Inside Naomi Campbell's Luxury Villa In Kenya | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today Architectural Digest brings you to the coast of the Indian Ocean in Kenya to visit supermodel Naomi Campbell at her luxurious, airy villa. Life as a fashion trailblazer and industry icon in constant demand for years necessitates a place to get away and unwind, and the tranquil seaside town of Malindi proved to be the perfect spot. “It’s a very calming place,” says Campbell. “You don’t really want to be on the phone. You’re not trying to find a television. You just want to read and be with yourself.”

Select artwork by:
Peter Beard
Gian Paolo Tomasi
Alexandra Spyratos

‘Take Me to the River’
Pure dyed silver leaf, copper leaf, glitter, acrylic on canvas
Armando Tanzini
Aluminum, wood, flip-flops, recycled materials, coral fossils

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Inside Naomi Campbell's Luxury Villa In Kenya | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest
Architectural Digest:
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Marjorie Le Noan
Marjorie Le Noan:
"This is where everybody eats. This is where everybody relaxes."
God, I wish I was everybody. 😐
Quayjean Easley
Quayjean Easley:
Her home is like a resort but like her own personal resort this is what I thrive for
Mercy Mutuku
Mercy Mutuku:
I love how everything is local/localized, and all she's doing is promoting Kenya and the craftsmen.
Chloe Cohen
Chloe Cohen:
I cannot believe we study European architecture so much in high school when Africa and Asia are 10 times more stunning and more rich in culture
This is an architectural masterpiece modelled along the authentic African style of thatched roofs. Lovely place, yes Africa is where to be.
Yoga with Kassandra
Yoga with Kassandra:
Air ✍conditioning ✍gives ✍wrinkles.✍ Got it!
Joyce Kabochi
Joyce Kabochi:
I am a Kenyan and I feel good seeing someone highlighting the beauty of my country. Some people underestimate Africa until they get here and realise it's the best place to be in the whole world..she's right that You definitely leave here with a real smile. Kenya my beautiful country 🇰🇪
Aboubacar Camara
Aboubacar Camara:
I can’t stop coming back to this video . Her house is the definition of stress free .
phillip motale
phillip motale:
Welcome to AFRICA, promoting KENYA is like promoting the rest of AFRICA we love you sister ❤❤❤🇿🇦
No Thm
No Thm:
You can actually book a weekend in this “House”, it’s called Lion in the sun resort.
Made in Busan
Made in Busan:
I love that she shared that aircon causes wrinkles and that she doesn't drink alcohol. I really wish Naomi would do a whole movie about her tips on how to stay so beautiful and youthful.
Sarah Jonas
Sarah Jonas:
Naomi and Lenny Kravitz have officially won! Their places are extraordinary.
jessica dias
jessica dias:
"people don't realize that Africa is beautiful." <3
If there’s one DIVA on the planet, it’s definitely Naomi. Idk what it is, but she feels like royalty 😂.
Sarah B
Sarah B:
this is the best house tour i have ever seen. completely different to every other celebrity home. her house is literally set up like a holiday resort; the swimming pool in the living room / breakfast buffet area 🤣🤣 amazing! must be so relaxing
Wow...such a gorgeous home/resort ... I love the connection to culture
Felicity Priv
Felicity Priv:
“We call this area the living room” then proceeds to show a swimming pool
Sath Sah
Sath Sah:
Being 50 and looking soo youthful her skin looks so flawless. Lovely relaxing place
Me Me
Me Me:
that house screams opulence but without it going overboard, her daughter is lucky can she adopt me please. But seriously, she's worked so hard she deserves this villa.
Looks like she bought a small hotel/resort and turned it into her home. It’s beautiful and seems tranquil.
Chop Caring che
Chop Caring che:
Her house ? 😂 looks like a holiday resort ma’am ! Exquisite!!!!
Roy M. Githaiga
Roy M. Githaiga:
My Architecture eyes are glowing at this localized masterpiece with a pure connection to modernized Vernacularism. I love that Naomi expressed her appreciation for the local artisans and credited their work as well. I would love to see this house in Person.
Likhanyile mahle
Likhanyile mahle:
One day I'll appear on this channel and be showcasing my own home.. On God.
Dominique G
Dominique G:
I’ve always loved Naomi’s raspiness and her faint lisp when she speaks it’s classy in a peculiar way. I guess it shows that eloquentce is not about speaking perfectly it’s about speaking confidently
Knowledge X
Knowledge X:
She’s the Queen of all supermodels and hasn’t aged one bit since the 90’s
Romeo Wendo
Romeo Wendo:
Naomi just made it clear that Kenya is a dynasty of kings and queens🌈
Sitah Harriram
Sitah Harriram:
When she speaks omg. So articulate and real her entire personality is a breath of fresh air
Priniana D.K
Priniana D.K:
Guys this is honestly the only house that I can genuinely call unique on this channel so far. Imagine living in such a place
Nirmalendu Goyari
Nirmalendu Goyari:
Her villa is like a 7 star resort. She's so nice she cares so much for her family,friends,and guests .And salute her for supporting and using native furniture and decor
N. D
N. D:
She is passionate about her home and Kenya. She should be on Kenyan tourism board. She has got a great personality
The more I see places the like, the more I see why white people stole so much of other people's culture...then create the narrative that Africa was 'nothing' before colonisation.
