In The Tragedy Of George Floyd’s Death, There Is A Hero | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence O’Donnell says the full truth of George Floyd’s death can only be told thanks to the heroism of a 17-year old who recorded the actions of the officers for the world to see. Aired on 5/29/2020.
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In The Tragedy Of George Floyd’s Death, There Is A Hero | The Last Word | MSNBC

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100+ comentarios:

Barbara Hineline
Barbara Hineline:
The young women who recorded the killing of George Floyd is a hero. I hope she has a good support system to help her emotionally process and work through the trauma of what she witnessed. 🙏💗
This is compelling honest journalism.
Mike Sedik
Mike Sedik:
It is ALWAYS the youth who lead the way - thank you Darnella Frazier for your courageous service
Kenny Turner
Kenny Turner:
Best segment I’ve watched about this murder
Aliel Jorax
Aliel Jorax:
When somebody tells you that you cannot change the world, that a single person cannot change the world, refer them to this hero Darnella Frazier. Her video sparked a nationwide protest of historic significance.
Wendy's Garden
Wendy's Garden:
thank you, Darnella. And thank your parents for raising such a true American.
Genevieve Words
Genevieve Words:
He saw his Mother at those last Moments...She was waiting with loving arms for him.❤❤
The BizzMoneyB
The BizzMoneyB:
All officers have to say is “he resisted arrest” or “he had a gun” or “he reached in his pocket” and it allows them to do whatever they want.
Lil bit
Lil bit:
That child was born to be there. " "Out of the mouths of babes there shall come the truth."
Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis:
Can you imagine what would have happened if the witnesses tried to intervene and help George Floyd as he was dying on the ground being murdered by 4 cops. There'd be more dead people lying on the ground alongside George Floyd and they wouldn't be any of the cops..
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas:
Imagine how traumatic for her and those who witnessed this murder first hand. God bless them all.
She is a hero, although I am sure she wishes she could have saved George's life.
Tixe 100
Tixe 100:
Note to all you “patriot” protesters out there:
She didn’t need the latest weaponry.
She didn’t need a confederate flag
She didn’t need a noose, or nazi fan-boy posters.
She didn’t endanger the health of others.

She used the only tools she had—a camera and a spine. There’s a decent citizen for you. And a patriot. (No “ “ marks.)
Perfecto Ali Salaam El
Perfecto Ali Salaam El:
This is Lawrence at his best... He needs more monologues minutes
Hey Duggee
Hey Duggee:
police have learned NOTHING from the brutal attack that they perpetrated on Rodney King which led to the LA riots
Bozo Boris
Bozo Boris:
Riots on the streets, police brutality to the extent of murder and the National Guard called out, but Trump had bigger things on his mind. His 'Twitter' account.
Dodgy Trump
Dodgy Trump:
How many cops committed such crimes and got away with it in the history of America? We may never know the truth.
Roselie Kane
Roselie Kane:
Sad -- or disgrace -- is when the kids start monitoring the police. That girl knew what to do in that moment because she was not shocked by witnessing what was going on. Her courage to stand up under duress is what stands out here. We as a society are in serious trouble and it starts at the very top. Not every police officer is a bully, a racist or a murderer but they will all be painted with the same brush. I hope not. My condolences to the family of George Floyd.
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey:
I think the age of technology has clearly exposed the extent of institutional racism against people of colour that would have, otherwise, never been seen.
Lynne Allan
Lynne Allan:
That young lady needs to be honoured in a huge way! Dinner with PRESIDENT OBAMA. Mr.Trump doesn’t deserve that right_.
Ash HB
Ash HB:
Darnella you are a hero! I hope you can find peace one day and I hope you truly understand how much of a hero you are!
Google User
Google User:
Thank god finally someone talk sense.

Not those 'saints' condemning the protests without knowing the full story!

That girl is the real hero, and George Floyd deserve justice!
Darnella Fraizier is true American heroine.
Despite the tramma she stood firm and filmed a video that will shape her life and the nations future.
for now on they should make it a policy to review every arrest that is stated “resisting arrest,” i don’t care
P M:
RIPP GEORGE FLOYD (power and peace )✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
David J
David J:
Trump is by far the biggest coward in American history. And just like any coward, he has encouraged OTHERS to commit acts of vio.lence in his name at rallies and across the country. He has also encouraged Cops to commit acts of vio.lence against people within their custody.

