Impressive Blues Power Past United | Manchester United 1-3 Chelsea | Emirates FA Cup 19/20

Chelsea progressed to the Heads Up FA Cup Final after beating Manchester United at Wembley Stadium. Olivier Giroud and Mason Mount both scored to help put the Blues in the final.

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A S:
De gea doesnt need a face mask, no chance of him catching anything
Joshua Fernandes
Joshua Fernandes:
Expectation: Manchester Derby
Reality: London Derby
Azpilicueta emptying his pockets:
Adrian: Im the worst Spanish goalkeeper
Kepa: No I’m the worst Spanish goalkeeper
De gea: Hold my mistakes because i cant hold them myself

How do i have this many likes lol
Agent Luiz you know what to do.
Prasanth Ramesh
Prasanth Ramesh:
7:26 Ighalo and Rudiger holding hands and running together 😂😂
คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律
คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律:
Congrats to chelsea finally someone managed to shut United fans up
(Arsenal fan) London > Manchester
Troll Lelelele
Troll Lelelele:
6:44 whos scream like dat..🤣...
#Top 10
#Top 10:
I can't wait for arsenal vs Chelsea for the cup that will be something
I swear this is one of the Serie A commentators
Another 3-1 what on earth is going on. The sponsors really have struck gold. 3 everywhere....
That Tammy flick at the end around maguire was so dirty. An academy player dribbling past an 80 million signing with such ease shouldn’t happen
Sam Allardyce
Sam Allardyce:
injured his cb partner, scored a wonderful clinical goal, harry "beckenbaeur" maguire is a true utd legend 🙌
Haider Khan
Haider Khan:
Why Harry Maguire keeps on looking for his team mates first he was man marking Wan bissaka against Southampton and then injuring Eric Bailey and scoring an own goal
Subhankar Roy
Subhankar Roy:
Are your friends who are Manchester United supporters, have also gone into hiding, or is it just my mates ?
Ally Official
Ally Official:
Kyle Walker>>>De Gea
Cezar is so under appreciated. He is one of the best rb in Pl history imo
No dramas
No dramas:
London 5 -Manchester 1 🍻
achumo uzamaki
achumo uzamaki:
Bruno Fernandez stealing jorginho move..haha
мя xxx
мя xxx:
One thing's for sure tho, Roy Keane would've saved the second chelsea goal
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
4:29 lampard: “run backwards azpi “
Ole: “ ur in ur in ur in “
A S:
Chelsea literally got to United's heads
@8:25 "A unique style and it works for him"
Jorginho: "Am I a joke to you?"
Roy Keane" David dea Gea the most over-rated keeper in the world" .
Adithya 09
Adithya 09:
Bruno is going to be a bit confused when he ends up in jorghino's house after he empties his pockets before changing into his pyjamas
Thanks for the extended highlights, it's great to see United getting smashed in full glory 😉
They trolled us conceding 3 goals after wearing 3 jersey,and we gave them 3
Utd fans “ YESSSSS we had our penalty” 😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂 YNWA
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
There is just no energy without the crowd....even the semi final feels like a morning practice match
Idris M
Idris M:
BREAKING: Manchester United allow David de Gea to train without a mask, after club doctors confirm there's no way he can catch anything 😂😂😂😂
Jordan Neaimi
Jordan Neaimi:
The kit is working the mojo
Salomo Agus
Salomo Agus:
London teams are killing it right now! Next, west ham will beat man utd!
A R:
Imagine if Roy Keane was playing for United today he would have actually decapitated de gea
Mega Tish
Mega Tish:
Maguire has become one of the best striker in EPL
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan:
Drogba must be happy because Giroud scored in his home, KTBFFH 💙💙💙
PeTi Packer
PeTi Packer:
1.42 mount's gonna be a top a player for Chelsea I'm sure
Anthony Moses
Anthony Moses:
There’s a reason why Chelsea are 3rd & United are 5th. Chelsea are simply the better football team. United can’t hope for VAR to save them every time
Bl Xbn
Bl Xbn:
When Chelsea play 3 at the back, they win most times. Conte brought the system in and many in the premier league have copied it. Very effective.
Neal K
Neal K:
Man Alonso made Wan-Bissaka look average!! He ran him apart with his forward runs
aditya gadiya
aditya gadiya:
Muhahahahah love how united fans are shut when the same lads were laughing on man city day before yesterday
Thomas Doonan
Thomas Doonan:
6:44 lol
Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards:
Reece James' performance isn't being talked about enough
Agent Luiz you know what to do😏
CaKh Ng
CaKh Ng:
No consistency from de Gea, makes a blunder when he's in form
0:12 that shot was like a thunderbolt yet it looked like Reece just stroked it. Elite technique
A N:
Jorginho emptying his pockets :
Bruno Penandes

