Inside One of New York’s Deadliest Zip Codes | Coronavirus News

The first coronavirus patient arrived at St. John’s hospital in Far Rockaway in March. During the peak, the morgue was averaging 17 to 18 bodies a day. Now, there is an uneasy lull and the staff fears a second wave will come.

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Emily Rhyne
Emily Rhyne:
Hey there! I'm the cinematographer and editor of this video. Many of you pointed out that Siobhan's badge was different. I understand the confusion, thank you for raising it. Siobhan told us she forgot her badge at home that day. She borrowed a colleague's badge until she went home in the afternoon to grab hers. I hope this clarifies, and thanks for watching the video.
The people that need to see this will never watch it.
General Popcorn
General Popcorn:
Despite all this, Karen still doesn't want to wear a mask.
Just wanna shoutout Dr. Lee’s dad the dude raised a real one out here saving lives in NYC. RIP to that legend
Sharraine Rigg
Sharraine Rigg:
This is my old hospital. I learned how to be a nurse here. These are my coworkers. So proud of them. They made it through. ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽
Just Beat it
Just Beat it:
It is absolutely devastating, every moment in this video broke my heart. And yet we see these idiotic scepticists throwing parties on beaches and holding protests with no face coverings or whatsoever.
Clout Elfin
Clout Elfin:
When I read that his father died hours after the interview I started to cry
Andrew White
Andrew White:
I really hope there isn't a second wave, my dad who is 61 recovered from covid and i dont wanna see him or anyone have to go through that again
Arthas Chu
Arthas Chu:
It takes a lot to break an ER doc. This is the COVID we are dealing with.
Just shoutout Dr. Lee’s dad the dude raised a real one out here saving lives in NYC. RIP to that legend
Apt Albatross
Apt Albatross:
i’m going to admit it, i didn’t know it was this bad emotionally. i have only the highest respect for these heroes who not only are out there in the front lines physically but mentally.
Yoonji Kim
Yoonji Kim:
I don't understand why someone would explicitly express "dislike" on this video.
Shi C
Shi C:
Heart goes out to all these nurses, doctors, and staff, taking care of all those that are and were sick. Thank you for all you do!
Asher Novotny
Asher Novotny:
I don’t think the true gravity of the situation hit me until just now.
Rosa Myers
Rosa Myers:
There are so many chinese-americans who are being attacked for “starting covid”, but many of them are the ones who are on the front lines saving lives everyday!!
Amy Gross
Amy Gross:
My heart goes out to the Dr.s and all the nurses ! So sad !!!
Bella Ross
Bella Ross:
RIP to the doctor’s father and all the victims of coved-19, this is heart breaking 🥺😢
I am glad that that old blind man was able to make it home 👍
DM Clips
DM Clips:
I'm doing my part and staying home to minimize deaths even after reopening
I think all politicians need to go there an volunteer for at least one day until they can go back to be working for the people. All politicians see people as a $$$ and number not as a human being.
Anonymous ?
Anonymous ?:
My grandpa passed from covid😭
I was Batman
I was Batman:
Thank you to this brave Doctor I feel very bad seeing him break down.
Millie Daze
Millie Daze:
When she says she feels it wiped out a whole generation......
Rainy West
Rainy West:
I live in Texas and my city is behind in cases. As we reopen I'm staying home as much as possible because it isnt safe yet. It might not be for awhile.
Serartic K
Serartic K:
I truly truly hope that once this settles down... we give back to these amazing heroes by providing them an outlet to seek help for any trauma they may be experiencing due to the pandemic.
Lil gods boiii
Lil gods boiii:
I feel bad for the the doctor, he seems like he has a kind heartttt
Brenda Cardenas
Brenda Cardenas:
Praying for all this people who’s doing this hard job need lots of courage they are risking their own life.
Tiger Pisces
Tiger Pisces:
I was ventilated for 2 years and had throat tracheotomy. When I left the ICU to home care nursing for another year on my home ventilator a ICU Doctor said, “We never saw anyone survive on a ventilator and liquid food for a year. We don’t know who you pray too? He answers!”
Six years later another ventilator nightmare is occurring. I hope I stay away from an ICU this time?
Phillip Wombacher
Phillip Wombacher:
as a nurse in a nursing home Im terrified for my patients they have become a second family to me and I know its a matter of time before it hits
Christopher G.
Christopher G.:
I just.... I can't speak. This Thank you Doctors, nurses, and anyone who is under this during covid. God bless you all!❤️
Natalie Sanchez
Natalie Sanchez:
But oh Susan NEEDS a haircut and Karen wants to eat at a restaurant
Rena Whitlock
Rena Whitlock:
really messed me up thinking about how everyone in those bags are real people with real lives and real people who cared about them, and it was all taken away from them
Heartbreaking 💔😭 My prayers go out to the patients and staff of this community ✝️🙏 God help us all
SufiPunk Producciones
SufiPunk Producciones:
I love you all. What a beautiful community. Thank you for your hearts and for your service. Mr Stylus, what a lovely man. Dr Lee I’m sorry to hear about your father. He will be missed by so many. The gentleman that worked in the morgue who asked ‘why did God place me here’. What immediately came to me was because you have a deep heart and a gentle soul. If my beloved died, I’d want the hands from your heart lifting them. Bless you all. Much love from Seattle.
This made me feel human again.
Brenda Chasse
Brenda Chasse:
I just want to say GOD BLESS EACH AND everyone of you. Thank you for what you all have done for the one's that made it and the ones that went to see their higher power. LORD be with always.
julia julia
julia julia:
Bless all these wonderful people. Dr. Lee is awesome, I'm so sad that his dad didn't make it.
Even watching this on my computer makes me feel so upset. God knows what exactly these Nurses, Doctors goes through every day! God help us all.
Awwwww I’m so sorry for all the people that died & all their family that’s left behind to pick up the pieces , Jesus please help us all 🙏🏻❤️✌🏼😷
General Popcorn
General Popcorn:
This is heartbreaking. Thank you for finishing it with the story of the blind man who gets to go home. I hope he is doing well.
This was hard to watch, really really hard, but I felt like I had to. Thank you to all of our more-than-essential medical workers who have put their lives on the line these past few months to save people. Thank you for trying your hardest. Thank you.
Livia Pemper
Livia Pemper:
This is so sad. I can’t imagine
God bless the gentlemen with taking out the bodies that tough !Thankyou for this documentary I wish the people walking around without masks would watch they think it's all a lie!And you cant fake those bodies!
Aariella Johnson
Aariella Johnson:
I felt panic and scare i wish the corona virus 😷 😷 was gone forever
Ricky Cope
Ricky Cope:
You've got me crying at work...
Ashlynn Barnes
Ashlynn Barnes:
The old patient that was leaving reminded me of the wise monkey in the lion king. He had the same voice and he seems like such a wise and nice man. Also my heart goes out to everyone dealing with the coronavirus.
M J:
Thought I would give a quick breakdown of this film.

