Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman's history making performance

Amanda Gorman was named the nation's First Youth Poet Laureate at 19. Now at 22, she is delivering her original composition, "The Hill We Climb" at the 59th presidential inauguration as the youngest known inaugural poet. Gorman, who has performed five commissioned poems for "CBS This Morning" in the past, tells Anthony Mason about writing a poem for this moment, her preparation for big performances and how poetry helped her overcome a speech impediment.

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100+ comentarios:

Paulette Lynch
Paulette Lynch:
This was so moving and thrilling and amazing in every way. Thank you, Amanda Gorman!!
peter reimer
peter reimer:
What a wonderful, creative, gifted, diligent, young lady. The first thing America can be proud of on Inauguration Day.
Nick H
Nick H:
She is an extraordinary young woman.
Teranika Douglas
Teranika Douglas:
Beautiful, talented and poised. I love how she embraces her identify as African-American, while simultaneously delivering an uplifting message for all Americans. She has brought inspiration to the world of various ages, demographics and ethnicities. I wish her continued success, leadership and joy. God bless.
Discover Me TV
Discover Me TV:
This is truly awesome. Love that Amanda practiced R’s with “Aaron Burr, Sir.” Amanda, you are an inspiration.
Jeff Stahl
Jeff Stahl:
Incredibly talented young lady. Thank you for sharing your gift with our nation. God bless
Princess Serenity
Princess Serenity:
She is beautiful inside and out. What a passionate spirit. God bless you and your wonderful gift❤
Raj Pratha
Raj Pratha:
Amanda = Hope; Amanda = Unity; Amanda = Courage for all ages, and ages, eons to come
Certified Flirts
Certified Flirts:
This was the highlight of the inauguration!! Powerful poetry. So deep and meaningful. She is inspiring
Glenda Stevens
Glenda Stevens:
Such a beautiful composition, and such a beautiful, intelligent young African American woman. I initially thought Amanda was a teen, until I read her bio and found out she's 23 and a Harvard graduate. Amanda is what we need more of!
Jessica Falstein
Jessica Falstein:
now we're all scouring youtube for more Amanda Gorman. what a revelation she is.
My God, she is stunning. Her smile is out of this world!
vicki frost
vicki frost:
This young American Woman is so stunningly beautiful!!! And if that wasn't enough, her words rivaled her beauty. Such a beautiful American patriot from the inside out. 👍🏻👍🏾
Miracle Kelly
Miracle Kelly:
She is definitely an angel among us. God bless her and all of us for living in her time.
Joanne leyva
Joanne leyva:
Wowza! What an articulate, powerful, fantastically talented woman! She gives me hope for the future.
Regina Moise
Regina Moise:
This young lady spoke so Eloquently, She embodied the spirit of Phyllis Wheatley, the 1st African American woman to have her poems published in the 1700s. If they ever make a movie about Phyllis Wheatley...Amanda Gorman will shine bright like a Diamond💎💖💎💖 as the Star of the movie !
Tara H.
Tara H.:
And in five minutes & a few seconds, Amanda is a world-wide SuperStar! 💢

