I spent a day with PANSEXUALS

I spent a day with pansexuals to learn the truth about this often misunderstood sexual orientation.
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100+ comentarios:

⚠️ UPDATE ⚠️ it’s been brought to my attention that while some sources claim *omnisexual* and *pansexual* are just different words for the same thing, people have pointed out a small yet distinct difference. pansexuality is considered by many to be “gender-blind” while omnisexuality considered “gender inclusive”.
➡️ original comment: come back next week for *I spent a day with GOTHS* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :)
ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
you should do "I spent a day with schizophrenics" they are very misrepresented
Alex Hamato
Alex Hamato:
I'm aro-ace and my sister is pansexual and so we joke that she took all my sexuality. Ha ha ha ha.
lemonice tea
lemonice tea:
I’m pansexual
Fun fact: I’m not in the closet, i’m actually in the pantry
Some Pansexual Nerd
Some Pansexual Nerd:
*when Anthony Padilla makes a video about pansexual people and says nice things*

My pan ass: *happy squeals*
You should do “I spent a day with GENDERFLUIDS”
miranda hatch
miranda hatch:
If someone says your sexuality is a phase, ask them if theirs is too
being pansexual doesn't mean you can't have standards!
August Kat
August Kat:
Im so happy you showed both ace and pansexuality as a panromantic ace this makes me quite happy
Expensive Glasses Productions
Expensive Glasses Productions:
"Sister-sexualities" I like that
Ashley Draws
Ashley Draws:
The only reason Anthony doesnt post everyday is because hes fixing the celling the rest of the week
I'm into anyone

Except homophobic people, I'm NOT into them
Lupita Serrano
Lupita Serrano:
You should do “I spent a day with Bisexuals” ☺️
William the lonely person
William the lonely person:
I have a message for all the Pansexuals

HyperGlitched Cosplays
HyperGlitched Cosplays:
As a pansexual person I must say, pansexual doesn’t mean bisexual, pansexual doesn’t mean biphobic, pansexual does not mean all of us want to smash everyone, pansexual doesn’t mean we wanna smash pans and kitchen wear, pansexual actually means: to have an attraction (sexual or not) to people regardless of gender. We are often referred to as “gender-blind” by the rest of the community. We often say “hearts before parts” which basically means like “regardless of gender”. So yea! Let me know if I got anything wrong
Totally Taly
Totally Taly:
“I literally don’t understand how you wouldn’t want to be with all the 7,000,000,000 people of the world”

Me as an asexual: I—

Edit: thanks for all the likes! Wish my channel got this attention 😓
Phoenix Fox
Phoenix Fox:
As a pansexual myself I’ve been called a bisexual who wants attention from other bisexual people and it honestly really hurts me that some people think pansexuals are just bisexuals looking for attention
tasha durant
tasha durant:
See this video
* Happy pansexual noises*
Realized my homophobic parents are here
* Quite happy pansexual noises*
Green Koala. No questions.
Green Koala. No questions.:
Lilac Lycanvic
Lilac Lycanvic:
Cute people: *exists*
My brain: ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚
Miki Emina
Miki Emina:
When my boyfriend and I started dating, I came out to him as a pansexual and his reaction was "Does that mean I have to get worried about EVERYONE?" 🤣
ً ً
ً ً:
We need an interview with polyamorous people
polyamorous marriage for all
polyamorous marriage for all:
I completely agree with pansexualily but I hate the line " hearts not parts " it just makes bisexuals sound like they only care of sex.
Lydia Colvin
Lydia Colvin:
Ky's message to their family nearly had me in tears. What a mature, kind way to approach the situation.
Bethany Greenwood
Bethany Greenwood:
"it's OK to have a phase" dude, that is the best response I've ever heard!! 💛💛💛
Boris Bernardoni
Boris Bernardoni:
When I first came out so some of my friends as pan this boy was like "oh so you'd date me?" And I was like "no of course not!" But he kept saying "oh well if you don't like me you aren't pansexual" so I was like "just because I'm pansexual doesn't mean your intitled to date me just because you asked. I have to have an attraction to someone before I date them and I don't date pervert simps."
{Insert Decent Name Here}
{Insert Decent Name Here}:
As a Panromantic asexual I can definitely relate to “hearts not parts”
Artistic Pelmeni
Artistic Pelmeni:
8:50 "*trump supporters*" same same
Rachel R
Rachel R:
It was this very video that made me realize I am pansexual
Celine D. G.
Celine D. G.:
In Spanish "pan" means "bread", so here the joke is pansexuals have an unusual interest in bread.
Toni P
Toni P:
I like that at the beginning he was all "Is Pansexuality a proper and intricate sexuality for those who love all, or are they just more glamorous whores?"
“So I’m not this horny mess that just loves everyone!” That was too relatable
Drea Luscious
Drea Luscious:
My husband is pansexual and it bothers me that people think we're straight 🙄😒.
Robin is Teruteru's girlfriend
Robin is Teruteru's girlfriend:
Me a pansexual minor
Anthony explains pansexuals in a very dramatic way
Me: I am very uncomfortable with the energy we have made in the studio today.
"would you like to say something to them?"
"I'm not attracted to any of you"

