we should retain him as coach for another season or even let him run the club.
Lee Wells
Lee Wells:
As a city supporter , I hate united , but this man right here , is a honest , pure hearted guy and I really like him , good luck for the future Ralf ūüĎć
Hannah K
Hannah K:
I wish him the best of luck today I hope the team play well and I hope he wins
When your manager says, ‚ÄúWe are hopefully ready,‚ÄĚ you know you‚Äôre in trouble. ūü§¶ūüŹĺ‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ
Andrew Ogterop
Andrew Ogterop:
I like how Rangnick talks, but I don't believe Pep is the best example of the most successful manager around. He was already in the strongest position, to begin with, in a given league. Barcelona with the best players, Bayern with the best team too as well as Manchester City. He had a massive amount of money with which to build up and reinforce to remain at the top. He hasn't been able to win the Champions League without Messi, when the coach of Barcelona, the CL is the mark of an elite manager at a club. Look at what Mourinho has achieved with Porto. That is amazing and worthy of praise. The harder the job to succeed, the more impressive the feat.
Toxir Jumaniyozov
Toxir Jumaniyozov:
I think Ralf should stay in man united because he speaks what he wants and he doesn't care about the best player or something like that( Ronaldo) he deserves to become a coach of Man united
Man utd problem is Glazer and their puppet board member. Remember, Mourinho saying " I was crying for a defender".
These board buy players without consulting managers. As a result, players do politics and play two or three bad matches to oust manager.
Managers are without ball after joining Mna Utd.
BD yanish
BD yanish:
Having ten hag as permanent manager and ragnick as his assistant would be so lit
montana montana
montana montana:
I'd rather half Ralf as our coach than having poch
Janp Teyag
Janp Teyag:
Glazers need to appoint Ten Hag as the new manager, and have Rangnick overlooking the football side of things upstairs.
Robin Simba
Robin Simba:
Pundits and United legends know all along the issue are how the Glazers and the board run the team but still criticize and blame coaches and players. Let the board and Glazers give Raplgh what he wants as he was given from other previous teams to revamp and you see the best out United, the moment spent already he knows the problem from technical dept and the players.
Times end
Times end:
Would love to the Ralph higher up in Utd and ten hag as the manager ūüĎĆ if the fans want it , that would also sell well. Glazers be smart for once
T Vincent Mkh
T Vincent Mkh:
The Maguire question to be honest was unnecessary and crap why not ask how Ralf feels about Maguire's poor performance
Guts Pride
Guts Pride:
Focus on what he said in the end " If you want to play in a certain way, you need to buy players that suits that way "
Loftus Blake
Loftus Blake:
Erik Ten Hag will rebuild this team,he's already rebuild an Ajax team that got dismantled in 2019 to a top10 side with average spending and the academy.
S M:
City 4 - 1 United
If Ralf gets his way, he’ll sort Man Utd out. There are some bad apples in the dressing room. It needs a clear out and Ralf is the man to do it, even from an upstairs role.
Darragh Hogan
Darragh Hogan:
He’s not a Manchester United captain nor a Manchester United player . Harry Maguire is a Watford standard. There are at least 5 so called first team players that are fakers on borrowed time . And at least ten in the squad 6 players are leaving that we know of this is the end of Manchester United. They can’t sign more than one player a season or a window let alone this amount we are finished the glazers have ruined us and the fans allow it and let it happen for 20 years
Danno’s Aviation
Danno’s Aviation:
Let’s face it, the board haven’t even consulted with Ralf over the new manager appointment yet… even though we are only a couple months away from the end of the season.
Josip Perińá
Josip Perińá:
Maguire way too slow for PL
He'd do well in Italy i believe
Yeah gotta admire his honesty at times. I think it removes some of the places to hide.
I’m sad they got the wine questions out of the way, that’s what I wanted to ask when I got the chance to interview a prominent football manager
Imagine having to answer constant questions about who should replace you as manager.
Well, the board have been the problem when it comes to ‚Äúspin‚ÄĚ. They‚Äôre never honest, that‚Äôs what business people do.