Lydia Sun
Lydia Sun:
it's kind of depressing how I know I'll never be able to live this life, take this as an example:

Me watching this video instead of studying.
Jam Ardaniel
Jam Ardaniel:
This a life that I want... Beach, outdoor, nature, organic feels... She did smart move, this kind of properly is 3X the cost in USA.
When your house is so big there’s parts in it that you “used to go to” 💀
Bri Bri
Bri Bri:
The craftsmanship is unbelievably impeccable. Stunning home.
Elizabeth Irungu
Elizabeth Irungu:
Thanks for showcasing my country in a positive light! Love from a Kenyan in Austria 😘
T. Brooks
T. Brooks:
"...but Indian Ocean is better." No one throws factual shade as well as the queen💚
The everything is amazing! I've wanted to emigrate to Kenya since I learned of my roots there & that craftsmanship & the beauty of the land got me ready to go NOW!😍😍
Billy Ayuko
Billy Ayuko:
Man, I miss being in Kenya. Thank you Naomi for highlighting my beautiful Kenya.
We need more of this African, non western culture on this Channel. This property is mindblowing
Thanks Naomi . You've sold us to the world in 10 minutes more than our Travel Agents do in a year . The media is even worse so you've helped us recover from all the damage they've done to us .
Imani Bosire
Imani Bosire:
This house just blew my mind open literally it's so beautiful and authentic. Kenyan coast is the best place to just relax
Rimma Kh
Rimma Kh:
She is a good person) I mean she appreciates simple things, for example, like her artist friend mentoring his students. I think it's nice👍
shamim sobnom
shamim sobnom:
Looks like it’s a luxurious beach resort. But a house with sufficient space, daylight, air passing near beach ! It’s paradise
Sarah Mavignier
Sarah Mavignier:
She literally aged 3 days since the 90's
Dimakatso Lekekela
Dimakatso Lekekela:
Aaah Naomi!!! Gorgeous property! One thing you gotta love Naomi for is her humility and how she promotes the work done by the locals, even dropping their names. Love you Naomi!
Iron Lion Zion Ethio
Iron Lion Zion Ethio:
She definitely proud of where she come from and Africa 🖤✊🏽
Rose M Fall
Rose M Fall:
Throughout the whole video I kept thinking, "Wow, she must have a lot of friends."
That buffet breakfast area would be looking real empty with just me and my two friends going to town 😂
pille palle
pille palle:
the resort is called Lion in the Sun, you can book a weekend starting 300$ per night
Andria H
Andria H:
She created an al inclusive resort as her home where “everyone” has their own area. My question is how can I be this “everyone”?
“Love the Atlantic , but Indian is better “
Dreamy Chacha
Dreamy Chacha:
This is a paradise. A 5 star vacation hotel. I can be in quarantine happily here
Jaheem Wilson
Jaheem Wilson:
God imagine owning something like this 🥺🥺
Bucci Chola
Bucci Chola:
From supermodel to superMOM! Congratulations on your new baby, Naomi 💖
Patrick Dorleans
Patrick Dorleans:
This is what I call, a rich healthy life. No wonder she looks stunning, That natural air, breeze,
Naomi is acting gracefully. Beautiful, and that's life goals. I would own a home in Liberia, Ghana , and Ivory Coast if I was rich 😩
Sunni Bates
Sunni Bates:
Man... she is RICH RICH. 😭😭
Seeing this, I really really want to work as the pool boy at her house. I would someday make a tiny little mistake like putting a little too much chlorine into the pool, which Queen Naomi of course will notice, she'll then get very mad and start yelling at me viciously and fire me in the end, I'd be LIVING 😩😩😫
A Sayy
A Sayy:
This house has so much character and personality. It seems like a hotel but would feel like home
C M:
Thank you Naomi for representing Kenya with so much love and and passion....We are so proud for you to be associated with our country as our Ambassador especially via such a platform (AD)... Proudly Kenyan.
Tasha S
Tasha S:
her house is so beautiful and comfy and cozy. I swear I would never leave home if that's my house.
