Inside Brad Pitt's 'Very Private' Relationship With Nicole Poturalski

A source tells ET Brad Pitt and 27-year-old model, Nicole Poturalski, met through friends but have kept their love on the downlow. The 56-year-old Oscar winner split from his ex, Angelina Jolie, in 2016.

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I love how after getting divorced from a woman their age the old farts always go after younger women in their 20’s.
Irina Ermolaeva
Irina Ermolaeva:
Isn’t Nicole already married to 68 year old German Businessman Roland Mary? Well may be open marriage works for them
Brad Pitt going for the much younger girl like Johnny Depp. Hopefully it doesn't turn out and for him like it did Johnny
Moon River
Moon River:
This "relationship" won't last. He is too old for her, has 6 children, and 2 marriages behind him. He should date women his age, or at least women in their 40's.
Pouline Reyes
Pouline Reyes: to Angelina, 💯a handsame mother with they 6kids👏🙃
Lana Del Slay
Lana Del Slay:
Living that Leonardo life
This chick doesn't look like Angelina Jolie at all, I'm not sure why people are saying that. Cuz shes skinny and has big lips. Nope... she does not, at all.
Susan Arsoniadou
Susan Arsoniadou:
She is 26.He is 56. These numbers show Brad is naive. How much is she in love with him and how much is she in love with his fame? I wouldn't date someone 30 years older.
Jason Mantilla
Jason Mantilla:
Clearly it was Brad's alcohol addiction made their relationship messy . Angie wouldn't do such decision (getting divorce) if Brad pulled himself together and instead focused more on the growth of their Big family. They had wonderful relationship over the years but Angie was determined to avoid exposing their children to Brad's addiction that would eventually lead to heavy fights as couple. and now with this messy publicity with their divorce, they had to pay both for the price that it's their children's personal lives would be a hot issue since they are both A lists in Hollywood. I know we all deserved second chances and happiness but in my own opinion i think Brad should know better as a father and would try his best to amicably settle with Angie and their kids.
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim:
Have a lot in common at age of 26 and 56? I expected better from him
Magdalena Gmys
Magdalena Gmys:
She’s married
He tried to replace Jolie but failed wana be look alike
Guess she got herself a backup huh? Probably smart to dubble up since the ones she picks are old enough to be taken by covid..!
Lucie Perez
Lucie Perez:
He is so dissapointing
Amanda milson
Amanda milson:
He pays , she pays. Its just a sexual transaction between them. When Brad gets bored with her, he will find another toy to play with. Im sure she doesn't think its a real relationship, just some fun for Brad and some pocket money for her school lunch
adi barzilay
adi barzilay:
Another old man becomes a cliche...
Mark Bordelon
Mark Bordelon:
Not "Very Private" if your digging into their lives and reporting it!!!!!
She is still married
Pat the Revenge
Pat the Revenge:
hooker never sleeps🤣
Vivian Hallert
Vivian Hallert:
My goodness...they are grown ass adults...who can date anyone they want...I’m just a bit disappointed that brad went for someone 30 yrs younger, obviously that won’t work in the long run,lol...
Sonia Adelante
Sonia Adelante:
She looks lire Jessica Biel
Lot Toö
Lot Toö:
She is married to a rich man and has a son. She is a typical eastern european woman. They only marry for money,fame or greencard :)
He's still in love with Angelina. Poor guy. He'll never forget her.
Am rose
Am rose:
Hmm. She kind of bears resemblance to angie the big lips. And has a kid still married. Sounds like he trying to recapture his youth again or recreate another big family. Weird. Whatever floats his boat. But angelina with this latest thing cause they not quite divorced yet or are they. Takes her to there winery in france umm like how thought americans can not go to europe? Well private plane must be.
Marilyn Bennett
Marilyn Bennett:
Brad actually looks like a slightly younger version of Nicole's Husband. She seems to specialize in old fools. Anyway, his kids are at the age to talk to him about violating the family retreat with his married fling. Hope he will take full responsibility if they are not very enthusiastic about contact with him. Since he seems to be in this 'open' season, he can tri-parent her son with her and the husband. Hahahaha
Anonyme User
Anonyme User:
brad pitt got old af. His looks faded away
Mommy Cutie
Mommy Cutie:
I was really hoping Brad and ange would get back together :(
Brad Pitt is a very gorgeous, smart, nice man in addition to being a good actor.
There probably isn't a woman alive that would turn down a chance to date him. Brad dating a 27 year old just seems seedy. He was about 30 when she was born.
I get it. His divorce is getting public and nasty and he wants to rub Angelina's nose in it but it's tacky. It makes him look bad.
she's not starstruck cuz she's too young to know who he is xD
Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer
Fuzzy Friends Rescue Volunteer:
I'm not sure I'd trust a woman who has the propensity to EXCLUSIVELY go for exceedingly wealthy, considerably older men with one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel...
