Impeachment debate key moments

House lawmakers voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time.

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Damn...never seen them move so fast. Wish they would move this fast for the people.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez:
Damn they did that ASAP lol .
Serge A
Serge A:
Imagine they put this much passion in getting the people their $2000
Jav C
Jav C:
Trump: A lot of people tell me, "They've never seen anyone get impeached better than me."
Tony JR
Tony JR:
2021 is already carrying the energy from 2020.
Joe Brate
Joe Brate:
Wow so riots only bother politicians when they're the ones threatened
ChiTChaT 2
ChiTChaT 2:
I like presidents who don't get impeached more than once...
Cynthia Stanley
Cynthia Stanley:
Well hell.....we’re already divided.
mike massy
mike massy:
i hope they realize - this does not stop when the democrats continue to drive the name calling.. driving to call white supremacy - wow.. these people are sick
John Fox
John Fox:
It’s coming town to Americans 🇺🇸 vs traitors
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice:
This is such a crazy time in history! So much going on. Scary times all around. God help and protect us all. Protect the innocent...
ITs amazing when our lives are in crisis , we are struggling and need help The house takes their time to help us out But when their lives are in jeopardy they seem to get these done in an instant ?
Jon Swebilius
Jon Swebilius:
"You find people from that cabinet and you make a scene and tell them they're not welcome anymore. " maxine waters
Didn't stick the first time neither lol
Rhaven Lynae
Rhaven Lynae:
Them history books gone be unbelievable🤣📚
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo:
The intro reminds me of a skit from Saturday Night Live. What a fxxking joke this is!
Mike Bergmann
Mike Bergmann:
"you gotta keep em' separated"
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah:
No one has ever been impeached more than I have, perhaps the level of impeachment has never been on a level like mine, almost a miracle quite frankly
John Brown
John Brown:
I love the season finale of "As the White House Turns"
Andrew Bernhardt
Andrew Bernhardt:
the amount of delusion is staggering
Drew Denning
Drew Denning:
Time for another stimulus package.

Many are in need.
Q Phan
Q Phan:
Trump: "They hate us because they anus.."
Dr. Tchock
Dr. Tchock:
kinda funny to see how scared they are of the general population lmao
Fabian Francisco Felipe Fidel Fausto Forestiere
Fabian Francisco Felipe Fidel Fausto Forestiere:
They are scared and cornered. But, in spite of all their rage, they are still just rats in a cage.
Donavan Emanuel
Donavan Emanuel:
When I tell you this is Breaking News.
Pete Playsetter
Pete Playsetter:
Actions always create re-actions
HolyLand Fan
HolyLand Fan:
"In the history of our country, nobody is better at being impeached that I am." 😂