Love his honesty!
2:39 well that's for the "good" teams. That's why epl was more competitive when all English clubs sucked in Europe. But when u have 2 "Super" teams. U will see dominance in the league like for the past few years.
Raphael Frank
Raphael Frank:
Himalayan Wanderer
Himalayan Wanderer:
RR, Interim Manager talking in defence for H.Maguire, Interim Captain ūüėÜ
Maguire "doing well in training" is not good enough to cover up his lack of speed and loss of confidence. He needs to be dropped and have some intensive re-training, because I'm guessing Harry has not had any coaching since he first put on the shirt.
Michael Uzoho
Michael Uzoho:
I'm a Liverpool fan
What United need are football people like Ralf calling the shots....not that Murtaugh guy or whatever.....but watch the Glazers and the board of puppets mess everything up
Every team goes through these cycles, so Man United not winning anything significant since 2013/title is no biggie.....AC Milan lost their mojo for many years and haven't won ANY big title in aages..... Barcelona are a shadow of their former selves..etc..
Sultan of Vegan
Sultan of Vegan:
If only Man Utd could have a Ralf Rangnick as the manager, as a director and as a brain in the middle of the pitch. It seems like he is one of very few people with brain cells in the club these days.
Stewart Cameron
Stewart Cameron:
Its very hard to believe that the United board - who spun us that Ralph would be the Interim Manager until the end of the season then move upstairs - that there as been no conversation as to who they have in mind - we're 3 months of the end of the season -they have a tour & pre-season to plan for and they haven't got a clue??? They must have otherwise they wouldn't have hired a interim - the new manager must have told them he's not available until the summer.
Daniel Iwa
Daniel Iwa:
If the people that make decisions at Manchester United have any sense they will listen to this mans opinion.
I love his honesty
Skinny FatMan
Skinny FatMan:
Great transparent communication. Zhou won’t see this from Woodward nor the glazers
Navi Gill
Navi Gill:
Journo couldn‚Äôt Google where‚Äôs he‚Äôs coached and which derbies he‚Äôs been involved . Nice ūüėā
Anthony Dixon
Anthony Dixon:
United either make him permanent manager or move him up to director level and get a head coach in who knows him well and will work with him, can't understand the logic of just appointing him short-term
ankit rawat
ankit rawat:
The glazers should consult him before making any decision from now on that guy has his expertise in that. Consult him before making any signings.
Marshmellow fellow
Marshmellow fellow:
Remember the part where Ronaldo kept missing open goals and penalties
Rangnick is supposedly going to be United's Sporting Director but he hasn't had a single conversation with anyone about who Utd's next manager will be. What an absolute shambles of a club they are... lol. ūü§£
Pat Spec
Pat Spec:
United are a complete shambles. Ralf doesn't know Fletchers role despite him sitting on the bench with him. Nobody has even spoken to Ralf about his role next season.
I liked the part where he mentions greenwood without saying his name
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup:
Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. RANGNICK'S (Ole 3.0) at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!
‚ÄúPart of the England side that‚Äôs been very very successful‚ÄĚ
The Wolverine
The Wolverine:
Ole spent 80 mill on Maguire and 50 million on AWB, that alone is showcases how far United have fallen.
Aatham Azhiqi
Aatham Azhiqi:
I want United to win just for RR and the fans. The players and the board are letting the manager and fans down big time!
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson:
The issue is, Ronaldo and Cavani are both very old, behind that, Rashford isn't good enough to lead a team to trophies.

In the middle, Fred and McTominay would not get near the Liverpool, Chelsea or Man City team.

So unless there is a big turnaround in attacking players, it doesn't matter which manager is in charge, I think the title is at least 5 years away.
