I Tried Fire Academy

This week I take on the challenge of training like a firefighter recruit at @South Metro Fire Rescue PIO . Follow my Instagram to see everything we don’t show on YouTube! http://www.instagram.com/michellekhare


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Michelle Khare
Michelle Khare:
Thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch and share this episode. <3 To help those affected by the Australian Wildfires, we highly encourage you to make a donation to the Australian Red Cross. https://www.redcross.org.au/campaigns/disaster-relief-and-recovery-donate
Lauren Ashleigh
Lauren Ashleigh:
she really needs her own series on netflix
Teacher: What do you want to do when you grow up?

Michelle: Yes.
“Your best day has to be somebody’s worst”... DAMN
Update: I was not expecting any likes on this let alone so many.
July 3, 2019 my cousin passed away in a house fire and 6 people were hospitalized including 2 firefighters. The firefighters were saving one of my cousins in the basement and there was a flashover (The fire spread rapidly and everything was lit on fire at once) and the basement collapsed. I thank those fighters for risking their lives to save my cousin’s and I hope everyday that they live healthy lives. RIP Christian 2001-2019
What's up it's Rosamaria
What's up it's Rosamaria:
One time in second grade I went on a field trip to a fire station and in the middle they had to leave because they got a call and later I found out that the person giving us a tour around the station died during that call
elaf Aboul Ela
elaf Aboul Ela:
Honestly she is such an underrated youtuber she has THE best content.
My brother is in the fire academy right now. He always had a hard time in school with grades, his best grades were c’s and b’s. Then he went to fire academy and now he makes straight A’s.
Ella Hoch
Ella Hoch:
I love how Michelle is just doing jumping jacks in a giant hoard of tall muscular men 😂
Jesus christ, next thing we know your trying is gonna be, "I tried becoming a navy SEAL"
Me: can we get Tom Cruise?
Mom: we already have Tom Cruise at home
Tom Cruise at home: 16:46
jc _vengenz
jc _vengenz:
When she said, “But I didn’t save him..” hit me pretty hard. It shows how deep she got into the role of the firefighter.

Even though it was a mock fire, you can see the heart she put into doing her best to be a firefighter in that moment. I love you, Michelle Kare, for doing the things and challenges we ordinary people choose to not do.
Anna Jackson
Anna Jackson:
My dad he is a firefighter and he had to do this exact same stuff.I am so thankful you posted this because it gave me a whole new perspective for firefighters
People need to realize how much firefighters sacrifice. This made me mad that people actually call them over reactors to be depressed over the things they've seen. RESPECT TO ALL FIREFIGHTERS OUT THERE.
The burning building, and the maze parts would've *scared me out of my skin* 😳😖
Amanda Chamberlain
Amanda Chamberlain:
My grandfather, father, and brother are all firefighters and I cried when they presented her with that helmet. My dad is a fire chief and had his assistant chief die right next to him during a fire. It is a huge honor to be presented with a helmet and it is incredible that Michelle took the time to truly understand the calling of being a firefighter. Thank you Michelle.
Teacher: What do you wanna be when you grow up Michelle?
Small Michelle: yes
Some Kid
Some Kid:
This is one of the most emotional videos she has, no joke, I may consider being a firefighter because of this
Isaiah Burns
Isaiah Burns:
Man, I remember when the Australian wildfires were the worst thing going on in the world.
Livi2 Hen2
Livi2 Hen2:
This video made me appreciate all the firefighters in the world don’t get me wrong I’m really grateful but it’s hard to put your shoes in their but this video has definitely taught me how mentally and physically strong firefighters are. I’m from Australia and never been in a Real life fire but I’m so grateful for the firefighters up there.
High Flyin
High Flyin:
Firemen: *rush down stairs to leave quickly*