Rock'n'roll Jedi
Rock'n'roll Jedi:
Video idea: I spent a day with gender fluid people.
Vianney López
Vianney López:
This gave me flash backs to when a friend of mine shouted at me bc I’m pan and she is bi and thought that me being pan made her invalid .-.
Tay Scarborough
Tay Scarborough:
To answer the turn on/off question for me: THIGHS!!!! T H I G H S!!!! God just. Thighs. Everyone has them and I'm a SIMP. Also when people have open minds and accepting personalities?? SIGN ME UP!!! I hate, however, people with closed mindsets. I just can't. I was in a short relationship with someone that had verbally and emotionally abused me, and i still have trust issues about it. There's a lot of negative stereotypes and stuff about it, but every pansexual I've met was a good person. Open your hearts, and you might love us, too.
Just A Mess
Just A Mess:
"i dont understand how you couldn't want to just be with all the 7 billion people" so effin true💗
Minuț Andrei
Minuț Andrei:
Gays and Lesbians: *come out of closet*
Pansexuals: * come out of pantry*
darksunrays ??
darksunrays ??:
I’m a pansexual, here’s some thing I would like to add to the pansexual agenda:

*everybody is to cute, to hard to have a type.*
*Add sims 4 to the agenda.*
jose Rodriguez
jose Rodriguez:
I'm Non-Binary Panromantic Asexual, and still in a deck of cards in the cabinet because that's where the pans are
Weebtrash 06
Weebtrash 06:
You should interview gender fluid or non-binary people! There’s so much negativity about it:(
UBT pixielox
UBT pixielox:
“Just want to sleep with everyone”
The pan aces: hahahahahaha 🤣 no.

Also “it’s a phase”
Life’s a phase!
I still really want to see “I spent a day with transgender people”
Drea Luscious
Drea Luscious:
Figured out about my pansexuality when I realized that trans people didn't bother my attraction. If you're attractive to me, you're attractive to me 🤷🏾.
Little Pebble
Little Pebble:
*me being pansexual watching this like*:😌
Bella Gaming and stories
Bella Gaming and stories:
I'm Pan and I get a lot of discrimination from almost all of my friends.I can't talk about it, only with my trans friend and my two bffs.People think its bi or think I like pans
Miss Magic
Miss Magic:
I Pansexual and I've only come out to myself as of yet. I want to come out to my family, I know that they won't care what my sexuality is and I've made myself many chances to come out and also prepared what I'm going to say in my mind, but I can never get the words out of my mouth. It is also harder for me to do it because I have anxiety, and even though my family are pretty open to the LGBTQ+ community and won't care, my anxiety makes me worried that they will be confused as to what it means. Soooo, that's what I'm dealing with at the moment.
-Insert Clever Nickname Here-
-Insert Clever Nickname Here-:
Anthony: "what would you say to people who believe pansexuality is a phase?"

Me(a pansexual): "LiFE iS a PhaSE!!"
Living is pain.
Living is pain.:
I'm AnthonyPadillaSexual.
Super Sayian
Super Sayian:
You Should do “I spend a day with Dating Coaches”
Chloe A.
Chloe A.:
Did he do "I Spent a Day with Atheists" yet?
You should do “I spent a day with people in a polyamorous relationship”
Swirling Existentialism
Swirling Existentialism:
How about "I spent a day with Nonbinarys / enbys"
Sammi Cason
Sammi Cason:
If you ever do one on Demisexuality I would be happy to be a part of it
Sofie Schoenmaker
Sofie Schoenmaker:
I loved this, im pansexualll
Aye my people
Allie Fuller
Allie Fuller:
You should definitely do a “I spent a day with bisexual people” so people can see the differences and similarities between the two sexualities. :)
Nonbinary poly pansexual: I feel valid after the way my coming out went a year ago.
Dit Kind
Dit Kind:
11:45. Why is no one talking about this?? This was so pure and absolutely broke my heart. 🥺💗
panda dncr
panda dncr:
Where my fellow pansexuals at 😂
Hufflepufflez :3
Hufflepufflez :3:
For a moment there I was like 'oh, wow, Anthony is lowkey attractive' and then I saw his bare ankles sticking out of those converse and realized he was a sociopathic maniac with no capacity for human empathy and emotions.

