Inside Sabrina Carpenter's home for a Perfect Night In | British Vogue

Singer, actress and Broadway star Sabrina Carpenter invites British Vogue into her LA fun house, complete with a basketball court that doubles as an outdoor cinema, a rope swing and a year-round Christmas tree. The Mean Girls musical lead gives us a tour of her game room, where she hosts get-togethers with friends and indulges in Shirley Temples, before taking the party outside to the ping-pong table and giant trampoline. After impromptu recording sessions in her walk-in wardrobe, the 21-year-old triple threat, who has been performing covers on her YouTube channel for more than a decade, likes to unwind in the evening by leafing through her prized Rihanna book surrounded by candles and crystals.

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Inside Sabrina Carpenter's home for a Perfect Night In

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Dani Diaz
Dani Diaz:
She is so down to earth. Like how can someone hate her. She doesn’t deserve all this hate.
I love her energy and the vibe she gives. STOP GIVING THIS ANGEL HATE!
this girl don't deserve the hate PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS
Yeollie Lolli
Yeollie Lolli:
yall hate on sabrina when she was literally my role model growing up, stop ruining things for ppl pls
Can y’all shut up about the drivers license thing and focus on her showing her house 🙄
Gabriella Floyd Make Up
Gabriella Floyd Make Up:
I did Sabrina's makeup a few years ago for the MTV EMA's in London and I can confirm she is as lovely, kind and gorgeous as she is in this video! Never seen her sister before but she seems super lovely too! :) Hope to do her makeup again one day!
Tris Blackthorn
Tris Blackthorn:
Sabrina: "My Harry Potter wand on display just in case I need to cast some spells"
My Potterhead heart: I love her!!
CoSmic Muse
CoSmic Muse:
She did a whole 'day in my life' + 'house tour' in one video and I love her for that. Also, how can someone look THAT perfect after taking off all her makeup. Wow
Sabrina is so beautiful and talented. She's such a lovely soul, and I'm proud of her for being strong and true to herself. Also 'Skin' is such a great song!
öykü :
Me: obsessing over her hair
Everyone: DrIvEr LiCeNsE
Nyamsuren Enkhee
Nyamsuren Enkhee:
she seems like a very genuine and laid back personnn i dont understand why some people are hating on her when they dont even know both sides of the story
olivia is a sweet girl too dont hate sabrina when its probably not her fault
Grace Burns
Grace Burns:
Why does nobody understand that Sabrina is the TRUEST unproblematic queen?!

pizza dog
pizza dog:
Sabrina is SUCH a MAJOR potterhead.
On her 21st birthday she had hagrid's cake for herself :33
And she has her own Harry Potter wand
*We must protecc this human at all costs*
Audrey Hamilton
Audrey Hamilton:
ive been a huge fan of her since girl meets world and am still a proud fan. no one should be sending her hate since she literally didn't do anything. im also a huge fan of olivia and am so glad she's getting the recognition she deserves as well!! they are both such genuine souls and deserve nothing but happiness
"It's so hard being so good" 💀💀💀 she's amazing
I’m loving how she’s slowly being appreciated and recognized more and more. It’s about time. She should’ve actually have been huge back in 2015 but her record label...

Edit: 1. I commented this before things started going down and 2. Please don’t make jokes or spread any hate towards her. She’s the sweetest person ever and has so much love. She’s getting threats for no reason (no reason as in she didn’t do anything towards anyone). It’s better to just ignore people that are using her for clout. Also please respect her privacy as well. I’m not mad in any way just letting you guys know.

