Ronald Koeman and his squad had one last run-out on the SV Aasen field before heading to Salzburg for the fourth preseason friendly. Follow the team on its trip to the city of music, Salzburg!



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100+ comentarios:

FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona:
If you haven't subscribed yet, you know what to do :P
Barca Variety
Barca Variety:
Memphis Depay will carry all the momentum into this game. Expect the unexpected. 🦁 🔥
Nabeel Follentine
Nabeel Follentine:
Griezmann looks very happy and seems like a nice person wishing him all the best this season❤👑💯
Chino Pshyco
Chino Pshyco:
Griezmann won’t go nowhere. Visca Barca
Pedro10verdao Alencar
Pedro10verdao Alencar:
I'm loving the videos of pre season! 😍
Looks like Depay has had an impact on Griezmann, looking forward to his best season in this legendary shirt! <3 Visca Barca!
Dawood Khwaja
Dawood Khwaja:
Give Memphis number 11 like Neymar and Emerson number 22 like Alves
Isaac Jason Stevenson
Isaac Jason Stevenson:
Happy to see Griezmann smiling.
Akshaan Mehra
Akshaan Mehra:
Good to see pique and grezzi together 🥰
August Carter Jr
August Carter Jr:
Griezmann is quite the entertainer, he’s fun to be around with...😂😂😂😂 will always be one of favorite attackers
Melisa Qaili
Melisa Qaili:
Looking forward to the match today, the club looks so refreshing and the boys are ready to play the match. Força Barça 🔵🔴
Nobody noticed that Yusuf Demir is back home💥
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith:
Georgina is walking up steps featured in Sound of Music. How cool. Anyway, go Barca. Keep owning the opponents!
I hope they make a video of the team welcoming the new squad numbers.
Matias lahikainen
Matias lahikainen:
Griezmann and memphis duo is very good, can’t wait the season starts!🤩
fred Ani
fred Ani:
The advantages of playing for a big club, you get to travel the world..
Cherry Ann
Cherry Ann:
God bless you, Antoine G. and the whole team. Go for the win!!! 🙏⚽🙏 🇵🇭
sofya Griezmann
sofya Griezmann:
vamos griezmann siempre en mi equipo🤘🏻❤️💙
Wabloh Dean
Wabloh Dean:
Griezman is ever smiling
Teguh Estro
Teguh Estro:
Griezman, Pique, Depay, great squad this season...
Lenovo short
Lenovo short:
Who forgot Messi...But there is happiness in this team
Rishav Bose
Rishav Bose:
We are still waiting for Lionel to come.
Apex gamer
Apex gamer:
Now barca content are improving day by day
Sayana Sainova
Sayana Sainova:
Espero que esta temporada sea mucho mejor que la anterior🙌🏻🥰
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
🌴❣️ *From iraq with love 🕊🇮🇶🦅*
Alagie Suareh
Alagie Suareh:
This season is ours 😇🦾🙏😝
Edwin Wejuli
Edwin Wejuli:
There's an eloquence in true enthusiasm
Ezequiel Cardoza
Ezequiel Cardoza:
Good vibes to start the season!🔵🔴
Leandro Minta
Leandro Minta:
If memphis gonna score again i’m gonna be crazy !
Shadrack Mulolo
Shadrack Mulolo:
Love griezman character always in good mood 🔴🔵
Culers Live
Culers Live:
Griezmann + Memphis = 👑🦁🔥
Aiberson Brito II
Aiberson Brito II:
Depay y griezmann se entienden muy bien
like for Memphis scoring a hat trick!
Samuel Montoya
Samuel Montoya:
Coutinho y griezmann seran los goleadores de esta temporada🔥🔥
The place is so peaceful ❤️
Fabs Matt
Fabs Matt:
Great preseason videos we are loving them⚽️⚽️ Awesome! Keep them coming Georgina!
Amber Suboohi Ahmad
Amber Suboohi Ahmad:
I really hope Gavi plays. What a talent!
Markos Bazán
Markos Bazán:
Griezmann es fundamental para el barsa tiene ideas de juego claras
LEO Messi
LEO Messi:
Georgina is so cute ❤️
Anusangeeth P V
Anusangeeth P V:
Still miss Messi 10😭❤️
Class Eight
Class Eight:
We have such a great anchor. Blessed!
Jordan Chuchu Mike
Jordan Chuchu Mike:
Feel bad for umtiti, pjanic and Martin even when you know the coach doesn’t want you still enjoy yourself in training
Abdoulaye Faye
Abdoulaye Faye:
Força Barça ✊❤️💙🙌🏼😍
Markos Bazán
Markos Bazán:
Riqui dinámica de juego excelente
Maneesh Nair
Maneesh Nair:
Griezmann is good content tbh
Navanith Manoj
Navanith Manoj:
Yes I'm helping barca with financial assistance by watching this video👍🏻
Jkmilo Ochoa
Jkmilo Ochoa:
Ojalá continúe Grizu.
Azeez Assi
Azeez Assi:
Can’t wait for the season
Ja Ber
Ja Ber:
Grizo player the love in time ❤
Força Barça❤️💙
فنانة كتلونية 10
فنانة كتلونية 10:
In every game I look at the list of names and hope to find the name of Messi the Barcelona legend 🇦🇷🏆