Bruno Penandes emptying his pockets :
“How to take the Jorginho penalty” manual
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi:
4:00 what an assist. Clinical Passing
RJ Gomez
RJ Gomez:
Reece james is better than wan!!💯
Trendy Frost
Trendy Frost:
Manchester United hold the record for most penalties given 🤣🤣🤣it's like they only play for penalties 🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Simpson
James Simpson:
Its funny how for BOTH of the semi-finals the underdogs won.
Epaphras Abavare
Epaphras Abavare:
I feel like harry Maguire had concussion with phil Jones
Said Mohamud
Said Mohamud:
When did man utd sign karius
Ya Want Shum?
Ya Want Shum?:
Are united fans going to keep saying lindelof and Maguire are the next big center back partnering? Lindelof couldn’t even mark and stay on giroud, one of the slowest forwards in the league
Who's screaming at 6:44? 😂
Give it two seasons and Manchester United will be a mid-table team they will not be returning to the ways of glory any time soon.. continue to live off the hype of 10 years ago😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️ pathetic.
Jassim Jazz
Jassim Jazz:
Love from Arsenal..Happy for you Giroud <3
Mzzz21 -
Mzzz21 -:
6:53 rudi scream lol
Giroud had Maguire & Lindelof on toast!
h bell
h bell:
7:26 Rudiger & Igahlo holding hands <3
Fake Jozefzoon
Fake Jozefzoon:
Mike deans barmy army 0:04
Benjamin Amudoaghan
Benjamin Amudoaghan:
6:44 Man said he made a bird cry 😂
Start 0:00

End 9:57
Thank me later
Say truely:--
Has anyone believed De Gea's goal keeping will decline to such level??😐😐
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Giroud needs to start every game till the Bayern fixture. He brings so much to the team. Please keep benching Tammy. Let's will all the remaining games 💪
T4our python
T4our python:
that "AHHHHHHH" hits different :(
Abhishek Chaudhry
Abhishek Chaudhry:
All hail David de karius 🤭👌🏻
what was that🤣🤣
Modz Records
Modz Records:
These matches remind me of the village soccer we used to play back in the days because of small crowds you can feel that unprofessional feel but we could still be excited! That’s the beauty of the game ⚽️
Đào Huy Hiếu
Đào Huy Hiếu:
The salty Man U fans crying made my day🤣🤣🤣
Sidharth Ben
Sidharth Ben:
ManU's No.53 really really needs to improve his defending skills.
Ethan Gaming Channel
Ethan Gaming Channel:
Z V:
Anyone know where I can find Keane's and Souness's reaction to all this?
7:37 Martial woke up like ''Did it work''
Kurdt Nirvana
Kurdt Nirvana:
Never forget Giroud. I love that guy, forever legend for me
6:44 that scream tho😂
Aaron D
Aaron D:
Love watching this without hearing the crowd! Hearing the players is so much better!
A Tiny Horse
A Tiny Horse:
When the only time we lose to Chelsea this season is the FACup and now we have no chance of getting a single trophy, you start to realise life is hard for Manchester United fan.
Mr. Vualnam
Mr. Vualnam:
Nice game, it reminds me of my youth when I'm playing football at an open field with no one to see spectating😅
the brown gentleman
the brown gentleman:
Please let arsenal win so that we can be in Europe as well 🙏
man utd talking about beating arsenal before the game started. they got dominated throughout from the 1st minute till the last
Ikeh Franklin
Ikeh Franklin:
0:13 I like how Reece James shot from that distance
Mohd Daniel
Mohd Daniel:
When everyone thought it was gonna be Manchester Derby, but end up London Derby, the reason why I love football
rubby evan
rubby evan:
It just bothers my mind that Manchester United are still playing De Gea instead of Romero. Especially after so many mistakes from De Gea this season.
No Name
No Name:
6:46 that scream though.. I felt the same way 😂😂
Gad Hassan
Gad Hassan:
Degea in a charity mood 😂😂
so painful to watch this
Рауль Агламзянов
Рауль Агламзянов:
Agent Mata you know what to do.
FSAH-Football Skills And Highlights
FSAH-Football Skills And Highlights:
6:45 that scream lol
Turn on captions,you wont regret it
: D
: D:
4:03 And people talk about near post shots being over powered in Fifa, it is happening in real matches too
6:44 aaaaAAAAAAAAH!
James Anderson
James Anderson:
Simple as that .. Chelsea cruises into final & will lift the fa cup in glory :))
D.C United
D.C United:
I had a dream where I ran on the pitch, got 4 goals back and got United into the final. I wish it could come true :(
What did ferdinand say after palce game, there's no team that gets through there gears as quick united and that other teams will be looking over there shoulder 😆. Ferdinand jinxed it. United will be decent next season but its funny listening to neville and Ferdinand when united play well and start thinking there up there with city and liverpool 😀.
I'm a liverpool fan and I know its going to be tougher next season, Rival teams are waking up and your Dark hourse teams getting better.
6:52 £80m 😂
Jay Dee Johnson
Jay Dee Johnson:
Uh, bless you?
mYSt Pug
mYSt Pug:
A few weeks back, someone said that man city cant beat chelsea, chelsea can beat man u and arsnal cant beat anyone, oh he was wrong
Aping Kwan
Aping Kwan:
De Gea was washing his hands with too much hand sanitizer 😅
Irakli Samsonia
Irakli Samsonia:
45+11' Olivier Giroud (0-1); 46' Mason Mount (0-2); 74' Harry Maguire (O.G. 0-3); 85' Bruno Fernandes (Pen. 1-3)
Sik Juice
Sik Juice:
Man United thought they was gonna win something this season 😂😂
Branndonovan Fernando
Branndonovan Fernando:
6:43 that scream LOL xD