This talented & intelligent young woman deserves every good thing that comes her way.
What a beautiful, uplifting, inspirational talented spirited, gifted soul! Such a profound inaugural message, befitted for such a time as now, this season!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Raymond Dillon
Raymond Dillon:
I cannot say the words how much I am proud of Amanda Gorman. I salute you on behalf of the UK Amanda! Simply marvellous!
Clayton Hider
Clayton Hider:
Her use of the English language is poetry within itself.
As long as there are people like Amanda Gorman there is hope for a brighter future.
She is so beautiful in and out ! 😍 🙏🙏 so confident and talented !
Jazz Me & U in FL. USA
Jazz Me & U in FL. USA:
I love her!!! I just watched her performance at the inauguration minutes ago.
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez:
I remain eye wide and breathless to her majestic verbal magnificence it was like hearing the entire world singing the same love song... black queen today you made the earth stand still and all it’s inhabitants listened to the song bird singing high atop our nations capital.. god bless and thank you song bird thank you..
Sandra Hamilton
Sandra Hamilton:
It was an occasion to behold.It was a moment to “savor”. Though small in stature. Amanda Gorman etched her name into our hearts and living rooms forever and a day. I always have music in my house. I have now found a way to really enjoy poetry. People. Just find a way to relax . Just simply play the music in the background while using her poetry in the foreground. This is an amazing way to combine both.
Amanda Gorman
Born To Shine🎁
MA 74
MA 74:
She was amazing! Wow! I loved her. So mature, so on point, so beautifully said. A beautiful song to all those lovers of truth and freedom.
Sonder Expeditions
Sonder Expeditions:
Wow she demands attention. So well spoken and beautiful.
Ach Bee
Ach Bee:
Cindy Loupas
Cindy Loupas:
I am in awe of Amanda. Thank your for your amazing wisdom, courage and strength. You inspire me! Fantastic speech, I am so glad you were chosen. It was what we needed.
You are amazing Amanda, "To not turn a blind the cracks that really need to be filled" Yes ma'am. Indeed!
I Dillard
I Dillard:
Amanda is amazing! She wrote and spoke and amazing poem for the workers of SEIU - essential workers! So proud to see her on the Capitol stairs doing her thing!
The Badgerette
The Badgerette:
I love watching her face when she is reciting a poem. It draws you in and you do not want to leave. You want more and this young lady, gives you the words to satisfy your thirst.
Congrats, you have lit a fire of hope, a breath of fresh air!
You will go far....2036 we are waiting! God bless!
"To not turn a blind eye.... to the cracks that really need to be filled..." ~ Hear hear! <3
LaLa Black
LaLa Black:
Dang🤦🏾‍ I have to watch it again, I was too busy staring at her, admiring her beauty, her skin, her teeth, her facial features...
Okay let me replay this so I hear what she have to say...
Kwaku Nyarko
Kwaku Nyarko:
Loveeeee to see talented young Black Women getting recognition in this way
The perfect poem at the right time in the perfect place
Jerry Forcier
Jerry Forcier:
She moved me to tears!
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson:
What an inspirational and beautiful young woman! This was one of the most amazing poems that gave me goosebumps. Thank you to Amanda.
Rachel Buckley
Rachel Buckley:
She is brilliant! She has reminded me of everything I love about poetry!
Okechukwu Nnorom
Okechukwu Nnorom:
Am so glad that the youth is now being heard ....and am overjoyed that Amanda is still young and he so ruburst with wisdom in her chosen passion.
Timothy Jordan
Timothy Jordan:
Ah, that all makes sense now, here mom was an English Teacher...