Who wishes that like me? 🤷‍♀️
Leon Martin
Leon Martin:
What a great season this will be
Daniel Preuninger
Daniel Preuninger:
Vamos Forca Barca 🔝🔜🔵🔴👍😍😊
Theo A.
Theo A.:
best football club youtube channel, no cap 🔵🔴
RH Channel
RH Channel:
hola soy de Indonesia y recomiendo del Barcelona fc el mercado de fichajes de la temporada 20/21 Solo estoy dando un consejo bien. y quiero que adama traore de wolveshamton compre al fc Barcelona y compre un jugador más satisfactorio gracias
Omar Sharif Ali
Omar Sharif Ali:
I love you Barcelona 😭❤💙
അത് മതി 🔥🙏🏻
Raymond Sedibana
Raymond Sedibana:
Georgina is awesome, lets give thumbs up! 🔵🔴
Ebrima Jarju
Ebrima Jarju:
Cris sings to me how you are, you are a happy man, a big greeting to the culé
FerRis Ferafaita
FerRis Ferafaita:
Now u can see for a very so long that they are getting close and happy together.,i feel something good is going to be happen on this new season . Im feeling positive
Miguel Vivanco
Miguel Vivanco:
Griezmann 😊 calidad ✨ Depay versatilidad ☄️ Messi 🧠 Magia 🪄
Younis Khan
Younis Khan:
Good luck barca💯🔥
Jose Raul Jiménez
Jose Raul Jiménez:
Griezmann tu puedes ⚽⚽
Look at this; 😱
Lionel Messi
Antoine Griezmann
Memphis Depay
Kun Aguero
Ansu Fati
Philippe Coutihno
Ousmane Dembele
Maaj Nongsaibam
Maaj Nongsaibam:
My life ❤️✨
reff 4ree
reff 4ree:
I would like to see Barca content in 4k
There is a team capable of everything that is Our Barça . Loose or win always Catalonia. Visca El Barça 🔵🔴
Leandro Lima
Leandro Lima:
Forçaa Barçaaaaaa💙❤💪🏻💪🏻
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan:
Who all wants griezmann to stay ❤️
Aqif Zafran Lubis Bin Khalid
Aqif Zafran Lubis Bin Khalid:
I hope one day i will become a barca player.....amiiin
Kennybad Vevo
Kennybad Vevo:
I realise lately no one is speaking about messi bc there is happiness In the team🤔
la bebecita bebé lin
la bebecita bebé lin:
Griezman debe quedarse si o si, la verdad desde que empezó el 2021 a dado todo Griezman, tienes a muchos jugadores que puedes vender la verdad, por ejemplo umtiti, dembele,lenglet, hasta Sergi Roberto ya la verdad tiene muchos jugadores por vender y solo se van hacia Griezman que mal club es, la verdad soy fan del barca pero otro presidente haciendo un poco mal las decisiones, aparte de que deja a koeman como director técnico, vaya papelón hizo en la final de liga y ni hablas de la champions.... Solo una copa molera dió, ahora ya tiene a su fichaje que tanto quiere, y tiene que dar la cara koeman de que si va mal es por su culpa....

Bisca el barca y bisca Cataluña
Alagie Suareh
Alagie Suareh:
This season is ours 😇🦾🙏😝
What a Goslar from Memphis vs Stuttgart 🥳🤙
Juan David Gonsalez avila
Juan David Gonsalez avila:
Porque dejaron ir a messiiii Barçaaaa 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Enrico Stimpson
Enrico Stimpson:
I wish I was a Barcelona player too
Mario Cabello
Mario Cabello:
Veo a Griezmann muy contento, a gusto, un crimen venderlo, no es la estrella que esperábamos, pero es muy – muy bueno, deja la piel en el terreno, ataca, asiste, defiende, cercano a Lio ahora a Memphis …pero esto es futbol, los sentimientos en esto de los mercados se apartan, ojalá se quede…
Orang Kita
Orang Kita:
Go go go Barca👏👏👏
marmar Blt
marmar Blt:
Excellent video!
Crick Baller
Crick Baller:
Pique need some rest ! He is tired of taking selfie’s..!
Love you 💕
Com Com
Com Com:
Breath 🥰🥰🥰🥰
kendrick leilya
kendrick leilya:
i love these videos <3
Champions News
Champions News:
Vamos a derrotar a esos Redbulls
Daniel Hagan
Daniel Hagan:
I didn't see Depay and Augero in the squad
none of ur business
none of ur business:
my biggest question is how they get the busses everywhere they go
I hope we will win angast Juventus on August 8
Studio mila
Studio mila:
Amazing Barca
Barca MagicTV
Barca MagicTV:
La Masia is back 🔥
Salzburg are gonna be our biggest challenge so far but with the lineup we have, I see us going all the way! ❤
Matthew Ikhodalo
Matthew Ikhodalo:
Oh the team next year is ready 😏 if u like 6 titles nez season, 💙❤️
0:41 wow Griezmann and Pique were in good relationship together
Efronius Delarisan Jefi
Efronius Delarisan Jefi:
Come on BARCA,, back strong.

Forget all about messi, he's happy at PSG.
محمود العربي
محمود العربي:
Loay Janjon
Loay Janjon:
Messi finally signed a contract with Barca

Visca el Barca!!!
Skeler Pata
Skeler Pata:
Este Barça ilusiona
ngam shing
ngam shing:
In love 😍 with Georgina