"I wish a few other players would take Elanga as an example." Ralf Rangnick on draw vs Atletico

Ralf Rangnick was not happy with Manchester United's first-half display vs Atletico but it's game on for the second leg with the game tied at 1-1.

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100+ comentarios:

Captain Eggcellent
Captain Eggcellent:
I get the feeling that Ralf really wants to call certain players out, but can't because of the toxic dressing room .hose called out would throw their toys out of the pram and make sure the whole squad knew they were upset.
Ralph might not be everyone’s Cuppa but I tell u what imagine coming at Utd with the whole mason saga and coaching some of the biggest ego’s his handled himself very well so far.
God this man is amazing. He brought finally a lot of fresh air. No disrespect for previous managers, they were nowhere near his confidence, mentality and each time he speaks he is very clear and direct with his point. Great man, I enjoy every United game. He’s battling old rotten creators of the destruction of this club. Ex and current players, ex pundits, those times are gone. Everyone from the past should with the respect for the club stay as close as Ferguson, no talking bullshit in the media, no drama I hope he does behind the curtains as well for this club as Ralf. Keep going Ralf!! Get rid of this useless, characterless and narcissist people from this club. This wannabes would be eaten alive on the streets. We need strong, confident players which want to sacrifice for this club! United with Ralf! Never with glazers!!
james anthony
james anthony:
Another main issue is United's midfield are way too comfortable passing back and not forward, the amount of times Ronaldo and even Rashford tonight started to make runs and were open, and instead the ball is played back to Maguire of Shaw, and everything just dies out again.
A S:
This man is the best !! Honest and refreshing!! Rashford n Shaw embarrassing.
kiran prakash
kiran prakash:
Watching Felix and Maguire is like watching a Ferrari next to a double decker bus.
James Davidson
James Davidson:
Ralf doesn't get enough credit for what he's doing and would deserve a director role at the club, but United need to be announcing NOW who the new coach is from the summer. I'd be watching very closely how Conte has basically told Spurs tonight that he wants to be sacked.
Alvin Anis
Alvin Anis:
Lindelof arguably had a MOTM performance against Leeds and because we can't seem to drop useless Maguire, he gets shoved as right back. And yet, he still performed better than Maguire. The club is rotten, I truly find it hard to believe a sensible, intelligent football man like Rangnick is picking that lineup.
I like Ralf. Gonna be sad to see him leave the manager role at the end of the season. In an ideal world I’d have him as permanent manager.
Rangnick talking facts firing shots at the other players with heads down and sulking
Football Utd
Football Utd:
If Ralf is given full power he wouldn't let Luke Shaw, Marcus Rashford and Harry Maguire even step inside team bus
Super Lad
Super Lad:
It’s the players not the manager… fact!
He’s so right though, the forward players weren’t running channels or giving any option for the back line. Plus when they did make runs, they wouldn’t play it or gamble a pass to find a goal. Ggs on the draw against an Athletico who were difficult to break down.
I'm absolutely convinced Ralf is the man...just we're going through some growing pains some of the players are squealing trying to undermine the manager because he's interim and they're lazy.....Give Ralf 3 years
He a good manager, Hope he continues he say what he sees and knows the game. There's a lot of dead wood players that need to see the exit door.
Carl Rees
Carl Rees:
I can't believe Elanga didn't start tbh, Rashford is trash. Never rated him particularly highly & this season he's just completely useless.
Odysseas V
Odysseas V:
Ralf is an amazing manager and he handles extremely well the club's state right now.
Rashford needs to either start working hard again or be gone. Maguire it needs to be off few games, and all big names/stars need to follow Bruno's lead and stay humble play like a team, keep ego aside!

