Inside Anfield: Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal | Behind-the-scenes as Reds win from behind

Go behind the scenes from LFC's 3-1 victory over Mikel Arteta's Gunners, thanks to goals from Sadio Mane, Andy Robertson, and a first for Diogo Jota gave them all three points in the Premier League.

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Military Update
Military Update:
I love all videos come from this team
Anirudh Lukka
Anirudh Lukka:
Man I miss fans so much. Imagine the welcome Jota would've gotten, scoring on his PL debut in front of the Kop!
David W
David W:
who else wants to see minamino score his first goal in the epl
MANE the Goat
MANE the Goat:
Most successful clubs in England as it stands community shields don’t count
1 Liverpool 48 trophies
2 Man Utd 45 trophies
3 arsenal 31 trophies
Like if u agree or reply
Miss the proper ‘Inside Anfield’ - players arriving etc..
Jamil Uddin
Jamil Uddin:
Robbo literally went from one extreme to the next, made a mistake then instantaneously found his second wind ❤, and were all buzzing for Jota, YNWA.❤
Đark Çhïłđ
Đark Çhïłđ:
Salah gameplay completely changed. He turned from a goal scorer to a playmaker and he looks better than ever😍🔥🔥
Happy Dream
Happy Dream:
I like how Salah is playing since the beginning of the season even if he didn't score or directly assists in a game his overall influence is so obvious especially in building up of many of our attacks. Also his pressing, defending & overall all work rate is so good. I love this version of Salah 👍👍👍 and I hope people from now on don't just judge him on how many goals he scorers.
pictures que
pictures que:
This is how many goals our FRONT 3 (SADIO, BOBBY, MO) WILL SCORE 👇👇👇💥❤️😍
Sema Gigaramadan
Sema Gigaramadan:
Jota could've scored a hattrick in this game. What a signing 🔥🔥
G H:
I absolutely love Milner’s face when he runs over to celebrate with Jota 😍
seniorita Samia
seniorita Samia:
Mo was insane to watch, but when you hear the english media you think he was bad but then you watch the game and you're like WHAT THE HELL?? The agenda against him is REAL.
Mané, man of the match. He's so incredible 😍 And Jota proved immediately his value as Thiago against Chelsea 😍 With Jota and Thiago, Liverpool is better than last year, it heralds others future success! 😍
Wan F
Wan F:
5:35 Pleased with Mo workrate to keep the ball in for Jota's debut goal. Mo really play for the team.
Vishvwarya Chohan
Vishvwarya Chohan:
5:50 Elneny also wanted to celebrate Jota's goal but then reality set in.
05:50 man, look at these. This is like a family. A new member scoring and then they celebrate with a warm welcome. Wholesome. This is why i love this club.
TiMzzz M
TiMzzz M:
Robbo Redeeming himself, Ali's important saves, that comeback, Jota's debut and goal, every player doing the most❤️😍
Shreeya Jain
Shreeya Jain:
Everyone's reaction when Jota scored is so wholesome
Luke Saunders
Luke Saunders:
haha salah has ran the show in all 3 games now he's crazy good
sandy bee
sandy bee:
Poor Minamino, hope he can get more playing time!
The Great Metropolis
The Great Metropolis:
Sadio Mane la - what a player. A Liverpool Great in every sense of the word.
1:51 Wijnaldum checking if he wore his undies or not
If you look closely you'll realise that naby and fab were smiling when they saw vvd raging on Andy at 2:32 XD
Syed Fareed
Syed Fareed:
i like Jota’s word: “attentionally” ..
Kimi 'No drinccc'
Kimi 'No drinccc':
Thiago got the Corona🤧🤧😔😔😔 get well soon, we want u back♥️♥️
Virgil screaming "F********ck" when Arsenal scored, is the highlight for me.