"The subtle and deadly change of heart that might occur in you, would be involved with the realization that a civilization is not destroyed by wicked people; it is not necessary that people be wicked, but only that they be spineless.” 
― James Baldwin, The Fire Next Time
Vendicar Kahn
Vendicar Kahn:
Well done Mr. O'Donnell. I tip my cap to you sir, and I don't do that to anyone very often.
mary jones
mary jones:
beautifully said, ty mr o'donnell. it feels like we are back in the 1950s and 1960s. if something doesn't change soon we will look like even pre-rev king...
Chauvin even taunted Floyd, telling him to get up. What a disgusting excuse for a man. And he was a cop.
Chris Zerkel
Chris Zerkel:
So sad. I weep with no shame. It's so, so uncalled for.
David J
David J:
I view Trump as the Officer who had his knee on George Floyd's neck, and I view America as George Floyd, and I view Republicans on Capitol Hill like McConnell and Graham, as the other Officers who stood by and watched, and did nothing.
Donny Headroom
Donny Headroom:
Chauvin is a reject, not fit to be a dog catcher, take that uniform off & he is a very sad weak little unit
Shame on those black Trump supporters who stood behind him at his rallies!
Bono Budju
Bono Budju:
This was cold blooded murder caught on Camera and he still hasn't been charged with first degree murder. They're covering up, they don't blame other murders on pre existing conditions.
Face Off
Face Off:
Farouk HM
Farouk HM:
I can't breathe !!! From Morocco
Lorna Ginette Harrison
Lorna Ginette Harrison:
It’s not often that you get footage of a criminal as he’s actually committing a murder, but thank got this young woman was able to capture this violent offender in the midst of him deliberately killing a completely non-violent, non-threatening vulnerable victim, George Floyd, who repeatedly pleaded for his life. If _only_ somebody had called the police to come & stop this murderous attack, & hopefully save the victim’s life! If there had been a police officer on scene who witnessed this homicide taking place & could have interrupted it & arrested the piece of sh*t, & rendered _immediate_ emergency aid to the victim...oh, hang on, there was! *Three* other cops were _also_ there, witnessing this crime taking place, & yet they did _absolutely_ *_nothing_* to stop a psychopath from murdering his unarmed, incapacitated handcuffed black victim *in broad daylight!* *_WTF?!!_*
Cops doing that is what Trumpeteers think when they say MAGA.
'May peace prevail on earth'

R I P George Floyd
Real Patriot
Real Patriot:
Lacey Pelham
Lacey Pelham:
think of what that would feel like. imagine it while in handcuffs. fair minded people have to admire this brave young lady. thank you for exposing the truth Darnella Frazier.
Felicity Collins
Felicity Collins:
The world stands with George Floyd
Kalinaki Lawrence
Kalinaki Lawrence:
Lawrence's monologue has made me cry! Thank you all white people who stand with blacks in times like these!
travelsecrets 4u
travelsecrets 4u:
USA on the brink of a civil war ... too many poor people without healthcare ... since 10 years Government has spend every Penny in the Military to bring so called Democracy to other Countries ... now you are not able to have peace at home
johan iojo
johan iojo:
Think about that: you're lying there, unable to move, suffocating and helpless 😣
meetpoorfor crowinsfo
meetpoorfor crowinsfo:
Is it really safe to release the name of the 17 y.o. girl?
Nancy Freeman
Nancy Freeman:
Thanks,, for telling it like it is!!
Dann Marceau
Dann Marceau:
For a fake twenty-dollar-bill?
Pramod Acharya
Pramod Acharya:
What type of world are we living in? Its a high time that we rethink our actions and work for having a better world with a beautiful heart.
Alina Mateo
Alina Mateo:
Mark Moore
Mark Moore:
Even with Darnella's video

The police report, district attorney's description of the charges and the coroner report attempt to deny what everyone eyes see...

This was premeditated murder in the first degree...

The legal system is creating a narrative that it was an accidental death..

This is why there are cities burning and property damage national wide.. P
shannon maenza
shannon maenza:
I'm crying so hard... I can't listen anymore.... This is evil
This man is my idol I respect him💯✊🏾
Aurelio Gj
Aurelio Gj:
Well, like the saying goes: “Only in America”
The Money Maker Sports
The Money Maker Sports:
It was Murder!
The Race Analyst, PHD Proving Hate & Degradation
The Race Analyst, PHD Proving Hate & Degradation:
That pig was using the "hand in pocket" for extra push down leverage...try it.
Suzanne Smith
Suzanne Smith:
Bravo bravo young lady. We need to unite. Record the police from now on
Floyd's murder is the last straw that breaks the camel's back.

