"I'm worried for Firmino" | Jamie Carragher's verdict on Liverpool's front three

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Jamie Carragher explains why Liverpool's front three have been struggling to score in recent weeks, and admits he's concerned about the form of Roberto Firmino.

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100+ comentarios:

Football Baron
Football Baron:
Wouldn't be surprised if Jota is that player that will phase out Firmino
Crazy to see Messi has been up there since 06. It’s 2021 now. That level of consistency and performance at the highest level amongst some of the best forwards to touch the ball. Unbelievable! And of course Ronaldo as well as always
Football Iconic
Football Iconic:
That Jota injury hit Liverpool big it seems
PKING #Glazersout
PKING #Glazersout:
Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo had a combined 92 goals in the premier league in two seasons, that trio was something else 🔥
Jack McCann
Jack McCann:
It's been 3 or 4 games. Shows the high standards of Liverpool that after 3 or 4 games of not scoring people think its a huge crisis. Take a look at firmino goals last 3 or 4 seasons and you can see they are relatively consistent, 10-15. As soon as others stop scoring they are worried for him.

Watching the games can become incredibly frustrating. If most of the opposition players are behind the ball, with Liverpool being a heavy possession team, it is of course natural they are going to be patient and play backwards and sideways.
Its a very difficult ask to literally play the ball into the net.

Granted, firmino and his first touch let's him down at times and it is frustrating, however I think it's a collective system/injury/team effort that is responsible.

Wait to you see, if there are 2 games in a row of 4 0 victories they will all say "THEY ARE BACK".

Its important to be excited about the great times and not too panicked about the down times. These players are only human. And the last 2 seasons they have been absolutely amazing.
Cameron Young
Cameron Young:
Carra: Strikers don't last as long
charlie page
charlie page:
Liverpool haven't bought a saints player in a while now that's why they are dropping down
H M:
Anyone paying attention knew Jota was the biggest miss. It was clear after a few games without him. Liverpool have been ok defensively, and in the midfield, up front they have been shocking. And it's not like they're not playing the same style as the past couple of years - all wing play, fast movement. It's become predictable and they're not technically good enough to go through the middle when Bobby aint on form. Jota is a huge miss
Bottom line! Salah and Mane have lost their connection on the pitch due to becoming more selfish. There are serveral instances this season where Bobby was open in front of goal and they went for glory themselves. So I'd say Bobby is like whats the point with these 2. They need to play for the team again.
OI Bab
OI Bab:
I’d love to see if Firmino could fully adapt to the 10 position and drop a bit deeper.. he still has a lot to offer to Liverpool in my opinion, I don’t see why he couldn’t play there as I know he has before, leaving room for a goal scoring 9 as for the first time in 3/4 years, that’s what I think they’re crying out for at the minute.
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson:
I’d find it interesting to see Robertson and TAA’s heat map, as I wonder if they’re as confident about going forward and creating the space for Liverpool’s front three, without have VD there to cover, who I’ll add also chipped in with goals and forward passes
Luke Saunders
Luke Saunders:
I think it’s important to understand the fullbacks aren’t attacking as much because of the defensive unreliability. Liverpool’s defence have been great the past 10 games. It’s just they can’t attack as much now
Feel sorry for Firmino tbh. Its so sad to see him decline like this. Such a likeable player, never had any drama, keeps himself to himself and gave everything for the club. Unfortunately there comes a time when you have to accept that you simply are not able to do it anymore.
Re Incarnate
Re Incarnate:
January usually be the decisive month for premier league teams, after December all the post- effect happens. Liverpool did great last December and survived in the next month.
But since the club stop investing in new blood the team is less fresh and all we have is the same old players and the fact is the key members of this team is 29 years old on average.
DV Scorpio
DV Scorpio:
Every team has its ups and downs. Last year it was the year of Liverpool and this year will be that of Man city which will definitely be champions.
As for Manu it will be fourth in the table behind Liverpool.
Ads Taxman78
Ads Taxman78:
Personally I have always thought that Firmino is not a good finisher. He has definitely finished some goals nicely, but just like there are calamitous goalkeepers who have pulled off fantastic saves at times, they just do not perform their job consistently, that's how I think of him. He scores some class goals occasionally, but he just does not consistently do the job really well.
dalton polius
dalton polius:
This Liverpool is starting to come to the end of their cycle they need to freshen up in the summer , they have basically had the same squad of players and the same first eleven for 3/4 seasons now that’s not sustainable
FZM Studio
FZM Studio:
Probably one of my favourite sky sports videos. Showing all of proof to go with your analysis. More of it!
Trent has been playing like prime Boris Johnson recently too
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
The late 20s are the prime years of pretty much every player's career.
Barca's trio of Messi, Suarez and Neymar wasn't phased out. It broke up because Neymar went chasing the money and wanted to escape from Messi's shadow.
Bottom line is that Liverpool have been found out a little bit and teams now know better how to play against them. That's normal for every cycle of a team.
Alex Williams
Alex Williams:
Jamie speaks a lot of sense, I’m very surprised one of the front free didn’t leave this season but that was maybe due to covid, but I would put money on atleast one of them leaves this summer and I think it’ll be bobby or mane
A Morty
A Morty:
Would Barcelona's Messi, Neymar and Suarez not have played a 4th year if they didn't lose Neymar? He wasn't sold to change things up, Neymar wasn't happy being a minor/moderate component in a three. Liverpool have kept their players due to circumstances and quality management. I think the front three are suffering from what's going on elsewhere, our foundation is crumbling despite us keeping our amazing forwards in tact.
Diogo Jota will definitely be one of our main attacking players, hopefully for many years to come, but I do think that we still need to sign another attacker like Mbappe or Haaland. We need a clinical and consistent goal scoring striker, and Firmino can barely shoot a ball at times, and Salah can be really inconsistent. Even Mane has dry patches here and there. This decline in form may be the first signs that one or two of our main front three should either be dropped or sold.
Van dijik is a big miss with his passes going forward
The midfield is playing in defense
Trent and Robertson aren't supplying Iike they can