I love how the team showed their love to Jota after he scored the goal
Who else thinks Alisson is the best keeper in the prem
Стас Савченко
Стас Савченко:
5:05 not sure, Virgil or Xabi Alonso?👏🏻
zemean silva
zemean silva:
Hoping Thiago Gets Well Soon
M9 M8
M9 M8:
Liverpool the best team in the world❤️🔥
Marcel Oka
Marcel Oka:
I've never seen any other club like Liverpool. They're like a one big family. We all are :) YNWA
Tanay Tulalwar
Tanay Tulalwar:
An Inside Anfield video feels incomplete without the shot of Klopp jogging into the locker room at the halftime whistle
Muhammad Yasin
Muhammad Yasin:
Nobody talk about how great salah in this game? He did all thing for our team. Derserved MOTM for sure.
schnee Raizor
schnee Raizor:
it was a really good game.

jota really confident here, that is nice to see.
wanted to see more of minamino, i think he is hungry to play
Ong JunWei
Ong JunWei:
SADIO is the best player right now. The entire team are amazing.YNWA 🔴
Bear Valley
Bear Valley:
what a team🥰 so warm after Jota’s goal, everyone came to give him a big hug
Kellys Heroes
Kellys Heroes:
Love how Arsenal created so little in the game they had to put in the first lacazette chance which was offside 😂
kafle ashraya
kafle ashraya:
Alisson : Congratulate me later but first go to the ball ...........after his save at 4:12
THANOS the mastermind
THANOS the mastermind:
Thiago has tested positive for corona virus and accurate passing and the best midfielder in the world
Mohamed Mana3
Mohamed Mana3:
5:26 you can literally hear Mo saying "G G , back" so he was expecting the ball so he goes for it, can just people stop saying he is greedy or something , he just setup Jota for an open goal before this ball.
Novi Fitria Education Channel
Novi Fitria Education Channel:
Frendy Rusman
Frendy Rusman:
For a moment i thought Elneny was going to join Jota celebation in 5:52
Milner is so happy with Jota. What a sweet daddy.
khim Pawich
khim Pawich:
I wish the fans can get into the stadium as soon as they can. I miss my team with the fans so much❤️❤️❤️
5:4 that pass from Virgil and play from mo to jota was unreal unlucky jota
Love the moment all the player congrat with Jota include 6:35 Mane when Jota off the pitch. What a spirit.what a team.
abdullah _hasss
abdullah _hasss:
Can i get a signed t shirt from moh salah
Agnes Selvita
Agnes Selvita:
Just so many amazing things about this game. From Trent’s pinpoint cross looking for Robbo and only Robbo, knowing that his bezzimate is desperate to make amends, to everyone just being so genuinely happy that their new teammate scored on his debut! 🎉 But most of all — Mo’s amazing work rate shown clearly especially in the 2nd half of the video.. those who called him greedy for that 1 blopper must have not watched the whole game... 🙌
You never walk alone.
I love Klopp, I love Steven Gerrard.I Love Fernando Torres,I love xabi Alonso.
emily fusco
emily fusco:
Omg ynwa sounds so haunting and echoey without the fans to sing it 😭 💔
Jesper Becker
Jesper Becker:
Love how everybody in the team cheered Jota for scoring. It’s truly an awsome team :)
Morning all fellow reds. Ynwa.
Ran Dolph
Ran Dolph:
Football has found lots of jobs for people. Can't believe someone is being paid for wiping the goal posts🤣
H. 14
H. 14:
This is our time...defend the title with ur teeth and hands..we shall never stop
Teguh Xbanz
Teguh Xbanz:
Terasa nonton langsung di anfild...
Tom Boy
Tom Boy:
These videos hit so different without fans it's unreal
Lee Davies
Lee Davies:
This amazing team doesn't need fans to win a game, they know millions of us are watching and loving every minute!
bule paleska sound of silent
bule paleska sound of silent:
Jota must have a anthem songs like everybody in Reds
New signing Jota scores in his PL debut. The whole team celebrates with him. Healthy competition and team spirit at their best!
1:20 "Thiago Alcantara is out due to a 'minor fitness issue'" He tested positive for Coronavirus 😂
Sulav Shrestha
Sulav Shrestha:
Speedy recovery Thiago Alcántara . Hope to see you play soon. 😢😢😢😟😟😞
Bang Dani
Bang Dani:
I miss to see liverpool fans in the stadium . When liverpool player make a goal , fans make a celebration , they jump , handup , roar , hug , everting they can and they want .. liverpool fans .. i miss u all , just can see u all on television and social media , i miss to see u celebration , i miss to hear u all even player make a goal and sound on the stadium " yaaaaaaaaa !!!! " Always in my brain . Big fans from 🇲🇨
John McMahon
John McMahon:
It’s so so strange watching a premier league match with no supporters. It’s sort of like a dream or a film, it’s just weird.