Dad Loe
Dad Loe:
Ronaldo needs to player manager, captain and a decision maker when it comes to transfers
Benjamin Nyagaka
Benjamin Nyagaka:
"lost another offensive player in the last 2 months" slyly threw gw in there lmao
Kapil Pandey
Kapil Pandey:
Ralf Force utd to sign Ten hag ūüôĆūüŹĽ
Jordan D
Jordan D:
I like the interviewer but she comes across a little patronising, i can tell its by accident and she’s just trying to show enthusiasm, im only giving constructive criticism because i think she’s good
Nazri Mansor
Nazri Mansor:
Mason Greenwood scoring a hattrick for this one ūüėÜ
Kwame Akuffo
Kwame Akuffo:
Ragnick is too nice as a manager thats why he hasn’t even won a league title before.
mo mishal
mo mishal:
I hope his openion is ten haag and not someone like rodgers or pochettino
Michael McGrory
Michael McGrory:
Doesn't matter who the coach is at United if they aren't allowed to make the desicions that particular manager needs to make. The first one being getting rid of Harry Maguire.
Makish 10
Makish 10:
United has aged Ralf already, he was alot Fresher just a few weeks ago :(
i'd love to hear him speak candidly about the state of the dressing room... and wonder if Poch would really want to go from trying to handle one cunch of bunts to another!
Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese:
3 good training sessions for the City game ‚Äėand another one tomorrow‚Äô. Wow, 4 training sessions for one game. How did that work out ?
Woo x Emman
Woo x Emman:
Gonna be a good game
Vasie Kumarasamy
Vasie Kumarasamy:
When United had the chance in January to sign a top midfielder . They didn't. Forget the top 4 finish.
Max S
Max S:
I really don't know what you guys are on about. You think that the whole club is gonna change in 2 weeks? Klopp needed two years, even Guardiola needed time at Man City. Under Rangnick ManU won 7 games, drew 5 and lost 2. That is miles better then under OGS. The players clearly aren't the players for his preferred style of play which is pretty similar to clubs like Man City, Liverpool or Chelsea.
You can just hope that ManU manages to get into the Champions League and that Rangnick gets a good look at the state of the team to make the right decisions in the summer. In hindsight I think that it was the right decision to get Rangnick as interim coach because he now gets a really clear understanding of what is wrong within the team so he can make the right adjustments an hopefully get ManU back on course again.
Disaster Boy
Disaster Boy:
Paul Gascoigne for Manchester United Player-Manager
Abhishek Dhan
Abhishek Dhan:
their no use changing manager they will come and go. they need time to make a team they at least need 3 season to create a team and playing style.
Sephiroth Cld
Sephiroth Cld:
"It will be a great game"
time to hit the road
time to hit the road:
Wreck it Ralf I'm gonna fix it.
the society
the society:
In the first 80 seconds of this video alone it becomes clear the Olé should have never been given the managers position. So clear it is blinding.
gaz elliott
gaz elliott:
All he does is talk about how good training is
Cris Seven
Cris Seven:
MU must cut our losses with Harry Maguire immediately!!!
Ralf is a very good and tatical. Hoping he stays.

Bruh a war in the comment section has begun. Anywho, calm down because Man Utds season at the start had different things going on then at you lots team.

Qiniso Mabena
Qiniso Mabena:
He says they are unbeaten in the last 3 months away from home, he forgot to mention that it's all been draws.
7:36 Alright calm down! Started shouting over him.
Nigel Philip
Nigel Philip:
I want to see him today
This guy is class ! He has developed this team more in a few months tactically than the previous regime freestyle football before it .
Oz Eye
Oz Eye:
Plot twist : Rangnick will still be the Manager next season
Give Ralf the keys, Joel Glazer.
Goal Machine
Goal Machine:
Erik Ten Hag is the man
She's wearing dirty trainers on TV as a presenter and I LOVE THAT!
KŠļĽ huŠĽ∑ diŠĽát niŠĽĀm vuiSterling
KŠļĽ huŠĽ∑ diŠĽát niŠĽĀm vuiSterling:
Please hold Ralf stay with MU
AFNAN Studio
AFNAN Studio:
The players let him down. Enough is enough we need total reset.
ESH 28
ESH 28:
M K:
The interviewer does a poor job here. Constantly interrupting Ralf, I'm no expert on the matter but it looks obvious. Bit amateurish