Less passes coming from all angles to the front three
They can't do everything themselves
Liverpool have a much less exciting attack because salah and mane and sitting wider than they usually do trying to participate more with build up play and bring full-backs into the game, so all the attacks are set up from wide which is more predictable and less exciting. Easy to spot if you go back and watch mane and salah's best goals, they're all incredible runs (counter-attacks too) or more often they start very centrally.
At the same time Firmino's ability to create chances has dropped off, both because he doesn't have a clear strike partner and because his abilities are declining, probably because he wears his legs out more easily now and getting the right weight of pass becomes more difficult, can't play twice a week anymore without losing his edge.
James Dennis
James Dennis:
The defence of Liverpool don't play as many passes and supply the forwards like previous seasons. VVD is a big miss and Trent and robbo are not assisting like last year. The forwards are not playing bad they just are not getting supplied through balls like they need
muhammad isa
muhammad isa:
In 2 years they scored a combined total of 113 goals. That’s just incredible
Sterling, Aguero, Sane played far less minutes than any front 3 on that list due to rotation. Their goals to minutes ratio is far superior to any other too.
Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor:
Firmino has been average to dreadful for over a year now. He was carried in the 2nd half of last season, after lockdown especially. But winning the league papered over it. Yes, the Defence issues haven't helped. But mainly because the players who have had to cover, aren't dominating the midfield. As a defensive unit, we ain't been bad. We have had to play Curtis Jones too much, and he ain't ready yet. Our record with him in the team is disappointing. We ain't gonna win the league now, I think that's clear. Teams know how to play against us, and they always give everything. Think we will drop points to Burnley tonight, too.
Loyalist Prisoner
Loyalist Prisoner:
They’re playing a totally different brand of football now tbh. Everything’s in front of the opposition defence with the players taking 4/5 touches or passing it sideways. What a class team they were to watch 2/3 seasons ago. In every single teams face no one could handle them.
Akshay Panwar
Akshay Panwar:
The problem is that Taki was bought in coz the way he played looked he could be a decent backup player , who could 10 goals a season , but he hasn't looked imposing , I want him to succeed , but day by day , it's looking tougher for him .
One thing is that , when he's on the field , his body language seems as if he thinks he's not good enough to be around this squad .
He needs to change that attitude , forget about that you were a big fish in a small pond in Austria , he needs to get away from that , he's a talented player , he needs to get rid of the baggage

Bobby should get back to the basic , that made him the player he was when Klopp came in .
George Fred
George Fred:
Bobby been brilliant for years, after 4 years he’s having a bad run. When he’s on form the full team is unstoppable. He’s world class still.
been saying this to my liverpool mates for nearly 2 seasons now and I've always been shut down saying "bObBy dOEsn'T NeEd goAlS or AssIStS!!!", finally carragher has proven me right, I won't get my head around a striker still being 'world class' when he offers so little for so long.
Ewan Coke
Ewan Coke:
The Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez front three at Man Utd was only broken up because two of them left Man Utd, not because of a dip in form or age... They could have had longer together, if you look at Ronaldo today and what Tevez did at Man City and Juventus...
Problem of Liverpool is not a team but Klopp's game/team management in new conditions internal (VVD, Gomes, etc.) and external (improving other teams, investment on transfer market). There were many errors in the composition of team, engaging bench, etc.
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan:
Jota deserves his time to shine. We saw the results when he was playing.