Hope normality returns soon.
Benny Ace
Benny Ace:
I think if we keep this performance and energy we can defend our title.
Lord Anderson
Lord Anderson:
Really miss the tunnel footages. Understand why they aren't there, but still miss them 😭
Deoraj Joggesser
Deoraj Joggesser:
From Mauritius. I watch all the videos of Liverpool 5 times a week. Never get bored.
Joe Putz
Joe Putz:
Jota is up for this. You must feel special when Jurgen selects you to be part of his team.
2:43 when Xhaka saw the comparison stats with Keita online
Chris G
Chris G:
7:38 Oh I didn't know they filmed me driving by ;)
Ayis Nurfareez
Ayis Nurfareez:
2:34 Bellerin laughing, then lost his man for 2 goals and didn't do enough for the 3rd 😂
Maame K
Maame K:
I’m always looking forward to inside Anfield. I can’t get enough of this great team. YNWA 🏆
Aqil Feehily
Aqil Feehily:
Jota will shine the brightest. Anyway, get well soon Thiago. YNWA
Yasir Savanur
Yasir Savanur:
Damn TAA with 99 shot power. The sound of the ball when it leaves his foot
Get well soon Thiago🤩🤩🤩🤩
Ren Ngullie
Ren Ngullie:
7:36 The ending was really nice and very RED !! fav part
hit the quoc
hit the quoc:
Geez the boys love that You Got To Show Me Love song
Eliot Salandy Brown
Eliot Salandy Brown:
The style of these videos is beautiful to watch. They are more serene and intimate than all the other stuff on the web and therefore more watchable. More just like this please. They're turning me into a Liverpool fan.
Mrinmoy Sharma
Mrinmoy Sharma:
Brilliant performances by the Boys. A dominating display of footballing prowess. YNWA
pinsen galaw
pinsen galaw:
When the team swarmed up Jota after he scored 🥰 feels he fit better in this A team system rather than the B team during the previous Carabao Cup match
Super great performance from Robbo and Jota
Redy Pajero
Redy Pajero:
_In Klopp We Trust,_ *You'll Never Walk Alone.*
This team is what cheers me up just now during the covid situation.sooner we get fans back the better.ynwa
Amir Aizat
Amir Aizat:
Always love the intro/outro scene. Calm before and after the storm. YNWA
Ben Khor
Ben Khor:
2:48 dabbing ❤️❤️❤️
Lewis [Mr.Gore]
Lewis [Mr.Gore]:
Miss that Anfield roar! and I miss Klopp running down the tunnel at half-time :')
Been looking forward to this since the FT whistle
Ferdyan D
Ferdyan D:
Get well soon Thiago 🙏
عباس خيري عبود
عباس خيري عبود:
Dee Tour
Dee Tour:
That red car at the end .. fits in so perfectly 😅👊 this channel got swag
Pangeran Bakumpai
Pangeran Bakumpai:
Good Job Liverpool YNWA From Borneo Indonesia
Mane is a terror for every goalkeeper
He is monster, I watch a video when he score against Bayern Munchen in a champion league, he is truly monster.
Sandy Zulfikar
Sandy Zulfikar:
Kalo pake POV kek gini berasa jadi penonton di liga tarkam. Gapapa aku suka❤️
CJ Studios
CJ Studios:
Hope Mané and Thiago have a speedy recovery from COVID-19
Azrul Hafiz
Azrul Hafiz:
Liverpool was so good in pressing the defence from start to finish
Ariff Faqihi
Ariff Faqihi:
What A Liverpool fc 😍
fahri husaini
fahri husaini:
Oh man..
Im so happy for our transfer deal this season.
Remind me why we've only got pitch level TV cameras now.
Mo Salah
Mo Salah:
ynwa 🥰