~ Trump
Raider Fann
Raider Fann:
‘’Yes’’ never sound so sweet!
Bush Master
Bush Master:
"I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard."
H T:
Record setting events
sabrina m
sabrina m:
I can just imagine big baby shaking his tiny fist angry he cant tweet 😂😂
Wow..thanks to Trump, we have just been seeing history unfold itself bit by bit for the past year now 👀😳
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson:
First my dudes and dudets
Sydonna Anderson
Sydonna Anderson:
"like your life depends on it"
Make impeachment repeat again , lol 😂
Nicole Burdick
Nicole Burdick:
in the words of the Reynolds Pamphlet in Hamilton: "never gon be president now!"
Gilberts Grape
Gilberts Grape:
One term, twice impeached. He asked for the history he made for himself.
Debra Henry
Debra Henry:
This entire process is Sickening!
susan mcivor
susan mcivor:
Lol I’m in the house darling but thanks fir reminding me , it was the reps who wouldn’t pass any bills not the dems we already had a bill waiting McConnell said let’s wait n see , don’t be Silly. You know the truth .
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith:
I can only imagine anyone within either party will be given the "or else" as it winds its way to congress.
This may not be a fair vote anymore than it was a fair election.
Rob Liston
Rob Liston:
Trump does like to be #1 in everything he does. He's the first president to be impeached *TWICE.* 😂
Dennis Huffman
Dennis Huffman:
I've got no jobs & no money coming in,
Minecraftwizzard 2010
Minecraftwizzard 2010:
Hopefully this will not turn into a massacre in defense
Kaishit한국은 못 생겼다
Kaishit한국은 못 생겼다:
So much for making American great again
Tyler S. Morris
Tyler S. Morris:
Was it inciting violence when Kamala said the “protesters” shouldn’t stop on Colbert’s show?
Prophecy & Revelations
Prophecy & Revelations:
Nancy Pelosi's mask is really nice. I like 👍
U. Synlig
U. Synlig:
Is it impeachment season again?
calling out for healing? lol
deborah Jones
deborah Jones:
Ray Conger
Ray Conger:
In Hindsight , A More Transparent Election Might've Been a Good Idea.   -Scott Adams
Timothy Rafferty
Timothy Rafferty:
Good about damn time.
General Yellor
General Yellor:
Nearly a thousand (and counting) cowardly traitors do not approve of this video.
Bye felicia!
Christopher Lippert
Christopher Lippert:
Media pouring gasoline on the fire, I hope they are charged with incitement of further violence.
Born Justice Rule
Born Justice Rule:
that intro voice is perfect!!!!!!!😀😁🤣😃😂😄😆
Don-Ryan Etuke
Don-Ryan Etuke:
this is the day that the lord has made
A L E X I S 3
A L E X I S 3:
Hola xd
Shirley Ingle
Shirley Ingle:
Funny thing is I was watching abd there was another person standing in for Pelosi and that is not the final count. Are you showing coverage from the old inpeachment?
James rose
James rose:
This country literally makes me sick so much corruption it’s unbelievable
God Xavi
God Xavi:
1:55 to 2:17 Skip that thank me later
Nancy Horton
Nancy Horton:
The speaker set it up
Tyrone Comblast
Tyrone Comblast:
We are living in history😱
plz the intro😭
Jessie Moses
Jessie Moses:
Impeachment done twice?
Knightime X
Knightime X:
Imagine getting fired twice.
Barry Davis
Barry Davis:
Be your cruelest when extinguising the campfires of your enemies till the embers are cold dust ,only when they beg for mercy shall it be granted by your grace.
M G:
History is proof that it never ends well for dictators, or wannabe dictators.
James Bond
James Bond:
part 3 coming soon
peter piazza
peter piazza:
Can she use the same gold pens or do we have to buy her new ones?
Mr. Trou de cul PHD
Mr. Trou de cul PHD:
When the government fears the people there's democracy, when the people fear the government there's tyranny.
Sports Fanatic
Sports Fanatic:
Impeachment has never been used the way it was intended even though i don’t like bill Clinton he never should’ve been impeached and they are just impeaching trump because they have a majority no legitimate grounds. And impeachment should have to be 3/4 of the house
Not Me
Not Me:
Two words eric swalwell
Ralph Malph
Ralph Malph:
Lock him up !
Lock him up !
it's about time to...
Lock him up !!!
June Jones
June Jones:
HerobrineWolf Lord • Lee & Louis and Juno
HerobrineWolf Lord • Lee & Louis and Juno:
That's crazy
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Sweet Priyanka Chopra
Sweet Priyanka Chopra:
Amazing video
Yellow Panzer
Yellow Panzer:
Can we get our 2000 now
Madeline Menor
Madeline Menor:
Lock him up!!!
Jo Shockey
Jo Shockey:
Poveri Sfigati
Poveri Sfigati:
The nail in the coffin was when 1 cop died, let alone 5 people.
John Brondum
John Brondum:
What's his twitter response?
...oh wait, nevermind
Show the video of the DCPD leading the crowd to the Capitol.
m. b.
m. b.:
serious question: since donald trumps impeachment trial is already in process, legally, could they wait until ossoff and warnock take office before the senate casts their vote in the trial?
Rw N
Rw N:
They will all be surprised when truth catches up to them.
I = 232
Nay = 197
I’m just gonna leave that here.
Impeachment Number 2, Angry Orange Boogaloo
Patrick Cordova
Patrick Cordova:
A double minded person is un stable in all there ways
Who likes wasting government time?!?! that's right the government!
So when are the Democrats who allowed CHAZ and RIOTS going to be removed from office?
Gee T
Gee T:
How could she sign it when she’s been absent for the last 3 days??
Mange 2
Mange 2:
Pelosi, now there's a woman with pure Hatred in her heart.
Murimi Kaburu
Murimi Kaburu:
232 electoral votes, 232 impeachment votes!
Trudy I
Trudy I:
Yes, we are crying out for healing. And that healing starts by those in power who facilitated the attempted coup to be put to justice. And that means more than just the president, by the way.