Damn girl, daddy issues
Candy Gonzalez
Candy Gonzalez:
Life’s short, I’m happy he’s happy!
Congrats brad, wish them well! 🥰
He clearly has a type😂
Disappointing. Would've expected more depth from him, appreciating someone who has a similar amount of life experience rather than being blinded by youth and external beauty of someone who could very easily be his daughter.
Blessed Win
Blessed Win:
Yup he's a Sagi right. Open relationships works for them. They like their women like that. 👍💯
Cory Stone
Cory Stone:
No shade but I think what they might have in common is the fact that he’s around her dads age.. but good for them ..
Sara G
Sara G:
I am 26 and even though he’s Brad Pitt, it would be like dating my grandpa 👴. I like dating men my age not my fathers father.
Himalayan Tiger
Himalayan Tiger:
She is after his money 😂😂
Marilyn Bennett
Marilyn Bennett:
How private is a fling with someone in an open marriage??
nerd vana
nerd vana:
I've always been team angie. She's focused on her kids and her humanitarian work. She's not dating around younger men. Brad is probably jealous of leo and want to date models who are in their 20's too. Just ask leo for victoria's secret model catalogue instead of dating your friend's wife!
Larry Yerton
Larry Yerton:
Always fun to see the so called Elite act so stupid. Nice girl grandpa!!! Act like a real man! Shame on you!
Option Z
Option Z:
I was confused 😱😱 she looked like Irina Shayk and was like “wasn’t Bradley they one you thanked recently for controlling your drinking problem?” then I found out this girl and Irina are 2 different persons.
Doperl Rosmon
Doperl Rosmon:
From Rosamond Comissiong-Dopwell ...
Didn't Pitt and Jolie marry each other TWICE ?
Nadine Cristorum LIFE
Nadine Cristorum LIFE:
I'm crying right now.. And wondering how Angie and her children will react to this!
Lance Mandap
Lance Mandap:
Angie is very bezutiful gorgeous and intelligent stop compairing brad pitt new girl to angie
Lara Croftix
Lara Croftix:
Good for him <3 He can date who he wants now :)
Carolanne Casey
Carolanne Casey:
What do these young women see in these old men, yuck 🤮
Aaron's Pixel
Aaron's Pixel:
I like brad but now I'm dissapointed and that relationship wont last long I'm sure for that.
Major Amber heard vibes from her
I wonder who Angelina will date soon?
Cecelia Tkach
Cecelia Tkach:
I see Pitt found another young boy to lavish all gifts upon. Investigators say Pitt is a female and all his loves, Jolie, Aniston have been dudes then it wouldn't make sense for Pitt to date females.

Poturalski has all the trademarks of a male, big head, big teeth & mouth, square male knees, square jaw & shoulders wider than the hips, long male torso, long arms, is it or isn't it a male?
cNel's vlog
cNel's vlog:
Sometimes the best thing we humans going for us is our pretend lives....disappointing... smh
Janice Childress
Janice Childress:
Brad's in love, I knew from recent celeb script read. He looked glowingly different. Happy for him, my only secret celeb crush, is not secret anymore. Brad's intelligent wisdom oozes through camera. AND the LOOKS!!!
Michelle Adamchak
Michelle Adamchak:
It's not very private if the whole world knows Brad. You gettin alzheimers dude?
the rooster
the rooster:
Hes such a stain on the underwear of society. Deadbeat dad.
Dylan Appenfeldt
Dylan Appenfeldt:
The life of a Sagittarius
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones:
How shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation. Hebrews 2:3
Justine Di Donato
Justine Di Donato:
Didnt he have to quarantine in france??
I miss his clean cut look
Nimas Crenatta HWS
Nimas Crenatta HWS:
Well..there’s nothing wrong..he’s divorced and ready to mingle again! 😸
Kim Milliner
Kim Milliner:
All the gossips ...
Deester Reachnitz
Deester Reachnitz:
amy g
amy g:
she looks like angelina jolie
Morgan Phillips
Morgan Phillips:
Apparently brad is a bit on the immature side. Oh well. Angelina is gorgeous and very talented. I'm a big fan. She's better off. This will probably be a mess.
Kristel Ngami
Kristel Ngami:
Anonyme User
Anonyme User:
The misogyny in the comments. I-
Trending gist with Octavia Kora
Trending gist with Octavia Kora:
Can't he find a single lady 🙄😎
Donald Michael Lumsden
Donald Michael Lumsden:
Brad Pitt hasn't made a GOOD movie in a very long time .
I think his best movie was his break through movie .
Perhaps he should get back to his roots .
I think he should make a movie where he is a gigilo living in the hotel in Monte Carlo .
I know he has been there before and is familiar with Monte Carlo , so it should be an easy role to play , and would make lots of money , but also it would prove to himself that he's still got it ( as an actor and an icon ) .