Edit 2: She’s signed to Island Records!!!
Aditya Pande
Aditya Pande:
She's more natural behind the camera than most TV actors
Chairunissa Syafwinia
Chairunissa Syafwinia:
i’m sorry but she’s so gorgeous now i understand why olivia is insecure. she’s the kind of girl u meet in a restaurant/bookstore that u cant seem to forget easily
Sabrina did nothing wrong. I love her and her movies and her music.
safiyyah islam
safiyyah islam:
I love how she just has a harry potter wand and she has literally everything in her house, there's something for everyone! Oh yeah and the swing...
nobody cares if you’re here after drivers license. sit here and admire sabrinas beauty and personality
Sweet summer
Sweet summer:
She's so effortlessly funny and cute
Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox:
"She's everything I'm insecure about." Same girl same! I have never seen anything about Sabrina before and now I'm in love.
Rose’s World :3
Rose’s World :3:
Is it bad that I keep rewatching to the point that it’s unhealthy?
Well it’s Sabrina so imma guess no? She’s addicting-
Hi Lol
Hi Lol:
She’s so humble and sweet and Gorgeous,wish nothing but the best for this girl!!
I still love Sabrina as a person no matter who she’s with❤️
She is so funny, natural, beautifull and talented. It must be hard for her to be really good at everything
Xerra Angel
Xerra Angel:
she's honestly the sun with how happy and warm and bright she is
music addict
music addict:
sabrina: "im an adult now"
also sabrina: **gets a trampoline**💀
She's a Queen, honestly, she doesn't even look her age. I really hope she becomes x100 more successful than she is now..
im sorry but i still dont understand why they throw hate on sabrina like she's one of the most genuine celebrity i know
Rosie K
Rosie K:
This is the funniest one I've ever seen? On the others everyone is so serious but Sabrina is hilarious and so genuine.
She's literally just wearing a shirt and jeans, still rocking it. Love the simplicity!
Mieke van der Graaf
Mieke van der Graaf:
“the reason why i’m not using makeup wipes is because rihanna said we don’t do that anymore”
is the moment i fell in love with her
Shaheda Khanam Shelly
Shaheda Khanam Shelly:
Sabrina's too cute and down to earth💜
aliya diena
aliya diena:
She is kind, chill, talented, and totally unproblematic, people who r hate her just don't know anything about her
Alyana Soenarto
Alyana Soenarto:
Rob OnlyRoss
Rob OnlyRoss:
She's literally a beaut while wrapped up in perfection 👏🏼 she has the same sense of humour I have and I'm British 🤣
She’s not like the other celebs who try to be prim and perfect, she actually is funny, and she has fun! Also she’s not all humble, she’s self confident and sassy and I love it
Antonio fire
Antonio fire:
I love all about her,she's so amazing
The fact that people can hate such an amazing person bc of a song🤦‍♀️
Sabrina’s a QUEEN! 💖

She doesn't deserve any hate 😊💗
I love the swing in her bedroom it seems fun haha 😄
Mabel Fancy Marie
Mabel Fancy Marie:
Mom I’m an adult now I can have my own trampoline

