IGHALO Signs for Manchester United! Man Utd Transfer News

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100+ comentarios:

AB 11
AB 11:
We needed a striker, I’m happy with this deal. We aren’t signing Werner or Dembele in Jan. Why are our fans so stupid? A world class Mid and a decent striker, we needed players and we got 2. Let’s back the players, in summer we should aim for world class future strikers
Developed Spermcell
Developed Spermcell:
I am triple happy.
1. Bruno ❤❤❤
2. Decent striker-option
3. Less game-time for Lingard.

✅ now has Ole as a Striker Coach
✅ short term / low risk
✅ experienced
✅ supports / loves Utd
✅ can actually score goals
Keith Waterhouse
Keith Waterhouse:
I agree Mark, I d rather have someone rather than no-one, I think he's gonna supriseus all, let s get behind him
Durrett Painting
Durrett Painting:
In all reality I am stunned that the board was able to get anyone. He is an option, when we were short on any. Support the player, love United, hate the board
Kamyar ufc 1990
Kamyar ufc 1990:
He can offer us extra option in the squad support him he is a united striker now.
Luke Boylan
Luke Boylan:
Just signed Nigerian R9, premier league isnt ready for the King of Africa. Top 4, Europa league and FA Cup is ighalo's playground
Mark Antigua
Mark Antigua:
Lets give him a shot. I am happy we signed any striker.
D Minus
D Minus:
I'm not disappointed about this deal I think he will do a good job ...
Laurentius Michael George
Laurentius Michael George:
I'd back Ighalo with my all. Great signing not because he's a great player, but because he's the shape of the hole. Fits perfectly.
kelvin klin
kelvin klin:
Am a nigerian and am happy to see a nigerian wear the united jersey thanks ole
project Deryck
project Deryck:
This is Ole's version of :

*Henrik Larson*
Erling HomeValley
Erling HomeValley:
I am acctually positive about this! You know, it's a loanDeal. We needed that. And for Ighalo, this is acctually his dream. The right spirit we need right now. Better then nothing i would say. And omg, we got FERNANDES! ❤️ I'ts not a bad month, not perfect - but ey, not bad at all. And now we have two more leader types on field
Let's fix this season,Bruno and Ighalo are good enough ,LETS GOO
Ogbeide Kelvin
Ogbeide Kelvin:
Welcome to Manchester United ighalo, I'm proud to have u my countryman let get it done.
Conor Moran
Conor Moran:
Best signing we make in a long time because we didn't have to listen to weeks of he's signing , he's not singing , he signing , deal on , deal off ect ect , it was deal done within a couple of hours of finding out.
If someone didnt know...
Ighalo played for watford from 2014 to 2017 or something. Innthat period, him and deeney was bloody amazing together. This is not a bad deal to do on deadline day. Back him 100% and maybe we can push out the last of him in 6 months
He alsi got top scorer in the afcon
Masta P
Masta P:
Sky Sports Reporter: Ole how do u feel about Ighalo signing?
OLE: Im over the moon Ighalo snubbed Spurs & chose Utd that just shows how far we’ve come as a football club :)
Ighalo = Woodwards revenge on Man Utd fans.
James Bortles
James Bortles:
I think this guy will be very hungry to prove something, he will want to show he is still good enough for the premiership, for me that is better than a big name on a jolly for a few months
I predict he'll outshine Bruno Fernandes against everyone's expectations.
Faisel Butt
Faisel Butt:
"He is definitely a body. A guy who can run around in a shirt."
- MG 2020
Shreyas Kamath Fitness
Shreyas Kamath Fitness:
Martin Tyler on Ighalos debut..