Fire chief: :)
I like beanz
I like beanz:
High school:” what do you want to be when you’re older”
Michelle: “yes”
Lisa -
Lisa -:
I'm honnestly shocked to know that the figherfighters do THIS much. What on earth does the police do?
I’m a 15 year old girl and I want to be a firefighter so badly, but I’m scared. Like what if I get a disease? And I don’t want suicidal thoughts since my mom committed suicide. And I don’t want to be the reason somebody dies.
Ki telf
Ki telf:
Me: mom can we buy barbie film?
Mom: we actually have barbie film at home
Barbie film at home:

Me:ok I like it!
Jared Land
Jared Land:
That is so cool how she got to train with the FBI, SDPD and as a Firefighter.
k e b o y o t a n
k e b o y o t a n:
*at this point michelle has snatched barbie’s wig and her whole career*
Imagine all the 5-year-old kids saying: ''When I grow up, I wanna be a firefighter!''. And then they just see this video xD. I think they will regret everything they've said. Same thing with the Police Challenge.
Bangtan Sparkles
Bangtan Sparkles:
it’s freaking 3am and I can’t stop thinking about how much they go through-
Kayla Adams
Kayla Adams:
I’m just saying that my brother is a firefighter and the one time a 12 year old girl thought someone was braking in so she locked
her self in a bathroom and it was a fire and she sadly passed away and she was home alone and at the time my brother had to leave me alone so he got stressed and came straight home from me
Lucky Luna
Lucky Luna:
I am training to be a firefighter now. In my academy if you say the words “I can’t” (31:19) you would be terminated. The moment you give up is the moment you give up on someone’s life, someone’s property, on your community. Great respect for this 🙏🏼
Yamiz 792
Yamiz 792:
Other children: “I wanna be a ballerina”
“I wanna be a police”
“I wanna be in the army”
“I wanna be a firefighter”
“I want to be a dancer”
Mitchell: “ *WHY NOT EVERYTHING?*”
Awesome, 18 years of Fire and EMS..... Guys would laugh at me when going in to Training or Live fires, it didn't matter which but, using the gear I would sing. Unless, I was in a house with a possibly of having someone in it, I would call out. I was mainly a nozzle man, and my motto is Lead, Follow or Get the hell out of my way. But, the guys would ask what was the song of the day going to be. I did this to maintain my sanity and also, to keep myself calm and control my breathing. Great video.
Anisha Katoch
Anisha Katoch:
I was literally crying when she was crying. I have some real respect for firefighters and you. I was terrified watching you in the fire, you were really brave.
Ary Clair
Ary Clair:
This reminds me of DirtyJobs. She is like the female version of mike rowe
Summer Rowles
Summer Rowles:
Her: freezing in the cold
Me: sitting in bed with hot chocolate and lots of blankets
Meep Meep
Meep Meep:
Let’s start a petition for her to get her own Netflix series
[ xX- iiCanisFooXx - Xx ]
[ xX- iiCanisFooXx - Xx ]:
Your qualified to do every damn thing in the universe Like damn
“What do you want to be when you grow up”