This is a professional football club that bases everything it does on results, not favouritism.
Lol, I always said it. I don't know what Liverpool fans are thinking all that time, but they have always been without a striker. Firmino has 62 goals in 6 years, which is just funny.
Daniel Louis
Daniel Louis:
so sad for firmino, this liverpool side are apart of my childhood now and seeing firmino go will be heartbreaking
aditya saurav
aditya saurav:
Jota will ultimately replace Firmino. Jota is a big miss for Liverpool right now...probably more than Van Dijk.
Rabona Lisa
Rabona Lisa:
I dont know if I am alone in thinking this but I swear Liverpool play better without Firmino and Salah. Just a couple of examples but the 5-2 vs Everton and the 4-0 against Barcelona were some of our best performances in the past few years and Bobby and Salah weren't playing.
Mari Sappleton
Mari Sappleton:
I'm not a Liverpool fan but it was a mistake not getting Werner if you know about football Werner form right now doesn't take away the fact that he would fit Liverpool easily and you would have competition for places as they did with Jota and thiago when you finally win things they will be complacency and dip in form firmino as no competition Origi is hardly playing
Dr.Rami Hamad
Dr.Rami Hamad:
Just a few weeks ago everyone was talking about how great Firmino was after the Spurs match !!!!
Opinions change 2 extremes
Kaushik Sarkar
Kaushik Sarkar:
Jota will replace bobby as the striker eventually i agree, but i think bobby will be a very good option in midfield. He has the attributes which suit perfectly for our midfield. Hungry presser, great vision for passes, immune against counter pressing, good runner. Almost similar to hendo, milli, gini. Klopp should think about it imo. Perfect replacement of gini!
The Neut
The Neut:
Special mention : Vardy-Okazaki-Mahrez
Arjun Anil
Arjun Anil:
the problem imo is that there isn't within the team apart from jota , enough quality which can give competition to the front 3. Origi, minamino are back ups not starters, LFC would need to buy another winger or a no.9 to make the front 3 work a tad bit more harder or can even change the order of the 3.
Jerrod Tham
Jerrod Tham:
Nothing wrong with the players, the opponents just found out how to defeat Liverpool. Liverpool have to change strategy to have more dives in the penalty box.
Rubes 9625
Rubes 9625:
Imagine Kane in the middle of Mane and Salah, outrageous
Mark Doherty
Mark Doherty:
Carra spot on here. Firmino been a great player for Liverpool but his form has dropped off for quite some time now. He misses too many chances and gives the ball away too easily. He has world class ability when he's at the top of his game but we only see it on a few occasions. Sadly I think it's time to replace him. Jota has been great and it was a real shame he got injured as Liverpool seemed to be gaining a good momentum.
Ramadan Ahmed
Ramadan Ahmed:
Firmino, Salah and Mane had 113 goals (57 +56) in two seasons, Wow! Amazing!
Mika-eel Khan
Mika-eel Khan:
You can't talk about his defensive work when Liverpool dominate the ball more so obviously Firmino has to defend less because more and more teams are starting to figure Liverpool out in a sense and sitting deep and just defending, so obviously if you have more of the ball you defend less and that's why Firmino's defensive output has been less, with the goals i agree that he's dropped but in that time Salah and especially Mane have stepped up and scored tonnes so he's been a provider and if you replace him now and bring a proper striker in Liverpool will have to change the way they play a little bit to compensate for a new striker that will want to score goals so therefore Salah and Mane's jobs will change a bit and they'll score less and less every season
Gence Mosia
Gence Mosia:
If only they'd been patient with Danny Ings. He's exactly what they need at the moment.
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams:
Jota is an absolute beast the last time I saw a player get off to such a good start was Torres/Suarez that is how good I believe he could be,shame he got injured but yea his injury I believe cost us,Firmino is just too slow and melodic atm Jota adds some well needed energy to the game,he needs to get benched for a while.
John Pemberton
John Pemberton:
Jota proved in his first 3 months at the club, the front 3 have become too predictable, & certainly Firmino, whose form last season was very average, if not below, Salah in nearly 4 years, has not improved his game, not worked on his weaknesses, his right foot is still poor, so defenders have worked him out, he never goes on the outside, always cuts in onto his left, therefore is be less effective. Time for a overhaul, sell players whilst can still get good money for them & reinvest.
