Inside Anfield: Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield Utd | Unique take on the Reds' comeback

Get a different perspective of Liverpool's Premier League victory over the Blades at Anfield, as goals from Roberto Firmino & Diogo Jota cancelled out Sander Berge's penalty.

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100+ comentarios:

Ong JunWei
Ong JunWei:
Danny ings: Once a red, always a red. 2 assists for Southampton to beat Everton.
Jota has really been adapting quickly!
Ronald Chaidir Muda
Ronald Chaidir Muda:
Respect when Mane did dua's before entering the field..Bismillah All the best for the Kop this season and hope can defend the tittle
The Second
The Second:
Firmino’s kungfu kick is what makes our rivals scared to death and just hand the EPL trophy to us 😂😂
Apurbo Baidya
Apurbo Baidya:
Jota is so versatile!!! Great addition to our squad. YNWA❤️❤️❤️
Bimo AAS
Bimo AAS:
I miss Anfield atmosphere 😥
liverpoolfc Steven Gerrard
liverpoolfc Steven Gerrard:
Happiest liverpool fan in world at the moment with what happened to Everton yesterday.
Home Cooking Lifestyle
Home Cooking Lifestyle:
Almost 3 goals but not Salah day, any way still got 3 points, good job.
Syzrl Anwr
Syzrl Anwr:
Mo scored a beautiful goal. Shame it was offside
So unlucky from Salah🤣, but mane was 🔥🔥
Green Rhapsody
Green Rhapsody:
what makes liverpool 2017 and 2020 is mentality, even tho we had player injured, and lose 7-2, these team has different kind of champion attitude and mindset.
3:19 look at brewster holding gini back so he doesn't go in the box during penalty what a lad
Amani Kodo
Amani Kodo:
The defence will have no problem as long as the midfield is well managed by the dexterity of captain Jordan Henderson and a hard-hitting attack. Well done guys.
Cookie Legends
Cookie Legends:
Finally, Brewster playing with the whole first team
Zul Fahmi
Zul Fahmi:
Hope to see Thiago's anfield debut soon 🙏🏻
As a blade got a lot of respect for your club almost feel like you've taken us under your wing a bit and klopp always pays us and wilder a lot of respect fantastic game and best of luck for rest of season
Moh Ridwan
Moh Ridwan:
Jotaaa, unbelievable💥
R O M:
Allison is beast
I hope he will be healthy full season 🙏🙏
Syed Fareed
Syed Fareed:
what a sight! Allison taking the field ready to play..
Abdinasir Mohamed
Abdinasir Mohamed:
Let us keep pushing we can defend our title 💪
Jota is an incredible signing
Hamzah Rushaidat
Hamzah Rushaidat:
Lets go LFC!
A A:
Thank god allison is back!
Kwabena Nkrumah
Kwabena Nkrumah:
Well done Liverpool FC.
Henry Corndog
Henry Corndog:
Love that you can hear the lfctv commentator “Mane with a free header...” and then cheering!
Liverpool YNWA
Liverpool YNWA:
Good to see bobby back on the scoresheet
'You're the best in the world Mane' - Jota to Mane after the delightful assist!
Ashlam.alifiant Ashlam
Ashlam.alifiant Ashlam:
We're never gonna to stop
Comeon keep this tittle boys !🔥🔥
Salah and Mane are unbelievably special players.
Chris Rasburn
Chris Rasburn:
Will there be an extended 'Inside' video showing the new training complex. That would be very interesting to see.
I think you can hear Klopp when Jota scores 😂
Jota will be a beast in years to come. YNWA lets go L.F.C
Snow White
Snow White:
I love these videos they give a great insight into the players, mangers & staff and their emotions that you miss on TV so thank you. I have a channel if you wanna have a look it’s not as good as this though 😂
Jota was class
Rochelle Sherman
Rochelle Sherman:
Love Liverpool! ❤
I was waiting for firming to score and finally he did
Thumbnail Firmino looks like a flying kick😂
Naresh Murugan
Naresh Murugan:
Most of the opponents attacks are coming from the flanks,especially the right because of trent not able to track down,being sloppy and not being helped by Mo....But on left,robbo is well supported by mane ...They are closing down our FBs and we can't able to the same....btw Salah will win the golden boot this season
Matt Hutchinson
Matt Hutchinson:
Anyone else hear the commentator for our first goal, “mane with the free header!” 😂😂 must be really quiet to hear him from all the way up there
Great to see alisson back in goal
Bhavya Contractor
Bhavya Contractor:
Firmino's kick was literally going to touch trent's head.
Andrew Mareverwa
Andrew Mareverwa:
Well done lads!
am a human
am a human:
Jota 🔥🔥
Hope Thio is fit for the next game❤️❤️❤️❤️
The more the time passes, the more Mané become strong and key for success
M shaek
M shaek:
Los mejores videos del mundooo, grande liverpool
Do the Do
Do the Do:
Mo salah what a brilliant player.
Zarchary Yeo
Zarchary Yeo:
Hi Liverpool, could you also add the substitution snippets from the game as well?
Lim Xin Yan
Lim Xin Yan:
Liverpool number two ,amazing!!!we support you ,Liverpool
It’s Ya Boy
It’s Ya Boy:
City, United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton all dropped points. What a weekend
Sadio mane, what a player👏
Abandoned Bossman
Abandoned Bossman:
let’s go liverpool fantastic
The title race is coming again do your best Liverpool 😁😁
Supposed to be 3-1 , offside goal was a close call
Sifat Rumman
Sifat Rumman:
I miss Jurgen's running to the dressing room scene in half time from the tunnel.....
Đark Çhïłđ
Đark Çhïłđ:
Salah's goal would have been amazing, too bad VAR is our opponent
Sausthab Bir Singh Tuladhar
Sausthab Bir Singh Tuladhar:
Hopefully Bobby regains his 17/18 form back.
innaamul hassan
innaamul hassan:
Mo!!!! we need more🏆🔴
Cory Fulton
Cory Fulton:
We fully deserved that win lets do it again tomorrow night We are Liverpool champions of England YNWA
GDG Gini 20
GDG Gini 20:
The premier league played "well" but we deserved the win.
Armeino Atana
Armeino Atana:
strange to saw brewster on different shirt for permanent i coud say? But hopefuly he'll develop and become a goal machine
Kevin Curmi
Kevin Curmi:
That penalty decision was a disgrace
Sadio Mane ❤️
Mirza Muazz
Mirza Muazz:
Go redss!!!!
3:48 you can listen to LFC commentator, damn what a voice 😂
Imagine if Trent scored that...
Brandz SZN
Brandz SZN:
up the reds❤️
Ashraf Anwar
Ashraf Anwar:
Yeah Liverpool bravo💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Cillian Chanders
Cillian Chanders:
Let's go liverpool
Red Lady
Red Lady:
It's so weird watching with the crowd or fake crowd as just feels like a friendly knock around but still so much hanging on it.
i love liverpool lovers❤🇦🇿🇹🇷
Tartan Fury
Tartan Fury:
You guys are the best team I ever heard
Ansh Gupta
Ansh Gupta:
YNWA🔥. Klopp and Liverpool know themselves how to tackle problem.
Nadav Kn
Nadav Kn:
Terrible atmosphere without the crowd. It's so sad to see Anfield like this.
Prasan Tuladhar
Prasan Tuladhar:
Our boys are the greatest.. we can win this year with ease .
Jean Lawley
Jean Lawley:
Liverpool (Wild Boys) Duran Duran