Edit: *sup! thanks for all the likes my dudes* lol 🖤
Best celebrity house I have ever seen....full of fun things to comfortable....and full of love....light...bright....happiness there
I already love her even before the drama existed and I love her still ♥️
Shey C
Shey C:
I love her vibes.
Ιωάννα Γυπάκη
Ιωάννα Γυπάκη:
Eunice Chua
Eunice Chua:
Sabrina has Harry Potter vibes in herself!
Benjamin James Miller
Benjamin James Miller:
I hope she gets cast as Rapunzel in a live action adaptation of tangled
Rocio Terradez
Rocio Terradez:
she's everything we all are insecure about
Jasmin Noack
Jasmin Noack:
I love how Sarah just played along like “sure! I guess I’m the personal chef now 🤷🏼‍♀️”
Ioana X
Ioana X:
Ok so she is the most amazing person 😍 she’s so down to earth and childish 🥰 you have to love her, you don’t have any reason not to 💕
marty fer
marty fer:
"there's no script here folks, it's all improv" i just love her
Taren Rae James
Taren Rae James:
I just love Sabrina
Her style,
her everything
I just love her, you go girl
She don't deserve all the hate. She's actual angel💕
Brittany Brinny
Brittany Brinny:
Omg her clothings are adorable. And also her room, didn't even think there could be a room with a swing lol, now I want it. Love u Sab ❤️
Nisa Arina
Nisa Arina:
I understand why guys fall for sabrina , she genuinely seem like such a sweet and fun girl to be around with
she’s literally my favorite person. i feel like she’s genuine unlike a lot of celebrities nowadays.
Czarina Rose Ell'Tej
Czarina Rose Ell'Tej:
I just like how she's happy introducing her home.
msp nina12345n3
msp nina12345n3:
This house looks so beautiful and comfy!! I really like it 😦<3
Michelle D.
Michelle D.:
I'm so in love with how her bedroom is set up. With the lamps and bed but still modern
Nelesha Broderick
Nelesha Broderick:
❤️I swear just by gagging over Sabrinas personality, she embodies Maya from Girl Meets World so much, she is just too Awesome and Incredibly I LOVE HER ❤️❤️, she's really and literally too funny
Alicia Fong
Alicia Fong:
Not the High School Musical reference 😭 - here after driver’s license
Aishwarya Chaudhary
Aishwarya Chaudhary:
She is so nice. Why are people hating on her ????? Just because she is in a relationship? Or she wrote her feelings in a song? People are acting that they know her only from a song, whereas she has been in limelight for so long that people love her.
Sofía C
Sofía C:
she has a beautiful laugh and an incredible personality, i love her 🤍
I love her laugh 💓
Vicky Le
Vicky Le:
She seems so down to earth i love her
Kokoro Ruffler
Kokoro Ruffler:
How can anyone dislike her at all? She’s so lovable
Kaley neal
Kaley neal:
Aww she’s so amazing love her energy 💜
giselle alexandra
giselle alexandra:
I remember watching you when you were younger I tried to copy your covers and a couple years back I saw that you were on a Disney channel show and I felt so proud like I knew you😂😂 I love you you deserve it all! Such talent!!
Geremy Malone
Geremy Malone:
Nice home,nice person, beautiful,smart,unique what else can you look in a girl.
Susanna Hu
Susanna Hu:
She’s so funny, the basketball part cracks me up 😂👑💘
Nooneknows 2022
Nooneknows 2022:
Idk if Josh is actually dating her or not. But if he is, he’s earned my respect. Sabrina has been a crush of mine since gmw days.
Winnie Thepooh
Winnie Thepooh:
Her house must be very expensive but at the same time it looks comfy and relatable
Peeta's Burnt Bread
Peeta's Burnt Bread:
If anyone in this world deserves hate, it's NOT her.
she is soooo beautiful and seems kind, I have loved her since "girls meet world" <3
it's not her fault that people will be insecure about her... she just has that influence. I love Olivia as well... both the girls only loved and as Sabrina said in her song, they might have been best friends (if all the drama didn't happen) they might still become good friends as they are just too young to keep the grudge... <3
love them both...
D M:
youtube is shady recommending this to me after olivia posted her music video
•simply cute•
•simply cute•:
She's so beautiful and sweet she doesn't deserve the HATE!!!!LIKE STOP WITH THAT!!!
Padmini Rathnayaka
Padmini Rathnayaka:
I love your swing
So satisfying and relaxing 😊
she’s acc so adorable like yes some people are against her but she’s my childhood she has my heart forever 🥺🥺🥺
I love her room!
Anis Zakri
Anis Zakri:
i love her laugh 😍😍
Nicki O
Nicki O:
She’s a taurus like me and it just makes perfect sense how everything in her house is super classy and clean and expensive but she also has those spots like a basketball court, a swing and other “childish” things that are the complete opposite of everything else and I love it
Even though I love Olivia, I still can’t bring myself to hate Sabrina, she’s still one of my favorite singer/songwriter and actor.
Rozalia West
Rozalia West:
"Who knew cuddling on trampolines could be so reckless" It all makes sense now 😏
Chrysann Fernandes
Chrysann Fernandes:
Her Voice...Her personality...Her everything❤
Who else is here after driver’s license?
She’s a queen and doesn’t deserve hate ❤️
Kamila Guzmán Torres
Kamila Guzmán Torres:
In case someone didn't notice when she shows her bedroom there is the book "clouds" written by Laura Sobiech and also the book "The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo" and other books.
Her room is sooo amazingggg
I've always wanted a swing in my room😩
But I'd probably never get off of it if I had one.....
Nadine Rebusquillo
Nadine Rebusquillo:
Why is no one talking about how cute it is that she has a swing in her bedroom and tiptoes because she can'treach her sink.
Beautiful life vlogs by Ayesha
Beautiful life vlogs by Ayesha:
Beautiful house 🏠
Sabrina's is lovely also I loved her skin and have been hearing to it hope she has more to bring ❤👍🏻
Also Happy Birthday
chhaya dedhia
chhaya dedhia:
Her bedroom swing is sooo 😍 pretty
she is quite literally the most gorgeous person i have ever seen
meow meow
meow meow:
This girl has definitely gotten my style
Oikawa's Smirk
Oikawa's Smirk:
She seems so nice and fun to be with🥺❤️
APART FROM THE DRAMA, sabrina's song SKIN was an amzig masterpiece like litreally her vocals and music were on point..that song didnt recieve recognition due to the ongoing DRAMA and ppl only cared abt LIV's song drivers licence and started to spread hate on poor song deserves all praise and absolutely no hate..
Nicholas Sakamoto
Nicholas Sakamoto:
Sabrina is such a total heartthrob, and she will always be a total heartthrob.