2:29 60 patients intubated.
2:30 Many of the patients were elderly
2:38 This took place before the mandated DNR
3:15 They understood the low chance of success ventilators offered, a slim chance was still better than no chance at all.
3:21 They were following all procedures and caring for dozens of intubated patients every day.
4:18 An alert patient presented to the hospital with;
4:25 low oxygen saturation levels. Alert + Low O2 Sat is not normal.
4:37 By this point she had seen so many of these patients die she knew this woman would die, even though she followed protocol.
4:43 It is strangely ironic that the woman's insurance card is mentioned here. It truly did not matter what level of insurance they had at that point. Everyone received the best the hospital could offer.
5:16 Imagine being that doctor. Imagine if it was your dad struck down by a mysterious illness.
5:35 He intervened at an early stage in the progression of his fathers illness.
5:40 His father received the same treatment as all of his patients, his very best. Intubation and ventilation.
5:43 His father was on the ventilator for 4 weeks.
5:53 He was left wrestling with decisions no son should have to make.
11:29 A second wave is predicted.
12:07 He wants to make sure this never happens again. We still have time to prepare. Arm yourself with knowledge.
12:19 Far Rockaway has the second highest death rate from this event in New York City. We need to ask ourselves why.

The doctors and nurses handling these patients have suffered greatly. I don't believe they failed in their duty, even though I am certain many of them battle thoughts of self-incrimination. This could be considered a failing of the medical system, but not of the medical workers. Since this first wave, we have learned some of what works and what doesn't work in helping people with these strange symptoms.
Here are some links.

Doctors Face Troubling Question: Are They Treating Coronavirus Correctly? | NYT News


COVID19: As requested - ARDS explained for the general public!