I agree that firmino should be a goalscorer but if u think of last season, firmino created the attacks for the goals and his skill is remarkable. He is gonna be better of course you know that firmino had a sniff of goals at the start of the season give him a bit i guess and we got Bobby back!
osnola ibax
osnola ibax:
Bobby was very poor against Man U, I agree with Carra here, he’s not the force he was
Shaka A
Shaka A:
Jamie sending messages to Klopp through SkySports 😂
For any Liverpool fans would you take sokratis on a short term deal till the end of the season? He’s been let go by Arsenal and he was very good under Klopp and wasn’t that bad at Arsenal. Would you consider him as a short term option till the end of the season?
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson:
I think the stats on barcas front three is wrong as their front 3’s were together longer and Sanchez was hardly a starter then. It was mainly villa, Messi and Pedro then Sanchez would be rotated usually with Pedro or with Messi when he had an injury
Equaliser 90
Equaliser 90:
Carraghers been doing his homework!
As a lfc fan I hope we can make a better fight of it in the second half of the season. I think all Liverpool fans have felt that Bobby doesn't score enough goals full stop.
i was worried about firminho last season, didnt seem up to scratch too often then either, maybe thats because he is being so starkly compared with Salah and Mane though.
The problem is Van Dijk and Gomez injuries. Fabinho has had to go back and so had Henderson. Now there is no engine in midfield. Gini is still there but like everything else if you take one part out it doesn’t work effectively. Front 3 just finish the work the midfield engine does. Then there is lack of crowds to help energise the team. Very hard for players to lift. Sometimes you need to emotional lift which only stadium can provide. Of course there is a lack of faith in officials. When Ashley Barnes does get a yellow and dives to con the referee you cannot have faith. To those who say Alisson made contact. Barnes had kick the ball to hard and not even Jesus could have gotten to the ball to score. Funny how Mane doesn’t get a penalty when Burnley follow through after he blazed over. Handball still no penalty. If a player prevents the ball from travelling further. If that was on goal line it be a penalty even if defender done same moment.
Stelios Kourpetis
Stelios Kourpetis:
Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo was a beast of a trio, like Evra said ''it was like we had pitbulls infront of us'' pure monsters!
Why everyone is talking about firminio and not about salah🤦🤷🏼‍♂️ you have to get passes and crosses from lwf and rwf as a striker to score goals 🙄🙄
Cosmic Baggy
Cosmic Baggy:
If the front three dont score, Liverpool dont score. Great 1st team but have always been a couple of injuries away from falling back.
Cool Name
Cool Name:
Both manchester united and liverpool have the same team. They have struggling forwards (martial and firmino) with new signings who are better (cavani and jota) they have class keepers. They have african defenders who are injury prone (bailly and matip) and they have managers who played football before they started managering
since 88
since 88:
I remember firmino at hoffenheim he was a decent player there but hes excelled his game at Liverpool however I think he's on the decline now and Liverpool should look to move him on
Santosh Mansharamani
Santosh Mansharamani:
Mane has to be on right with salah being in center and jota/ minamino on left and firmino to be in No. 10. Henderson and fabinho to be defensive midfielders. Nico Williams to replace TAA. CBs to be Matip and whoever is no. 4 between two young CBs.
As a fella who goes the game week in week out (before Covid) you mix in circles with lads who have said things like “lifestyle is an issue for Bobby, he loves a bevy” or “bobby needs the fans to motivate himself” I honestly couldn’t care less what it is, I agree 100% with Carra. Something needs to change because he hasn’t looked right for sometime.
Eugene Happ
Eugene Happ:
Liverpool need to make a statement signing in the summer in the final third of the pitch if they want to continue being dominant
Anuk Saros
Anuk Saros:
Great analysis, Jaime. One of the best pundits out there
We need a centre forward.. we have 2 great goalscoring wingers and 1 very good playmaking forward.. but no classic centre forward. Like Owen/Torres/Suarez.
Mark Williamson
Mark Williamson:
Ha no mention for Gayle, Joelinton & Carroll?? So blinkered it's unbelievable
Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo were not only Man U's best front 3, they were the best the Premier League has had so far.