Christiano is doing ok, but there's no chemistry from the middle on his attack-vision. I've seen entire matches and the guy make a lot of good runs but team decide not to risk and play the ball back instead. My man is 37, don't ignore his runs, he doesn't have many left in the tank.
Sukhraj B
Sukhraj B:
Calling it out how it is. Have to respect that comment.
Ralf's interviews are brilliant, man. Brilliant. That's one thing I will miss.
Ball is life
Ball is life:
I just hope Elanga's form won't dissipate like Rashfords'. I miss the old form of his I mean imagine what we could do with his great form, Ronaldo and Elanga (,:
a real bobby dazzler
a real bobby dazzler:
Ralph is getting results with what he has got the performances have not been perfect its work in progress the style play is becoming harder to play against
The Satisfied Customer
The Satisfied Customer:
Im a die hard United fan. home and away from 15-30 before i moved to australia. I cant believe how woeful our players are. i support Ralf.
They need to keep Ralf as Manager next Season
Anit Sen
Anit Sen:
give Ralf the permanent manager he will make our club great again hope his last words will be the example of other player's
Marial Michael Madol Madit
Marial Michael Madol Madit:
Ralf got it tactically wrong in the first half, playing Lindelof out of position 🙄 and Maguire deserve to be benched for some games to come
Daz V
Daz V:
I can feel the anger in his speech that's been unseen since Fergie. I think Ralph's winning mentality is key to our success. 1-1 was a great result, I'd have taken before, but still this man demands more.
Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞:
I like Ralf. Gonna be sad to see him leave the manager role at the end of the season. In an ideal world I’d have him as permanent manager.
Femi Owoeye
Femi Owoeye:
The ultimate praise from a manager. Well done Anthony Elanga.
Iba Sz
Iba Sz:
I like him as a manager. Very honest
Steven Shadrach
Steven Shadrach:
In Ralf we trust!!!
Gershom Tan
Gershom Tan:
Only thing I hold against him at this point is not dropping Maguire.
So far I like his management and tactics but the only thing keeping bugging me is he still let Maguire start the game.
Nath Matthew
Nath Matthew:
About time he called these over rated players out.. any other big club, Rashford would be sold in the summer… no time for sentiments
Kristian Petkov
Kristian Petkov:
At least he is being real with himself about what's up. If they give him a bit of time and resources, he will get those lads straight.
But he's right in what he's saying no one can argue this man's a striaght talker respect that 💯
Normally I would think a 1-1 draw is a good result to take back home in a champions league game and in some way I think this is a good result but atlético Madrid aren’t exactly an easy team to break down. They will sit back at Old Trafford all game and look to nick a goal late on. We struggle to break defensive teams down so it’s going to be an interesting game.
Terence Fletcher
Terence Fletcher:
I think Rangnick might regret making this statement. I remember José doing the same with Matic and it backfired horrendously. By putting Elanga up their as a role model especially for the senior players, he’s literally saying they aren’t putting the enough effort in.
Chuddy Holliday
Chuddy Holliday:
Caption says it all need more players like Elanga don't we the lad has been a sensation since coming into the team
Sangram Das
Sangram Das:
Rashford's starting spot is under threat. I hope Elanga keeps up his good performances to put him on the bench.
It was like this under Ole and has been like this for years, it's a pattern. Nothing to do with management.
Janp Teyag
Janp Teyag:
Rashford, Maguire and Shaw I would say this is directed at. Average British players who think they’re gods gift.
Danial Hughes
Danial Hughes:
Hope Ralf gets the full time manager role. He needs 2-3years. Given time he WOULD sort us out once and for all.
silver puma
silver puma:
Good to hear an honest manager, I hope he says and is given the chance to take the axe to a few rotten roots.....
In a way ralf being interim for a few months and moving upstairs is perfect for him. He knows what players have that hunger and mentality to succeed.

Him being in a role upstairs will help us finally get our wage structure back under control. Finally get players out of the door that don't deserve to be here. Ralf clearly knows which players need to go.

With a manager like ten hag and ralf as sporting director we could finally see man utd getting back on track.
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali:
Classy manager. Says it honestly, doesn’t sugarcoat anything, doesn’t over praise players, never digs the poor ones out. So refreshing and it’s a very welcome and nice change from Ole’s management style.
Mark Shirley
Mark Shirley:
I like him - I think when he moves 'upstairs' he will have a calming organised effect on the club.
Michael McGrory
Michael McGrory:
He has to start on Sunday against Watford, he can't be deprived any longer, it's nothing less than he deserves
Akshat Kaushal
Akshat Kaushal:
That's a big statement to make knowing how big the ego is of some of the utd players 👏👏
A B:
Like his honesty and humility
The 10th
The 10th:
We want Ralf to build a team of his own
erik arzenšek
erik arzenšek:
How quickly has he seen the potential in elanga amazing. Hope elanga goes on as humble as he is atm.
Still can't believe Maguire MUST start every game ... almost all his touches are so heavy, no flair. Although to be fair, Pogba was the worst on the pitch tonight.
Since Ralf has been manger of Man Utd, he has won the most premier league points second from Man City. Look at the stats, ignore the gossip.
Being a Liverpool fan and think United are really poor outfit, ralf definitely good guy with being honest.
andy palin
andy palin:
Ralf is so frustrated with the lack of effort from this squad! 🤘🎸😂
Sharon 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞
Sharon 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]🔞:
This man is the best !! Honest and refreshing!! Rashford n Shaw embarrassing.
This man is the best !! Honest and refreshing!! Rashford n Shaw embarrassing.
Robert Ellison
Robert Ellison:
In Ralph we trust
Polixene Chris83
Polixene Chris83:
Elanga plays with passion and there no greater energy in football and we cannot tell the same for some utd players and it's the difference as these kind of players play only for money 🤑 and its didn't matter if they loose
Unknown Therapist
Unknown Therapist:
our linup should be