This young lady's poem was perfection!
Mfirst Jlast
Mfirst Jlast:
Excellent speaker/ excellent words.
A privilege to listen to a wonderful voice reciting words of hope & promise of a different and hopeful beginning!
Be Well!
She is confident and intelligent. What a powerful poem!!! You go girl!! You do black women proud. 🙏🏾 Thank you, Amanda Gorman!
Amer J.
Amer J.:
Amanda Gorman is awesome. That's it, that's the post. Period.
Alhaji Daniel
Alhaji Daniel:
I really appreciate the fact that she makes it sound and I know that sounds bad but it really does flow like that; the emphasis on the last words as it rhymes with the next last word-- that's how Rap & HipPop really flow too... but with her it sounds so elegant and perfect. glamorous HipHop Lol
ha -zi
ha -zi:
So young and tells the truth by playing with words and gestures.
Sean Black
Sean Black:
can only hope she becomes president one day. she is absolutely captivating.
Pinoy Ninja Chef
Pinoy Ninja Chef:
Omg! I Love her. Followed her in Instagram around 200K, now She have 1.6 Million followers. Amazing🙌🏾 I remember at 22 thats when I move here in the US now Im 41 doing YouTube hahaha. God Bless America!
Marcy Morales
Marcy Morales:
Glad the world now knows the beauty, the poems, the voice, that is Amanda Gorman. Blessed to have heard you on that stage 👏👏👏
Audrey Seay
Audrey Seay:
A gifted and amazing young woman! I’m so proud of you, Amanda!
Laura Colton
Laura Colton:
I got chills listening to her! Her words were so moving and she is an incredibly captivating speaker and performer.
Björn Pagenkemper
Björn Pagenkemper:
Can you imagine the lyrical power that would be created if Lin-Manuel Miranda and her would join forces??
Mosella Felder
Mosella Felder:
She is absolutely beautiful and gifted!
sam smith
sam smith:
Belief in the future. She is already a national treasure!
Dive Chart
Dive Chart:
You're not only the inaugural poet.. you're MY poet. 🙌
Alexsia Coleman
Alexsia Coleman:
She's amazing 👏🏾 and super talented!!
foot suk
foot suk:
What a talented, brilliant, graceful young lady! I look forward to anything she does in the future for the betterment of society.
Wow, every time I hear her speech it brings tears to my eyes. I am so proud of Amanda and proud to be an American.
Emily R.
Emily R.:
She did an amazing job! Touching to all those who have a heart for America.
She is a remarkable talent. Poetry isn’t easy to write for many of us!
I love that she said that one stage she feels like she could breathe fire; that was one of the thoughts I had about her performance at the inauguration: that she seemed to be on fire.
And of course she and Biden having that victory over a speech impediment in common has something poetic to it.
What a wonderfully inspiring and poised young woman!
Zera Horn Show
Zera Horn Show:
In awe of this young woman!!!!! Kudos to the interviewer. Thank you for letting HER do the talking.
Celia Soliman
Celia Soliman:
I get goosebumps listening and watching her!
Suellen Bowersock
Suellen Bowersock:
Beautiful! In a league with Malala and Greta! Personal Gratitude for lifting the U.S.A out of the dark.
Maria Alvarez
Maria Alvarez:
She is beautiful, and beautiful composition.
Janae Dupree
Janae Dupree:
In the words of the late, great Luther Vandross... "So amazing..."
Itz Her
Itz Her:
Ms. Melanin inspired an entire GENERATION of young writers when she stepped up to that mic! Seems like everytime I rewatch it, I heard an even more Profound statement!! I am SO Proud of her!!! Amanda Gorman has ARRIVED!! 💙✊🏿💙
This give me goose bumps when she said out of many were one that Jamaica motto thank you
peggy ONeal
peggy ONeal:
She is so beautiful! Look at her shine!
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith:
This young lady is Anointed by God she is going to go far far far in life God got his hands all over this young lady
You inspired so many young people!!! I have to applaud you! You brought tears to my eyes yesterday!!! God Bless you!! Keep up your awesome poetry! Maya Angelou is looking down at you with great pride!!! Thank you for sharing your talent with the Country! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Penelope Burnam
Penelope Burnam:
May God continue to bless this Beautiful Young Woman!
Delaw Delaw
Delaw Delaw:
Lovely young girl. She is already in places happening. Lovely smile and composure. excellent!
Sheila Hardeman
Sheila Hardeman:
This young women is amazing . Beautiful. Intelligent and talent .
Gilmore Mccoy
Gilmore Mccoy:
Great article! I ❤️ loved every minute of it.👏
Oga Thingo
Oga Thingo:
She may be only 22 years old but her soul is mature that only few of us reach in our life time.....! May she be blossom to an ocean of wisdom......
some guy
some guy:
Beautiful! Brilliant! Brave! What an amazing young woman - she gives me hope for the future.
Lillan Thompson
Lillan Thompson:
Every time I hear her, I cry. So beautiful. 😭
She is like her moms twin. Both such beautiful women.
Bird Kooistra
Bird Kooistra:
I am still moved to tears. I went & found the txt & read her poem & was again moved to tears, How bright a shining star is this amazing young lady. For me she was the highlight of the whole inauguration. If her words are heeded we will emerge the most amazing nation the world has ever known, together we can do that which we could not do alone. I can not praise Amanda enough. She lifts up my hopes, inflames my dreams. Amanda has brought me from "Who cares, no one listens, we are all powerless in a world run by a few. "To the power in the hopes, dreams & actions of the many
marsha green
marsha green:
Awesome beyond her years. The ceremony was amazing.
Mamie Williams
Mamie Williams:
Veniese Wilkinson
Veniese Wilkinson:
So beautiful inside and out!!!! Inspiring!!!
XuânMai- Y tế cộng đồng ở Mỹ
XuânMai- Y tế cộng đồng ở Mỹ:
Very talented. Love it!
Robert Casey
Robert Casey:
Beautiful words from a beautiful young lady
Marco Yao
Marco Yao:
You are amazing Amanda!
Excellence personified!
David Buchanan
David Buchanan:
What a beautiful sole. Amazing young lady. God bless you and your family. Peace and truth. David 🤗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🙏🏿🙏.
Jeff Monaghan
Jeff Monaghan:
She is a good choice for our country.
kim smith
kim smith:
Wonderful, thank you so much you are a star.
jesimiel rivera
jesimiel rivera:
Those eyes have soul n fire that heals broken hearts with music
Maria Welling
Maria Welling:
She's MAGNIFICENT!! Brilliant!! Adorable!!
Kenny 8165
Kenny 8165:
OMG what a bright and absolutely fascinating young woman. Picking her to perform was another genius step by Mr. Biden. What an incredible difference compared to the last inauguration. Sooo much better...
Linda Hollingsworth
Linda Hollingsworth:
Stunning. Powerful. A beautiful poem. A beautiful poet. She makes me so very proud to be American.
Diane Henderson
Diane Henderson:
I find out this to be a amazing young lady,who is going to be able to achieve all the goals she set for her
22 and already accomplished...fantastic job blessings.
Theda B Gatlin
Theda B Gatlin:
Absolutely Beautiful !
Bob Smith
Bob Smith:
Amanda Gorman was the piece de resistance at the Inauguration. Memorable.
22 years old.... what a talent !
Jo Rosie
Jo Rosie:
She is simply brilliant !! 😍😍