Throwback to 2 years ago when people were saying Firmino was both underrated and top 2-3 centre forwards
Heramb Rana
Heramb Rana:
This front 3 has been insane for us
Brian Omondi
Brian Omondi:
jota is a very good player, he can actually be in scoring goals and still make salah and mane click... also his pace 💯 id choose him ahead of firmino...lets wait till he's back.
Paul Hetherington
Paul Hetherington:
Traoré from wolves would be a great signing for liverpool hes got pace and power which none of the liverpool players have he be great against teams that just sit back and defend
Eddie A
Eddie A:
Keep fighting you Reds! An incredible unbeaten home record comes to an end. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 YNWA
Joshua Donoghue
Joshua Donoghue:
As a Liverpool fan we have not been as good since lockdown first last year just my opinion.
Messi-Neymar-Suarez were absolutely devastating
David Goggin's Burner
David Goggin's Burner:
He went from underrated to overrated
The longer you leave it to break up that front three too, the less you can cash in for. Duff, Ronaldo, Sane and Neymar all saw one of the front three sold for decent money. The longer Liverpool leave it they’ve almost gone past the mark of making decent money on a player in decline, or who could decline.
Yellow Scar Lightning Scream
Yellow Scar Lightning Scream:
Salah has to play as a false nine striker down the middle. Playing Salah wide doesn't work anymore because almost all the teams in EPL now play a low block because of Covid-19 and you don't have any width to exploit on the flanks.
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones:
Personally think LFC missed 2 chances to attract big names to the club both in 2019 and 2020 and now need to replace 3 maybe 4 top of the List Trent for me.
Nick Mckitton
Nick Mckitton:
Writing was on the wall when Liverpool lost to Watford last season. Salah and Mane dont get on, that's fact. Klopp does not have a Plan B, similar to when Dortmund were found out he cannot adjust to something different. The Premier League have adjusted to the Pandemic, Klopp hasn't.
Liverpool did extremely well to get Jota cos he looks perfect for the future. Harvey elliotts looked promising and might get a chance but personally i think liverpool would be very happy if they went for Haaland or Thuram
I'm worried about the entire front three. The only part of the team where no first-team player is injured, yet perform the worst of the entire team.
Yusuf I
Yusuf I:
Messi Villa And Pedro : "Possibly the best side Ive ever seen"
MSN: "Best Front three Ive seen"
Young Stars
Young Stars:
I was about to say Cristiano-Benzema-Bale were together for five seasons, but even there in the second half of the fourth year, Zidane changed formation (question is would he still have if Bale hadn't got injured)
Everyone surprised our form has dropped.....we’ve been lucky with injuries until now losing vvd has cost us big time, changed the entire team
Welsh Ed
Welsh Ed:
Look at the numbers and stats for Tevez, Rooney and Ronaldo. Amazing.
Now youre worried?! Ive been worried for his for years and im a rival. He scored 9 goals last season. Even a 18 yo mason greenwood who wasnt even a starter until restart scored more🤨
Malik Zain
Malik Zain:
Basically you’re saying Liverpool can’t play without their first 11 and they are a system team - one dimension
Luke Jarrett
Luke Jarrett:
He is dropping off thats obvious. But all us liverpool fans will still love him. In my eyes he’ll always be a liverpool legend.
Akash Sachan
Akash Sachan:
How about front 2? Son + Kane have so many goal combinations 😮🔥
“A lot of teams are pressing less because of Covid”

That is the most ridiculous things I’ve heard. It’s a contact sport no one should be thinking that 🤦🏽‍♂️
5:24 Gary felt that one 😂😂😂
Artificial Airz
Artificial Airz:
How can you not include Dimitar Berbatov and automatically assume he wasn’t part of the attack for United
James Miles
James Miles:
It’s pretty simple and clear for me !!!!,bobby firmino has to go he’s not a striker,never has been for me had this argument every year,doesn’t score enough goals he’s finishing is shocking,teams have sussed Liverpool out everyone knows what there going to do now,jota came in was fantastic but unfortunately got injured at a bad time,Salah and mane always a treat still creating chances,but there not playing well,but firmino has been playing awful for two seasons now no more excuses,he’s cost Liverpool a lot points this season,Neto is the perfect replacement for Salah and jota for firmino
Up The Reds
Up The Reds:
Pov 2 weeks from now after Bobby scores a few goals. Carragher “Firmino is such an important player for Liverpool”