Corinny Meunier
Corinny Meunier:
Everything with her is perfect, the way she talks, the way she walks, the way she herself💝
Stephen Do
Stephen Do:
She is living in a super nice resort omg... i love the fact she said You everybody here. everybody do their things but not bother anyone
Nancy Kihuga
Nancy Kihuga:
The number of times Naomi has mentioned and hyped Kenya it is amazing. She has even remembered to mention African designers and she is a Queen for that
Stephen Dunford
Stephen Dunford:
OMG- I have Armando Tanzini Art for m 10 years ago. It's my favorite. Gorgeous house honey.
Beautiful home I love everything about it! So thoughtful of Naomi to only utilize local designers to decorate it. " this is the Cold pool, this is the warm pool... This is me 😵
Kaylee Marceau
Kaylee Marceau:
She doesn’t look a day older than 25 like wow.
Vincent Seebeck
Vincent Seebeck:
The rooms look like generic motels, you can’t tell me someone frequently lives in them
I love how she's kept it traditional and hasn't tried to replicate a London townhouse in Kenya. This home is in Kenya for a reason.
Preeti Yadav
Preeti Yadav:
Omg.. its totally amazing.. the best celebrity house ever seen.. soo real, soo natural.. omg..
Hats off to her..
Cocao Bean
Cocao Bean:
I felt the entire time she was soooo outta breath.
Her pregnancy news explains it all now!!
Congratulations 👏
W Oin
W Oin:
5:53 “I remember the first time I was coming to Kenya and I said to Lauren Hutton, ‘I’m going to Kenya.’ And she said to me, ‘Look at your smile; when you get back, you’re going to have a REAL smile.’ And I so understood what she meant...she was 100% right.”
Oshun DaaDaa
Oshun DaaDaa:
I absolutely love Kenya 🇰🇪 I cried like a baby when I had to leave 😪
She constantly looks like she bout to hit that runway. So glad she loves Kenya it is so beautiful
TimeStop Collection
TimeStop Collection:
Kenya my motherland 🇰🇪❣️
This is the kind of place you live and wake up happy and grateful every morning. Leave your cares and worries out the door. Such a gorgeous piece of paradise.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
She legit still looks so young! Crazy... and I appreciate no surgery on her face (or at least nothing you can see) no fillers, no fake teeth.
Mocha Fratte
Mocha Fratte:
I’m 2 minutes in and did she just say 1 of 4 pools?! Wow. She deserves those blessings, I love this video it shows a really relaxed, intelligent, grounded side of her.
Sean Shadow
Sean Shadow:
Naomi is savage, she bought a resort and now it's her home 😂
you won't catch anybody in texas turning off their air conditioner 👀 we'll take the wrinkles ☝️🖐️ 105°F outside equals you are likely dying or dead inside your house if there's no air conditioning 🧐🤔
Cameron Camrah
Cameron Camrah:
She’s very well spoken!
Marsha Ann
Marsha Ann:
Absolutely beautiful! And I looove that she's in Kenya! I've always wanted to go to Kenya! 🦓
Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! That is truly living.
Have Faith
Have Faith:
So proud to hear she stays in my country 🇰🇪 People have such a weird notion of how Africa is... Africa is beautiful.. Kenya is beautiful
Absolutely gorgeous! Omg! Its beautiful, Naomi!
E. B.
E. B.:
Don't get me wrong, I like Kenya but anywhere is great when you've got celebrity status and money, especially in Africa. As a Scandinavian who's lived and worked extensively both in West and East Africa, the contrast between the haves (usually corrupt to the core) and have-nots (ordinary, decent people) is too stark. I can't stomach it...
miss honest
miss honest:
I've watched this video 50 times now, OBSESSED.
Follow the Bliss
Follow the Bliss:
Her home is a work of art, it is beaty, it is bliss at its finest! 👏
Carl S.
Carl S.:
Naomi's confidence is so empowering. She is proud of who she is and makes no apologies for what she has!
Anem Bhatti
Anem Bhatti:
This looks like a resort, not a house. Absolutely stunning though.
Henry Jesusbaby
Henry Jesusbaby:
I love her she talks with her time
Such a beautiful & unique looking home.
Danielle Cousins
Danielle Cousins:
So amazing! I love everything about this! Naomi is phenomenal ✨
Kymbia Ainsworth
Kymbia Ainsworth:
“Everyone has their own area they can do what they want.” Hi Naomi, I am Everyone. Will meet you at the spot soon
Truly Mademoizelle
Truly Mademoizelle:
I love this and i love that she is highlighting this place
Lilli Stumpf
Lilli Stumpf:
This is easily my favorite house 😍
Love how Naomi Campell always shows Hotel resorts as "her Villa"...
She- all the time proclaiming Kenya is just a beautiful place.
Me - already feeling proud of how beautiful is Kenya. 🤭
Celebrities.. “here’s my home in LA” 😩
Naomi: “hold my mock tail “
Nun Benson
Nun Benson:
“I’m on the Indian Ocean 🌊 “ yasss 😍 🔥