“ Y E S “
Emily Kozak
Emily Kozak:
She should do training like a Marine biologist. It take a lot of Work to be able to perform under water while having a giant shark swimming a cross you while you 120ft down and your air only for works 15 minutes.
Ok these are amazing like Netflix when you making the show. Plus I have gained so much more respect for people doing jobs like these.
adrian Ramirez
adrian Ramirez:
“Evan, is my friend dead?”
I actually started to tear up because I didn’t know THIS is what firefighters actually have to do...
toto _n-n
toto _n-n:
michelle: dying of cold
me: holy shit look at the arms of that lady
Being a firefighter is a big decision. But those who said "Yes" to help and serve people will always be our life saving heroes 💖
Casandra Diaz
Casandra Diaz:
The respect i have for firefighters oh my gosh. This is so crazy i couldn’t.
Leila Cohen
Leila Cohen:
I'm sorry, but the "Evan, Evan!? I think he's dying-" part, the acting was KIND OF funny :)
Boca Fairydust
Boca Fairydust:
this, this girl will survive the apocalypse.. PERIOD
Pixie Routhorn
Pixie Routhorn:
Just watching these gets my heart rate over the moon! Your so strong Michelle
hey youtube
hey youtube:
I can’t be the only one that when she was going to do the real thing , the real deal, like the real fire I literally said ‘not even I’m ready for this and I’m just watching it’, my anxiety levels while watching this 😂😥. I’m so proud you did it Michelle it must of been hard !
Emma Harrington
Emma Harrington:
Am I the only one who laughed when that guy said his name was Tom Crews
Lidiya Kuznetsova
Lidiya Kuznetsova:
This is not the first time I watched it, but the line “Move With A Purpose” at 30:36 got me going.
Naima sntl
Naima sntl:
Michelle: Goes inside a burning place
Me: Can't even kill a spider
Hayden Bae
Hayden Bae:
scared for my death
Fandom_ Kay
Fandom_ Kay:
This hits home because my dad's a firefighter. So like I have very big respect for firefighters.
Music Vibes
Music Vibes:
Please try "being pediatrician for a week" I really want to see you and whoever want her to try leave a like
I want her to get her own Netflix series!!. She doesn't have to do this for us, but she does. Michele is a very powerful Woman, bless her soul.!
savannah grace
savannah grace:
michelle: “DonT loOk At mE liKe tHat”

all of us: “you amaze me.”
"hey is my friend dead?"
sounds like if he got a yes he'd be excited
Gavin McNeill
Gavin McNeill:
When following a hose line, it goes smooth bump bump to the pump. You’ll feel a smooth part on the couplings then a bump and another and you know you are going the right way
i cant believe she makes such high quality content on youtube for free. she is so brave to do these things, trying marine bootcamp, police acdemy, and fire academy. wow
Brynn Anderson
Brynn Anderson:
That's amazing that firefighters have to do all of this I have so much respect for them all. Also that is great that you did this challenge Michelle.
The emotional weight of this job is astonishing. They are such incredible hard working people. Thank you so much for this video and sharing how much our firefighters sacrifice in emotional and physical comfort for their peers and community. I live in California I’m so glad we have such a great group of firefighters across the world keeping people safe.
WarGround Seraph
WarGround Seraph:
The water thing with the sweat shirts had me remembering something I learned while taking the swimming merit badge in Boy Scouts working towards my Eagle. Pay attention, this tip may save your life. If you fall into the water and you are wearing a shirt, you can make a temporary life vest. Get your head above water. Tuck your shirt into your waistband if you are wearing pants or shorts. Otherwise, pull the end tight against your body. Pull the collar of your shirt tight against your neck and create a seal around your mouth, nose outside the shirt. Inhale in the nose, exhale through the mouth. The shirt will fill up with the air and create a temporary life jacket. Simply keep breathing like this to keep your shirt inflated as some air will escape over time.
courtney rabongo
courtney rabongo:
Ngl u would be the coolest grandma 😂
Chloe Carpenter
Chloe Carpenter:
I love these videos!!! You should try “I tried to be a 911 dispatcher”
Im so happy she is doing this and showing incompetent people how being in these careers (police officer, fire fighter, FBI, etc) that these jobs are not easy and that it takes an important and highly skilled person to master their dreams. And yes, nowadays you see people being retarded and uneducated, saying that police and fbi are wrong and that its easy and wtv. absolutely ridiculous. Im so happy shes doing this and openings peoples dumb ass eyes
rowan goodmann
rowan goodmann:
She doing cool challenges while bringing awareness to an important topic she is a real role model
Sam S.
Sam S.:
Omg I live in Centennial CO! That’s so crazy this is where you did that!
Kenneth McCoy
Kenneth McCoy:
22:27 this part is what I learned in community response training
Me: “What do u want to be when u grow up”?