Liverpool on to Glory
Determind and so Hungry
On the razors edge they trail
Because there's cheating by the Refs
In a Stockly Park new world
VAR ...  tried to break us
Looks like it'll try again

Liverpool (wild boys) never lose it
Liverpool (wild boys) never chose this way
Liverpool (wild boys) never close your eyes
Liverpool always shine
S. O
S. O:
Salah and Mane will both go for the Golden Boot this season..
Liverpool YNWA
Liverpool YNWA:
Good to see mane doing dua aswell
Cg Raimi
Cg Raimi:
everytime i fill excited to see firmino kick😂
i louve inside training ❤
big reds
big reds:
good job jota👏👍
Ayush Prabhash
Ayush Prabhash:
Just wanna see more of that 4-2-3-1. Once we get used to it, it'll work really well for us. Undefendable pace in the attack while counter attacking and normally as well. A double pivot providing much needed protection to the defence with Thiago also bringing in much needed creativity to the midfield.
Taweewat Wongwiboonchai
Taweewat Wongwiboonchai:
Firmino was still the best and Jota was new the best. 555! - The kop form Thailand.
Ibrahim Husen
Ibrahim Husen:
Mane he is the best player in Liverpool
Too bad Jota hasn't played in front of the full Anfield yet 😔
Giovanni Francis
Giovanni Francis:
We were robbed but even with it, we won
Crazy lads10
Crazy lads10:
Im a huge fan⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️ come on reds
lamp man
lamp man:
Bloody ridiculous penalty decision.....he got the ball for god's sake. Mo almost got one of the goals of the season, and is playing beautifully, but he should've slipped that final chance to goal.
MohdAzdie Azdie
MohdAzdie Azdie:
LFC our best club
Kharan Rai
Kharan Rai:
What a beast jota
Mane the best liverpool player 🦁
bahjo abdullahi
bahjo abdullahi:
Why firmino always do that celebration
Even if he doesn't score a goal 😂😂
John Nahason
John Nahason:
That was never a penalty. Clean tackle from Fabinho and it was outside the box. Such a poor, shocking and disastrous performance from the var official. What made it worst the reff on the pitch himself did not make an effort to look at the screen himself. Var should be helping and not killing the game. So terrible.
3:46 you can hear the commentator "Mane with a free header" haha
Sh P
Sh P:
Diogo is wonderful
The mentality giants are coming back roaring
Giovanni Francis
Giovanni Francis:
Very good reds
R.firminho flying kick😂😂😂
Geetha KS
Geetha KS:
I miss vvd😭😭😭😭