David De Gea

Dalot, Varane, Lindelof, Telles

Pogba, Bruno

Sancho, Elanga
Cristiano Ronaldo(C)

We need a cdm that can switch the play (Kalvin Philips) Or energetic box to box midfielder that can dictate tempo (Renato Sanches)
Robert Larsen
Robert Larsen:
God I love this man
Even when Bruno plays badly he does wonders.
Mishal Gudka
Mishal Gudka:
This team must start: DDG, AWB, VL, RV, AT, NM, SMT, BF, JS, AE, CR7. Pick the team on form please Ralf.
C Viasco
C Viasco:
They will bring conte in and ralf will be the executioner of these players. I hate United and I love them losing but I hate the disrespect these players give their manager when they think they are the worlds best.
Genius Nature
Genius Nature:
I think they need to keep Rangnick.
His subs are top notch! Much better than Ole. I rather we keep him than hiring Poch.
Steve Davies
Steve Davies:
Elanga is great but then so were Martial and Rashford. United used to improve players but now they slowly destroy them.
Confused Sheeple
Confused Sheeple:
I feel sorry for Ralph we have to many average players who don’t give a toss.
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup
EatClenTrenHard AnavarGiveup:
Listen, Man United might not thank me but get the contract out, put it on the table. Let him sign it, let him write whatever numbers he wants to put on there, given what he's done since he's come in. RANGNICK'S (Ole 3.0) at the wheel, man. He's doing it. He's doing his thing. MAN UNITED ARE BACK!!!
Red roobarb
Red roobarb:
I bet the players got a right rollicking at half time.
Jacob Field
Jacob Field:
Elanga is keeping Ralf in a job. Madrid missed some good chances.
Scott Davies
Scott Davies:
He says this yet still keeps starting these players. I like him but he needs to start making some big decisions with team selection.
Jonathan M Abrahams
Jonathan M Abrahams:
Tell it like it is 🔥 some of these players are just poor
I agree overall bad performance too many individuals no real chem
United have to get this man in permanently and back him. Its their only hope
James .Stone
James .Stone:
another game where it actually looked like ronaldo might start crying
Moe. Moe.codgamer
Moe. Moe.codgamer:
Finally my wish comes true to see lindelof play a right back or cdm lol.
At least Rangnick is honest about his team
Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson:
I like this guy. United don’t deserve him
Tom Tom
Tom Tom:
Fred playing further forward looks like an entirely different player....when matic came on...it gave Fred license to get forward...maybe he isn't a number 6
Elanga is the perfect forward for Ralfs system get him in from the start and let Rashford carry on with the dinner lady work.
James Blyth
James Blyth:
Varane looks lost without ramos next to him… rashford isn’t United class. Ronaldos age is starting to show. Pogba going through the motions.
John Nicol
John Nicol:
Zero urgency from every player. Even a few firm passes back and forth can create space but we were just static.
Taha Osman
Taha Osman:
Bruno scores alot of goals but so many times he gives the ball away and his decision making is horrible
Caramelised Onion
Caramelised Onion:
Marcus Rashford is stealing a living
Robert Ellison
Robert Ellison:
Looks pissed off and rightly so. Lazy pack of muts in the first half getting paid mega bucks and putting in shocking performances like that. Thank god for Elanga. Glad Ralph has this time to see first hand who he needs to clear out when he goes upstairs. Back to the drawing board and let’s mop them at Old Trafford. Let’s go united 👏🏼👏🏼
Prathamesh Nike
Prathamesh Nike:
I love when this man talks 👇
Hasseb Khan
Hasseb Khan:
Hope rashford and maguire watched this interview. Neither of em deserve to wear that shirt
Ali Haibe
Ali Haibe:
He is one of the best managers but he do not a fit dressing room. If he get good players like elanga and Sancho united will become an other level I am city fan.
We were getting 4 spanked past us by watford people need to remember
john williams
john williams:
That’s definitely a dig at Ronaldo when he’s talking about other players need to look to Elanga enjoying himself out on the pitch.
Mack Attuh
Mack Attuh:
He speaks very well tbh
Wow what a statement
nick sharman
nick sharman:
Definitely shots fired at Rashford!! 😅
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts:
Rashford is a better politician than a footballer
Apples Oranges
Apples Oranges:
Exactly... Bench cr "Y" 7... CPR 7 💯 ..
Life in Slo-mo
Life in Slo-mo:
Ralph - genius.
Sell Shaw promote fernadez from u23 (alvaro, 18 LB) and make Telles 1st choice.
Also I would trade/sell maguire for Skrniar, if not Mengi/Bernard please.
Pogba signs contract, if not donny will be back hopefully better.. if no then spend whatever it takes to bring Kimmich to OT especially in his Prime.
when this guy came ronaldo's performace went down... i am afraid this means the end in champions league.