Michelle: “Everything”.
Alexa huaman
Alexa huaman:
literally, I feel like me and Michelle have the same personality everytime i was tearing up i look and she was and then the end just got me
Wenke Schettler
Wenke Schettler:
the look she gave him when he said "he is gone" was heartbreaking
hayat uzun
hayat uzun:
michelles kids: mom what did you do when you were younger

michelle: yes
Brendan Gallagher
Brendan Gallagher:
That moment when you find out your being evacuated as your watching this 👁👄👁 and you live near that fire department because glen wood springs fire
Molly Howard
Molly Howard:
I know you’ve seen this comment a lot but she should actually have her on Netflix show called challenge excepted

That would be awesome and I would definitely watch it
Molly Murray
Molly Murray:
Who else had an anxiety attack when she was in the dark coarse and had to speed up the video cause they wanted to get through it ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
gina astudillo
gina astudillo:
I feel like she is being slept on . This is what the world needs to see more of .
Anita Kocab
Anita Kocab:
The CPR was bad
Andrea Fernandez
Andrea Fernandez:
I have an entirely new perspective about firefighters and how hard they truly work. THANK YOU, FIREFIGHTERS!
Dorcas Larry
Dorcas Larry:
this has to be my favorite one, Michelle I love how you truly go into these challenges full of heart, and we see that through your emotions and perseverance. Keep doing what you do, and giving professions like fire fighting (and others of course) the recognition they deserve.
She is so strong and bold, such a inspiration <3.
Nora Gray
Nora Gray:
Not gonna lie she is kinda like the real life Barbie. But what makes her even better is that she has flaws. She inspires me so much. I want to be like you when I grow up Michelle Khare.
Deven Weeks
Deven Weeks:
Going down the pull I'd yell "DOWN THE HATCH!"
Designer Flo
Designer Flo:
Love this series, so educational, motivating and entertaining!! <3 Makes you appreciate and have so much respect for firefighters, it's a tough job!
Natalie situmorang
Natalie situmorang:
I tried the Fire academy, start in snow
Me: 😶
Jacob Wood
Jacob Wood:
I loved when they gave you the helmet. He was right, the fireman's helmet is full of tradition and pride and is definitely the most prideful and special piece of the firefighter's ensemble. That was a show of respect from them and I loved that they did that for you!
"I trained like a private investigator for a week" should DEFINITELY be a thing. Oh! and "I train like a contortionist"
cbaca cava
cbaca cava:
me asap you film the fire statiom: "go down the pole. go down the pole"
Emilija Tomić
Emilija Tomić:
"Im going to a building on fire...BAhaAhf" XD
Victoria Hudson
Victoria Hudson:
The firehouse I’ll most likely be at doesn’t have a fire pole and I’m so sad about that
I_am_jungshook_ G
I_am_jungshook_ G:
Tell me why ”terry crews” looks like tiger king? Hmm something don't seem right 🤔
Well now we need a "training like a paramedic" or "training like a nurse"
Anastasia Adamou
Anastasia Adamou:
can you be a prisoner for a week;
Watermelon Doge
Watermelon Doge:
You trained with the firefighters that protect my city! I never released how hard they train! You go girl!
Crystal Perez
Crystal Perez:
4:49 when my self eSTEAM leaves the chat. lol
Qisooyin Horror
Qisooyin Horror:
I wanna be aerial firefighting pilot it's great you're saving lives and they make like 75,000 - 113,000 annualy sign me in
Sabah Lakhani
Sabah Lakhani:
I’ve mad respect for Michelle. She’s a true icon. Honestly, this is the kind of content I want on YouTube.
Abbi Meadows
Abbi Meadows:
I’m happy I found this. Knowing that you did just that helps me feel good about my choice of attending the fire academy in the fall.
Chloe Hamilton
Chloe Hamilton:
Most trainee firefighters: I wanna become a professional!
Michelle: I'm just making a youtube video... 😂
Kremena Avramova
Kremena Avramova:
She doesn't have a lot appreciation and subscribers but takes the most time and love into what she does.KEEP GOING YOU GOT THIS.