You've had long enough to change this country peacefully.
T J:
So proud of the seventeen-year-old girl to stand up for the right thing if she was my daughter I would praise her beyond belief my daughter is a lot like her
thankyou Darnella Fraizier, stay strong. Massive respect, peace, hope and love from Australia ♥
altitude illume
altitude illume:
we only need *unbiased professionalism* in law enforcement, justice.
rajesh nayak
rajesh nayak:
Heartbreaking :(
The BizzMoneyB
The BizzMoneyB:
Just think of how many times this has happened before cameras we’re everywhere where cops made up stories to justify killing a “suspect.” How many thousands of people died from police brutality that we will never know about.
Alan Pattinson
Alan Pattinson:
What is appalling is that he continued to knee hold when being videod, obviously sure he could get away with it.
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee:
This is breaking my heart but thank you Lawrence for this point of view.
Florence Bamideleorji.
Florence Bamideleorji.:
Elbert Lee
Elbert Lee:
The policeman that kills George Floyd's in broad daylight should be charged for murder.
Simple Animations
Simple Animations:
I can't wait for a movie called "2020" and all of this stuff happenings
Brad Dibble
Brad Dibble:
This tears me up every time I see coverage , it’s heartbreaking
Stephen Perrenod
Stephen Perrenod:
Darnella Frazier is of the Hero generation
Lawrence O’Donnell and Robert Reich should do a show together! 🔥
Fabled Creature
Fabled Creature:
'they just killed that man'

Trump (wait for it): I absolutely saved the nation from tremendous riots erupting that the absent Democratic mayor encouraged.
Mark my words
CountryBoy Stretch
CountryBoy Stretch:
"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come."

—2nd Timothy 3:1,2 (Jesus Christ)

David Garvin
David Garvin:
Thank you so much for finally saying it how many times have a camera not been there if they could’ve swept under the rug they would have
K -Dub
K -Dub:
(kid)...."Daddy, all of my friends teases me, they say you are a murderer".

"No honey, he resisted all the way".

(kid).."But they said you're hands were in your pocket".

"Oh no honey, Daddy was really trying to raise up his knee".

Would most likely be the explanation.
Nathan Baker
Nathan Baker:
What about the officers' bodycam videos? When will those be released?
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas:
Those police cameras better be on 24/7 video and audio 360 degrees on every shift. No payment to police otherwise, "malfunctions?", you're fired.
Johnny Wang
Johnny Wang:
Anytime I record cops they threaten to arrest me for interfering
Mrjaylin Baptiste
Mrjaylin Baptiste:
I’m gonne be cryin for a while for this one .wow the devils real
Gary Stasiuk
Gary Stasiuk:
The green light for this kind of sanctioned and pervasive, “we have your back” protection of police being aggressive to members of the public during any kind of interaction, has been laid bare since Trump was elected. While this attitude seems to have always been there as an undercurrent, it now seem overt and condoned. It may never be rooted out and removed from society but it really needs to be cut out and obliterated from the police. Or they can never be trusted. Trump has stoked their growth. He is very much to blame for how blatantly it is perpetrated.
laura henshaw Duke
laura henshaw Duke:
He was enjoying it and God send the brave lady to capture his evil doing
Phil Place
Phil Place:
Hi, an Old white Brit here from over the pond; I've been trying to keep up with this on YouTube - I posted something on an earlier report by CNN, it was pretty long.... On this report? All I can say is it made me cry... really cry, crying now! Thanks for how you and the team put this together Lawrence
Neatz Davis
Neatz Davis:
I've watched so many commentaries on whats happening in America right now but I think this has been one of the best I've heard. I hope more people watch this.
David Garvin
David Garvin:
Also she videotaped that Cop tried to block her from videotaping them that is a part of murder
laura henshaw Duke
laura henshaw Duke:
My heart bleeds....this is inhumane. Rest in Peace Mr George Floyd 🙏
al ntr
al ntr:
Thank You Lawrence. This was very eloquent, like the reading of a Shakespearean tragedy. May God bless you Lawrence. May God Bless you Darnella.
Tish Goodwin
Tish Goodwin:
How could the EMT say he died at the hospital?
Vanita Taylor-Fulton
Vanita Taylor-Fulton:
Thank you for your bravery, on behalf of all mother's 🕊️🤗
Edward Wolski
Edward Wolski:
Million of dollars to that girl...
She deserves even more..
Sukit Bejrsuwana
Sukit Bejrsuwana:
Thank you Lawrence for putting Darnella Frazier's and others courageous action to light.
Naiya Devine Cominos
Naiya Devine Cominos:
The other three are complicit. They all need charges brought. TELL IT.
Jami C
Jami C:
STOP calling that young woman’s name. Say the heroic videographer.

Saying her name is unnecessary. As a minor she can’t file suit.
quest 77051
quest 77051:
and that thug with a badge DID LOOK LIKE HE WAS ENJOYING IT TO ME.
Ro G
Ro G:
I was wondering earlier today, if you as a private citizen, would have intervened physically by pulling the cop off Mr Floyd, what would have happened to you? Obviously arrested, maybe tazed or shot. But if you were doing that to prevent a murder, what then? 🤔
Richard Carpenter
Richard Carpenter:
that young lady Miss Fraser, deserves a MSM award. VERY BRAVE YOUNG LADY.
Jon Jones
Jon Jones:
March on Washington