Bruno with a great through ball.. great turn by the forward..and ighaaaaaàaaalooooooo
Ighalo will improve us.
Looking forward to seeing him and bruno now.
Faisel Butt
Faisel Butt:
"We've previously brought in players and had had great expectations and it didn't work out. So bringing in players with low expectations is a good thing."
- MG 2020
Arion Govender
Arion Govender:
Woodwards getting wet thinking about the amount of shirts hes gonna sell in nigeria
christ uk
christ uk:
I think we came out well to be honest we weren't expecting anyone we did great let's get it together boys
I'm glad we got someone and Ighalo might surprise us, let's give him our support so long as he does his best.
Hasn’t really cost us a penny, wages saved on Young and Rojo plus fee received, not sure why there’s so much negativity considering we needed a striker and he gives us another option up front.
fnur hrn
fnur hrn:
in terms of "loan perspective", this signing is brilliant...good job Ole..
Red Reigns
Red Reigns:
Outscored and outperformed Mane and Salah in the last AFCON ;)
I'm surprised the board haven't loaned out lingard to Salford City because league 2 is his level
garaad cabdiraxmaan
garaad cabdiraxmaan:
I think odian ighalo will at least improve our attack and I welcome him because he is a good scorer
DJ Crassus
DJ Crassus:
well... guess it´s time to search for some highlights of this Ighalo guy
J P:
He's gonna bang goals... Just wait
jack the lad
jack the lad:
A Nigerian icon? You know people who watch this can also watch your previous video where you made your feelings perfectly clear?
Kanu and okocha class as Nigerian icons not this guy.
Rants “I wanna jump out that transfer window”😂😂
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus:
“Ighalo” Mark, not “Ighala”
DAZE77 Gaming
DAZE77 Gaming:

Who saw that coming? 😂
Sean Maca
Sean Maca:
Mark it's Ighal-O not Ighal-A
Legit Walrus
Legit Walrus:
The amount of Shirt sales they’re going to get in Nigeria now... Clever business move
Richard Reid
Richard Reid:
I like him - he supports us and he may add experience to the team on field and in the dressing room. Seems humble as well.
Harry B
Harry B:
Why am I so excited about this transfer just feel like it’s so random and he’ll just be a joke player can’t wait for Out of Context United
ezfhcjhkggj dxgfgfch
ezfhcjhkggj dxgfgfch:
That’s deep he doesn’t even get a tweet or insta post😂
I think the guy will surprise us!
Onyegiri Chukwukanele
Onyegiri Chukwukanele:
Odion Ighalo! Welcome to Manchester United 😂😂
Isaac Elinam Spielberg
Isaac Elinam Spielberg:
Lets be Positive.
Milo Dsouza
Milo Dsouza:
I am really happy we signed ighalo over King, cause we dont retain deadwood also who else could we have brought in
John Abraham
John Abraham:
Yesterday I said, signing Bruno Fernandes is up there with Pogba, as best Manchester United have made, since Ferguson left. This signing just tops both signings. Ighalo is what Manchester United have been missing since Van Persie left...
Let's fix this season MUFC
Road 35
Road 35:
I’m just hoping Bruno makes an big impact.
This signing was a okay as well.
Kurt Evans
Kurt Evans:
I’m happy they signed him he actually may surprise everyone
I would have brought Rooney back tbh 😪
Just Emeka
Just Emeka:
As a Nigerian, I'm really happy and excited for him. I recall listening to him on a local radio sport station in Nigeria (Brila FM) where he publicly declared that United was his boyhood club. This means a lot to him and a dream come true. He actually rejected Spurs for United and that's says something. I also dont expect much from him but I want him to do well.
Jadøn Sanchø
Jadøn Sanchø:
This signing will have an impact on the dressing room. Martial will be nurtured into a better player up front by learning from Ighalo. I am very optimistic about this signing 🔴
Liam Walsh
Liam Walsh:
Back up players are always hard to sign, I think we’ve done ok here.... not amazing, it’s ok.
Colin Mc
Colin Mc:
Gonna move Martial out to left wing play him up top
Yahya Ramadhan
Yahya Ramadhan:

Horse Sense
Horse Sense:
As United is now an outside-top-four club, this signing makes sense.
I hope this won't stunt the progress of Jesse "Iniesta" Lingard.
Nassim El Ansari
Nassim El Ansari:
I love how he says " TO " in the intro of every video 😂😂😂😂
Anderson Osborn
Anderson Osborn:
I can't wait to watch Bruno tomorrow
Fire Up
Fire Up:
6:57 "I'd take Iguana"
Imagine selling lukaku, not getting haaland and then getting ighalo🤣🤣
Imah Sickhunt
Imah Sickhunt:
It'll be too funny if he has a fluke wonder season and outplays all of our "top" players.
Wai Tuck Kong
Wai Tuck Kong:
Is He's coming from China? If so He needs to be isolated for 14 days before he can meet any of the team members..
Levy Will
Levy Will:
“Ighalo is a Nigerian icon” 😂😂😂😂😂
Kenny Milne
Kenny Milne:
Just think of the shirt sales in Nigeria? Maybe not 😕 I was just trying to be positive , he might start banging them in , he's better than nothing , let's get behind him
Emperor Ceaser
Emperor Ceaser:
That’s my Nigerian brother. Congrat bro. Dream come true to play for one of the biggest club in England
Ahmed Khan
Ahmed Khan:
Ighalo will have the striker instinct and know how already so we have to make it work anyway
Nigel Green
Nigel Green:
He’s 30 and a bloke not like lingard who’s 27 going on 16 😂
Some Kind Of
Some Kind Of:
It’s a loan so all good
saad saif
saad saif:
Lingard reminds me of robbie savage playing days, always running like a headless chicken with no output or end result to play. The irony is that robbie savage was let go from United because he was a surplus and not deem good enough for first team, but unlike him lingard keeps getting chances that the likes of Zaha, Januzaj, depay, kagawa and welbeck didn't get, and I believe if these players had a similar opportunity then they would have had made as half decent additions to the united playing XI. So, hopefully Ole in the summer trims his losses and lets him go, irrespective of whatever Lingard does now and till the end of the season. The money raised could be used to bring in someone like Promes from Ajax, he is in terrific form, and he is young, technically gifted and has a surge for goals plus he is also versatile and can play on the wing too. Which allows an attacking formation for play as well freeing up opportunity for Ole to play Rashford up front with Martial in a 4-4-2 formation with two strikers like the old Cole/Yorke partnership which always suited the attacking play the best in this formation.
Ali Kermanpour
Ali Kermanpour:
Ole got rid of Lukaku in summer to bring in Ighalo.
Isn’t that beautiful?
We have high hopes for Ighalo. From what I remember he has brilliant hold up play. And with his back to goal, He knows exactly how to occupy both defenders, doesnt matter who he plays against. If he still has his old work ethics then He’s hard working and can teach Martial a thing or two
Kasey Escape
Kasey Escape:
But how do we go from Haaland to Jimmy Nigerian? This is mental!
Paul Hanafin
Paul Hanafin:
No matter what happens... the truth will slowly come out.

OGS not good enough
Woodward not astute enough
Glazers not bothered enough

Until major change happens with all 3 - this club ain’t dominating anything
Brian Davis
Brian Davis:
🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 and let's see hopefully he gives us goals
334665eric 7788977
334665eric 7788977:
Maybe this dude can teach Martial how to score and give him some confidence...
Eddie Bottoms
Eddie Bottoms:
"You ain't loaning a good player" so we got Ighalo instead.

Great confidence builder for the lad. You know how to inspire people. FFS.
Paul Lepcha
Paul Lepcha:
Surely he'll bring in some experience to the team, especially for the attack and it's a plus point.
mr tree
mr tree:
the statement on ighalos good, because ole says the "short" spell at the club. Meaning hes not long term
Oge Marony
Oge Marony:
7/10 ,We got Bruno and a backup striker on loan.
Groove RVS Uptop4eva
Groove RVS Uptop4eva:
Good transfer window 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 let's finish this season strong.... let's go United 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
Northern Migration
Northern Migration:
Expectation: Haaland

Reality: Odion Igalho
Ighalo was good at Watford
Richie Riak
Richie Riak:
The Nigerian Henrik Larsson
Joshua Pevy
Joshua Pevy:
“Ighala” 😂
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony Rodriguez:
Not bad, he is fast, strong and good header(tall). Im surprised that in the final day we have a striker. Still is better than nothing.
Sack martial we have ighalo now
I'm.happy with this I would love to see fernandes martial and ighalo bang in goals for fun let's finish the season on a strong note
164 Bror
164 Bror:
We all know he came to run from the virus
Amir Hussain
Amir Hussain:
Wow from harland to this!
sadek rahman
sadek rahman:
but we needed at least two midfielders to replace Herrera and Fellaini. sadly we replaced one mid and we need a CDM too.
Aiman Falihin
Aiman Falihin:
Imagine about Bruno's signing didn't happened, and then Odion has coming 😂
OMG is this a joke how the mighty has fallen lmfaoooooo
Wouldn't pay £20 million for Haland
But considered £30 million for King
Ishan Chauhan
Ishan Chauhan:
United were confident of Haaland deal. Once that went off there was no plan B. And signing ighalo there is someone on the bench who can score
Chris Richards
Chris Richards:
I'm just happy weve brought in some new players
JB Kush
JB Kush:
That season when he was hot though..don't forget it
Lester Bezuidenhout
Lester Bezuidenhout:
"I wanna jump out that transfer window" 😂