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65 comentarios:

Jack S
Jack S:
Our biggest problem imo is that we move the ball so slowly. We play like a team from the 1970s, all you need is the TV coverage to be in black and white! So every team we're playing against can get into their defensive shape and then our attacking players have no chance. Keep up the good work. Love watching the channel for all things spurs.
We’ve been getting dominated for a very long time now, win or lose. I genuinely can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a Spurs game. Hoj and skipp are great hard men but neither of them are going to get the ball, turn and pass forward. Neither are going to drive forward, neither are going to dictate tempo.

The board failed to buy players that were needed

Sad times to be a spurs fan. You can see it in Sims face. We are just a pure mediocre team now who play shit football.
Rob Domino
Rob Domino:
Irish spurs fan here, i drove down to rennes to watch the game tonight. We played a little timidly today, doherty was atrocious, injuries are a great concern for us now. The rennes fans smelled blood after we conceded the second goal. They were absolutely wild and happy with the end result. Managed to get an autograph from doherty after the game, he seemed a little pissed with his performance. Bergwijn limped over to me to sign my match day ticket. He looks like he might be out for a little while more. Strange result for us, not sure a draw with rennes will do us any favours. Happy to see us get back in the game however :) COYS!
Tom Mears
Tom Mears:
My takeaways from the game
Skipp and Gil need to bulk up a bit and get stronger,Gollini has silly mistakes in him, Scarlett and Kane were starved of decent service, our movement and runs are terrible and predictable whereas Rennes movement and speed of passing was incredible
After Ndombele did that back heel to start the attack for the first goal Nuno just stood there stone faced, no encouragement, well done Tanguy, nothing……
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee:
Saying. 2-2 draw in the conference league is a good result sums up how low Spurs have become
Don’t know why possession matters so much to this team. Just get the ball and attack in the channel, attack in the overload. I never ever see overloading in one particular channel because we go sideways. You can’t break teams down by just keeping it and knocking it around
Tony Buttigieg
Tony Buttigieg:
Our prob is we barely have enough PL standard 1st team players so when we have injuries our replacements are poor, besides we dont have any idea of a strategy, we're slow, uncreative, effortless and boring to watch. Our new signings must be saying what the hell have we joined. CP made a mess out of us imagine what chelsea is going to do.
Nice job guys keep up the great work and hopefully there’ll be more positives soon
Derrick Gitonga
Derrick Gitonga:
i honestly thought tanganga looked very uncomfortable in defense today. the defense along his side with doherty kept getting exposed, id rather have him as a right back , hes better at right back than he is at CB
Mario Peremore
Mario Peremore:
Spurs will always get over run in the middle of the pitch because they playing the wrong system that leaves to many gaps in the middle...Spurs does not have a team that moves accross the field as one unit too many individuals and with a 4231 formation there will be too many gaps that defenders must cover for... 442 formation will suite Spurs...
Iago Ramaro
Iago Ramaro:
What is mind blowing is how we've been using winks over ndombele all this time... NDOMBELE is ELITE and can still improve
kart tar
kart tar:
Jose called Levy a fraud for promising to help coaches with new buys but refusing to get quality players. spurs will be a mid table team this season or follow arsenal in relegation battle
Spurs has two key problems:
It's ownership, who offer little on no support to coaches. Prefer to listen to players.
It's fans believe that they are a high ranked team. Who stick to a certain play that can't work.
Rifled 一
Rifled 一:
The reenes players who injured lucas should have got red card. That corrupted Refree was all biased toward renees team.
Thebe Mokotedi
Thebe Mokotedi:
Ndombele is so class. So relaxed on the ball. Just needs to work harder off the ball but defensive he wasn’t bad.
Rick Maramis
Rick Maramis:
Ndombele played quite well. Should start and not sure why Nuno hasn't done it in PL games... But the team as a whole was mediocre. Davies and Doherty shouldn't be playing at all... Still, it was a draw. We'll take it.

In any case... COYS!!!