The people we hail as heros are not interested in our salutes. They don't want our money either. All they want are some answers. If you are reading this and you have the motivation, start educating yourself. You won't just be helping the front liners, you will be helping humanity.
1 out of 7 billion and counting
1 out of 7 billion and counting:
You see this video and COVID-19’s devastating impacts on communities; yet, you still have people wanting to open up the flipping country.
Real Talk
Real Talk:
May god bless their soul . Stay strong y’all
happy metal9
happy metal9:
I used to live there and my family members are still there. God bless everyone...
Kim Wentz
Kim Wentz:
God bless out doctors and nurses who are caring for those Patience.
Be safe everyone
Why does that nurse at 3:50 have another nurses Id?
Ben Tran
Ben Tran:
I want to give every doctor a bear hug :/
Aman R
Aman R:
3:50 looks like she’s wearing someone else’s ID..?
Kelly Ornelas
Kelly Ornelas:
This is so heartbreaking for everyone! 😭
Big Paulie
Big Paulie:
These people aren't paid enough to deal with this on a daily basis
Ramla Irfan
Ramla Irfan:
God bless you guys! I’m an aspiring PA and my heart felt prayers to everyone in New York and the whole of the US, we got to do better and we have to show some empathy and humility whether we are at the forefront or just watching this video from the safety of our homes. We got to stand United ...
Random Vids
Random Vids:
" ok let's make him feel comfortable" we all know what that means.... So sad, I try not to watch these videos or the news. It just puts me in a state I don't wanna be, no need to put myself through that and I can't change the fact that Covid-19 is a serial killer! I pray and pray that we get past this soon, I never thought we'd be face with something so horrible
Brothers and Sisters, we all gotta appreciate life much more everyday and be thankful. This is going to be over soon, and all I can do rn is send love to you, you and you reading this comment. Much blessings and please be safe out there :)
This is heart breaking when I am watching the video. 😭🙏
Celeste Ro
Celeste Ro:
I'm from Far Rockaway, my kids were born at St John's This is so overwhelming
Jose Estrada
Jose Estrada:
Aye everybody stay safe😷😷💚