Danielle Thompson
Danielle Thompson:
Brad you need Jennifer back in your life as a wife again!!! Forget about the other girls Jennifer deserves your love all u need do is go back to her!!
Alma Dizon
Alma Dizon:
Why is ET making up stories?
Charlene Croom
Charlene Croom:
Couldn't he afford to take her somewhere other than Angelina and their kids home they still share and got married there. He's super rich. I think that's just Disrespectful, especially since it would have been his whole famiilys six wedding celebration there. They aren't married anymore, but the divorce is still pending and his six children may not appreciate how he devalues his family. Bad judgement on his part. I guess some people will forever be missing a sensitivity chip. I'm just saying.
Disgusting brad
Sandra Lem-ew
Sandra Lem-ew:
Suggestion only i guess Brad Pitt should concentrate of his six children. This is the time that he should be with them.
Evelyn Mass
Evelyn Mass:
I think it's advertising only
Adi Adrian
Adi Adrian:
Oh Brad, you are a great actor but boy do you make bad choices when it comes to women.
Marilyn Bennett
Marilyn Bennett:
How do you get INSIDE something so private?
Dont think Nicole is pretty at all shes just plain whats the attraction he proves he can get a young unwise stupid one!
lmao aww grandpa got another kiddo!
Wade Mitchell
Wade Mitchell:
Constantly another new movie actor promotion..thank goodness not. Jennifer aniston.. progress at last. Movies investors is a constant hassell of self promotions....what a hunk....
It might be better if he dates someone who is at a similar stage of life as him (and similar age, or a "bit" younger, if ever) , and has some kids already (he has so many kids already, not sure he would want to have even more at this point).
Fugato Inc
Fugato Inc:
looks like a younger skankalina
jennifer stuart
jennifer stuart:
Soooooo many more important things going on in this world
Alejandro Maksim
Alejandro Maksim:
ngl, she looks older than 27. maybe mid 30s? but even then...
i hate to say this but angelina kinda deserves this for getting involved with a married man(child)
Rene Cantwell
Rene Cantwell: he ain't dating anybody 😂 Pedowood is collapsing, Ricky's speech was brilliant
ss malik
ss malik:
Shez a clone of angie ...her jawline and eyes resemble her so much...brad is actually kindof dating angelina again 😳
Eugeniee Est
Eugeniee Est:
Oh, dear. The recent news about Nicole steeling Brad's money 💰, summerised the 'romance of the year'. Taking someone's money after banging him for a while is PROSTITUTION. What did she expect? Where did she see herself within Angelina and Brad's family? With her broken five languages, lack of education, worldliness? Angelina Jolie is everything this little tart is not. They will always be a family, living together or not. Deluded Nicole must have fallen from the catwalk and injured her head. It's time to look for another sugar daddy, hotelier, cutlettier, or someone who will take on her entire family. Angelina is an icon and Nicole deluded catwalk cutlet, who will never be fit enough to polish Angelina's shoes. She spends weekends with her son, like he was her boyfriend or lover. In the meantime probably her mother or nanny does the job of mother. What a stupid girl, thinking that banging her way to fame is the solution. Back to school. Try to be someone in your own right, not scheming how to use sex as a weapon. Shame on you. You are brainless, maybe pleasant courtesan, who doesn't know a hole in the ground from her elbow. Asta la vista! What you going to do? Steel some more money 💰? Bungi-jump from the Eiffel tower? Get a real job and a real life.
User.3 123
User.3 123:
Omg John looks exactly like his dad, he’s a mini brad.
Wade Mitchell
Wade Mitchell:
Love you stupid. Call me ...maybe.. covid 19..
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
If it's very private then why report on it? Leave it as private as it is.
ameelia ramotar
ameelia ramotar:
Judith Carr
Judith Carr:
Hello angie look a like!!!
Elvira F
Elvira F:
Yeah... This will not end well.. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if she's the one who tipped the press to gain attention. Probably just the flavour of the month. Guess we'll see
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia Jones:
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MAC m:
Young and firm sweet and tasty go Brad
Kathleen Samual
Kathleen Samual:
Brad has not aged well at all.
Lynda Trones
Lynda Trones:
Happy for them. 😊
Cassandra Esparza
Cassandra Esparza:
Who cares. I haven't watched any of his play-acting for a long time. 🤧
Therese Marshall
Therese Marshall:
Old enough to be his daughter. What is it with men that they find they need a younger woman to keep them young . If shes already married to a older man she would be classed as a gold digger .each to their own i guess .his biggest mistake was leaving Jennifer Aniston. She was true to him .stars just think they are god gifts to women .dispite hes not my cup of tea ...
Marcie Vargo
Marcie Vargo:
He’s an old man and should stick to women his own age... 28??? He could be grandfather to her son ... Disgusting...