put on a pair of socks sir.
She says “hearts not parts”. I say a hole is a hole
bby. boca16
bby. boca16:
You should do non-binary people. It would make me feel accepted. :) :(
Layla Caswell
Layla Caswell:
I feel so valid :'(
I am straight, but one of my bffs is Pan sexual and I watched this video to understand her more. It really helped me understand how she views things. Thank you!
•That one Pansexual•
•That one Pansexual•:
I'm a pansexual and the beginning kinda scared me..
“Do you openly tell people you’re pansexual?” His shirt i-
Kate Thorburn
Kate Thorburn:
I’m pansexual and married to a straight male so people always assume I’m straight 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
straberrry _yogurt
straberrry _yogurt:
As a Pansexual this makes me very happy 💕✨🏳️‍🌈
Maddie Felch
Maddie Felch:
OMG I'M SO HAPPY YOU COVERED PANSEXUALS!! I just came out as pan a while ago and people are so rude about it. Anthony is amazing.
To Spanish speakers the joke with pansexual people is that they like "pan" Which means "bread" XD
Summer Rae
Summer Rae:
"Pansexuals and bisexuals should be supporting each other"
Me: *cries in bi* yes
Luna lovedraw
Luna lovedraw:
You should do “I spent a day with demisexuals” were very interesting or “I spent a day with non binary/enbys” were also very interesting
(I’m both -^-)
"pan" in Polish means "mister" so that's kinda weird : /
“I spent a day with transgenders next”?
Could you do one on Bisexuality?
In our history even before Pansexuality was coined, it says that we're attracted to people outside of the binary and regardless of gender.
When that one person started talking about them being the leader of a religious gaming cult, i was like wait WhAt
Poppy Adam vo
Poppy Adam vo:
I’m pansexual

But I have a dork side
I don’t like PANS

And I oop
I just realized how much it bothers me when my close friend tells us (me and my other pansexual friend) that bisexuality and pansexuality are the same lmao

ALSO, heterosexuality for ME was a phase... So... Yk.. for all the people out there thinking that they're straight and pansexuals are going through a phase, you might be the one going through one ;);)
Viv *
Viv *:
I just really like pans. The metal tastes soooo good!!
Subscribe to PewDiePie Alexa
Subscribe to PewDiePie Alexa:
Me: ''Guess what day it is''
My friend: ''Non butter sticking pan give away day?"
"Are there any turn offs?"
Okay so about a month ago I was in a relationship with a girl (I'm bisexual, she's a lesbian). We were just calling and then she suddenly says; 'Wait so as you're in a relationship with me, you aren't bisexual anymore, right?'

i spent 30 minutes explaining that i still feel attracted to both men and women when im in a relationship and that it's the exact same as any other gender :/

we broke up
Joanna Aquilina
Joanna Aquilina:
Yes! High-five to the pansexual virgin! Thought I was the only one. I love this video so much. Educational, uplifting, insightful, and you found the perfect people to interview. Thank you so much!
Us frying pans just dont care what gender we date
Fall Chemical Royale
Fall Chemical Royale:
I just watched this again (to remind my friend about LGBTQ+ acceptance) and saw a slight flaw, Brendon Urie isn't technically out as pansexual. He said he guesses he could be referred to as pan, but hasn't truly said he's pan. Small flaw but fans love to say he's pan even thought he could be bi, he had the definition wrong when he said he COULD be pan
Troy Wilson
Troy Wilson:
5:09 lmao i love this. This is what every single LGBTQ+ individual is trying to tell straight people
No Thank You
No Thank You:
I love that you're being so inclusive of the LGBT community. I would love to see you maybe do a trans one?? I honestly just want to hear other people's perspectives haha, but I also really enjoy this series and how open minded you always are
Stacy U.
Stacy U.:
"So I'm not this horny mess that just loves everyone" I FEEL THIS ;-;
Star kid
Star kid:
As a pansexual, I had an ex girlfriend of mine say that since I was now in a relationship with a guy, I was straight for him but gay for her... pissed me off
Pansexuals: "Hearts not parts"
Me: *Sweats in innate heart condition*
Nheyo Dope
Nheyo Dope:
Still waiting for, "I spent a day with an atheist"
Tiarah J.
Tiarah J.:
I have identified as #pansexal since early 2010 , I learned the term when I was 16 and was pleased to know there was a word to describe exactly how I felt . This video is educational and helpful definitely for anyone else who ever wondered how to express themselves .
PLEAAASE, do genderfluid :)
as a bisexual, i think u should do a bisexual video cause theres such a bad look on bisexuals now a days. so many misconceptions.
Allyson Stowe
Allyson Stowe:
As a bisexual woman, I can say then when I’m dating a man people assume I’m straight now, and when I’m dating a woman people assume I’m a lesbian now. Nope, still very much bisexual and proud of it. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Avazz : /
Avazz : /:
me , an asexuall watching this : ö