Btw, VItesse sit at top of the group... and... Mourinho's AS ROMA beat CSKA Sofia 5-1. Tammy Abraham scores a goal.
Chris Elsom
Chris Elsom:
While the injuries are a concern, they could be a blessing in disguise in that players who would have spent most of the season on the bench will finally be given a chance to show their talents. I cannot recall Lo Celso playing more than two games in a row, despite his immense talent. We mismanaged Foythe and Moura - it was only after injuries Moura was given the opportunity after months on the bench after we signed him. This is a chance to blood Gil, Lo Celso, Romero, Rodon, Ndombele, who are all far more exciting than the players keeping them out.
Cameron Birkinshaw
Cameron Birkinshaw:
Nuno showing early signs of poor management Starting Bergwijn today and that terrible starting 11 against Palace. We should of just played our kids in the Con League we'll be lucky to be 10th with the injuries we are getting from it!!!
Eddie Parsons
Eddie Parsons:
Awful, very poor. It's going to be a long hard painful season.
Kelso Hunt
Kelso Hunt:
Nuno has had a rough start. The Kane fiasco, the international break farce and the injuries. He is needing a break.
Olly Deen
Olly Deen:
what a legend John is
Guy Blah
Guy Blah:
We did not lose so thats a positive, the team is not gelling and Kane seems disinterested and not for the team anymore. - I really hope things improve but fear for us at the weekend.
Andrew Thornton
Andrew Thornton:
We’re going to end up mid table this season. It’s bad, it’s really bad
Gerki 666
Gerki 666:
To be fair we played outside half of our squad missing against the 3rd best team in the competion. we have to and must win against the 2 farmer sides and if we have the squad fit well beat them at home. If we finally sign a backup striker id love Alexander Isak and get Gravenberch as Midfield addition in the Winter Window we will definitely switch from a team that struggles to makes top 6 to a team that can definetly fight for place 4. And if we don’t bring in 2 quality players one of them a good striker in Winter im fuming!
Len Johnson
Len Johnson:
Only a draw vs Rennes in a game deserved to lose has 1 positive, blagged a draw in an amateur cup that no one looks at on Sky Sports App.
Look poor, never look the better team but at least the results aren’t always negative
Tlhompo :
yeah this injuries suck, its like we are being punished for starting good this season
Tanganga struggles to properly step up and block a shot when an opponent is about to shoot. Too often he's too far away from the shooter.
Ad_ z
Ad_ z:
Can someone explain to me why bergwijin came off I was sleeping through the first half
Kk Rr
Kk Rr:
I was frustrated at nuno over last couple games but he has such a crazy list of players out or just coming back etc it’s not easy at all and some players came back late so I’ll give him time and we need tbe fans so much against chelsea we need to make it the Lane again like against city
Joseph Azzopardi
Joseph Azzopardi:
Same players different coach...
Patrick Ennis
Patrick Ennis:
See Jose's team won last night 5-1, against a decent opposition, yep, he is back to his old ways now, playing defensive football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“I don’t even want to sell him now because of city putting in stupid bids” loooool 2-2 vs Rennes who needs who now? 😂😂
David Miller
David Miller:
We've really gone backwards at Tottenham. Levy offloads game changers Lamela and Dembele. This team is now pants and really screwed
Eric Rerrud11
Eric Rerrud11:
Tottenham gonna park the bus against Chelsea from minute 1
J s
J s:
Doherty 🤦‍♂️
Kk Rr
Kk Rr:
Their Rb traore and the guy who scored the first goal were so rough they literally we’re trying to injure players genuinely of your a player in that show some fight and go help ur team mate
Well Gollini is terrible then.
Matt Doherty 🙈🤣 fook me
Saint Tongpha
Saint Tongpha:
Kano not in Box...why? His mind was gone already...last 3 games..he was playing like going for walk...furthermore..Nuno is keeping downgrade of Jose..parking the bus. No wonder..Chelsea will destroy this club...
del ben
del ben:
What did you Harry Kaane, did you go for a walk??
Peter Xxxx
Peter Xxxx:
Mid table finish on the cards and no trophy.
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin':
Bet Kane is GUTTED watching city...... What could have been!
taewook kim
taewook kim:
Awful from Nuno to Kane
Jae Koh
Jae Koh:
Sim: who needs moura, stevie and sonny? We still got the most important player, kane!
This Spurs squad won't finish in the top 7
no son no win
jimmi hendrix hendrix
jimmi hendrix hendrix:
Should focus on Premier league not this thropy to keep the players fresh. Our squad are thin
It was always going to be a tough game for Nuno and the lads. Glad he started a more attacking line up. Ndombele looked good, needs to start on the weekend. Gill put in a shift and looks promising. I think Royale will come good to when we get a settled back four. We saw glimpses of his quality tonight. We did well to come away with a point with a side that hasn’t really played much together. Doherty’s decision making was poor not enough quality crosses in to the box. Alli was rubbish again when he came on. He was sitting to deep and trying to set up play did not work at all. Chelsea will be tough on the weekend.
Toxic Headshot
Toxic Headshot:
Rodon and Tanganga no go
Josue Komol
Josue Komol:
same players different coach, spurs is going down and fans making excuses, the three wins fool you and let see what chelsea game will define spurs
Wolf Mauler
Wolf Mauler:
Tanguay annoys me. (As does this phlegmy pronunciation of "Hill") 😝 All that talent, 99% of the time, no application, no desire, often being the best player on the pitch, but so lackadaisical. Is that how you spell it? Quite a long word really.
Jack Holloway
Jack Holloway:
we were total shit, we have a shit manager
Mathew Matos Gillingwater
Mathew Matos Gillingwater:
why is this thumbnail so hilarious
Wazza THFC
Wazza THFC:
Why are we so bad
Hasan Rahman
Hasan Rahman:
KHIL !!!!!!
Michelle Brown
Michelle Brown:
This is a very mediocre team . Don't kid yourselves, they will be doing well if they get in the top six .
Should have got Potter
Blake Powell
Blake Powell:
Nothing changed from mourinho it so boring . score then sit back
Guido de Kort
Guido de Kort:
Doherty and Davies are totally garbage, they have no quality at all. They're predictable, slow and easy to play against. End of.
Ronnie Chowdhury
Ronnie Chowdhury:
I liked Mourinho's defensive football... He was a tactical genius.. Tottenham didn't value him. Look where we are now.. there not a single chance we'll win or draw the match on Sunday against Chelsea...
Thebe Mokotedi
Thebe Mokotedi:
One thing our players need to stop doing is spreading wider as we attack from the wings. The one thing Ren beat us with was cutting in from the wide position to create more dangerous chances.
Mourinho was the problem ...
Toxic Headshot
Toxic Headshot:
Dele Kane Son Gill against Chelsea
Zac Robinson
Zac Robinson:
Many people calling for Nunos head already. Can a man not get a chance to prove himself. As I said, the problem is levy and ENIC. We have to get them to sell and get an owner from Qatar in. A draw was a fair result but we are injury FC at the minute