Well get through this💚💚
Kenny Oyewale
Kenny Oyewale:
I just wanna know why the American government didn’t create isolation centers???
This video is breaking my heart
daniel salgado
daniel salgado:
I'm sure I wouldn't withstand emotional burden. Props to all the people that have been helping the community
DJ newkirk
DJ newkirk:
God bless all our Frontline Workers. Including our Couriers we so forget. 😪
I needed this reality check. Thank you for everything
Kitty Kenz
Kitty Kenz:
This broke my heart in ways I can’t imagine and I pray for everyone involved.
this is so sad this beds they are putting them in reminds me of the beds the Jews had to sleep in at the camps I guess times never change.....😪
connor willis
connor willis:
The first responders and everyone on the front line thank you. There is a lot of ways to say it but not enough
4:39 Why is this RN wearing someone else's badge?
Deborah Ingalls
Deborah Ingalls:
Too SAD, , my heart goes out to you all , Thank you
Chelsea Jennings
Chelsea Jennings:
I can't even imagine having to do this kind of work!
It's absolutely sad!
Thank you for what you are doing to help these families in any way you can!
Stay safe, take care, and God bless you all!
If any health care people see this comment, know that this won't last forever. God bless
So stressful just to even watch this.. 😪 can’t even get half way through the video.
This reminds me of the time a male doctor did a TikTok explaining how he does not wish for any further compensation because this is the hazard that he has said up for when he decided to pursue the medical field, yet women nurses will go out of their way of helpin COVID patients to make TikToks about twerking.....Or were they ever busy to warrant TikTok twerks??
Chris wilt
Chris wilt:
🙏🏿🙏🏿😭😭oh my heart this blind man ❤️❤️
James Fritz
James Fritz:
Messed up they have to store them in a semi!
I can't believe that after all of this, some adults still can't grasp the basic idea of a virus and its consequences and continue to put their community at risk
Metro Mmdk
Metro Mmdk:
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez:
THANK YOU M.D.”S and DR”S NURSES, MORGUE, P.D. Paramedic AND All the Hospitals that are fighting n carrying for us I pray for u every night to keep ur strength n courage,faith n love family’s safe THANK y’all for everything and anything ur doing for us. LOVE y’all and the lord is whit u. Don’t think ur going through this alone the lord watches cares for u his all ways their next to u giving u strength to keep going.
Thank y’all
So so sad 😭 R.I.P. all and dr,father
the end when the man was released was heartwarming :)
Sherrie Stogdell-Nickel
Sherrie Stogdell-Nickel:
If ever there's a day in the future I can hug each and everyone of you I will. God bless you. Go to a quiet park or resort after this over and grieving. Then find loving joy in getting unlimited hugs from the living. I'm asking for national listings of who would stand in line and hug our firs responders and medical staff and the ones for the dead.
What So Called Life?
What So Called Life?:
Absolutely loved Mr Styles and his assistant was amazing✌❤ Gosh wish I could come and run Dr Lee dad biz for them keep it alive.
Patriots are not tRump supporters
Patriots are not tRump supporters:
3:33 EXACTLY how I feel. ☹️😢 My mother was almost among that now more than 100k. 😤😡
Adina Meissner
Adina Meissner:
I can watch any gory horror movie, but I couldn't watch all of this. The people in all of those bags didn't deserve to die like that, it's just harrowing.
Trisha Jones
Trisha Jones:
I am literally crying...sad part is this is not a movie...its real. Oh my goodness my heart!
3:50 You need to fire your PROP Guy. She/he forgot to match the badge to the actor! How does she go from being black with one name to being white with a different name? This must be one of the COVID 19 symptoms that you warn about for the 2nd wave.
Gamer dont die we respond
Gamer dont die we respond:
My God I send all my love an blessing out to the world hang n there guys
Aaron Snow
Aaron Snow:
Wow, they actually did a good job on this one
Malaika Sparks
Malaika Sparks:
I feel like we overlook the type of mental and emotional trauma these people will have after this pandemic is over. Praying for them
Janice Masters
Janice Masters:
This really breaks my heart because I can’t imagine all the people that have to go through this including babies whose immune systems are weak
New York City nursing homes operate at the following ratios.
Day Shift -
1 RN supervisor for 80 to 160 beds.
1 LPN for 40 beds
4 CNAs for 40 beds
Evening Shift -
1 RN Super. for 160 to 250+ beds
1 LPN for 40 beds
3 to 4 CNAs for 40 beds
Night Shift -
1 RN Super. for 160 to 600+ beds
1 LPN for 40 to 60 beds
2 to 3 CNAs for 40 beds
If anyone knows nursing home acuity, NYC nursing homes are very high acuity. (The higher the acuity, the more money each bed generates.) For nursing homes to afford NYC property taxes and the highest paid staff in the country (salary + 1199 SEIU benefits combined,) LARGE amounts of income must be continuously generated. Hence, the high acuity of each facility.
Even in low acuity facilities far away from NYC, these ratios are a foolproof recipe for guaranteed, worse than poor infection control.
So, double the NYC acuity with strict contact precautions, add constant admissions and discharges of very sick people, triple the amount of call bells of very anxious patients/residents, quadruple the amount of time spent answering phone calls from irate family members, yet at the same time cut staffing to below skeleton staffing levels due to endless call outs and leave of absences. Add all that extra acuity to units that already require more work and regulations than (literally) humanly possible. Then, crush every nursing home with the quietly enacted state executive order requiring admission of Covid-19 positive patients. (Almost 5,000 patients citywide.) Do this when the floating Navy hospital and Javitz Center are open, staffed, yet nearly empty.
See, PPE never ran out. Hospital beds and ventilators never ran out. In fact, entire hospital units sat empty with their nurses furloughed since elective and preventative procedures were halted. Same with outpatient clinic nurses. Yet nurses were brought in from out of state that were paid to babysit empty acute care hospital beds.
Were any furloughed or out of state nurses offered to nursing homes? NO. Were empty hospital units used to care for Covid-19 positive nursing home bound patients? NO... So, why?
The media ignored the nursing homes' demand for desperately needed help. The media looked the other way when Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to admit nearly 5,000 Covid-19 positive patients without addressing their well known staffing shortages and dramatically out of control acuity. The media remained silent when empty hospital units (and boats) that had access to dormant staff were left empty while nursing homes were mandated to do the unthinkable.
The media bent over backwards to ignore the blatant and devastating reality of Andrew Cuomo's failed pandemic response. Instead, they propped him up as a hero because of one good press conference in early April.
The media also failed to acknowledge that even as late as March 14th, New York City's mayor demanded the city's schools stay open. In fact, after March 15th, Deblasio was silenced by his own administration and hid away so Cuomo could play governor AND mayor for a seemingly complicit media.
Of course, the media had to stay Trump obsessed, even after the Comfort, Javitz Center hospital conversion and ventilators were taken care of ahead of schedule. By doing so, fatal decisions were swept under the rug in real time. Now, so many people died early. Andrew Cuomo will NEVER admit this devastating failure. The media won't address this because they still have to prop up Cuomo in case he has to replace Biden. Plus, the media can't pin it on Trump, so... oh well.
Not only are so many dead, their deaths will have to be in vain.
"NURSING HOME RATIOS" - Those three words together need to be a national discussion.
Mark Watters
Mark Watters:
To all staff in this video, THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. All the best from Australia.
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez:
Who else got scared 🙋🏻‍♂️
Princess Pea
Princess Pea:
LOVE THE MUSIC!! way to manipulate the audience :) i find it funny how they aren't doing thia for cancer or suicide. Logically, a hospital is a place where people die. Stop making this about corona🤦 the music proves the footage itself wasn't strong enough to make a reaction. Y'all being extra af.
Julian Kutsev
Julian Kutsev:
Bro I thought this was New York how do they are time to do this interview
Cortez fam
Cortez fam:
I tested positive for covid-19 2 weeks ago and i have 4 kids one if them is a 2 month old that i breast feed the nurse said it was safe to breast feed and now there news that covid-19 can be tramsmitted thru breastmilk i dont get it what is safe and whats not!!
Lockdown spinning
Lockdown spinning:
How is California perfect I’m praying for you everyone